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People say “why do you only care when police kill people but not when black people kill each other.” Most of those people are trolls but in case anyone has this question in good faith I’ll humor you and address it quickly.
1) you don’t know what people in Chicago do every day to fight intracommunity gun violence. You know nothing about it. You don’t know about the work we do in education, community mental health, mentorship, or other long-term comprehensive efforts. Educate yourself.
one small example: no, you’re not gonna see me tweet BLACK FOLKS R KILLING EACH OTHER. But when you see me up in arms about making sure Assata’s Daughters has gardening supplies or school closings, it’s bc I understand that shooters are hungry people & kids with no schools.
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at some point black twitter needs to get together as a family and have a conversation about the military.
I keep seeing and sometimes participating in these ad hoc conversations #onhere about the US military as a force of global terror juxtaposed with the reality of the material conditions that lead some black people to enlist, where we place blame & accountability, etc.
I think there’s a lot to unpack with people’s differing ideas about what constitutes “choice,” class solidarity, global solidarity and understanding of imperialism, Af-Am perspectives versus the perspectives of others in the diaspora, et cetera et cetera
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2. We absolutely know that some such people exist, as many have commented #OnHere and e.g. in the Facebook support group Exvangelical that Trump was the final straw for them. We also know that despite its resiliency in raw proportions, people leave evangelicalism all the time.
3. People leave all religions for all kinds of reasons, and people also convert to others rather than become nones, but it's wrong to suggest that the decline of Christianity in the United States has nothing to do with radical evangelicalism.
4. Scholars have linked the rise of the nones (those with no religious affiliation) to the Christian Right culture warring politics that has culminated in Trumpist theocracy.…
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OK let's talk a bit about what you can do in your own towns and cities to address youth incarceration since more attention and interest seems to be devoted to the issue right now.
In 2009, I started @projectnia with a long-term vision to end youth incarceration in Illinois and beyond. There are a number of ways we've gone about this in the past few years. Much of what we've done has been driven by volunteers.
Tip #1: Find out what juvenile jails and prisons exist in the vicinity of your town or city. You can usually just google to find out.
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It‘s fascinating seeing what the right-wing reacts intensely to #onhere. So far it’s been:
1. Saying white men occupy so many positions of power because of racism and;
2. Saying Trump should be impeached/removed from power because he’s unfit/a racist.
The trolls can’t stand it.
I’ve been tweeting about police violence and racism for years but it’s the tweets when it’s specifically calling out the fact that white men are determining these policies/outcomes that it strikes a chord. Why? Because for them it is all about white fear of demographic change.
All of this comes down to demographics. That’s *the* determinative factor for Trump supporters. Will white men continue to enjoy the privileges they have without challenge? That’s the central axis their ideology revolves around.
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Let me explain why this article is undenatured bullshit.
The Johnson writer makes plenty of mention about the disrespectful tone that liberals use towards the Trump administration. But none whatsoever on what it is people are cursing *about*.

Nothing about the human rights violations, the blatant racism, the lies, nothing.
There was a viral tweet thread the other day that talked about white values (which skew towards politeness, even in the face of bigotry) being learned at home.

But there's also the values picked up at higher learning institutions
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Thinking this morning about colorism and intersectional oppression and how perilous it is for black women of almost any hue to describe themselves as "light skinned".
I've seen some black women describe themselves as light skinned while acknowledging their color privilege only to have hordes of other black people sneer "She's not REALLY light skinned." It's a kind of bloodsport: policing the liminal boundary between "regular brown" and "light"
"She thinks she's light but she's delusional" is a whole entire genre of black critique that I never see applied to black men. I wonder why this color-contempt and dragging is reserved almost entirely for black women.
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At this point, all of y'all deserve every dragging you get over these asinine depression/mentally ill tweets where you clearly didn't think before tweeting them.
Imagine telling a mofo with diabetes that their insulin treatments don't mean shit.

