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There was a netizen who started saying that "Hinata Moka is the successor of Asakura Momo."

This made me excited to write my succession description of MusicRay'n Generation 3.

I'm writing this from my perspective as a longtime MusicRay'n fan.

#seiyuu #idol
1. Asakura Momo is MusicRay'n's "role model" for a long time.

Like it or not, MusicRay'n (later transmitted to Aniplex), prefers Asakura Momo's characters as "examples of interesting characters which are recommended to be had."

#ミュージックレイン #seiyuu #idol #声優 #idoltwt
In its development, this kind of "thinking soul" doesn't only happen in the Super Seiyuu division, but also in the Utakatsu division.

However, please note, no one can match Asakura Momo. She is very special & unique, "in her capacity as a talent."

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#zombielandsaga Revenge Episode 11

#WakeUpGirls #WUG_JP

At the same time, ZLSR, in the development of stories inspired by #JapanSink2020, "like building an #anime tribute to WUG, an #idol #anime created as tribute to Tōhoku people after the 2011 earthquake & tsunami."

You will feel more touched when you know this.

#WakeUpGirls, which was originally created w/ that purpose in mind, then grew & has fanatic fans until this day, although their media-mix is ​​no longer produced now.

They inspired #ZombieLandSaga, 22/7 & #IDOLYPRIDE.

#idol #anime
You should be known about the domino effects for #anime & #JPop industry as the umbrellas of these 2,5D #idol multimedia projects.

Restaurant in Another World #anime when WUG have collaboration w/ Mayn-san.

Wonder Egg Priority when its director is usually a part of 22/7 team.
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1 week (7 days) to #IDOLYPRIDE #game release!

FUN FACT: There is a unique phenomenon, where there are at least 7 staffs here who have been involved together in Eromanga-sensei #anime & #manga, or at least influenced by that work or its alumnis during their careers.

#idol #JPop
.. they are Straight Edge staffs (Eromangasensei #manga volume 11's supervisors, now also as a part of #IDOLYPRIDE Production Committee), #TrySail (Eromangasensei #anime OP, now as #TRINITYAiLE), Kusunoki Tomori (Eromangasensei #anime's minor role's #seiyuu) (c) ..
#idol #idoltwt
... (c) MR Generation 3/#月のテンベスト's Aikawa Kanata & #IDOLYPRIDE #anime's series composer Takahashi Tatsuya (Eromangasensei #anime's composer).

Kusunoki Tomori (as Matsumoto Satomi here) makes her #seiyuu career debut with a dubbing minor role in Eromangasensei #anime (c)
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I may or may not have written a thread on the #JDorama acting scene before. I feel like doing one now, so bear with me.
Many of us who follow the #JDorama scene know that actors come from a diverse range of backgrounds. But just how diverse?
Obviously many went into acting as part of an exercise in building their 'multi-talented' #JPop idol profile.
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