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The EFCC has begun a crackdown on Atiku associates - they started this evening with Uyi Giwa-Osagie, his lawyer, after searching his house for 7 hours, finding nothing, they took him away - no warrant to search, no warrant to arrest.

This is the #NextLevel of #TyrantBuhari
Said it before that as #TyrantBuhari gets more desperate, the rights of citizens would be further trampled upon and its starting already:

Targeting Atiku’s Lawyer without any warrant and probably getting ready to go after more people who support Atiku.

Desperate. Jittery.
I hear more people around Atiku will also be arrested tomorrow via the DSS and the EFCC - four days to Elections.

These people are determined not to play fair and the more they see that Nigerians are against them, the more they become authoritarian but Nigeria will win.
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Hello everyone. What a run it has been!
Our Presidential Campaign has run its full course. From North to South, East to West, we have taken the #NextLevel message to all the 36 states and the FCT.
In every state we visited, in every region, our projects (completed & ongoing) and programmes made the people extremely receptive to our message.
Be it road construction/rehabilitation, rail construction, electricity generation, housing projects, Social Investment Programmes, etc, every state is experiencing one or more of these projects & programmes.
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MUST READ THREAD: What #Nextlevel means: Four years ago, we promised Nigerians real change – in what we do and how we do it. Nigerians sent a clear message in the last election, and our platform offered a new, ambitious plan for a secure, prosperous and corruption-free country.
We have worked hard to fulfil our promises - and while the road may have been difficult, over the last three and a half years, we have laid the foundations for a strong, stable and prosperous country for the majority of our people.
Foundational work is not often visible, neither is it glamorous - but it is vital to achieving the kind of country we desire.
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I decided to play with INEC data as regards #NigeriaDecides2019


1. 80% PVC collection rate
2. 50% votes will be cast (Voter apathy etc)
3. 2015 voting trend & present realities

Based on the above, this is my forecast

APC - 21,354,041
PDP - 12,247,592

Breakdown 👇
This is how things MAY possibly play out in the South-South region of Nigeria. #NigeriaDecides2019 #NextLevel
This is how things MAY possibly pan out in the South-West region of Nigeria. #NigeriaDecides2019 #NextLevel
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Welcome to our #NextLevel Infrastructure plans. This is what Team PMB/PYO have is stock for Nigeria. In the next four years (2019-2023) Team PMB/PYO will:
1. Review Public Private Partnership (PPP) enabling environment to address the legal, regulatory & operational challenges...
2. Complete the 2nd Niger Bridge
3. Legal/Regulatory Framework for the Presidential Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF) designated for specific investments in critical road/power projects
4. Modernise and bring the Nigerian Railway Corporation on par with global counterparts.
5. Create a National Infrastructural Development Bank (NIDB) to provide loans at nominal interest rates to help ongoing work of rebuilding infrastructure
6. Make budgetary provision for the completion of ongoing rail projects, & initiation of new rail projects. #NigeriaDecides
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1. Today we focus on Infrastructure development under PMB/PYO & review the past, the present & #NextLevelNigeria
Where we were:
Nigeria had huge infrastructure deficit. Decades of underinvestment & inadequate allocations led to underdevelopment of backbone of a modern economy-
2. In 2014, the GEJ Govt spent these sums on the following sectors: Transport (N14 billion), Agriculture & Water (N34 billion), Power, Works & Housing (N106 billion). Grossly inadequate, a lot of infrastructure projects were left abandoned and contractors unpaid. #NigeriaDecides
3. PMB committed to initiating & completing key infrastructure projects &demonstrated this through budgetary allocations & fund-raising & ensuring the plugging of leakages & cutting out waste, the government has been able to re-direct money into infrastructure & capital projects
Read 13 tweets… Tax Evasion thru transfer pricing recorded its peak during Pdp years. Transfer pricing occurs when multinationals establish subsidiaries & use them to transfer profits from locations of operation to low tax jurisdictions. Denying host countries due tax.…. Is an example of transfer pricing. Global trade has created mechanisms promoting predatory profiteering, widening economic|social|opportunity inequalities & sowing conflicts. France is presently embroiled in a 12th wknd of street protests rooted in these.…. Multinationals have rigged Trade Agreements allowing them profit & exploiting countries with weak governance structures even when they’re part of a dispute that stalls a projects progression. It’s a known corporate trick advancing predatory profiteering.
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Good morning SANE citizens of the world all over.
In this thread, my focus is to chronicle why I personally believe that #PMBdeserves2ndTerm & that #PMB4Plus4 is not hallucination.
I have tweeted some of them as a response yesterday, now I will Chronicle them here:👇👇
I will categorize those who will read this:
1. Those who believe PMB for no reason
2. Those who are against PMB for no reason
3. Those who will agree #PMBdeserves2ndTerm for these reasons
4. Those who will STILL be against PMB DESPITE these reasons
Una all welcome.....
If you know #PMBdeserves2ndTerm & such reasons are not part of these thread, kindly add yours at the end of this thread using the same harshtag #PMBdeserves2ndTerm
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Good morning Ibadan #PMB4Plus4
Music is a brutally effective messaging tool. KWAM 1 on the beat in Ibadan. #PMBinIbadan #PMB4Plus4
Awaiting PMB & PYO. #PMB4Plus4 #PMBinIbadan
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Dear President @MBuhari, welcome to #Anambra - your state of campaign rallies

