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Hi Twitter. I haven’t missed you. Just #onhere to say a few things about LeBron James since I’m fresh off conducting a qualitative study about #MoreThanAnAthlete.

Re: LBJ, China, and Morey, a thread:
Several things can be true at the same time: that LBJ’s range on racial politics in US context is more developed than his range on geopolitics and human rights violations abroad. Doesn’t excuse the latter, just saying both can be true. And the latter shouldn’t negate the former.
It might also be true that he’s unable to grasp the human rights issues in China because his experience with China (fans, government, business) has been extraordinarily pleasant and fruitful.
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In celebration of #IndigenousPeoplesDay, diversify your twitter feed! Here is a list of Native orgs and voices amplifying Indigenous issues #onhere
Native run media outlets:

@indianz breaking news from NDN Country
@IndianCountry breaking news & opinion from NDN Country
@ndncollective blog and podcast platform
@najournalists nat'l association of Native journalists
Native advocacy organizations:

@NDNrights: legal advocacy for NDN Country
@NCAI1944: National Congress of American Indians
@niwrc: National org fight for safety of Native women
@4directionsvote: Fighting voter suppression in NDN Country
@HonorTheEarth: fighting pipelines
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You know, lllllllooooooootttt of us #OnHere *rationalized* that most people pay only cursory attention to what’s happening, so not impeaching makes people think whatever the infraction was isn’t impeachable, and the reverse would obviously apply for impeaching.

And whatdya know.
Funny thing: actually doing what’s right might succeed, and might capture public support; but not doing what’s right never does.

And yes, it might fail, but at least the failure wasn’t assured, and at least you didn’t defeat yourself.

And at least you did what’s right.
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I know many #onhere don't remember. But when I tell you that something BROKE in the 2000 election that has led us directly to where we are right now. Believe me. This doesn't mean everything was great before then, but fundamentally our elections shifted after that stolen race.
So to hear people talk about W with any sort of nostalgia or loving terms is fucking stomach churning to hear. I will never forget the feeling in the pit of my stomach when we realized that Florida would simply be given to the Gov's brother to decide the race.
I'll never forget the way the Dems just laid down in the name of a "seemless transfer of power" when we should have been fighting to the last... and here we are with a madman in the WH with no intention of leaving.
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Pro-tip: before you hit like on that negative story about a rival Democratic candidate and accept it as gospel truth you might want to check and see if it originated in the far-right fever swamps. If it did, slow your roll and think verrrrry critically about it.
That's what happened in 2015--we saw the OFSB excitedly fall for every story the GOP ever wrote about Clinton, whether it was substantive or not. They re-wrote them on trusted left platforms, never caring that the right's stories were so often bad-faith pieces.
And then we got a combination of Russian sources and lefty sources amplifying those lies, which came back in the general. Bad faith hit pieces based on interpreting minor or decontextualized remarks of Clinton's in the worst possible light built up an overall character smear.
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My nephew got out of prison Fri & comes home today. He’s been locked up for the better part of 2 years. It’s been a challenging time for my family & also a stark reminder of how hot on my neck these systems I fight every day are.
I haven’t talked about this at all #onhere -mostly because it was really emotional & I just wanted to focus on sustaining him - monetarily & emotionally - through this time.
My nephew - I’ll call him J - was arrested by police during a traffic stop during which he was in the PASSENGER seat. The officers insisted on running his ID as well as the driver & the took him from us right there.
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You know, this is an interesting forum, most days. People complain about "gatekeepers" in astrology. But then same folks also complain about scammers. Well, the latter is often why the former exists.
And some folks are not scammers as much as ill-informed or misinformed. But when those folks are challenged, then someone cries patriarchy, Eurocentrism, etc. Not that that isn't ever true. (It is.) But sometimes it's as if NO counter-critique is valid.
It's like the wild, wild west #onhere some days. Massive accounts where they essentially say whatever they want to say regardless of vetting to an suspecting public. You know like Virgo and Scorpio used to be the same sign. Then Libra was created. ?????????????!!!!
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F6 Twitter: Before you post a side-by-side comparing the treatment of a white person to a Black person, lamenting the injustice, ask yourself when was the last time you welcomed a Black person into your home for a meal or socializing.

Been a while?

