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background shinbaku, good friend Bakugou, Uraraka won't take a hint
Izuku and Eijirou have been dating for 6 months and the class refuses to leave them alone for even one date. So KiriDeku has to create more and more elaborate plans to get away.
“Kacchan, please you have to help me!” Izuku begged, collapsing on the others bed.

“I don’t have to do anything. You the idiot that decided to date Shitty Hair, figure it out yourself.” Katsuki's gruff voice was slightly muted as his face was shoved into his closet.
Sadly, that meant Izuku's puppy dog eyes weren't working.

Despite how much the blond protested helping him, Izuku knew he’d cave. He just had to wait for Eijirou to join them and then Katsuki would have no choice but to bend under the will of their pleading.
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#kirideku, #krdk, hanahaki, college au, jock!kr, nerd!dk, angst
title: flowers that he'd never see
inspired by the "i wished you were sober" song


since the day they met, izuku had always felt like he was watching eijiro from the sidelines.
when eijiro scored for the first time, it was were he was standing, watching and cheering for his friend.

when eijiro walked side by side with his current boyfriend or girlfriend on campus, that was were he found himself too, frozen, reminded once again that he didn't have a
chance in the first place, that eijiro would always be way out of his league.

and when eijiro would bring conquests to their shared dorms, he could only smile from there, as if it didn't tear his heart apart.
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#bkdk #ktdk #bakudeku #krdk #kirideku angst au drabble

"I'm not gay! In fact, i was planning to ask Yuhiko out. I know she likes me, anyway." Katsuki said, smirking. Looking proud at what he said.
Izuku just looks at him, eyes full of hurt. He wanted to cry and scream at katsuki for being a coward and a thick faced. A coward who can't event tell his friends except kiri who happened to discover them so katsuki had no choice but to admit their relationship.
A thick faced for even having the audacity to spout that nonsense in front of Izuku. He held back his tears. He was about to excuse himself when Kirishima holds his hand tightly to stop him from leaving. He was smiling at Izuku like he is giving him
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au #bkdk #kirideku

Bkdk are best friends in college. Deku has been in love with Bk for years & thinking that Bk would never love him back decides to take a shot at love with Kirishima.

But what happens when Bk starts noticing his feelings for Deku change into something more?
I’ll be working on this story slowly since I don’t know who will be endgame…guess we’ll see! 👀📝✨
Red eyes looked at Izuku with an unknown emotion. He really wanted to hear the words behind those eyes.

Kacchan grabbed his hand and held it tight “Deku…I -”

An alarm and what felt rain drops (?) awoke Deku from his sleep.

“Oi! Nerd, your alarm has been ringing for 20 mins!”
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