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Eric Holder triggered in details surrounding the Democratic prosecutor & Obama administration hold-over #MollyGaston

Who dropped the case against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Eric Holder completely politicized DOJ so he has a lot of explaining to do on this issue.
@EricHolder is a partner at Covington & Burling LLP

That's the same law firm where Gaston's father, Eugene Gulland, serves as senior counsel.

Even Lisa page got Triggered😂

The Deepstate knows #WeThePeople are on to there cheap tricks
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Welcome to Earth!

We Trust your experience is lovely!

As you begin your arrival you may notice war, poverty, crimes... please step to the side, mind the gap, disregard:
While we renovate!

*If you experienced turbulence the past couple of days, enjoy the integration. #WWG1WGA
If things get chaotic around or in me: I stop, with bare feet on the Earth, I sit in silence, prayer, meditation with God. Allowing all the noise outside of my self, To just be. No mental story, feel. The vibration of the veils can be felt, as you integrate into your #DivineSelf
Those who follows #Q know there is something very off w/ the world, it does not reflect #WeThePeople's good values. We are aware we are about to learn of #DeepState corruption, who, what, when, how & why!

Hold center, this too will pass as Truth, Love, Kindness Prevail! #WWG1WGA
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Secret No More: Since Nullification in 1999 We As US Citizens Are No Longer Under Admiralty & Maritime Law▫️

Our Navy & Military Officers & Special Forces Are Aware of This Fact Waiting For #WeThePeople to Know of This Liberation▫️

Video Is A Must Watch

“We have been freed as a people, but the Deep State wants to keep us slaves, owned by our Government & used as bargaining pieces under a Birth Certificate ownerSHIP” @Brain1Rn

Russell J. Gould is an American Hero: “11/2/1999 at the end...

“of the 3rd US Bankruptcy ended there was an 18 day period when we were a free people once again. Mr. Gould took steps to save our nation from a planned takeover by Great Britain.”

*Details in video*
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Council of Foreign Relations truely hates @realDonaldTrump thats why we truely love @Potus he's pulling us away from these EVIL people

#WeThePeople never wanted the #CFR controlling Our government!

Thank God Trump can't be bought!
He's fighting for us!…
Council on Foreign Relations Branch Organizations👇

The Royal Institute of International Affairs

Council on Foreign Relations

Canadian Institute of International Affairs

Australian Institute of International Affairs

New Zealand Institute of International Affairs


Danish Institute of International Affairs

Japan Institute of International Affairs

Institute of International Relations, Prague

Institute of International Affairs, Italy

Swedish Institute of International Affairs

Netherlands Institute of International Relations


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Prosecutors want Stone to serve 9 yrs. in jail, not because he hurt someone or this country, because they ‘HATE’ him.

The left are retaliating for how Stone made fun of the ruling class, & for helping @realDonaldTrump.

During jury selection, lawyers asked the eventual foreman of the jury if there was anything that would affect her ability to judge Stone fairly, NO she claimed. She hadn’t paid any attention to the Russia probe...

It was 💯 a ‘LIE!’


As SecState @HillaryClinton covered up illegal activity including pedophilia. Yet, the ‘NOT’ justice @TheJusticeDept want to fictitiously prosecute Roger Stone, Gen Flynn, and ignore real-crimes committed.
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What happens when 90% of the media is controlled/owned by (6) corporations? What happens when those same corporations are operated and controlled by a political ideology?
^What happens when the news is no longer free from bias? What happens when the news is no longer reliable and independent? What happens when the news is no longer trustworthy? >

#WeWIN2020 #ExecutiveTime #JQIN
@sugarbell @cgraydc @almac7477
^What happens when the news simply becomes an extension/arm of a political party? Fact becomes fiction? Fiction becomes fact? When does news become propaganda? Identity creation?

@MichelettoPatty @heidi_weigand @dmills3710 #BeTheStorm JQIN >
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Damn, did I already miss my chance to win over my home district?
The other options are Dem strongholds #NY20 (Tonko) or #NY19 (Delgado)

With a win for @claudiatenney in #NY22, and @EliseStefanik up north in #NY21 - I'd say we'd make a pretty big change here in our state and on the national level.

Of course, I would need a few big endorsements and to actually get in the public eye with my message.

Anything's possible.
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#CallToAction Requesting @POTUS To Instruct AG Barr To Meet with Asst AG #CivilRights Division, Eric Drieband, & Open #CaseOfNationalInterest Into #CPS #FamilyCourt Nationwide For Denial of Rights To #American Citizens Resulting in Unlawful Separation of American Children...
“From their families and putting them at risk of harm in a dangerous #FosterCare system (per the @StateDept That has led to children being #Trafficked and in some cases has led to their deaths”
#WeThePeople Call For A #CaseOfNationalInterest Into #FamilyCourt #CPS System Nationwide▫️ Dedicated To #TheChildren & #NancySchaefer & #LindaCollinsSmith

“System can’t be trusted”
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New Q.