I've been saying for years that I'm tired of your performances of concern for the humanity of people you don't even know in real life. Not your coworker you keekee with. Not the dude you always pic to be on your pick up team at the gym. Not sis in your Zumba class. REAL real
F6 Men do It the most too
They want Woke Retweets and I tell ya, it's vile
You know what's worse?
Non-Black POC who knowwwww their families hate niggas. You KNOW you can't date us or bring us home, but oooooh those Felicity Huffman retweets tho!!
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me recalling how it was cute and trendy for a while for folks #onhere to be like "believe black women!" but consistently observing that no one actually does
step into my time machine
[flashing lights]
welcome to the world of [sweeping arm gesture] 2015!!!!!…
i was about to write this tweet almost verbatim and then remembered that i wrote it a month ago
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Instagram Hashtags: A Lesson in Finding the Top Hashtags in Your Niche.
In the past #OnHere, we’ve talked about some of the different hashtags methods we like to use. We’ve talked about to 10+10+10 method, related hashtags method, & featured pages method, location method, to name a few.
Yet, there are people who still struggle with finding hashtags that will help their posts perform better. Tonight we’ll give you a brief overview on how to find hashtags that perform better
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Imagine if Bret Stephens had to endure a tiny fraction of the hateful comments that women and POC—even total civilians—get #onhere.
I mean I’ve had people send me snuff shots and threaten to rape me and then gut my child in front of me, I mean being jokingly called bedbug is maybe not the best thing ever but...
The other thing that is remarkable about this is that another white dude at the Times *just* got in trouble for emailing @rgay, demanding an apology, and ccing her boss (and publisher). I mean, this was bound not to go well.
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One year ago I was a history professor at a small liberal arts college in Oregon with about 1000 followers--mostly professional colleagues, friends, and former students. Then this happened.

12 months, 500 blocked trolls, and 11k followers later, here we are.
I very much appreciate the new people I've gotten to know virtually through Twitter since then. I also am flattered that many people I don't know find what I have to say #onhere to be of use or interest. But the randomness of this still kind of freaks me out.
I began tweeting with some regularity during the 2016 primaries. I spoke primarily in my citizen voice, not my historian's voice. Those two identities are inextricably interwoven for me, but they are distinct. There are many things citizen me will say that historian me would not.
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Grad students, don't ever let stodgy colleagues tell you academic Twitter is a waste of time. For one thing, I am incredibly jealous of those of you who can take advantage of it when assembling your comps lists.
And honestly, it would have helped me so much, as a first gen grad student, to know what about my department was typical and what wasn't. To know what advice my peers were getting elsewhere.
The most valuable experience I had in my early grad years was helping to organize the Draper conference at UConn (which used to be exclusively grad). It was the most non-UConn grads in my field I'd ever been around at once. It was months of work and 3 exhausting days.
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Thread: Some hard truths about this delusion that Sanders could ever beat DT.

No candidate in the field has as much negative baggage as Sanders does. Everyone’s got a file folder, or six, of oppo research on them. Sanders has steamer trunks full.
I’m not talking about the “socialist” label, though the RNC will use it (bc it’s proven to work). Or his past (and not-so-past) positions on guns, immigration, Hyde, drug sentencing, the Magnitsky Act, Russian sanctions, etc. that should hurt him in our primary.
No, I’m talking about those steamer trunks filled with dirt that Dems are too civil to touch. We know about a lot of that dirt #OnHere but the majority of voters only know BS as the Larry David caricature from SNL. He’d never survive DT opening that baggage at every rally.
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.@DineshDSouza is a fool & so are his arguments about climate change, but snowfall in Australia right now is not normal winter weather in that part of the southern hemisphere. It NEVER snows like this.

That it is shows just how urgently we need to act.…
@DineshDSouza And when I say never, not never, but maybe once every 10 or 20 years.

But I see people #onhere saying it snows in Sydney. Nope. It never snows in Sydney. That kangaroos are adapted to live in snow. Nope. They can for a very short time, but not really.
@DineshDSouza Australia is 97% desert. It does not snow in Australia except at very high elevations. We do not have seasons the way the US does. So @DineshDSouza's comments about climate change are all sorts of wrong, but it's factually inaccurate to say that's winter in Australia. It's not.
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Deleted the tweet praising Williamson’s answer on race.

She is even more dangerous than i realized. Thanks to all the folks #onhere who quickly educated me.

