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Diane Warren put out a tweet asking how a song could have 24 writers.

The Hive descended into her mentions and chaos ensued.

A few things:
People are calling her Ghislaine Maxwell. I didn't notice the resemblance until now.
I can tell many of the people who are responding to her don't know who she is.
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Meanwhile, all weekend men #onhere were swearing up and down they don’t know/keep abusers in their circles.

I have a five year old, ongoing thread that says otherwise…
This thread is older than some of your accounts. Every time I add to it, my mentions flood with reply guys saying “not all men,” or, “only some sickos.” No. Own this, fellas. These are your friends, family members, and colleagues. Don’t tell me you don’t know anyone like this.
Can’t tell who the weirdos are in your circle? Look at the responses to the most recent fly-out story.

You should question every single man who said, “He flew her out, she shouldn’t have gone if she wasn’t going to have sex with him.” That ignores consent- a rapist’s rationale.
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As a former COVID19 contact tracer and cluster investigator, I am CONFIDENT the number of monkeypox infections is grossly underreported. And since there is no contact tracing happening, we will never have a real number.
Ain’t no way it’s this low. I can name three people, myself, who have gotten it in the last two weeks.
You mean to tell me that something that can spread via fomites, physical touch, aerosolized droplets, and bodily fluids has only affected 5000 people in the entire country? A lie.
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I’m seeing a debate #onhere about whether or not Indigenous ways of knowing are also “science”.

I absolutely defer to Indigenous people & scholars on that, but I also think it’s important we remember that science itself is only one way of knowing among many, not ultimate truth.
I’m a scientist & obvi think science is a useful & important knowledge framework but it’s not the only useful & important one!

There’s so much more to know than the raw facts about the world science helps us learn. Art & music & literature & poetry are also ways of knowing.
Science shouldn’t have a monopoly on knowledge generation because there are so many things science can’t tell us.

We’ve put science on such a high pedestal that we’ve forgotten that it’s just a tool and not an end goal.
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🚨 New WP 🚨 In late 2020 we gave 5,000 low-income US participants $2000, $500, or nothing ($2.5m in transfers), measured survey outcomes, & (for 43%) have access to bank info. What did we find? 1/ (w/ @AniaJaroszewicz, @julianjamison, & Oliver Hauser)

What would you expect we'd find? We asked experts & a representative US sample to predict results, including many of you #onhere! 2/

In the prediction study, we find that both experts and laypeople expected $500 to outperform nothing, $2000 to outperform $500, & effects to be largest immediately after receipt with sharp decays (prediction range: .16-.65 SD, depending on time/condition/outcome) 3/
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White Christian nationalism is about history. Not the kind with footnotes and peer review, but the wishful nostalgia for an imagined past that offers a prescription for the future.…
People on the left and right have fundamentally different attitudes toward the past. Liberals see human history as a story of progress, while conservatives see it as a story of decline, so we have very different ideas about the authority of tradition vs innovation.
SCOTUS is doing exactly what the Christian Right has been calling for since the 1970s. This was always the strategy for overturning Roe, Abington, Lawrence, Obergefell, etc. And it worked.
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Been getting questions about what *exactly* we mean when we say abortion is still legal in Virginia.

Great question -- you deserve to know your rights... 🧵
Here's the section of Virginia state law that governs most abortion rights, and here's a quick thread on what it says...…
Abortion is legal in Virginia in the 1st and 2nd trimesters. Physicians, nurse practitioners, and certified nurse midwives can all perform abortions in the 1st trimester. After the 1st, only physicians can perform abortions in Virginia.
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He doesn’t, because he can’t (other than maybe a few ppl #onhere, which is …. not “orthodoxy”).

The claim is never that lethal violence hasn’t risen, it’s that traditional tough-on-crime approaches aren’t where we should prioritize more resources.
Also, I can’t quite figure out the point of the piece. Because ppl are easily fear-mongered by crime, everyone should just lean into that?

Like, how do you change an equilibrium without … pushing on it?
Also: sigh.

Hamid is an expert on the Middle East. Looks like a really thoughtful one.

I’m an expert on prosecutors and prisons. Think I’m fairly thoughtful. Have you seen my latest in Slate on Tunisia’s politics? No. No you haven’t.
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if you read enough discoursing about crime and policing in big cities #onhere, you'll see lots of people point out that crime is at or near historic lows, and that year-over-year crime jumps are relative to those troughs.
then you'll almost always see someone say in response that bloodless stats are missing the point: who cares what the numbers are if people don't *feel* safer?
and the data show that USians are basically always primed for a moral panic around crime: a majority of people polled said over the last two decades they thought crime was going up or so even though it had been steadily falling. Crime is falling, but Ameri...
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This is why I keep saying we have NO idea where policing reform is heading.