If everything happens as planned Mr. President, you will set your feet in Anambra - your state of campaign rallies - today.

Your Excellency, before you came back to become an elected president of the Federal Republic, there were dozens of events that offered you compelling reasons to pay visit to the Light of the Nation, but you found excuses to stay away.
Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu died and was buried. Leaders from all over the world poured in to Nnewi, Anambra State, to pay their last respect. You were nowhere to be found.

We lost our very own erudite Prof. Chinua Achebe, you couldn't care less, Your Excellency.
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There was a lady in a serious and committed relationship with a guy who she started dating after series of bad relationship. This guy was not perfect but he listened to her & made adjustments when she complains over something that hurts her. He never brought up her past failed
relationships. The lady inherited a lot of wealth but couldn't manage it so she put him in charge. She gave him complete control on the condition that he is fair to her family even as he helps his own family. Things were not always smooth, but he was willing to learn & grow with
Her & he achieved a lot with what she had because he knew they had a shared destiny. She also knew he'd adjust if ever she complained over anything she didn't like because she had done so countless times. They were making steady progress. Then an ex came into the scene.
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The Man
President Muhammadu Buhari
Thread >>
‘I declared my assets & the Vice President also did. Those who feel otherwise about our assets declaration should come up with our hidden assets.If they knew that we have more than what we declared then or now,I challenge them to expose it locally & internationally.
- @MBuhari
‘I can't be championing ANTI CORRUPTION war and still be lobbying them (NASS) to pass the budget I presented to them about six months ago. Lobbying them with what? - @MBuhari
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Is The ERGP working?

Since President Buhari inagurated the ERGP team in 2017, a number of successes have been recorded in.


Inflation rates have maintained their declining trend for 18 consecutive months. From a peak of 18.7% in January 2017, inflation started trending downwards to 11.26% by August 2018.

After 18 months of steady decline, the inflation rate rose steadily for two months, analysts also predicted inflation to rise for a third consecutive month but their predictions were wrong as inflation dropped again.
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Hanging out over the weekend with @GhenhisKhan, @stjudendukwe and @kamenchukso, we decided since we’re all in Abuja, we could go by road to visit @adeyanjudeji in Kano Prison where he’s being detained by the Buhari regime.

Yesterday morning we set out and did just that.
A few people know that Deji and I had fallen out here on Twitter a couple of times over perspectives on issues relating to PDP which he had left and which he then took to criticising publicly.

We had to agree with @MrStanleyNwabia’s intervention to block each other on twitter.
Visiting him yesterday, I was reminded of the solidarity we once shared and the continued love of country inspite of difference in approach - one thing no one can say about Deji is that he doesn’t love Nigeria, which is exactly why he dislikes Buhari and sometimes PDP.
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APC and Tolu are trying to be clever by half.

Let's look at the circumstances surrounding the domain which has copied manifesto.
This is the domain info.

Please focus on the items underlined in red
We did some more digging on the registrant of , a chap called Shola Erobgobgo.

We found the guys is MD/CEO of a company called Paramountweb

His picture is bottom left
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This circulated last night on WhatsApp and I dismissed it; only to find this morning that it had gone far.

A check on the website link below produced the second screenshot - just few minutes ago and I’m actually worried about the implication of this.…
Basically, the APC took an American campaign document, copied it and pasted it as their #NextLevel manifesto for the 2019 elections.

This action is not only a disgrace but a confirmation that the APC has absolutely ZERO RESPECT for Nigeria and Nigerians.

APC is a party that doesn’t take governance seriously - how do you go and copy a manifesto from America as your #NextLevel plan for Nigeria?