"Just go for a walk and eat an apple my dude! But that phone down, beloved. That'll show your diabetes!!! That'll stick it to 'em real good!"
"Oh hey! You with cancer in the back??? Fuck that chemo bro. If you eat this banana, and try to sleep 7-9 hours, and go for a long walk on the beach, you'll be instantly cured my dude! Swiftly!"
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So this cool thing came out the other day, which only means one thing. IT'S TIME FOR SOME VERY IMPORTANT SCIENCE ON TWITTER.
The tl;dr version of the article (which I recommend reading - it's very good and also concise) is that music and bilingualism can help combat the onset of dementia, with music seeming to edge out dementia in speed-of-completion in memory tasks.
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I have a thread to share. I didn't write it. But I respect the person who did. They are uncomfortable sharing it in their own name, so I am doing it for them.
So here goes: It's anonymous review time!
I have some concerns about this preprint and they are primarily about the study design. Because of these caveats, I don’t think the authors can draw the strong conclusions they do
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Sometimes I feel shame for existing in white spaces. I've had POC make comments about how my community (Raising Children Unfundamentalist on FB) is mostly white, and it is, but somehow I feel I'm to blame for this. I don't make enough space for POC, or because I've simply assimilated too much. It kinda sucks that I've been colonized as a missionary convert, had to assimilate to survive/gain a platform, and then feel shamed for it.
I find a lot of camaraderie with the #Exvangelical community #onhere, led by @C_Stroop and @brchastain & many others, but it is mostly white. I share this sociocultural heritage with all these white ppl because white missionaries CONVERTED ME AS A CHILD
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One of the things that was taken from us was the ability to be fully (& messily) human, with all the contradictions inherent therein.

Because of how Blackness sits in the world, we don't get to feel many things at once. It robs us of our personhood.
We can say all day, "I am enjoying some of the escapist aspects of the royal wedding/Black Panther/reality TV, while having a critique of how said wedding/film/TV show is problematic for reasons X, Y, Z."

But we all seem to understand Black people only as specific tropes.
Lately, the discourse cycle has been:
A: "Let us enjoy things."
B: "Said things are problematic & the world is awful. How can you enjoy?"
A: "We know. But still, we enjoy these things."
B: "Then you're problematic."
A: "And you're oppressive."
B: "You're the real problem."
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I’m really getting concerned about this takedown culture in which we want to fire anyone if we find old tweets or writings that they have grown from. We’d all be without jobs if someone did some real digging into our lives. Just saying.
I dont care what political view you have, folks lives should not be forever ridiculed if they have apologized and asked for forgiveness. I tell you, I really hate this culture in which folks pretend they’ve never had to grow from ill-informed thoughts and views.
And I do not believe folks who dig up folks’ past are doing so for purely altruistic reasons; I think personal grudges against folks also motivate this activity. They want folks to be fired and their lives to suffer. This is an enterprise that’s grown in the social media age.
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STUDENTS: the US Dept of Education just released data on racial disparities in every school and school district in America (from preK-12). Here’s how you use the data to show if/how your school discriminates against black students and other marginalized groups. A thread.
First, lookup the most recent year of data available for your school and/or school district. Right now that’s data on the 2015-16 school year. Here’s where you go:…
I’m going to demo this with my old HS, Winter Park High. Click your school and it will pull up basic info on students/teachers. On the right is the most important info: data on school discipline, policing in schools and whether all students have access to gifted/advanced courses.
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Ok, I'm not convinced I have nailed down the best way of talking about this yet, but I think it's good to get some things out around #MAEdu regional schools transportation, especially as we see the #mabudget debate juggle it.
The principle is Massachusetts has some teeny districts and had more of them. There can be advantages (financial and otherwise) to teeny districts joining up.
That's where a whole bunch of MGL Ch. 71 comes in.
MGL Ch. 71 sec. 16C sets a 1 1/2 mile limit, but then says:
the "district shall be obliged to provide transportation for all school children in grades kindergarten through twelve...
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From time to time I receive tweets from people asking how they can repay me the favor of my time and 🔥, and I never really have a good answer for them.
But tonight is different...
Though I’ve “met” thousands of you here on Twitter over the years, I’ve only met 2 Twitter friends in person. I’d like to tell you about one of them tonight. His handle is @nffc65 but #onhere I simply call him my brother.
I can’t even remember exactly when we followed each other, but we ultimately found ourselves in an endlessly entertaining Twitter clique. Eventually I learned that he was battling a rare form of leukemia (CLL), only made more rare by the fact that he developed it so young.
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I'm sorry for anyone who watches this video and it fucks with their anxiety. There's no violence or death–just yet another caught-on-tape moment of black bodies being criminalized simply for being Black and I'm getting so fucking tired of it.
This is one of my MAJOR fears about entering an establishment to wait for anyone. I've been w/ NB friends/associates and I'm nervously trying to make sure I buy something quickly and they're like "relax, we're just waiting."

