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It's hilarious to read ridicule #onhere about studying children's stories and/or fairy tales and fantasy. Have seen a few of these takes; will not amplify.

Those of us in these subfields hear this all the time. We are quite used to it. We get the shade from our colleagues, too.
"It's just a children's story." The same stories that the Republicans are doing their best to ban? That they're building their 2024 electoral case by manufacturing outrage around them?

Be for real. 🤣😂
Another time, I'll talk about the recent interest in the speculative and "futurity" within my tenure field, education.

I've been around for a while. And, I'm actually not throwing shade or being nasty here. Just observing! I find it all so very interesting.
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Riddle me this, cos I’m seriously thinking it through.
Starmer is right on a couple of things, namely the Tories are no longer what they used to be, but a far right populist, extremist outfit. And Labour have moved into the ground vacated, & are now a moderate right wing party…
Who is our left or even centre-left option?

Cos it’s fine if Starmer’s Labour is “coming out” as the real Conservatives. You do you.

But neither me, nor my family, nor most young people have ever, nor plan to ever, vote Conservative you see. Not under any name or colour…
So I’m totally unsure what I, or people in progressive big cities are doing come the election to be honest. But if we don’t get a new left party to replace the dominoes shifting to the right, then this country is ridiculous.
You don’t have to point out first past the post to me…
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The Fed's report on Silicon Valley Bank's failure is out, and it's a ripper, with Vice Chair Barr leading by calling it "a textbook case of mismanagement by the bank." Image
The full report is available here:…

All power to Fed Vice Chair Michael Barr for getting right at the heart of the issue, and not pulling his punches.
Barr echoes the claims that I made #onhere that Silicon Valley Bank really is an outlier "because of the extent of its highly concentrated business model, interest rate risk, and high level of uninsured deposits." Image
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The thing is that our market works differently than a lot of others. There is a very small, and inelastic, pool of jobs available, and many more PhDs than there are good—or even decent or livable—jobs available 1/
When I was looking for a job, people would tell me I should move where I want to live and look for a job there. It doesn’t work that way. We go where jobs are, because there are so few jobs available, not where we necessarily want to go. 2/
So when I see well-meaning people #onhere saying, “Come to Colorado! We’d love to have you!” I have to sigh and shake my head. If there’s not a job contract there with my name and signature on it, that’s just consigning myself to extreme underemployment 3/
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Wish I could say I was surprised by it but there's so much negativity & agenda pushing after 1 game that it leaves basically zero space for actual basketball discussion.
Not the only reason but a big one as to why I hadn't planned on saying much on a game to game basis this post-season.
To break that for a second, I will just say this...

A lot of the issues from Game 1 stem from making one of the biggest in season trades in NBA history and then only get 8 games. I don't offer it as an excuse but merely context.
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my favorite 1990s episodic TV thing is when a guest character would be introduced after like 6 seasons as a main character’s best and most important friend, but we never saw them before and would never hear from them again after they were killed or kidnapped or arrested or w/e
Walker Texas Ranger did this all the time. It would be like Walker’s god son Carlos who Walker helped raise from birth and you’d be like, ‘wait, who?’ He’d be attacked by a gang and be in the hospital and Walker would swear revenge for this random kid we’d never seen before
TV got too serious and mature. No more throw away episodes or contrived characters From Out of Town. There was a whole Fraiser episode where they founded a restaurant, designed it, made a menu, opened it and it tanked in like 15 mins of screen time. This would never happen today
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What are Dems actually doing? Doesn't matter. I will just pretend that they're silent and not doing anything for Twitter clout. The imaginary Dems are so disappointing, to me. Image
People just say shit #onhere. Image
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Voters age 18 to 29 voted 66-32 for Obama in 2008, a margin of 34 (!) points.

Voters age 30 to 44, overlapping almost exactly with that 2008 cohort, supported Democrats by 4 points in the midterms.

That’s a shift of 30 points right.
If you look at 2020, the same holds: Biden +6 or +12 among 30-44s. Catalist has +18. +12 seems like a sensible middle ground estimate. That’s still a crazy shift right from the 2008/10 baseline.
And the argument back is that something like either a 10-15 point lean so deep into people’s voting career is unprecedented. That’s true. But we’ve also never seen an over 55 vote lean this far right—and they’re a bigger share of the electorate than ever.
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fwiw, I don't buy the theories that rich investors will gladly let go of billions to activism that's been built here.

a) Have you met a rich person?
b) Human networks are too resilient for it to work
c) What part of Elmo's behavior the past month suggests grand chessmaster?
I'll expand on b a bit.

