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This👇 by @ed_kilgore is both worth reading in itself, & mentions a precedent that has been on my mind, & that I've come think is important, even crucial.

We should start to recognize the anti-CRT push as the Swiftboating of youth-led antiracism. [a🧵]…
The key dynamic in the original swiftboat smear was it took something that Dems had (appropriately!) anticipated as an authentic source of strength—their candidate's record of military service in Vietnam—& made it so toxic that any effort to draw strength from it was neutralized
.@holden has been writing brilliantly re the importance of a "field of evidence" for participatory propaganda, & the insight fits more broadly. Where is the field of provocations that get spun up as "CRT" in local schoolboard after schoolboard coming from?…
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It worries me that some otherwise smart & well-informed observers seem to believe that a meaningful portion of the actors who made the slogan/goal Defund the Police prominent, live within the progressive grant funding universe. I think that’s wrong in 2 different ways. [quick 🧵]
Who is the assumed “everyone involved” here? I think this may be a case where some of the Twitter Isn’t Real Life crowd are forgetting that Twitter Isn’t Real Life.
Out in the real world, who embraced the slogan/goal of defund the police? 1) a very diffuse array of young local activists, many stepping into public/political activism for 1st time, for whom it resonated w/their vision of what a better community would look like; 2) RW amplifiers
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I may have already heard this on #onhere, but the way people are trying to spin some workers refusing to return to low wage jobs reminds me of slave owners calling enslaved Africans lazy.

When the law can’t compel behavior, resort to propaganda, whether in 1821 or 2021.
If I would hazard a guess (maybe some historians know), the language & laws re. labor in the US today wouldn’t be so business friendly if not for the language & laws to control enslaved Black labor.

Everyone is denied a proper safety net bc it’s all attributed to “laziness.”
I can’t think of another industrial country like this.

The ones that could even somewhat compare (Australia and Canada) are also settler-colonial nations that had to fashion some “other” to expand the capital of its elite settler populations.
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Ahead of the public holiday, the @mrcza and @UCT_news collaboration have released their latest report on excess natural deaths, covering the week to 12 June. 170k since 3 May 2020, more than half of which since the start of 2021. Report here:…
Excess deaths in Gauteng (and Johannesburg) are rising quite steeply. Deaths in Gauteng in the week to 12 June 2021 more than 50% above expected.
Nationally, deaths in the week more than 30% higher than expected. In other provinces, natural mortality in the Northern Cape during the week is more than twice expected, for the fifth consecutive week.
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I know it’s a hot market so sellers can do whatever. But builders should still get a stager without such a strong affinity for colonialism cause this is not cute
Anyway when people ask me what they can do with a social science degree, I’m going to add, “not choose the racist decor items”.
Based on comments to my mood social observations #onhere, I hypothesize that white people hear Black people at some register that triggers their primal racism brain. It’s the only way to explain what people come up with.
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A few things from Jennifer and Hakeem's research:

1) white support for BLM surged last year, but it is now lower than it was *before* George Floyd's murder.
2.) maybe more people should have been skeptical of the so-called “reckoning.” @pikachudy said that public opinion polling of whites people on issues of race show that only about 1 in 5 white people consistently express some degree of distress at news of Black suffering.
(That data suggests it was unlikely that suddenly solid majorities of white ppl — 60 percent and higher, depending on the polls — had suddenly permanently moved into that “racially sympathetic” cohort after the killings of a George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.)
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I have always had a deep distrust for this and you see it everywhere. Jobs (especially academia), online groups, etc. I know the impulse to gain status this way but it is so messy. If you reject this “Good Samaritan” messiness you risk being ostracized by the group. Worth it.
The first month on the job when someone reaches out to tell you who to hate is the worst.
I read some advice years ago that said senior academics owe new academics a honeymoon period before they enlist them in their institutional battles.
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The main talking point is that the tough on crime types are going to politicize the spike to roll back reforms and make life worse for lots of ppl.

It’s not “inconvenient.” It’s abt ppl’s lives and the bad status quo that harms them.
I mean. Come on.

This is SUCH a bad-faith take on what mobilizes reformers.

I’m not concerned abt the politics of homicide bc I’m some politics guy thinking abt politics for its own sake.

It’s bc politics drive POLICY.
It’s SO infuriating. “Oh, let’s not focus on the politics.”

Where do you think the policies come from? Mass incarceration didn’t just… happen. It was POLITICS. Maybe if the POLITICS had been handled differently we wouldn’t be the world’s jailer.