Yeah. Ok. Maybe YOU. I know fucking better.
We talk about mental health all the time #onhere but can we really drill down to Black folks? Navigating the world w/ anxiety is already hard AF. Now imagine having to navigate White people and their fears while dealing with your own shit.
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Several PoC #onhere including me have made mention of why simple “gun control” rhetoric doesn’t work for our communities and I want to take a second to explain what I mean by that.
In Chicago, the people most likely to be victims of gun violence or shoot someone else
***are the same pool of people.***

[this work by WBEZ does a good job of illustrating this.]…
The gun violence we deal with in Chicago daily is not [by and large] about a solo shooter coming into a school or movie theater or concert and mass-shooting people. That phenomenon has different social and cultural roots which have been discussed elsewhere.
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Some people are curious how not having my full course of meds keeps me from working full time.

This is where I'll start the story of #myspoons today.
Not that I owe them shit. But maybe you or a #spoonie squad member of ours might find it relevant or helpful.
So in a nutshell, the less pain I'm in? The more I can do.

"But Tinu" some y'all say, "If your work is mostly digital, aren't you good as long as you have a laptop & a computer connection?"

Haha nawl!
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LRT: What's never clear is what women are supposed to be doing during all this interminable waiting. 😂 That's why I've largely ignored the racist discourse that BW "can't get no man." Completely ahistorical & only part of the story.
Even today's NYT articles that express surprise about BM's supposed inability to remain in their class of origin if they're UMC or wealthy. What part of "The United States IS a slave society" do people not understand?
Any Black American can narrate their family's inability to hold wealth from generation to generation. Any wise BA will understand that this isn't because we're inherently stupid or lack morality -- it's because *this is how the system is designed.*
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23 more pages to read and then I’ll be finished with last weekend’s homework and start doing the assignments due today. ☹️

Up next...
"The police response to the uprising was intended to repress and punish the population, who had dared to defy their authority."
It's fascinating reading about Ferguson in textbooks after watching it happen live #onhere.
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So today, I am switching gears quite a bit. Instead of posting a normal, super duper long artcle, I present to you my short story and pet project Bloody Mae.

You've heard from many a Chet that the Western is dead, but to that I say: "Who said that?"…
Before I get into the nitty gritty of how & why it exists, I'll summarize it:

As mentioned, 'Bloody Mae' is a Western and revenge tale that follows a Black woman outlaw on her quest to avenge her father's death at the hands of The Payson Gang, a group of ex-Confederate soldiers.
Groups like the Payson Gang were often precursors to even worse groups like the KKK and as someone who literally *lives* in the birthplace of one of those terrible groups, I figured: "Why not have some fun with?" 🤔
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You remember some time ago where I mentioned that I was working on something I'd hope would be a nice alternative to the Bechdel test?

Well, here it is. The Kent Test. A test that specifically gauges whether WOC representation in a piece of media is pathetic or strong.
A month or so ago, I mentioned I was working on a secret project (in addition to the Representation in Media guide) and I am happy to finally be unveiling it this! On #InternationalWomensDay no less. Because obviously we deserve 💁🏾
Some background: after the wonderful @EqualityforHER and @BlairImani recruited me to work on the guide, I started to think about what else I could contribute besides terminology and sources for people to learn more about representation in media.
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In my final piece on #BlackPanther, I count all the ways Nakia, not T'Challa or Erik, is the literal MVP of the aforementioned film.…
There has been much discussion #onhere about who was truly right or wrong in the film. And while I have actually enjoyed damn near all of it, I have been curious as to why many of these discussions are leaving out Sister Nakia 🤔
And by curious, I mean tickled because its exposing hella biases and I don't think people even realize it lol
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