Not good enough Q. This is weak.
Until we see Nadler, Pelosi, Schiff behind bars there is no equal justice.

Don't become a political HACK Q.
Don't disappoint.

The world is watching.
#WeThePeople are pissed and our fuze is short.

EQUAL JUSTICE without exception.

I want to be clear where I stand. I read Q. I do not BLINDLY follow Q. I do not BLINDLY follow a plan. I research, I think free, I question, I exercise my sovereignty and free will.

Washington DC is a sewer.
It will always fight to protect itself.
Never forget that.
Draining the swamp and Q.

Where does the swamp start and where does it end?
Limited to just DC?
Does it extend to your State, County, City?
Is Q going to fix your County?
Is Q going to fix your City?

We are change.
Q is TheAwakening.
Q is not Mr. Fixit.

Be involved.
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10 Feb 2020 - 1:21:22 PM

We got what we needed.
There is no step [5].
Thank you for playing.
10 Feb 2020 - 12:58:12 PM

Did 'Mueller' open the door to Ukraine?
Did 'Mueller' open the door to FISA [illegal]?
How do you introduce evidence legally?
Did 'Impeachment' provide a platform to discuss findings of Ukraine?
How do you introduce evidence legally?
Did 'Impeachment' harm or help POTUS [public]?
How do you introduce [D]s high crimes [corruption] to the public?
Why didn't POTUS remove [Hussein] holdovers from NSC?
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1. Dear #WeThePeople of the LEFT

U have correctly identified the problem - that a 1% ELITE controls our government

But your solution of SOCIALISM is misguided

Let’s work TOGETHER to destroy this ELITE class

ONE ISSUE POLITICS - Destroy the Elite

2A. From @noamchomskyT
Requiem for the American Dream

“If u look at wealth distribution, the (income) inequality mostly comes from super-wealth -.. the top 1/10th of a %... If u check u find that over the course of these years the govt policy has been modified ...
2B. “.. AGAINST THE WILL OF THE POPULATION to provide enormous benefits to the very rich... Real incomes have stagnated for over 30 years. The MIDDLE CLASS in that sense.. is under severe attack. A significant part of the AMERICAN DREAM is class mobility... It’s all collapsed.”
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1. New 🧵 #MaxSpiersRIP 🙏🏼

Patriots, if you aren't familiar with him, meet #MaxSpiers 💥

I recommend you read through the thread then watch the entire interview. #KeepYourMindOpen 🧠

Ready for 🤯❓

Down the rabbit hole we go!🐇🕳
2. Here is the full video below. I will also post it at the end. You can view it here (there is also a part two which I'lll add later).

This thread will go over some of the highlights in the order in which they are discussed in the interview.

3. #MaxSpiers had a lot to tell us. Sadly, like #SethRich he's gone.

Here is an article about his end days. Then we will move on to the content of the video which is the topic of this thread.…
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New #QAnon.
No. 3835...
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#Q just dropped this #WaExaminer article letting us know that @ChuckGrassley, & #RonJohnsin asked for #Biden activity reports back on 5th Dec '19.
Time for a #SwampDraining!
#LockEmUp [ ] [ ]…
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @ChuckGrassley 2) #QAnon 3836...
Note: Q = question early in this drop.
We're seeing the priming for the move 2bring the #BidenCrimeFamily, & then beyond, to #Justice.
#DrainTheSwamp #LockEmUp #GTMO
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @ChuckGrassley 3) #QAnon 3837...
#Q drops a rundown of the dots connected to the actions of those that have long been attempting 2attain power & thus control #America & thereby the world.
Many spent time in #Iran. Many were embedded during the #HusseinAdmin.
#PeterStrzok #LisaPage #VJ
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Trump Ignored Nancy Pelosi's Outstretched Hand At The State Of The Union And People Detect Shade…
Pelosi has so much hate for the The President of the United States and its citizens that she show her hate and anger by ripping the President speech.

@realDonaldTrump "Pres. Trump: "Three years ago, we launched the great American comeback. Tonight I stand before you to share the incredible results."

"Our country is thriving, and highly respected again."
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#TrumpTheEstablishment = Bringing An End To Corporation of the United States & Returning to the USA Republic Where We Are Once Again A Sovereign Nation #WeThePeople 🇺🇸

Brilliant Thread by @Inevitable_ET…

@POTUS Video #Trump2020
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On September 23rd, 2019, shortly after I contributed a speech to the #WeThePeople march, I began making daily videos to all you amazing Resisters, encouraging y’all to call, connect and never give up. It’s funny how one day later, the Inquiry was announced...
..since that day, I’ve always loved getting up and giving you guys some news or a pep talk or just encouraging every single one of you to keep up the fight. We’ve seen a lot happen and I’m glad to have witnessed much of it. It’s because of our efforts, we helped get...
..the word out to support resisters who felt down, we spread awareness of issues like climate change, Gun violence, #metoo , and others. Plus, we played a major role in getting Trump impeached in the house. I know it seems that the senate will likely Acquit..
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You had more than 3 years to make sound business decisions and you are still blaming others for your failure.