It is SUCH an insulting frame.
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ICYMI: residents of Japan have taken to the streets in protest because only 1% of them have been vaccinated, and they are the hosts of the upcoming Olympics.
I recently got a great glitch fare to Tokyo, but between their ban on international travel (unless you are an Olympian or trainer, I kid you not) and their lack of vaccine access, I cancelled my trip. The pandemic is FAR from over.
📸: Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty Images Image from CNN instagram pa...
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Almost certainly the case. Meanwhile, my sister's family and at least one of my cousins have begged my parents and aunt and uncle, who are all over 60, not to get vaccinated. They even believe those of us who are can somehow cause them to get sick?

#TuckerVaxxed #TuckerMustGo
The situation is truly horrific. Not only have they ingested wildly false, and harmful, disinformation (and honestly probably more directly from church than from FOX), but they've also done the weirdest iteration of victim-offender reversal in claiming vaxxed people are dangerous
One of these folks even posted a fake science article on Facebook (in a publication with a solid-sounding title that was clearly meant to imitate real peer-reviewed research) claiming that wearing masks causes all kinds of medical conditions

#TuckerCarlsonMustGo #EmptyThePews
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Quick fact-check thread, friends.

1. My daughter wasn’t at yesterday’s rally, she had her own plans.

This is my daughter (in pink) at the one #keepNYCschoolsopen rally she attended, in Nov. Some may recall it.

We like our signs kid-authored, with stickers. 💕💕 #KidWriting
I believe in student expression and self-discovery, so I’ve actually tried really hard not to talk with my daughter about this year’s politics. (I mean, who wants to?)

I frankly loved that this was her authentic expression of why we rallied.

She adores her teachers, as do I.
It helps that her teachers haven’t given off a hint of hesitation about reopening in-person.

That doesn’t mean they didn’t feel nervous about returning in-person, but we didn’t see it. I’ll always be grateful for that. 🙏🏼

It’s one reason I know MORE-UFT doesn’t speak for all.
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Georgetown undergrads #onhere, I'll be teaching an Intro to Islam course in the fall. If you're interested, sign up for THEO 050-01, which will meet MW 3:30-4:45. Spread the word!
Description: "Twenty years after September 11, 2001 and a rise in Islamophobia, Islam remains a deeply misunderstood religion. This course introduces students to the diversity and depth of the Islamic religious tradition, and how it is lived by 1.8 billion Muslims globally..."
"The course will look at the Qur’an, Islamic prayer, the place of the Prophet Muhammad in Muslim spirituality, art and architecture, Islamic law, interreligious relations between Muslims and other groups, and more..."
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You aren't going to change someone else's mind #OnHere.

Many people try, I've been guilty of it myself, but we need to stop.

Time and energy are limited resources. We can't keep wasting them arguing for no reason.
You can introduce someone to new ideas, that's actually the thing I love most about Twitter, but that's about as far as you'll get.

Plant some seeds, bring attention to some resources, but the rest is bickering and theater.

This format isn't built for genuine discourse.
This isn't limited to "the left" or "the right". We're more nuanced than these labels suggest.

Our silos make us think the other side is getting fed BS. We're the only ones learning the truth.

There's less blatant lies in "liberal" publications, but a lot of omission.
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I thought very hard about how to use the precious time and attention a few hundred people gave me in my keynote this morning. I have heard countless #scicomm talks, but relatively little about #sensemaking, and I wanted to unite the two. A thread with highlights of my talk: 🧵
1. Although we have wildly disparate disciplinary perspectives, professional roles, and lived experiences, I know everyone who attends a #scicomm lecture shares one thing: constraints. Limited time, training, resources, or emotional bandwidth for doing the work.
2. If we are in search of #scicomm efficiencies, our best step is to examine foundational beliefs. What are the core principles and strategies that drive all your tactics? Let's start there - even (perhaps especially) seasoned veterans benefit from revisiting our assumptions.
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If I didn’t know this was written by a trans woman, I’d have read it as quite transphobic. Which makes it, to my mind, failed satire.

Is it?

Or am I just a boring Midwesterner who can’t see the obvious appeal of employing affected coastal snobbery to mock #TransDayOfVisibility?
Or maybe I’m just too much of a Xennial to get it?
Looks like almost no one even read it yesterday, and it’s probably just as well that it flopped. But I am really curious to get other people’s perspectives, especially but not only those of other trans folks.
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Nobody: now do Tertullian

Therefore this whole revolving scheme of things is an attestation of the resurrection of the dead. God wrote down resurrection in
works before he put it in writing; he preached it by acts of flotation before he told of it in words.
He first gave you Ever Given for a teacher, intending also to add prophecy, so that as previously a disciple of Ever Given you might the more readily believe prophecy, might at once assent on hearing what you had already everywhere #onhere seen,
and might not doubt that God is also a raiser up of the flesh when you knew that he is a refloater of all boats.
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“In 2020, smart media figures and scientists predicted that COVID-19 would especially ravage Florida, given its open economy and elderly population. They were wrong. Why?”

