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Let me extend a friendly welcome to all you new followers who found me via my latest article, "Authoritarian Christians are Deliberately Undermining the Public Health Response to Coronavirus"…

Here's a thread about what I do with some recent highlights
In December of last year, my and @laureneoneal's Empty the Pews: Stories of Leaving the Church, an anthology of personal essays by former evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons, was published. This is my first published book project:…
One hope I have for the book is that it will help to secure a place in the elite public sphere for leavers from high-demand religions. Our "pundit class" and government have been coddling even authoritarian Christians for far too long. Former fundamentalists have key insights.
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I saw someone say “stopping ppl’s income but not stopping their bills is evil” & someone replied “it’s why you must as an adult have an emergency’s same thing if you get ill or injured & can’t work.”

More than 1/2 US have no savings; few have savings that equal salary.
And when I see ppl #onhere discuss emergency fund (uh...fixing a broken alternator for $600 would be that; replacing your salary would not be that), I’m like wondering what exactly are they saying. Such a fund cannot do what you need *in a recession.*
Then I wanna ask them “how long did your ‘emergency fund’ last you during the housing collapse and recession 2008?”

If you weren’t an adult when this happened I’m sorry I don’t give a fuck about your opinion. Tell your parents to tweet me instead.
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Some thoughts on how to be a little less afraid and anxious the days of Coronavirus, from your neighborhood NFL writer/former math teacher/parent from New Jersey, now under a pretty stringent emergency.
1 Try to “tune out” the national/international numbers. Worry about your phone booth: your family, loved ones, neighborhood. Are they safe/healthy/compliant? Our brains don’t handle huge numbers, international scale and long lags between actions/results/consequences very well.
2 If the last time you thought about exponential growth was an Alg II class 20 years ago, you aren’t going to process national data well: #’s too big, too many variables, and so on. It will only scare you. Let the experts do it. Do what you can to improve NEXT week's #s
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I realize I’ve been quiet #onhere, but a short update: I tested positive for Covid-19. I’ve been fully self-isolating at home with my husband since Monday, when I got tested. Before then, we were self-quarantining since last Friday. The symptoms started last weekend, and while
things are more stable right now, they were relentless for a while. The highest fevers I’ve had since I was a child. Incredibly scary shortness of breath. Non-stop chills. A level of fatigue that I’ve only been able to describe as “feeling as though every ounce of energy
in my body was sucked from me.” I’ve essentially been unable to work or walk a bit around the apartment or do anything but lie down all week — I’ve felt that weak. The calculus whether to go take me to the ER or not has been minute by minute and very real for us. We are
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Just saw a tweet that read, "So many of the things I was thinking about two weeks ago are utterly irrelevant now."

I don't want to QT because I definitely don't want to shame the person. But I'm having Thoughts I wanted to share.

As a disabled person married to a disabled person, my thoughts right now are the thoughts I have all the time.

As a freelance, I'm having the same thoughts.

As an environmentalist, my thoughts haven't changed much.

As someone who loves humanity, my thoughts are consistent.

Two weeks (and two months, and six months) ago, I was planning a sermon series on #TheGreatTurning: how humanity desperately needs a different economy and a relational model to survive.

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It is hard to describe how distant my timeline and my IRL are right now. Log on here there is frenzy. Log into the real world there is concern but also everyday life concerns to get to. This is about race and class. 1/
My TL is overwhelmed with teachers legitimately stressed about teaching. My IRL is regular, degular black folks trying to manage Rona along with everything else that is attempting to destroy us. 2/
My IRL is full of people who can't social distance themselves for one reason or another. It is fundamentally not an option. My TL is academics managing relationships with toxic unis who haven't figured out how to care for their staff but expect crisis level labor in a snap. 3/
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Also, since nobody asked, here are some tips I would offer to folks doing academic distancing plans: 1. Create a DAY ONE plan to share with faculty; i.e. "Here's what you can do on day one." I would consider having faculty send students a calm, reassuring video.
2. I would provide faculty with as much boilerplate language as possible. Give them language for an email to students about how to access the LMS. Give them boilerplate language for an email about how to access tech tools. etc. Make faculty lives easier.
3. What would a faculty-to-faculty discussion space look like? Given that you're likely to not have enough IDs and tech support for the whole faculty, give them a place where they can EASILY ask each other for help. A Google Group might even suffice.
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If it was anyone else who lost the SAME group of voters, the SAME WAY (thru the South) as they did just 4 years ago, folks would rightfully have you not figured out how to court these states/voters? But no...gotta be anti-Black about it. Again. Smh
I believe this is the first year Iowa will not determine the Dem nominee (Pete won right?). So what rules? Seriously? Folks get pissed every year about Black voters having a say. Every year folks show their disdain for Black Voters. Even other Black folks. But the bottom line..., gotta do the work. You didn’t. Folks expected the same 2016 game plan to work without doing any extra work w/ Black Voters in the South. 2016 is 1 thing, but to repeat it let’s folks know you don’t take Black voters seriously. You think you have enuf ...
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*Turns on sanctuary lights*
*Steps into pulpit*
*Taps mic*

Good evening family. We're baaaaaack.
Sorry I left you.