The homicide/shooting surge in 2020/21 put reforms on the defensive.

But a video of heavily armed cops arresting parents while refusing to save children as unarmed teachers sacrificed themselves?
I know there is a sense that “nothing after Sandy Hook = nothing ever.” But that’s… an assumption. It MAY be true, but we have no data.

And here—we have video, and video arriving under a different underlying politics-of-crime.
Maybe nothing will come of this. But many Black men were murdered by police before George Floyd—yet his murder was ultimately a match that caught. (Of course, for some reason the others didn’t; it’s all so hard, if not impossible, to predict.)
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I get the emotional desire to scream #onhere abt the insultingly juvenile “solutions” GOPers have proposed lately. (I’ve done it myself.)

But better, I think, to point to solutions we know can work. Force the discussion to be productive, despite GOP efforts to thwart that.
Here’s a study from @Arnold_Ventures and @JohnJayREC on non-police responses that can reduce violence, including data on effective gun control responses:… Image
Here’s a report by @courtinnovation on the social contexts of youth gun possession—there are REASONS we can address abt why kids have guns:… Image
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People ask me. I ask people. I ask myself: Accurate, reliable info is key to *everything else* so what’s a shared vision for local news that "leads to a vibrant, multiracial democracy?"

The future of local news blueprint is in rewrite imo so here's what I'm thinking in 4 pts 🧵
**ONE. Local news should improve lived outcomes** There are reporters & editors who’ll see this and say “we already do that”—I appreciate you but there is no number of news articles will *gestures wildly* solve these problems. Content won’t save us
It won’t save us because so many people already feel harmed by journalism—they remember the exploitative coverage, they remember feeling disrespected and misunderstood. They're still paying for it. This is not new…
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Explain how the alt left thinks repeatedly choosing a natural born *Independent* alienator (who masquerades as a D when convenient) to represent all of *their* socialist hopes and dreams in a Democratic primary but who goes on to become radioactive in the general is a good thing.
Seriously the level of magical thinking and mental gymnastics folk are doing just to evade confrontation and exploration of the simultaneously batshit crazy AND exponentially racially charged political climate we’re ALL facing in the ‘22 midterms is viscerally RIDICULOUS.
While y’all were #onhere making up complete bullshit about what happened in PA, the MSM *AND* GOP were already spinning the narrative of this race around the same “economic anxiety”/White grievance tropes from yesteryear. Case in point, the @nytimes: ImageImageImageImage
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To me, the first step in enhancing teaching is getting clear on your values & context.

Don't ever change your pedagogy cause someone else did a thing and is raving about it.

Only change if the change is a better reflection of your values in a way that respects your context. 1/4
That context includes # of courses/preps, but many other things.
For ex, I teach 6 courses a year; 6 preps. BUT all of my scholarship and service is focused on teaching. This is an incredible privilege cause effort in 1 area pays off in others. Most don't have this privilege.2/4
I'm also a straight-passing White lady with tenure. My spouse takes on way more than 50% of the house/ family duties and has a super-flexible work arrangement.

These things make it easy for me to try all sorts of time-intensive things and to break all sorts of rules. 3/4
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I'm excited to have so many labor economists meeting @SOLE_Labor_Econ in Minneapolis starting tomorrow!

🧵on ideas for local food, culture, exercise, and getting around.

Twin Cities are blessed with especially large, vibrant Hmong, and East African communities. Great, affordable Vietnamese and Ethiopian restaurants abound.

