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Since #WWII, #USA has used #USdollar hegemony to transfer domestic crises, harvest world #wealth and undermine the economic and financial stability of other countries through armed conflicts, financial wars, and trade wars. To maintain US dollar is to maintain US world hegemony. Since #WWII, #USA has used ...
Since March 2022, #FederalReserve has raised interest rates 6X. On 2 Nov, its 75-point rate hike and sharp #USdollar appreciation caused global #currency depreciation, capital outflows, rising debt servicing costs, hiked imported inflation and currency/debt crises of countries.
How this #KhazarianMafia #SCAM all started: At the latter part of #WWII, #USA took the opportunity to hoard tons of #gold and led the establishment of Bretton Woods system based on a peg between #USdollar and gold, thus establishing US dollar as "global hard #currency".
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An intermediate guide to the passive, causative, and causative-passive in #Japanese (1/2)

This guide assumes mastery of plain form, ~て(いる) forms, and giving verbs. I do not recommend it otherwise, as you may get confused using the forms here before learning the others.
An intermediate guide to the passive, causative, and causative-passive in Japanese (2/2)
And I found the typo! Image seven should be labeled causative passive and the example for うたう should be うたわせられる... although what is written is still in the causative passive (see image eight)
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According to…

* largest tourist arrivals in the #Philippines: Koreans

* largest employment permits: #Koreans (followed by Japanese)

* largest migration: #Chinese (followed by Koreans, and then #Japanese)

#Korea #Japan #China #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines
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#Japan has called on its citizens to immediately take shelter in shelters due to an attack that may come from #North Korea!

South Korea has confirmed that North Korea has launched a missile. Japan continues to call for asylum for its citizens! Image
An asylum warning has been issued to citizens in Hokkaido, #Japan. Sapporo's public transport has been temporarily suspended. Image
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Visiting the so-called #Armenian Genocide monument, @SpeakerPelosi sheds "crocodile tears"...

I have good news for Nancy. Those #Armenians did not die. They were exiled, just as the #US exiled the #Japanese to the Mississippi basin after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The archives of western countries such as the USA and the British state that the number of deported #Armenians is around 818,000.

Most of the deported Armenians reached the fertile lands of "Syria and #Armenia". Numbers don't lie.👇
In 1918,some of these Armenians returned to their homes with an edict issued by the Ottoman.

In this document in the British Archives,the 1914 and 1919 Armenian populations of some cities in Anatolia are presented in a table.Accordingly:1919 Ottoman #Armenian population:658.900! Image
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Since your malicious cyberattack timelines matched cybersecurity’s research to strengthen security for years and now, you hack alone but with a cooperative goal to damage national security. Which Advanced Persistent Threats group/s #APTs are you in, #Animez_UK? Image
Converting traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious attacker against the UK, for

1- financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the UKGOV.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learn to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
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#Japan is making grand plans of creating interplanetary #trains and champagne flute-like glass habitats in its bid to send and host humans on the #Moon and #Mars!


📸: Youtube SC/Kajima Corp.

Thread. 👇
An interplanetary transportation system dubbed the 'Hexatrack', which maintains a gravity of 1G during long-distance travel to mitigate the effects of prolonged exposure to low gravity, has been proposed by #Japanese researchers.
The #trains will also possess 'Hexacapsules', which are essentially hexagon-shaped capsules with a moving device in the middle.
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If you think you are a real Japanese, please don’t fall for this Korean scam. Please just don’t. 😔
The #UnificationChurch is an #intelligence operation. More to come. Stay tuned. ImageImageImageImage
My first @DailyTocana article on the #Moonie cult is scheduled to be out today, July 16. It will be the first in the series of revelations about their operation. The truth must be revealed. Stay tuned. #UnificationChurch #moonies
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Today marks the 85th anniversary of the “#Lugou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge) Incident”. 85 years ago today, #Japanese militarism created the so-called “Lugou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge) Incident” to launch full-scale invasion of #China.
After bloody battles and unyielding fight, the #Chinese people defeated the heinous #Japanese militarists and won the great victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. The #CPC was the pillar in achieving this great victory.
The victory was also an important part of the #World Anti-Fascist War. It was a victory for the #Chinese people and for people of the world. China believes that to grow China-Japan relations, it is important to see history as a mirror and look ahead to the future.
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Having fun with cyberstalking #UKGOV, attacking organisations, universities & individuals connected to the justice system, UK #military against #NCSC, treating #intelligence & #GCHQ as jokes to your 15- 20 yrs malicious #hacking for #China & #Russia inside #Britain, @Animez_UK?01
Converting #traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious #cyberattacker against the UK, for

1- #financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the #UKGOV.