Destruction could potentially be a back-of-mind plan, though I think mis/disinfo folks have found it's far better ROI to game the network.

But people rebuild, and in ways destroyers don't expect. Those trying to suppress info are often a step behind.
About 10 years ago I was sitting in on a journalism conference session about underground journalism in Cuba. We have long had underground journalists, of course, but what stuck with me was how they spread the information in a place with a controlled internet.

USB drives.
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As I ponder whether to stay #onhere: can you share some tweets that changed how you view the world?

I'll start w one that pushed me faster than I otherwise would have towards a full embrace of open science:

If you're game, add yours to the thread below.
Ground rules:
1. tweets only, not links to papers/articles (those are an important function of twitter, but I've been surprised how much 280 characters can say)
2. not your own
3. pix OK
4. 🧵s OK
4a. "if you liked this 🧵 please retweet & follow" 🧵s discouraged
A prescient thread (OP is locked now bc of *waves hands*, so not sure if the QT will work) that made me reflect on one way in which academia and the review process can further marginalize scholars in the developing world, to the detriment of us all:
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Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner's #TheBodyguard was released November 25 1992 — 30 years ago today
#WhitneyHouston was at a pinnacle. In '93, #TheBodyguard soundtrack stayed at No. 1 on @billboard's Pop Album charts for 20 weeks — sold 18 million copies in the United States, and 45 million worldwide
more than 1977’s Bee Gees-heavy Saturday Night Fever
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The possible collapse of twitter has made me super sad and reflective about what this site has meant to me and how it shaped my work as a literacy researcher and educator and now as an early platform ceo.

i have 45 minutes and i'm about to tweet my guts out.
i was thinking of pitching like a "eulogy for twitter" to @TeenVogue but i'm gonna tweet first instead, unroll it later, and see what i can do with it.

this is off the dome first draft material, we'll see what themes come out. stay with me.
i want to think through how i've used twitter since i made my first account in 2008, how it impacted my teaching and research, what i wish this site could've been, the rise of the multiracial patriarchy whitelash, and ultimately how and why i founded @germnetwork this year
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my academic career began on twitter. when my 5th kid entered preschool, i hit up all the authors of my favorite books to do events. i built a career off that. i established a track record off that. i fostered a network that was otherwise denied based off my circumstances.
when i emailed a marine biologist, a black studies professor, an agroecologist or a prison abolitionist that was #OnHere, what I posted served as guarantor to my personality, politics and ability to curate readings or resources…twitter served as a dif kind of credit check
i met my people on here, i got context for what i was reading #OnHere. when i needed a syllabus to understand what’s happening in Sudan—I found it, i learned who’s valid in the horn #OnHere, which blackademics were game of thrones-ing + who a zionist. imma miss this bird site 😰
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It was certainly plausible to think that John Fetterman would have a uniquely strong performance among white working-class or rural Pennsylvanians but... that didn't turn out to be the case at all?🤷‍♀️
The results are especially striking because surely holding everything equal, one would expect Doug Mastriano's appeal to be strongest in the rural+rust belt areas that swung hard in support of Donald Trump: & Oz to be more appealing in the upscale/moderate/cosmopolitan suburbs?
The darker green counties here are the ones where Shapiro outperformed Fetterman most strongly: which is the same as saying, where Oz outperformed Mastriano most strongly. SCPA/the capitol region, Bucks, but also Cambria, Westmoreland, Butler, Erie🤷‍♀️
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This👇is not wrong! But note it's not just a demographic thing. The state & local organizations created/recreated by the anti-Trump grassroots ran through the tape for downballot Dems this year: even while hearing (& believing!) national voices foretelling doom
National voices #onhere have not yet processed what a stunning year this was for downballot Dems in PA. The inverse of 2020, when the presidential result distracted attention from PA Dems' grim downballot slide. PA lived the midterm backlash 2 ys early!💪
.@LetsTurnPABlue @TuesdaysToomey @acttogethernepa etc — plus the groups of different origin & profile who saw their potential & figured out how to partner: @seiuhcpa @NewPennsylvania @UniteforPA & many more
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My best advice for dipping your toes in masto as elon’s husk takes shape…
Already have small core of familiars posting comparable content #OnThere at a steady clip along with all new voices I’ve never met before. I’ve been playing around for a weekend and already my notifications for masto have overtaken my twitter notifs. You have to work at it tho.
I know it’s sad to let go and endure sudden change. So many of us have invested so much of our life #OnHere. The problem for us is that it was always for sale. Even if it’s messy, masto is not for sale. Right now, and for what it’s worth, that’s a feature. Not a bug.
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My new @OUPAcademic 📚 "Trafficking Data: How China is Winning the Battle for Digital Sovereignty" will be released in 2 weeks! I show how weak US data protections empower China to expand its digital borders. With thanks to so many, a 🧵. Image
Support from @NEHgov, @TheWilsonCenter @AsiaProgram and @KissingerInst, @KlugeCtr, @MellonFdn @UVa_IHGC, @NCUSCR #PIPFellow, @Miller_Center, and others gave me the time and space to research and write the book.
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It's already known that breathing wildfire smoke is bad for us. But new research shows smoke may be dangerous not just for ash and small particulates, but because it carries viable fungi that can cause grave infections. Me, cheery as always, in @WIRED:…
@WIRED I should probably say that this story is an outgrowth (hah) of my obsession with fungi; past stories include Valley fever vaccine, coffee rust, aspergillosis (and tulips), mucormycosis, chytrid fungi, and this monster @sciam cover story last year:…
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Nicki Minaj has changed her Twitter avi to @ThegirlJT.