I know the hour is late, but if I keep putting a sermon off because it's late...I'm gonna keep putting a sermon off bc it's late. So we gon' let the spirit lead.
I made a promise to MYSELF that I would make #MusicSermon a priority again in 2020, and I was going to start by revamping some of the earliest sermons, when we were a meager church of 140 characters and far fewer members, but I was inspired to start in a different direction...
I am currently on a sojourn to expand my pastoring outreach to the turntables, amen, and as I am studying, it struck me that we have lost an art form in music - the remix.
With the exception of young Lil' Nas X, the remix is a derivative of what it used to be.
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Doesn’t look good for the @TexasGOP out here, I’m in a respectably long line to vote at 2 PM CT in a majority-minority district in Sugar Land. Bless y’all’s hearts. 😘 #SuperTuesday2020
Whew chile I made it out in 50 minutes. Line was just as long when I left as it was when I got there so I feel for the folk who are gonna show up after 5.... 😬
Here’s more background on how the voting process works in states that hold “open” primaries and don’t tie party affiliation to voter registration.…
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MeTooSTEM recapitulates the oppression it's supposedly trying to dismantle.

No one takes ECRs seriously when we share potential solutions to #StemToo issues. People only listen to professors, it's infinitely easier to become a professor when you fit a certain mold.
Racism (such as that exhibited by MeTooSTEM leadership) is inevitable when a movement only amplifies the voices of people who were born with sufficient privilege to "earn" a certain amount of "prominence" in their profession.
I've been involved with #StemToo, everywhere from Twitter to Capitol Hill, for years.
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A reality show celebrity said something mean spirited to me about my dress and their crew laughed. So I went to the bathroom to collect myself and try to hide.
I gave myself a pep talk reminding myself that one person and their mean spirit should not have an effect on how beautiful I feel right now.
No I’m not naming them #onhere I don’t do social media drama and I certainly don’t engage celebrities in that way.
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Dudes, can you please help mansplain me why most men are emotionally developmentally disabled
Or am I just swimming in an ocean of assholes
Real talk I rage a lot #onhere but I believe men are experiencing more pain than women in a way. We are finally being freed from the bullshit of our own imprisonments. You’re just realizing it, and you’re the ones who will have to do the painful work of changing inside now.
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A THREAD: My collection of publicly available information from Chatham today.

cw white supremacy, language, threats
About me: I arrived down town at noon in response to an NLG legal observer request. I (1) overhead comments, (2) monitor social media, (3) am trained as an NLG legal observer, (4) am trained as an Election Protection poll-watcher.
About me: I have attended previous Pittsboro white supremacist rallys in a legal support role, including as a NLG legal observer, and have been trying to get a poll watch in Chatham since prior to Jan 15. img
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Let's talk seasonality and #covid19 #nCoV2019 #coronavirus.

There is an element of seasonal roulette with emerging viral diseases.

I have previously said #OnHere that China had a stroke of bad luck to have emergence in December, just as the flu season was getting underway.
The reason I mentioned before was that flu competes for space in hospitals, and causes Dx problems.

But there is another reason: flu and *all* respiratory viruses spread more in the wintertime.

Even measles — a rash, but which has respiratory transmission — is winter-dominant.
By emerging at the start of the N Hemisphere winter, the coronavirus #covid19 #nCoV2019 has all the advantages (to it) of the winter season. Not just confusion with flu, but the enhanced transmission that the winter brings to respiratory viruses.
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I had student meetings today and I am emotional. That's my content warning.

Every year that passes, it is more likely that the black women on campus - any campus where I am - will find me. I love it.
I've also noticed a trend to our conversations. With some generalizations to protect the innocent, here that convo goes:
First and foremost, you. are. not. crazy. The thing that professor said to you? It happened. The implication your colleague made about you? It was said. That rule that seems to be suspiciously applied? Yep, it's a thing.
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A famous actor of remarkable skill died at a very ripe old age today. Beyond his art, he's known for taking a stand that helped end the terror of the McCarthy years, & for raping a 16 yo girl, events that happened just a few yrs apart. I'm purposely not using his name because
I want to make a point that goes far, far beyond that particular man.

