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A lot of people focus on the white whores part of the scene which is ridiculous but it gets too much focus due to its salaciousness. People miss the other equally insulting part...the Black man profits calls shots and profits from the Slave catching MORE than the white men!
Bigger Long announces in front of these racist White men with guns that he is taking $200 out of the $300 bounty just for himself and that the remaining white men can split the remainder amongst themselves. That to me is as bad and dangerous as the white whores part
The movie is trying to say that not only are Black men able to use their maleness to offset their blackness for power and profit, the myth of Black patriarchy and Black male privilege, they’re projecting that myth into the past so that now we have Black men in slave times...
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Spoilers ahead! I've spent the weekend percolating on my thoughts after seeing @HarrietFilm Friday. While I liked the movie as a whole, there was one character/story line that did not sit well with me. When I thought about it, the signs were there.
In fact, I don't even know why it was in the film to begin with. Why on earth would the writers of this movie think it was okay to have a black antagonist in this? The antagonists should have only been the white people and the institution of slavery.
I loved watching Harriet on screen. She was strong and sure, and an inspiration. By contrast, every time Bigger Long came on the screen I cringed and not because he was the "bad guy."
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Took my 11 year old daughter to #HarrietMovie last night & am still disturbed.

She left the theater scared of Bigger Long “the worst bad guy.” The only sadistic character in the movie—who was BLACK, and DID NOT EXIST. wtf, Hollywood!

Great thread by @LaQuetteWrites:
@LaQuetteWrites The film is artful, with some great acting, and Harriet Tubman is one of our most important national heroes.

To me, this makes it worse, not better, that it misrepresents slavery, and history, and race in this country. Felt designed to not make white people uncomfortable.
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Here are some resources to teach/learn about #Harriet Tubman and her life in Canada and the UGRR era in Canadian history:
The Underground Railroad @CdnEncyclopedia
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Just finished the first proper run-through of #Harriet by @HildaMParedes at #MuziektheaterTransparant, and boy, this piece is going to hit the audience hard.
The realisation that #HarrietTubman died only just over a century ago, and her words are now being sung by an African American woman — the magnificent Claron McFadden — from a town (Rochester) that Harriet passed through on her missions, gives me goosebumps.
I don’t want to give away too much of @JeanLacornerie’s staging, but there are many moments that give me chills. One moment is where Harriet is ‘crowned’ in an intimate ritual that celebrates the hair that saved her from death when an overseer hit her head with a metal weight.
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Here is why Cynthia Erivo, in particular, should not play Harriet Tubman.

TL; DR: There’s a troubling pattern of Cynthia repeatedly, deliberately, selectively *choosing* to not give respect to African-American heritage – the heritage of Harriet Tubman.
Note: There’s an argument to be made against Africans/non-DOS Brits playing important African-American figures – & vice versa. Performance & perspective, where & how we take up space, larger economic & cultural issues at play.

Others have unpacked that; this thread won’t.
This thread is about why Cynthia Erivo should not play Harriet Tubman, “the Moses of her people” & a sacred African-American ancestor. It goes beyond Cynthia’s birthplace, accent, heritage & even her association with an ethnic bigot.

It rests on a pattern of behavior & choices.
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The framing of @paularogo's @Essence piece on Cynthia Erivo is…interesting.

This response will be a long thread bc it's impt that:
◾️we step back to analyze the larger narrative that's being created ◾️Essence is aware that we're aware of deliberate editorial decisions.
TL;DR: From word choice, to sourcing, to biased, inaccurate framing, @paularogo's article, "Cynthia Erivo Pushes Back On Criticism Of Her New Role As Harriet Tubman" amounts to an Erivo fluff piece that tries to further neutralize valid criticism of a very real, very large issue.
(Note: When referring to African-Americans, I'm referring to DOS (descendant of slaves, h/t @BreakingBrown)/DACS (descendants of American chattel slavery)/BADASS (Black American descendants of American slavery & sharecropping, h/t @kimmaytube)
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