They don’t take us seriously and Nigerians must take this as a confirmation of their attitude towards us, it is an attitude of disdain.
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Hon Abike Dabiri @abikedabiri - APC Spokesperson - APC Presidential Campaign Council "We are dealing with the issues,The achievements of this administration
PMB has constantly inched on 3 things;

Corruption is no more a way of life, Someone told me he got a project and got his money without anybody asking for 10%.
Govt official are no more throwing money around - Hon Abike Dabiri @abikedabiri (Spokesperson for APC Presidential Campaign Council)
Yes, we have not FULLY defeated terrorism but a lot has been done,
Don't forget where we are coming from, we are at the last stage,
Dont forget before President Buhari came to Power, they were into Abuja, Yanyan, UN Building, This Day Newspaper - @abikedabiri
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I am for #PMB #nextlevel #4+4=2023, This is just a short story on the Amaechi's audio clip. Listen to this tape carefully with your minds wide open, this tapes goes as far as telling you how much corruption has eaten deep into the Nigerian system, from publicity sector:
(the press) cause there's no more go home funds 'ghana must go' each time they visit a state house or federal house as it used to be before that they were always handed fat envelopes each time they get an audience with past administrations, but i tell you my brothers and sisters
its for the betterment of the nation, you are not wailing alone, we share part of your tears too but if its for my coming generations to have a better future then let me wail with you now for i know a day will come we will all smile again;
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President Muhammadu @MBuhari is doing #MoreWithLess

✔2nd Niger Bridge ongoing

✔Loko Bridge over 90% completed. The bridge will link Nasarawa and Benue State. Its will also reduce south-southeast journey by 5 hours

✔Over 2000 Housing Units are ongoing in 33 states.
President Muhammadu @MBuhari is doing #MoreWithLess

✔Abuja-Kaduna completed

✔Itekpa(Kogi state) to Warri (Delta State) completed

✔Abuja Metro Train completed





President Muhammadu @MBuhari is doing #MoreWithLess

2017: 18.7%
2018: 11.26%

2015: $28bn
2018: $43bn

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As Edgar Allen Poe puts it, words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality. For many who remained too much in their head often end up losing their minds. Thus the confusion between reality & fantasy. #Paramnesia
I’m sure we all know people who will do anything to escape reality. We know people who get offended when the truth is adhered to because it destroys their illusions. Some create apparitions just to reinforce their evil and many too afraid to stick by the truth complies.
For some of us, it is all about Justice without the need for belligerence, vituperation, denigration of authority, pontification or unnecessary proselytization. There are means to be factual while maintaining some level of kindness. Let me illustrate in bright colors.
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If they can edit broadcast on their media laterine and order media blockade why won’t they try to influence NBS? They want all institutions balkanized and subjugated before their graven image. #NeverAgain
I believe it is imperative we examine President @MBuhari’s Promises as against what is obtainable in reality don’t you think? Even if it is just an empirical overview? 🤔
In the spirit of Education let us look at each heading as report only what is obtainable with references that would aid fact checkers while we raise our argument to Objective level beyond the reach of e-rodents and Online herders who may be lurking to misconstrue to spread lies.
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Then you don’t know what Poverty is. The shallow definition of poverty in an impoverished society is lack of money. So when people above the law steals, other thieves who missed the opportunity & wish to have their share can easily make you believe the treasury is empty.
Thus justifying their indolence, lifelessness, incompetence and heists because all their vices can now be blamed on the perceived treasury looters while they maximize their opportunity to wreck worse havoc on the people deceived. Wake up my people and smell the coffee. ☕️
The Horse is not drawn by the Cart. Corrupt people are Poor minded and insecure. Corruption didn’t cause their poverty, they are poor and regardless of how much they steal out of ignorance and fear, it won’t fill the gaping holes in their heart. This is why they need Power.
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“Major cause of Poverty is Corruption” - VP Osinbajo #NEDG #BON #VPDebate. This is a grave lie. I have addressed this before. Corruption is everywhere in the world including in USA. Lack of productivity is what causes Poverty. This admin weaponize Poverty & lies a lot.
If the current admin mean well for Nigeria and have kept their promises to Nigerians, this debate is done already. All they need do is point to what they have done and justify the need to complete their work. It is as easy as that. They have failed. Simple. #NeverAgain
Corruption is not about stealing public funds alone. Nepotism, Abuse Of Office, subjugation of the rule of Law, religious bigotry etc are part of the catalytic factors that promote poverty and cripple productivity. The deliberate weakening of our institution is a critical factor.
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1. Implementation of TSA.

2. VAIDS to boost our tax collection base.

3. Reviving 14 dead fertiliser companies.

4. Recovery of over 700bn stolen funds.

5. Completion of Abuja Metro rail.

6. Completion of Abuja-Kaduna railway.
7. Increasing of budgetary allocation yearly for Capital Expenditure to a minimum of 30% with projects in power, road, rail & Bridges such as the 2nd Niger Bridge.
8.Boosting local productions of items like rice hence saving our FX earnings and creating employment in Agric space
9. Outperforming every economy in Africa-Forbes.

10. Growing our FX reserve from $29bn to $48bn with low FX revenues.

11. Implementation of the BVN policy which has helped to curb financial malpractices and tax recoveries.

12. Holding corporations accountable for malpractice
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