Like @DKThomp, I hope we get a good answer to this question.

I’m not a FL booster or naysayer on principle.

I just want decent answers to the Why of this comparison.

There must be something to be learned.…
I appreciated learning of the housing market detail from @DKThomp, and broadly agreed with his take: it all feels a bit unclear.

But, I thought the COVID vs Economy framing was reductionist.

It misses the other huge upside to FL’s open stance: open schools.
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Hi folks! I try to be a friendly online advocate and educator, but if we don't have a longstanding connection, please don't DM me with your question trans issues or, and please don't use this dehumanizing term, "transgenderism." I do not have endless capacity for emotional labor.
I get the impulse to reach out to "that one public-facing trans person you know." But in many, probably most cases, it's going to be best to check that impulse. Because even if we answer your question, and even if we don't tell you this, it's an imposition, often a stressful one.
Queerness is also only one part of my identity, and, while it's a common enough theme in my writing, I wouldn't say it's *the* central element of my output or career. And writing about how conservative Christianity harms LGBTQ people doesn't make me an expert on all things queer.
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Twitter, I need your help! Against my better judgment, I’ve agreed to host a spontaneous Dad Joke SMACKDOWN #OnHere.

Official candidates are (in order of entry) @RSokamoto, @brchastain, @johnmark, and @olafapijl!

Please look at their contributions in the thread below and vote!
Please note that you can also vote for a “write-in” contestant by replying that you think someone else in the thread has produced a “better” dad joke than any of the four official contestants. Any reply that makes clear it is a vote for a write-in will be counted as such.
Apart from that, the rules of this Twitter Dad Joke SMACKDOWN are quite simple!

Aspiring “dads”—and if you want to compete in that ring, you can, regardless of sex, gender, etc.—must write three jokes based on a weird story of my choosing:
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We are *still* in a pandemic and our students are struggling. Here are some of the ways I have tried to adapt my courses this semester to our reality. Pandemic pedagogy a 🧵 1/
Attendance policy: emphasizes reward over punishment. You don’t lose points for missing class. You get points for each class you attend. If you miss more than 3 classes I will email you to see if all is well and how I can help. That’s it 2/
Participation: share something verbally, in the Zoom chat, one sentence post-class reflection...anything you contribute earns you points for the day. I weave all modes of participation into the larger discussion 3/
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1/. A Kansas representative #onhere in an earlier conversation with me referred to the rioters that broke into the U.S. Capitol as "knuckleheads" & I thought I had heard that diminutive language somewhere before... 🤔
2/. Found it in this article from 2016
"GOP mailers: Watch for new ISIS ‘neighbors’ in Kansas"…
3/. The executive director of the Kansas GOP at the time used the same term to describe the domestic terrorists who were plotting to bomb a mosque & apartment complex in Garden City, KS.
Lol, those "knuckleheads" smdh 🤬

(Also Olathe Austin's murder/hate crime had just happened) Image
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#efNEWSLETTER🗞️| Sanctions against Honduran President Proposed by Senate Dems
👉… “Ashamed of my government. Proud of my people. Out with [H
#Honduras | Today @SenateDems introduced a bill to sever financial assistance & arms provisions to Honduras in light of allegations of drug trafficking & money laundering against @JuanOrlandoH & ongoing state-sanctioned violence, corruption & impunity. 👇
#efMIGRATION | Central American asylum cases are on the rise in Europe in recent years, yet EU governments are increasingly shutting their doors. @MelissaVidaa sketches the emerging trends & chronicles a few of these transatlantic migration stories 👇…
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Truly amazing how those who spent 5 years studiously avoiding reading Trump's tweets claim to be such experts on @neeratanden's.
Tanden scrapped with both Republicans and some lefties, but yeah, it seems that some who were happy to throw punches for their camp don't like to be even elbowed, if the person with sharp elbows is a woman, and a woman of color:
As for @JoeManchinWV, he's doing this to display his Blue Dog heterodoxy, but honestly, does anyone think Tanden's tweets matter one iota to his constituents? It's the most inside-the-Beltway posturing ever.
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