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This is how confirmation bias works. A young man makes a few outrageous comments among other things. He attracts an audience and many thousands of trolls. No one takes him as their leader and there are many more with more followers who are genuine fans. Someone starts a rumour...
...that this young man is the chief influencer of Arewa Twitter and this rumour going viral makes many many more thousands flock to his handle to artificially prop him up as what they believe him to be. The young man starts getting noticed by a few people with money and power...
...The young man wisely uses this newfound recognition to raise funds for charitable projects. He gets more popular and promotes his apparel to make a living. He still lives modestly while most of his friends also do so, just trying to get by and have a bit of fun...
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NIGERIANS WON THIS: The last 4 weeks must have been a difficult period for @CNN @StephanieBusari @nimaelbagir as a result of the massive push back by thousands of Nigerians over their role on #LekkiLies but don’t forget,those two foolish girls were part of the whole plan to burn
Nigeria,they were part of the treacherous IPOB/PDP brigade that plotted the failed insurrection. @CNNAfrica don’t make clarifications,it must have been with a heavy heart. Look @StephanieBusari was not a journalist on 2010,she was a protester! The tweet of 2310 was deliberate to
burn Lagos and destroy the country the way they did Libya and Syria. The tweet they are trying to deny now is specific: 38 people were killed/when the military opened fire/on peaceful protesters! as at 201020,the only place where the military “opened” fire in Nigeria was Lekki. ImageImageImageImage
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1. In the so called @CNNAfrica Special Report on the event that happened on 20.10.20 at the Lekki toll gate, one of the things they said was that the Nigerian Government has "DISBANDED SARS 4 TIMES." Honestly I never knew @CNN was this useless. But let me educate you ImageImageImageImage
2. with the real truth.
-In 2008 following a 2007 UN Special Reporteur on torture against the @PoliceNG, with SARS being most prominent the FG set up a Presidential Committee to propose REFORM for the Nigeria Police. The report never saw the light of day as usual.

- In 2010
3. then President @GEJonathan pledged his commitment to REFORM the Police by earmarking N71 Billion to the cause.

- In December 2017, then IGP Ibrahim Kpotum Idris announced plans to REOGANISE SARS units across the Country. Not DISBAND.

- In August 2018, then Ag. President
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#LEKKILIES: I Got a Call YESTERDAY From a Happy Internal Sabotuer Salivating That The UK is Going 2Impose Sanction Against Nigeria & Her Leaders. I LAUGHED & Told Him, I am Happy. He Said Why, I Said B'cos When Economic & Trade Sanctions are Imposed Na Buhari Go Suffer. He Said
2. But You Should not Be Happy as a Buharist Na? I Said Why Not? SHEBI Na Make Nigeria Suffer During @MBuhari Govr Him Want? He Said No, That He Just Hates The Islamization Agenda & That #SAIBABA Appiontments are Also DReason Nigeria is Not Working. That Southern Nigeria Has Been
3. Marginalized & PMB is Increasing Fuel Price Why Prices of Goods are Not Coming Down. I Said But You Wanted Deregulation Na, He Said No Be This Type. I Said Which Type, He Said The Type That Will Reduce Price of Petrol. I Said OK, All The Same, PMB Must Suffer As Britain WAN
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1. #LekkiLies:
On 22 July 2011, 32 yrs old Anders Breivik opened fire on youngsters attending a summer camp on the Norwegian island of Utoya, killing 89 within minutes with hudreds injured. He was ALONE.

On 2 October, 2017, a 64 yr old man named Stephen Paddock from a room
2. window on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas towards an open air music festival, killing at least 59 people with 527 others injured. Take note of 'A LONE MAN' and distance '32nd FLOOR.'

Meanwhile, in Nigeria we are being told on 20.10.20 a Team of Soldiers
3. @HQNigerianArmy went to Lekki toll gate where hundreds or thousands of protesters were gathered, opened fire with their machine guns which lasted for a while, finished then left and @PoliceNG team of officers came in their AK 47s, opened fire at same protesters. This started
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#LEKKILIES: 2Many Children on Social Media. Sorry, 2Many Kidults I Meant2Say. The US is Still Fighting in Afghanistan/Iraq Since 2001. Libya Has Not Recovered From The US Led Attacks 2Removed Gaddafi. US Supported Saudi Have Destroyed Yemeni. The US Support Has Not Won in Syria.
2. In 2018, Four US Marines Were Killed in Niger When They Attempted 2Go Alone Without Help of Nations Bordering Niger. Today, Nigerians Hating Nigeria Are Demonizing Nigeria About An American Rescued With The Help of Nigeria & Niger, But Rather Than Focus on What Nigeria Did,
3. We Are Abusing Our Own Country. In 2020, The USA Still Borrows Money 2Fund Their Defence Budget. The Last Recorded Figure is About $800billion Annually. No Vex, How Much Be Nigeria National Budget & How Much Una Ready 2Borrow 2Fund The Military. No Vex Again, How Many Soldiers
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#LEKKILIES: We Lie2Ourselves 2Much in NAIJA. There is No Sector Today That Can Mop up The Millions of Unemployed, Uneducated, Untrained & Angry Youths Like Agriculture. When @MBuhari Said Let us All Head 2DFarms You Ridicule Him. The Only Technology in NAIJA is People & Land.
When We WAN Begin us Them. The USofA Developed Via Agriculture, Manual Labour For That Matter, Una Don Forget Slavery and Colonialism So Easily? The West & UK in Particular Was Developed by Agriculture. The Chinese Cultural & Economic Revolution Was Foundationed on Unskilled &
Unmechanised Agriculture. Why Do We Have So Many Educated Illiterates With Little Knowledge on How Nations Grew? How We WAN TAKE WELL? Every State & Local Govt Must Know That The Only Security WE all Can Get is a Population Engaged & Active in The Cause of National Development.
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