Lots of info on food scene in general here:
Lots of great local breweries have tap rooms: @FairStateCoop, @BauhausBrewLabs, @indeedbrewing, @ladonacerveza, @UtepilsBrewing to name a few.
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I generally respond to Big News by reading around. My last thread reflects some of what I see from that reading. Another thing I find interesting: the wildly powerful & popular feminist-lite empowerment community has been pretty silent.
There’s a genre of big books and niche confeeemces and social media accounts that I won’t name here but that are familiar to most women #onhere. Their content has barely changed this week.
How are you going to sell smart budgeting and SHEOing and Passport Lyfe and all of that jazz when the foundational assumption of your audience’s entire economic base — that they can participate somewhat freely in paid work — is questionable?
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🧵Reading today’s #DeclarationForTheFutureOfTheInternet the following 4 sections stick out to me… Image
1. Striking the balance between expression and intimidation applies to Musk’s intentions #onhere Image
2. In my view, Cambridge Analytica was an historically abusive violation of human rights that did not result in any meaningful remedies, so there is significant work to do in this area Image
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My dude doesn’t even allow all legally-required speech in his factories, nor does he squelch all illegal hostile speech and discriminatory behavior there. #OnHere he has repeatedly said things that the law doesn’t permit. Image
I mean, that is not even the most egregiously wrong misunderstanding this tweet displays about the company he proposes to run, in an industry where he will go from mere participant to one of the biggest players.
Anyone who has moderated an internet forum at any level knows that maintaining free speech doesn't just mean preventing excessive moderation, but also preventing the heckler's veto. You can't tolerate intolerance. Cf. Popper's original words:… Image
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In my 3-year anniversary at @TheHillTimes, 5 years writing about #cdnpoli from marginalized perspectives, 5 years podcasting about politics, policy and pop culture with @badandbitchy. More people told me I couldn't do it because they couldn't see the vision 🧵
Most people told me that I'd ruin my career if I talked about race, white women and even said the word "white" pertaining to people. I've been doing this #onhere a long time and they were wrong. Why was I right? Because I knew the country I lived in better than them and...
...I knew there were A LOT of others who shared similar buckets of experiences as me. I also knew the conversations amongst marginalized communities were not the same convos in traditional (white) spaces. 5 years later the #ottawaoccupation and myriad of Twitter spaces erected...
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I know I’ve been pretty quiet #OnHere for the last month or so. It’s been a dark time for me (as for many of us).

Both the escalation in attacks on queer and especially trans people in this country, and Russia’s brutal war of aggression against Ukraine, have affected me deeply
I am a trans woman. I also have a PhD in modern Russian history from Stanford. Prior to coming out, I spent a lot of time in Russia, culminating in 2012-2015, when I lived in Moscow and had a front row seat to the major shifts—incl. the annexation of Crimea—still playing out now
I know many Ukrainians and regret never visiting Ukraine.

In Russia, I watched some people I thought were reasonable join in with the jingoistic chorus of “Crimea is ours!” I also have brave colleagues and friends who opposed and oppose Putin’s ever-escalating authoritarianism
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Important Q in the @daniela127 story, for all reporting on it:

Why hasn’t anyone questioned or validated @NYCMayor’s account that she “lied to” city hall staff & misrepresented herself as a reporter?

What if she just…walked into the press conference & no one stopped her?

Has anyone tried to speak to the city hall staffer who was checking journalist credentials at press conference?

Was anyone checking credentials?

Because if no one asked her for credentials, @daniela127 has a fair libel claim.

@SusanBEdelman @jimmymccloskey @adammanno
.@NYCMayor @Fabien_Levy put out a statement that calls @daniela127 a liar.

If she didn’t lie to anyone, and she just walked into a press conference unquestioned, she is the victim of a smear campaign, and not just an apparent wrongful termination.

Can we get journos on that?
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This #TransDayOfVisibility transgender folks are under unprecedented attack in much of America.

In my latest for @openDemocracy, I highlight the heroic efforts of parents like @happykatie @adambriggle @mrsbriggle fighting for their trans kids in Texas:…
These parents/allies deserve all our love and support as they work to #ProtectTransKids in the face of a brutally inhumane state policy.

In my conversations with them, they stressed to me that if we don’t stop the assault on LGBTQ people and our rights here, it will escalate
In that, they are undoubtedly correct. The dynamics of authoritarianism are such that they spiral to include more and more cruel measures encompassing wider swaths of people until the authoritarians are stopped.

The GOP is a fascist party at this point. Let’s not mince words
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I love how folk (mostly White) on the left want whole ass gigantic mountains, the heavens & the 🌍 to be moved to expedite the prosecution of Trump’s cabal but when we asked y’all to police your White peeps away from voting for him in the 1st place, y’all couldn’t be bothered. 😒
We’ve literally been warning y’all that this shit was a Klan kleptocracy disaster just waiting to happen for not just years or decades, but CENTURIES. Y’all’s sense of urgency & justice is still hampered by your myopic privilege so you fail to realize that we’re already TOO LATE.
Millions are dead from COVID worldwide and thousands are dying every damn day in this Russia/Ukraine war (that was explicitly promised & ordained as a consequence of Trump in the WH), so y’all still need to disabuse yourselves of the notion that damage control is a glamorous job.
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I love when white people share stuff about race #onhere and they *really* want the engagement yet don't know what to say. They just type things like "just watch" "just read""so powerful"
"I don't really understand this nor do I unpack the ways I personal commit misogynoir, but I need the algorithm boost NEEOOWW!"
Like you're listening to a white man named KYLE GRIFFIN on what to watch re: a moment between Black people?? On speaking against misogynoir? And y'all didn't pause to think?? 😒
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