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You said you want peace of mind yet you are in 100 WhatsApp groups🙄 Now you are receiving 10,000 messages daily, how is the state of your mind🤣
Should I talk or remain silent? Which one is WhatsApp messages will be causing someone emotional stress🤣 how will I respond to 500 messages🙄 I cannot think of it!
Some of us are in our high school alumni group, university departmental groups, some village groups, church group, fellowship group, class upon class group, oya help me name them!! Only one person100 groups. Lol.
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Whenever I think of where God is taking me to, I worry less! I just worry less and relax, that day I may even get a bottle of coke and cake because I know better days are ahead💃
Some of us worry too much, you worry for food, for fees, for the future, for a life partner, whether you will succeed in life or not! You just worry and worry, when do you ever rest!
There might be a thousand and one things to worry about but if only you can see that God has your back maybe you will relax and drink cold water! Do you trust God enough?
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As you are praying for God to help you locate a Lawrence Oyor, please become a Darasimi! Become what you want to attract! Don't sleep on those lapses, work on them🔥
So I got news that some sisters are praying to the God of Darasimi so they can locate their own Lawrence Oyor😂 my question is can you host a man like him?
It is not a sin to pray for a FIREFULL handsome brother, but before God will give you His son, you must also carry fire🔥 God is mindful of the partners He gives to His children and that is why as a fireful sister only fireful brothers will locate you!
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Asking God to bless you so that you can shame your enemies is a wrong motive. You can't be asking for a new car because you want to show them pepper😂
How do you receive from God when you are asking with a wrong motive? You can't be asking for money so you can shame the people that called you broke by buying new clothes and shoes! Who will answer you?
I saw a movie where a woman tagged prayer warrior was always praying amiss, no doubts she prayed for hours but if you hear her prayers😂😂 I laughed my ribs out! Which one is God bless me so I can be eating chicken like Mama Nkechi so they will know I am not poor. Lol
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Those of you who say "Forget that I am carrying bible, If I drop it, I will deal with you" Oga! What do you think you can do without God's word?😏 Calm down I want to talk to you!
Wait! Do you think you can achieve anything without the backing of God? Which one is if I drop my bible, you will see my real face! Lol. Which one is your real face without Gods word?
It is a wonder to me that so many Christians still use this phrase! Where is your identity outside God's word? I cannot find mine without Jesus, can you? Then why do you have to drop God's word for us to see the real you.
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Dear God,
Please help my heart to love! Take away every anger! Take away every jealousy! Take away every strife! Help my heart to love men just as you love me! Please Lord😭
Just last month, I had a little disagreement with a lady I respect so much, truth be told I never expected the reactions I received and it made me cry, I can be a cry baby at times😂
I felt so hurt and this brought anger in my heart, maybe I was wrong but then the approach towards me wasn't expected. I am one person that believes in brotherly love!
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Stop having this mentality that preaching is meant for pastors "I must be a pastor and stand on the pulpit to preach the gospel" As believers we have all been called to this mandate. Live it🔥 Preach it🔥
I really don't know why so many believers have this mentality of I must be a pastor, some will say I must be called🙄 which calling again, you want special calling to carry out the gospel mandate?
Jesus said in Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” He was not talking to the pastors alone or the evangelists but now to all of us, including me, I and myself. I am included so don't say you are not among😂!
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Portrait1: Damilola Mike-Bamiloye on set as a child(over 20 years)
Portrait2: Damilola Mike-Bamiloye on set(2020) Image
No Matter How Little, Just Start!

Yesterday, we all celebrated Damilola Mike-Bamiloye for his birthday and this is only because of the impact he has made, the value he has to offer. But then, let's go through memory lane.
Damilola Mike-Bamiloye started acting from his childhood over 20 years ago so the perfection you see in his movies did not start today.

He also started movie production so many years ago so what you celebrate came from consistency and hard work!
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Imagine being asked to apologize for the wrong you did not do. Hei God why naw😪 Why must I be the one to make peace first! Just go and make peace, you cannot be at peace with God when you are not at peace with men!
So Sister Bose annoyed you and you insulted her because you are angry and now God is asking you to tell her Sorry and ask for forgiveness! Ah Me? Why? Kini? What did I do, after you finish asking questions, you will still go and apologize🤣
I know how this feels, someone will annoy me and yes I am angry but when I want to talk to God, Baba will ask me to go and say sorry or call the person to say Hello! Warrisdis😪 I still have to obey, else we cannot communicate well! Who else has experienced this?
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Whenever God is leading or directing you to do something, please don't snub it, don't procastinate! If you hear jump, please jump! If you hear stop! Please stop! Delayed obedience is not total obedience.
It was mid-term break but we couldn't go home because it was just for 2 days and home was far, so I and my roommate stayed back in school with some other students.
Since exams was at the corner she suggested we go to class and read, at least make good use of the break😃 but I just didn't feel like leaving the house so I suggested we read I the room, she persisted and I just reluctantly agreed.
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Dear Born Again Christian,
Having a good sense of humor is not a sin! You don't have to frown all the time, It does not show spirituality!
So I met this brother in a meeting and he kept a long face looking all serious and attentive😏, I was so scared to even say "Hello" what if he slaps me, I just sat quietly o
Then the speaker said, tell your neighbor you look good, I turned to look at my neighbor, his face was still straight, no smile, no grin at least. How did I get here🚶🏾
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Dear Beautiful Ladies Association,
To your beauty add knowledge, add character, add sense, add Jesus. Beauty without brains is useless!
What is beauty without brains? Plis tell me what is beauty without character? Is it not vain and useless!