This is what women live with. We move through a world in which great art, great wisdom, great athleticism, great social movements are all tainted with assaults on our humanity that go, at best, unremarked.
That 16 yo's humanity was less important than the actor's skill or his role in ending the blacklist. The humanity of a 19 yo hotel worker was less important than the astonishing talents of a man who recently died too young. Name a field & a few Great Men & you'll find rapists.
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hey @jack @twittersupport white supremacists routinely add me to lists for targeted harassment. why can't we report them? this has been a problem for a while.

not fun to be on a "joke" atomwaff*n list days after racists were charged w/ plotting to kill an antifa couple
@jack @TwitterSupport like, i know you don't really care but i'd rather not end up being attacked/murdered because I've shared I'm against fascism on Twitter @jack @twittersupport
@jack @TwitterSupport i swear to god, if i am killed because of shit I've said on social media I am going to haunt the shit out of you, Jack.
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I had a different intent when I started writing this piece, but I let it take me somewhere else.

Long Thread, which I will convert to an article/1
All corporate entities are controlled by the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. So, all companies are intrinsically built on destructive, oppressive systems. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Company leadership *can* work to offset this (treat employees better, hire beyond status quo, etc).

At the end of the day, though, the strongest, best companies with the best CEOs and boards or whatever are still subject to the core infrastructure of capitalism:

🔹 Capitalism hinges on extreme disparity—the accumulation of extraordinary wealth of few at the cost of many.

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I've seen A HIDDEN LIFE twice now. I'm a Malick partisan, but even before 2020, the film was a rapturous antidote to the narratives of empire.

Underneath pastoral settings and pace, A HIDDEN LIFE bristles w/ contextual *and* contemporary urgency.

And now more than ever. 1/
I read several A HIDDEN LIFE reviews beforehand & more than a couple prominent critics, while not hating it, still took pointed issue w/ perceived lack of insight into Franz Jägerstätter's motivation for refusing loyalty to Hitler.

These responses are both baffling & telling. 2/
Baffling: The first 75+ minutes of A HIDDEN LIFE are *rife* w/ visual cues & conversation that ground Jägerstätter's anti-fascist commitment contra the Third Reich & his resistance to warmongering in general:

His work is cultivating life. His family. His Christian faith. 3/
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last quarter, instead of having all students write final papers, I let them choose a creative project. I ended up with: 7 podcasts, 4 zines, 4 curricula/teaching guides, 1 series of open letters, 1 curated art collection, 1 visual art piece w/ statement, 5 papers, and 2 websites.
a lot of you #onhere helped me think through this idea, so thanks!!! I think that it was a more engaging and in-depth learning experience for most of the students than just doing a default paper. I also learned a lot from them and enjoyed the grading process more.
one key element was that students had to submit a proposal with a project summary, an outline of content they planned to cover, a project timeline, and (CRUCIAL) a list of attributes they think the final product should have to earn an A. I gave feedback on those.
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Starting 2020 off right by getting the benefit of hindsight & reading some classic papers.

1st up, Take the Con out of Econometrics by Edward Leamer, 1983: all about pros & cons of randomized & observational studies plus answers to many of recurrent #econtwitter, #statstwitter, & #epitwitter arguments & even why #ML can’t do causal inference!
In Part I randomized experiments vs natural experiments, aka observational studies, Leamer provides a nice summary of some of the problems that can arise in RCTs including that randomization guarantees validity *on average* but that chance imbalance can make any given RCT biased
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So the 2010s are coming to an end and this was the decade that we saw KKW rise to the top of the style game and create a new industry in her likeness, all while having the most fun!

I want to share some of my favorite moments to look back at her memorable evolution.
By now we all know how it began. Kim and Kanye had started dating, and he decided to drop by her house with stylist Renelou Pandora during an episode of KUWTK, where Kim was told they’d clean out her closet. He didn’t know where to start, but he knew what he was doing.
Gone was the Hervé Leger, the shiny, the trendy, the fur rimmed Louis Vuitton bags and the 6 inch spiky Louboutins...

at least not completely, since she keeps some memorable pieces in her archive 🤫
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A thread connecting history to contemporary politics.

I wrote a book about how the term “jihad” comes to typify Islam and “jihadi” Muslims in South Asia in the wake of the 1857 Rebellion. 1/…
As the current events in #India unfold, & the trolls & comments keep using “jihad” and “jihadi,” the thing is: my 19th c history has never been more relevant.

This idea? That Muslims *cannot* be subjects of empire, citizens of states? It has a history. It’s a history I know. 2/
Ideas about what a good Indian might be are internal, external, colonial, postcolonial, racialized. They are political. Assumptions that Muslims are beyond that pale—are invaders, are foreigners, are inherently violent—are part of this complex history.

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