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1/ #ListeningThread

Two fantastic intellectuals, @robbwolf and @lipoprotein, chatting about lipids, cardiovascular disease, and #LMHRs

Good podcast for my evening walk — might add some thoughts here…
2/ Wow, in the intro Rob mentions Bill having discussed LMHRs with me (and yes, we’ve had many great chats on the topic). Where he agrees, and where he disagrees. To be sure, I have a bit of an advanced preview on what that will likely be. ;) but I’m excited to hear it in the ep.
3/ 28:30 Bill: I think Dave Feldman has probably helped more than any one person in giving disability and how radically our bodies can change [lipid levels] in just days… So yeah, you can actually influence these results quite a bit in a 3 to 5 day period of time…
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1/ #ListeningThread — actually didn’t know this, but @BioLayne has a podcast. I actually found it in reverse as I’ve been hunting down all things Hypertrophy - and they have a recent podcast with @YngvaiMalmsteve on the topic so I’ll give it a listen……
2/ @BioLayne “… if you torture the data enough, you can get it to show what you would like it to show.”

This is actually a variation I was one of my favorite quotes of all time.👇
3/ it’s also very prescient in its timing. I was actually just talking with @NutritionMadeS3 yesterday, and why I tend to be more interested in studies that work off open or shared data sets given the level of transparency in the statistical instruments being used…
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1/ #ListeningThread for @PeterAttiaMD's new podcast with @DrSarahHallberg

Full disclosure, I have tremendous respect for Sarah and all the incredible mountains she has moved in nutrition and health, not to mention just being an incredible human being.

2/ Oh boy -- just 1 minute in and Peter is asking Sarah about dietary fat vs observed composition in vivo! I have a feeling I'm really going to like this episode...
3/ Sarah: "Fatty acids play a critical role, study after study, in cardiovascular risk." -- Love this line...

(Though I'd add a few caveats with regard to lipid profile, but more on that another time)
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2/ I love that Alan Flanagan kicked off with distinction question re bio markers.

“System Biomarkers in the causal pathway. Systemic biomarkers that can report on the overall picture”
“Biomarkers of disease progression”
3/ “... It seems to be in the wider conversation a lot of these are often conflated to a degree. Or there is misplaced emphasis placed on a particular marker...”

I couldn’t possibly agree with this more!
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1/ #ListeningThread @drlipid on @PeterAttiaMD #Drive

I always enjoy when Attia and Dayspring talk lipids. Looking forward to this one...
2/ At about eight minutes in Dayspring discusses how there is new emerging data on various things in the last couple years, particularly triglycerides and how they have taken center stage in relation to atherogenicity of an ApoB particle.
3/ About 10m in @PeterAttiaMD brings up the importance in distinguishing the difference between what ApB and LDL-P — of course, if you followed me for a while, you know this is a distinction of crucial importance for me (see… )
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1/ #ListeningThread

My interview on @IanCramer's podcast is up.

It's been many months since we recorded, so I may give it a re-listen...
2/ Ha! When @IanCramer has me give a little background on how I got into this space, I give one of the clumsier setups I think I've given in an interview. Not the best intro for the energy model either- but you can always check out the general poster here:
3/ @IanCramer asks me for a "50,000 foot view of my thesis" where I walk it into the "high LDL where metabolically induced" context.

This leads me into introduction of how #LDL particles relate to the immune response as illustrated by @siobhan_huggins…
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1/ #ListeningThread

Looks like I have the podcast for my walk this morning.

Starting... now!
2/ Already starts off with a bang where @VPrasadMDMPH Points to a study identifying 71 modern cancer drugs that yield a net benefit of 2.1 months.
3/ Wow. Some of these drugs “are 12, 14, $16,000 a month”?!?
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