I know you are beautiful but what else is added to your beautiful face?
I know you have a slim fair face, is that all? Na fine face I go chop😂

To beauty, add knowledge, be knowledgeable, strive to know more, strive to learn new things, strive hard to stand out as a student!
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Just this morning, I tried using my kid sister's so called Ankara bag to clean my shoe when the Holy spirit reminded me of Matthew 7:12 "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you".
Have you taken coffee this morning, wait for it😀
You will not believe it when I tell you this Ankara bag seem useless to me, it was not even good in the first place and I wanted to use it to clean my shoes when the Holy spirit rebuked me!

Do you know how important that bag is to that little girl?
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The fact that Sister A is a music minister does not mean God is calling you to be a music minister! We all have a purpose and calling, Discover Yours!!!
How can you copy hairstyle and copy purpose🤣😂 don't you know every man was made for a reason and a purpose! If you keep copying people, how do you fulfill your assignment?
I saw this quote "Life is not a copied assignment" you can copy homework and still get your marks but when you copy the lifestyle of others, na express you de go. Lol
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I was having a conversation with someone who believed all we get is based on luck and not grace, he gave me a thousand reasons why he said so, ranging from his experiences and logic reasoning.
I simply told him experience is not the best teacher but the Holy spirit, experience might teach you to call God's promises lies but the Holy spirit will never turn God to a liar.
What about an experience of failure reminding you how you failed severally when God's word is saying "Believe, Trust and Obey".
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Dear Lord,
Help me to rejoice with those rejoicing. Help me to be happy when people are happy. Remove jealousy for my heart! Let every spirit of jealousy die by fire! Die by Fire🔥
A good number of us need to take this prayer along with me o, stop looking behind its you I am referring to😃 Why are you always angry when people are rejoicing?
Someone bought a new car and instead of rejoicing with him, you are angry spreading rumors that he is a ritualist! Haba why so much hatred in your heart!
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Some of us have decided not to serve God in sincerity because we think the world can still offer us small chops!

How can you leave the full chicken for bones😅

There is MORE in Jesus.
How can you decide to struggle with bones when you have the full chicken in your custody!

How can you decide to live in hypocrisy when you have been offered GRACE to live a sincere life!
Why do you continue in those secret sins when the blood of Jesus came to save you from sin and death!

Why are you living in distress and depression when there is peace and joy in Christ Jesus!
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Whenever I wake up to pray and I hear my siblings praying from their sleep, I understand when the scripture says "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another - Proverbs 27:17
I woke up this morning to pray after a long day yesterday, I knew how we went to sleep tired but when I starts singing and worshipping, I heard some voices in the room that joined me in worship🔥
Severally, I have experiences of how my sister wakes or prays in her sleep when I am praying and one time she told me she heard people singing and praying in her dream and she joined, meanwhile I heard her speaking loud tongues!
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I know some of us can relate, here is what I have to say...
You would never know what it is to be responsible until you become responsible, I hear some young people calling their uncles wicked because they are expecting more but once they become uncles😂😂
You will be faced with so much responsibility that you may forget you have nieces and nephews, facing your own family and trying to meet up with work and rest!
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As I read this lines, it hits me differently each time! We are living portals, we carry the light of Jesus and until we begin to shine our world will remain a dark place!
As light, you should never let sin stop you from shining, for it is holiness that differentiate you and make you stand out as a light so no matter how little your light is! SHINE🔥
We all have weaknesses and often times we may not act the perfect example of Jesus but never get comfortable with compromising God's word using the "Grace of God" as an excuse to remain weak!
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Yesterday while bathing, I heard a voice say what if you die now?

I just responded quickly Ekis me Unku I cannot die now, I will live to fulfill destiny!

Stop giving the devil a chance to make you believe before you shut him up! Shut him up now!!!
You hear a voice in your head telling you what if your parents die, what if you die, what if God is angry with you and you are thinking it, you are believing it, you are comfortable with it!
Don't ever get comfortable with this voice, it is not the voice of God, it is not from God but the devil trying to play with your mind!
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You always get betrayed because you share your secrets with the wrong persons!

Have you ever told the Holy spirit your secret? Try it first😄

No one will except the right persons will hear of it!
Have you ever shared your secret with someone you truly trusted and they used it to mock you! How did you feel? Betrayed?
You cannot be sure of who will betray you or not but no matter how sure your sure is, I know one person who doesn't betray, His amebor is a legit one sha😄 because he can also whisper your problems to the ears of others!
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Dear Believer,

If you saying NO to that UNGODLY relationship, learn to also say NO to the money and gifts!

Stop receiving gifts from the same people you don't want to be involved with!

Don't Be A Greedy Fellow!
Let's conclude this with a story
I had this classmate, let's call her Blessing. She wanted to live a holy life and always gave a stern no to every ungodly relationship but the issue was she always accepted gifts from the same people she said no to!
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This I NO GO GREE attitude many Christians are putting on is not of God at all!

God wants us to be at peace with all men no matter what happens and as far as it depends on you -Romans 12:18
Wait! What is this attitude of self defense and always right for sef? Everyone wants to be right and not corrected for even the wrong they do, this attitude is not of God!
I read Romans 12:18 "If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone". but I realized many Christians prefer to add fuel to the fire and pepper to the soup in order increase the war instead of making peace!
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