Me when I finally started digging in on Marianne Williamson.

I thought she was just weird.

She’s a WHOLE problem.

When she first announced her run a lot of white women on IG told her not to and tagged me as someone she should learn from.

Meanwhile all I really knew about her was that Coach Carter quote 🤷🏾‍♀️
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sometime in the next year-ish we'll be debuting my first [official] book for young readers, MAYA & THE ROBOT, with @KokilaBooks! and as my editor is asking me about illustrators, i am reminded of something i tweeted about before re: comics...
i see so many talented visual artists #onhere and i am always actively looking for folks on IG and tumblr as well. and one thing i've noticed is that many talented illustrators have a portfolio exclusively full of very static images.
being able to draw heroes in classic, iconic poses staring into the camera is cool. but what about complicated poses, body language, facial expressions? for instance, here are some script excerpts from #Ironheart 8. things are moving! faces are emoting!
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And if you’re not finding this to be the case in your Twitter, do a serious audit of your follows.

Make sure you’re following a lot of smart people whose lives and experiences are different from yours—and not just “one from each category”, in a tokenizing way.
People in communities or with similar demographics disagree with each other. Hearing a range of perspectives is always much more illuminating.

And needless to say, being able to listen in on conversations not necessarily meant for you #onhere is a gift. Be gracious.
That means not butting in, shouting your opinions on matters more relevant to someone else than you, if you’re going to ask q’s, do it politely and respectfully (but maybe lurk for a while before you do that), etc.

Twitter is an extraordinary learning tool if you let it be.
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Happy Tuesday, #epitwitter! There’s been a lot of discussion #onhere about #causalinference lately, but that’s not all that epi is about.

For this week’s #epichat with @epiellie, let’s talk about descriptive epi!

To kick things off, an #epiquiz:

How often do you do descriptive epidemiology in your work or research?

(click to see poll options)
Next question — this one’s for discussion so share your thoughts!

What differentiates descriptive epi from causal inference epi?

My take: descriptive epi is about who, what, where, & when; causal inference epi is about why, how, and what would happen if we changed something.
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I try not to curse #onhere. Not “professional.” But right now, at this moment, watching, reading, listening, to all of this garbage, there is nothing to say except:

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if ur a short dude who has no luck w/ online dating, try the following:

a) stop being angry about ur height. chill out. girls can sense anger
b) put ur actual height in the bio. don't lie
c) take all the self-deprecating lines about ur height out the bio. this is KEY
this is the energy you should be channeling

short men on their dating bios: yeah. i'm short. sucks. sucks to be a short dude, #onhere. anyway i'm short so ur probably not interested. did i mention i'm short ha ha. ugh. fuck!!! fuck u anyway, swipe right if u like burgers
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So I don't usually engage with trolls #onhere, but this dude is going crazy posting my tweets everywhere.

The tweet below is a direct answer to a White dude's comment on Twitter that I did not support Pete Buttigieg, because he is White.
Here is the White dude's comment and my answer.
Here is the entire conversation.
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Here's the thing. I don't typically think of myself as "spiritual." I parted company with God(s) in my teens when I realized things didn't seem much different in a God-haunted universe than one that wasn't. Sure, much of my ethical approach was shaped by the normative... 1/
...and indifferent Christianity of my childhood, but that suffuses the culture and, at it's most basic, is widespread historically. But this thread speaks to an outlook on people and the world that is important. Interconnectedness is genetic; we're literally related... 2/ all life on Earth. This has profound and radical implications that I am, I freely admit, not quite ready to face. So I start with the simple one, my closest 7.7 or so billion relatives. Genetically I am they and they are me, so minute are the differences. 3/
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We now know that ICE has planned mass arrests for this weekend and likely into next week. These ARE NOT GENERAL RAIDS. They will not be random. Here's what they will be, and what you can do.
2/ The intended targets (and their legal advocates) have reason to know who they are:

--Anyone who has missed an immigration court date or

--Has received a final order of removal, from an immigration judge or at the border
--Anyone living in their homes.

That's all. That's it
3/ Recent entrants (2017 and onward) are at the most risk given the message ICE appears to be trying to send with this.

This may amount to thousands of people nationwide, but it's not "millions"--and it's not "ICE raids" in the way that you might be thinking of them.
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