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1] While the rest of the Zimbabwean community concentrates on issues of national importance, the bickering & dithering faction of the MDC of Tsvangirai held a presser today

They have effectively halted their otherwise moot & academic EOC

Consequently, the MDC-T has died again!
2] According to their convenient interpretations, the Supreme Court Judgement did two things

It unscrambled the political egg & took a faction of the MDC-T out of the MDC-A & joined it with another one led by Dr Khupe

It then extended their terms of offices with just 3 months.
3] Away from the excitement of recalling MPs & pretending to reevaluate the 2017/18 ALLIANCE agreement, the extensions served 1 purpose

i.e. holding a EOC as should have happened post Tsvangirai.

Now that they've failed to do so, after 4 months, what happens to the extensions?
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1] Dear Mwonzora et al, you can't claim to be constitutionalists yet you accepted money owed to another party?

There is a court interdiction which ordered Miniseries of Finance & Legal Affairs to give the PPFA funds to the MDC-T

How then did your outfit accept that money?
2] At the same time,how does the MDC-T maintain that the MDC-A as of 2018 was a 7 party's ALLIANCE,yet claim ownership over the political & financial capital of the whole ALLIANCE?

How much of the PPFA money will go to PDP, MDC-Ncube etc?

How many votes does each party have?
3] Its a matter of fact that the MDC-T "repossessed" HH without a court order, with the blessing of the security sector

Now, the MDC-T has received MDC-ALLIANCE money against a court order!

The unholy ALLIANCE between ZanuPF & MDC-T is no longer propaganda

It's crystal clear!
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1] So much has happened of late, in the build up to the #July31stDemo yet critical questions remain unanswered!

Was asking what the demo was aimed at achieving?

If it was for ED to act on corruption, now that he attempted to pacify Zimbos by firing Dr Moyo, is the demo over? Image
2] On the other hand, you have the MDC-T group which is battling to contain internal contradictions, rubbishing the demo.

Sen Mwonzora feels MDC-T is so important that everything should come to a hault till their ill-fated EOC, slated for the same day is held.

3] On the other hand, you have followers of popular organizations being sceptical about the cryptic endorsement given by their own Leaders thus far.

Infact, some have said they wont participate till their organizations are properly consulted & subsequent endorse #July31Demo
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1] Haven't said much about the proposed #31JulyDemo.

I'm still collecting my thoughts on the same.

My reservation is, there has to be an endgame.

A one day demo can simply become an inconsequential walkabout.

There has to be a clear plan before, during & after #July31stDemo
2] The reaction of the establishment to #July31stDemo is as predictable as next year being 2021

Soon, the organizers will be hunted & arrested

Soon they will make the Harare CBD a no go area

Infact, they have already banned the MDC-T EOC which was to be held on same date
3] Even in the unlikely event that the demo legally proceeds, the clampdown on the citizens will be harsh & brutal.

Even if that doesn't happen, what should happen, say on #August1st, for the demo to be labeled a success?

These are the critical pre-demo issues to be addressed.
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