@Animez_UK @NCSC

02 Image
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learned to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys to #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

@Animez_UK @NCSC Image
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JLPT N1: The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is the most globally regarded Japanese language test to prove Japanese proficiency. There are five levels, starting at JLPT-N5 as the easiest and going up to N1 as the hardest.…
JLPT N2: The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 level…

#japanese #japan #jlpt #jlptn2
JLPT N3: The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N3 level…

#japanese #japan #jlpt #jlptn3
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Elongated vowels (ー) in Japanese are quite tricky to hear but can change the meaning of the word completely. Here are some examples…

#langtwt #Japanese #発音
In Japanese, elongated vowels are expressed by adding another vowel or ‘ー’. This symbol is casually called 伸ばし棒 (nobashi bō), or formally called 長音符 (chō onpu). In romaji, this is expressed by adding a bar on the vowel.
とる (toru): to take
とおる (tōru): to pass through
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I listened to Haze just once yesterday & I cannot get it out of my head🎶

Not a bad song to get stuck in your noggin

#jpop #japanese #pop #popmusic #POP #music #musicvideo
that & then this tune usually starts up my writing sessions, they have a strong sound but are chill enough i can focus on my work

I usually end up listening to some sort of j-pop or video game music when I'm writing,

helps keep it fun but relatively non-distracting,
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Being a superpower isn’t just economical or military.
It’s a brand.
And a brand that should sell.
And history has shown that all great powers were brands that sold. And the humans of earth bought with their heaters and minds.
#superpower #world
Quite simply, now, #Russia and #China haven’t made themselves institute strong brands
The #Chinese are lately realising this. The #Russians no
They won’t
Not how they work and think
Being super BRAND power means humans of Earth wanting to be like the citizens of a superpower.
Being a super #BRAND power means your educational institutions, #lifestyle, #habitus, #culture, #language, #food, #traditions EVERYTHING is presented as the best on the planet.
And it usually is.
In the superpower game, 💩 sells some of the time. Not all.
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301. #MrQueen (20epi)
22. #Kdrama
Awesome series🔥🔥👌.
20hrs of Fun and Entertainment.
Not a Single boring scene in first 17 episodes.
Each and every character are awesome 👌
Sometimes so gay
OverallWorth watching
S1 - 4.75/5👌
#Shows2blue #Kdrama2blue #Korean Image
302. #AreYouHuman (18epi)
23. #Kdrama

Nice sci fi drama..
S1 - 4/5👌
#Shows2blue #Kdrama2blue #Korean Image
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Foreign Minister GL Peiris has admitted that some decisions could have been made better. The reference was to #SriLanka's unilateral cancellation of the Japan International Cooperation Agency-funded light rail transit project last year. Thread.…
It's the first time a senior govt member said anything publicly about the LRT fiasco, albeit in response to a question. He didn't evade it. In Sri Lanka-#Japan relations, this and the cancellation of the MoU related to the East Container Terminal were elephants in the room.
To say the LRT matter could've been handled better is an understatement. The #Japanese govt was blindsided. @TimesOnlineLK followed it from the start.…
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Grey Swans are those low-probability, high-impact events that few expect.

Last year, we had picked 10 Grey Swans for 2021. Amazingly, some materialised. Notably, the Democrats won the Senate, and inflation surged.

Here are our 12 for this year 👇
Pundits are Wrong! US Enters a #Recession in 2022

Almost no one is looking for a US recession in 2022. Economists’ consensus assigns only a 15% probability. Clearly, most expect US growth to lose momentum. So why not expect a US recession?
With a Magic Wand: COVID All But Disappears

Virus mutation, natural immunity and vaccines are all reasons why the pandemic could end next year according. #COVID could also just disappear like other viruses have! (Think SARS)
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Is there no one in this government who can forecast trade deficit & CAD correctly even for the next 3 months?

I mean how can forecasting be so out that it leads to these kind of alarming surprises & doesn’t help MoF & SBP take pre-emptive measures before time? @MuzzammilAslam3
Spending $ billions a year on imported CBU’s & CKD’s for fossil fuel cars for a country that is heavily dependent on imported energy is a highly unintelligent strategy.