I call this "EU mentality." #WhyYouGotBrexit
This blue check remainer with 99k followers replied with this then blocked me. No big deal, I get blocked a lot by leftists. So I'll use my right of reply here.

Smart businessmen & women didn't need "government guidance" to know what to do re #Brexit.

It's glorious watching anti-Brexit Brits/Europeans whine about it all. Especially when they should have known a 52-48 referendum win was likely to eventually become law.

They keep underestimating us.

#WeThePeople #BrexitDay #StillEuropean #Armageddon #WereAllGonnaDie #Brexit
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Thank you, Michael Kratsios @USCTO For Insuring Integrity of #DARPA Programs▫️

There Are Many Reports of Americans Being Targeted In Nonconsensual Experimentation▫️

#WeThePeople Do Not Consent to Programs That Cause Intentional Harm to Human Beings or Animals▫️
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Questions to all @SenateGOP :
• Is your allegiance to #Constitution and the #OathOfOffice you swore?
• Do you value the integrity of the #Senate and the future of #America as a free republic?
• Or have you forsaken all in the name of power, money, and partisan politics?
@SenateGOP .@SenateGOP :
You've read history.
You know #America was founded by those who sought and fought for #Freedom from monarchical rule.
The #Framers gave us the #Constitution to guide and protect us from any who would attempt to re-assert any such rule.
@SenateGOP . @SenateGOP
That is why our #Constitution begins with the words #WeThePeople, not supreme leader or king or queen.
#America is government
• of the people
• by the people
• for the people
You were entrusted with the good of the people who elected you.
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Child Protective Services (Sep 22, 1995) - William Cooper talks about what we now call #pizzagate
Mary Schipke is a #Mom who had been targeted by the #Arizona #ChildProtectionServices Back in 1993 Mary established an organization called "The #Parents Council for Parents Rights"
in order to prevent ANYONE from going through what she went through. What she discovered through her organization is very disturbing. Thousands of children have been stolen from the legal custody of their natural parents under fraudulent and deceptive CPS practices.
Thousands of Arizona families have been systematically destroyed by the corrupt Arizona Child Protective Services. There have been irrefutable findings from a 4.5 YEAR PRIVATE INVESTIGATION that concluded CPS is in #Fact
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If you haven't worked this out yet, here's some cold hard facts for you to digest over the weekend.

1) The Chief Justice is in the pockets of the corrupt GOP.

He will do as little as possible in this #ShameTrial , he is complicit in this entire thing.

2) EVERY GOP Senator is the property of the Trump Crime Syndicate.

ALL of them. Through blackmail, bribery, or both, they will NOT have a moral epiphany, a meeting with Jesus, or anything of that sort, they are completely corrupt.

3) Trump WILL be acquitted by this corrupt GOP

They have too much invested, and stand to lose too much if they cross him and somehow he manages to remain in power.

Think Russia, no one crosses Putin and walks away.

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#WeThePeople Do NOT Consent To Having Our Brainwaves Stolen & Placed In A.I. Robots🤖

“Project Pogo & Project Zyphr A.I. Programs”

“Live WiFi connection to your brain that enables them to copy you entirely & also feed ideas, images & words...

“directly to seems they have mastered the copying but are still working on feeding images..allegedly part of creating the mythical “goyim” & it’s allegedly turning us into mental immortals but really it seems just recording subjects lives..could be #DARPA Lifelog which..
“others think is Facebook was a substitute for...this seems more like the Lifelog program collecting everything about the subjects, every second, thought, communication, memory, etc for years on end...Ultimately to use real individual’s personalities in avatar, robots, machines”
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If you're not being distracted by a sporting event or entertained by a celebrity or medicated by big pharma're getting a media diet of toxic fear. #WeThePeople do NOT #BelieveAllNarratives!

Look at the alarming word choices.
Fact: 100,000 X's more are dying from Opiods.
@SGTreport @BreitbartNews @THEHermanCain @MarkYoungTruth @os4185 @Qanon76 @AppSame @geoff_deweaver @CancerTruthNews @TuckerCarlson Fact Checks:
➡️This is a manufactured
patented virus.
➡️ This is also a manufactured
False 🚩narrative.
➡️ This is the classic Cabal model
[Problem- Reaction- Solution].
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