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Waiting till just a few hours to the commencement of voting before announcing the postponement of elections is extremely sad. Nobody can quantify the difficulty that this will bring to millions of Nigerians across the nation. #ElectionPostponed
I empathize with youth corps members who have been relocated from their places of primary assignment to assist with the conduct of the elections. My thoughts also go out to workers and civil servants who left their bases to go and vote in their hometowns. #ElectionPostponed
I also sympathize with millions of ordinary Nigerian traders whose businesses were suspended because of the no-movement order. The costs of this postponement are incalculable. #ElectionPostponed
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One week ago during a live interview, President @MBuhari had never heard of the Disability Bill. When asked, and further interpreted to by VP @ProfOsinbajo, President @MBuhari responded “I am not aware...”
In fact, to demonstrate how strange the Bill was to him, he called it wrongly ‘Disable Bill’.

@MBuhari didn’t even know that ‘he’ had ostensibly rejected the Bill and sent it back to @nassnigeria he said boldly, “I am not aware...”.
One week after, this Bill the President knew nothing about has been signed into law.

My question: Who was it in the @NGRPresident that rejected and returned the earlier Bill since we now know it wasn’t the handiwork of the President?

Who now studied the Bill in 7 days?
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Of all zones in Nigeria, the North-East is worst hit by Buhari’s incompetent administration:

Hunger, IDPs killed right in their camps, worsening insecurity, Osinbajo/NEMA denied them relief materials, etc.

#PDPGombeRally is for the NE to show their rejection of Buhari.
PDP has a good foothold in the NE also with Gombe and Taraba fully for the party and also where the flagbearer is from.

#TheAtikuPlan is simply to #GetNigeriaWorkingAgain and if he is elected - as he will, insha Allah, the North-East will never remain the same positively.
That nobody was punished for the bombardment of the Rann IDP camp shows that Buhari’s Govt is an irresponsible one - nobody takes responsibility.

That Babachir Lawal embezzled IDP funds and is still heading Buhari campaigns in the same zone is a mockery of the peoples of the NE.
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As the election date draws closer, let's take a closer look at the lives and achievements of the men who have the best chance of besting these inept administrator. Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi.

We'll start with Gov Peter Obi, here are some things you might not know about him.
Born 19th July 1961, he hails from Onitsha, Anambra state.

Education background includes; University of Nigeria Nsukka, Lagos Business School, Harvard Business School, London School of Economics, Columbia Business School USA, Institute Of Management Development Switzerland,
Kellogg Graduate School of Management USA, Oxford University and Cambridge University. His educational background shows that he's a well learned man, who attended to some of the best schools in the world. So let's move on to his business career.
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I was born and brought up in Luggere, Jimeta, Adamawa State, attend Primary and Secondary School there, spend most of the 90s knowing @Atiku as the undisputed political figure, my choice for President would have been @atiku, but alas, I go with @MBuhari for 2019

Here is why:
In the early 1990s, there was a build up by different interest group for urging a return of Nigeria to democracy. As the momentum generate international interest, the government of the then Gen. Babangida decided to plan on how to retain control should the move became successful.
Part of the move was the establishment of patronage-driven policies, e.g many govt agencies, the creation of more states to appeal to political interest & putting these institutions under political cronies. Those institutions eventually, became the drain pipes of Nigeria's wealth
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1) Before we #GetNigeriaWorkingAgain, let's observe a few minutes silence for the souls of those that were lost in the Political Assassinations that ruled Nigeria between 1999-2014 (the OBJ & Atiku era).
Remember that their families and loved ones never got justice till date...
2) A rundown of some of the notable assassinations between 1999 - 2014:-
Late Chief Bola Ige, as a sitting Attorney General of the Federation was shot dead in his bedroom in Bodija, Ibadan in December 23, 2001.
3) Chief Aminasaoari Dikibo, PDP Deputy National Chairman was ambushed near Asaba in daylight and was murdered in October 22, 2004.
*Dr. Harry Marshal was gruesomely murdered on March 05, 2003, at the climax of the 2003 presidential elections.
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#TheAtikuPlan is a masterpiece but Buhari/APC has made me wary of such.

One major difference with #TheAtikuPlan in my eyes though:

It Accurately Identifies where Nigeria is, Boldly Proposes where it will take Nigeria and Deliberately Spells Out how Nigeria will get there.
Also as a difference:

By attaching his name to #TheAtikuPlan and by presenting it himself personally and publicly (12pm live on Facebook and Twitter), HE Atiku is owning this manifesto personally and not giving room for ambiguity or plausible deniability.

Buhari didn’t do this.
Importantly, @atiku makes references to all least a dozen Govt Agencies, half a dozen bills, State Govts, Private Sectors that he will partner in implementing #TheAtikuPlan - this isn’t a magic wand messiah document;

It’s a “Work With Me to #GetNigeriaWorkingAgain” Document!
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I particularly want to thank Nigerian nationals who are present here today. Your love for Nigeria is evident in that you have left your regular pursuits to be here to interact with lovers of Nigeria. Your presence inspires me. #GetNigeriaWorkingAgain #CHAfrica
The question now is, why are we saddled with a heavy and almost unsustainable debt burden twelve years after President Olusegun Obasanjo and I provided the leadership that paid off Nigeria’s entire foreign debt of $32 billion in one fell swoop? #GetNigeriaWorkingAgain #CHAfrica
My idea is for the introduction of Matching Grants to be taken from the revenue accruable to the Federal Government for the purpose of matching IGR of each state in order to encourage states to become self-reliant. #GetNigeriaWorkingAgain #CHAfrica
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