Those who were pushing for reducing duties on imported vehicles must be asked as to what they were thinking.
Secondly, for a net energy importer that should look to reduce its dependence on oil, an auto policy propagating the import of legacy vehicles instead of electric vehicles is completely flawed. The auto & auto parts lobby had sold the idea of auto sector exports to @PTIofficial.
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Do you think politics can save lives??

If you think "yes" is the answer, the opposite is also true. #ph260720 #HPVV #JAPAN 

#HPV is a common virus that infects the reproductive tract and can cause #cancers in males and females. This would have a serious impact on our lives. #ph260720 #HPVV #JAPAN
In 2013, the #Japanese government issued a statement stopping the active recommendation of #HPVV and implemented a policy of not including it in the routine vaccination. #ph260720 #HPVV #JAPAN

Do you imagine the impact???
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🎥 Movie: Confessions 2010

🎧 Audio: #Japanese

🎭 Genre: #Thriller #Adventure

⭐️ Rating: 7.8/10

🎯 Note: 🔞: No

🍿 › #TiruppurPrabha47 ‹ 🍿

📱 › ‹ 📱


🎗 ѕнαяє🎗 ѕυρρσят🎗 ImageImage
சுப்பர் Psychological Thriller படம்..

வேலையை விட்டு செல்லும் கடைசி நாளில், ஒரு பள்ளி ஆசிரியை வகுப்புக்கு வருகிறாள்,

எல்லா மாணவர்கள் முன்னிலையில்,

தன் மகள் இறந்துவிட்டதாகவும் அதற்கு காரணமானவர்கள் இந்த வகுப்பில் இருப்பதாகவும் கூறுகிறாள், ImageImage
அதன் பின் எதிர்பாராத திருப்பங்களுடன் படம் நகர்கிறது...

வேகமான படம் இல்லை இது, பொறுமையாக நகரும் படம் தான்,

ஆனால் எங்கேயும் போரடிக்காமல் நகர்ந்துகொண்டே இருக்கும் படம்,

படம் ஆரமித்த 10 நிமிடங்களில் கொலை செய்தது யார், கொலை செய்யபட்டவர் யார் என்பது தெரிந்துவிடுகிறது, ImageImage
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I am watching a BBC-2 documentary on #Reinhard #Heydrich the #SS Soldier, who tortured many across Eastern Europe, especially, enslaved the innocent people of #Czechoslovakia during the second world war.
Let history not allow such men to exist again!
And, let me add that when I meet #Germans today and see the difference from what I have been told about them by my grandparents, compared to how they have evolved during the postwar years, the transformation is truly remarkable.
The same can be said about the #Japanese people.
Germans and Japanese have learned from their past mistakes!
I hope other warring nations and tribes will follow in their footsteps.
No nation can survive in longevity if its economy falters, politics remains in disarray, and the society crumbles under conflicting narratives.
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Wagyu is a very trendy word at the moment but not all Wagyu Beef is the same.
Here’s a thread to try and explain what is Authentic Kobe Beef and what makes Kobe Beef so prestigious.
Although my first love is and always will be Irish Beef there is no denying the awesomeness that is A5 Japanese Wagyu Beef and trust me when I say it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.
As a butcher, looking at something like this A5-BMS12 Rib Eye (the highest grade in the Japanese system) I appreciate the years of incredible work and dedication that has gone into this animal to get this end result.
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I’m going to write it one by one.
#Japanese #WarCrimes

War crimes were committed by the Empire of Japan in many Asian-Pacific countries during the period of Japanese imperialism, primarily during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. ImageImageImageImage
Under Emperor Hirohito, numerous war crimes were perpetrated by the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA). The number of deaths which resulted from Japanese war crimes range from 3 to 14 million through massacre, human experimentation, starvation, and forced labor. Image
However, some members of the Liberal Democratic Party in the Japanese gvt, such as former prime ministers have prayed at the Yasukuni Shrine, which is unforgivable, as the shrine honours all Japanese who died during the war, including convicted Class A war criminals. Image
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, пипец «вступление» у песенки. Единственной на сингле*. Люди не тратят времени на всякую на херню. Никогда такого лаконичного в этом стиле не встречал. Не знаю, что такое… Что-то японское, судя по тэгам о них на Надо бы знать.
Дико #правильно выступают — ёмко потому что. Тексты на слух ничем не отличаются от Бруджриа, только звука «Л» нет, по понятным причинам. Такие дела:
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