— JT and Cardi were @ing each other #onhere. Fans have pitted them against each other especially since ‘Super Freaky Girl’ (Queen Mix) dropped.
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There's a lot in this thread, but one pt I'd like to extract is connected to something I've been arguing for years and #onhere quite a bit recently:

#MethodologicalIndividualism in public health occurs where we position the individual as the unit of change.

This is in comparison to structural interventions, which often alter upstream factors and institutions. My favorite example of the latter is laws and policies, but can also include infrastructure and built environmental changes, etc.

But leading public health officials in the US have completely followed the #MethodologicalIndividualism that has dominated public health policy and priorities for much of the 20th c. until now. See:

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omg I forgot I did an interview for somebody's dissertation and they've just sent it to me and it's amazing?!

The title is: "Disabled Enough? An Investigation Into Societal Expectations of Blue Badge Holders."
Okay I'm reading it properly now and I'm going to share some bits here. The researcher is @cloudskinx
To start, Young investigates the idea of "deservingness", which has a lot of parallels to the respectability politics concept in discussions on race, & also recent discussions #onhere about who is allowed to crowdfund/request direct aid Individuals are considered more deserving if they: - are not
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So @tbonier's thread on the predominance of women registering to vote in swing states in the wake of the overturning of Roe v Wade inspired me to check recent shifts in partisan registration in PA.
tl;dr New gains are neither Dem nor GOP but rather *overwhelmingly* Independents
As a reminder, this is what long term registration trends in PA have looked like. On balance since 2015 Dems have made no gains, GOP have gained half a million voters, & Independent/Other parties have gained about 200,000 registrants Image
If we look just at changes from election to election, the massive Republican registration gains between the 2020 primary & 2020 general election really stand out: as do Dems' declines in every 6 month stretch since then Image
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Gotta say, I'm increasingly amazed at how fast so many ppl rushed out takes on what bail reform did... given it is *really* hard to even figure out who is bail eligible, esp post-7/20 rollbacks.

In some cases, impossible: eligibility can often turn on things not in the data.
Like, Burglary 2 is not bail-eligible, unless it takes place in the primary living space... which is not a section of 140.25(2).

Or, tell me who is bail-eligible here, given "identifiable person or property" isn't a ... thing in the NY Penal Law. Image
The state bail data doesn't have an indicator for bail eligibility. You have to back it out yourself, and that is really hard.

I thought it was fairly easy, got smacked down (rightly) #onhere a bit recently, and have now spent hours and hours revising it.
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Diane Warren put out a tweet asking how a song could have 24 writers.

The Hive descended into her mentions and chaos ensued.

A few things:
People are calling her Ghislaine Maxwell. I didn't notice the resemblance until now.
I can tell many of the people who are responding to her don't know who she is.
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