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Tengah malam, di sebuah lorong rumah sakit seorang bapak duduk terdiam sudah cukup lama, tanpa bergeming,

"Bapak sampai kapan di sini?"

Aku tersentak, wajahnya separuh hancur, penuh luka basah yang belum mengering, kedua matanya bolong!

"Sampai Kutemukan Jasadku" Bisa kamu baca exclusive di Karyakarsa dalam rangka penggalangan dana untuk Panti Asuhan Lentera Surakarta
JL. IR. SUTAMI Pucangsawit, Jebres, Surakarta City,
--Sebuah yayasan yang menampung anak-anak pengidap HIV Aids, dimana 90% dari mereka Yatim Piatu.

Donwload "Sampai Kutemukan Jasadku" di sini :…
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Tanah Jawa pernah di-ruqyah satu pulau paska kematian masal ribuan keluarga muslim pada tahun 1400-an masehi akibat Jin dan Siluman.

- Misteri Paku Tanah Jawa-
Menurut Manuskrip Kuno bertajuk Kitab Musarar.
Pada abad ke 14 Masehi Kesultanan Turki Usmani mengirim 4000 keluarga muslim ke tanah jawa yang kala itu dikenal angker dan wingit untuk melakukan penyebaran agama islam.
Namun, tak lama kemudian, tersiar kabar bahwa seluruh 4000 keluarga muslim tersebut mati secara misterius.
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I'm sure if we take the date back a few centuries, we'd see that most food of the Old World depended on Pepper from India.

How do we know?

Pliny the Elder himself tells us!
"There is no year in which India does not drain the Roman Empire of 50 million sesterces"
Pliny goes on to complain about pepper.
"It is quite surprising that the use of pepper has come so much into fashion... pepper has nothing in it that can plead as a recommendation to either fruit or berry, its only desirable quality being a certain pungency"
He continues, "and yet it is for this that we import it all the way from India! Who was the first to make trial of it as an article of food? and who, I wonder, was the man that was not content to prepare himself by hunger only for the satisfying of a greedy appetite?"
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The consort of Siva as Tyagaraja Swamy at the temple in Tiruvaroor is the Goddess Neelotpalaamba.

She is called in Tamil as Alliyankodhai from the Tamil word Alli for the flower Lily.

Muthuswami Dikshitar, one of the Carnatic Trinity, and a Devi Upasaka composed hundreds of songs.

Pic: A stamp issued in honor of Dikshitar in 1976 on his 200th birth anniversary.
Well-versed in Sanskrit, Dikshitar composed groups of songs, with the first word beginning with noun declension in each of the 8 cases (vibhaktis) of Sanskrit.
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Aryabhatta's Aryabhattiyam contains several important principles of Mathematics.

It has a little over 300 slokas.

It begins with an invocation to God. #ShortThread
That's the translation of the first verse of the Dasagitika.

It begins with a tribute to Brahman.

In fact, it says Aryabhatta sets forth the book only AFTER having paid reverence to Brahman.
Brahmagupta was both an heir and counterpoint to Aryabhatta's legacy (One could write a whole book on Brahmagupta's criticism of Aryabhatta).

His seminal work Brahmasputa Siddhanta speaks about positive numbers, negative numbers, role of Zero, and Brahmagupta's Theorem(AF=FD)
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I often get asked “Ope, I am just starting, and I cannot afford the whole full branding Kini…what can we do?”

1. You don’t need a logo to have a great brand. What your logo should help you achieve is a visual reminder of the quality of service to expect when they see you outside/on the shelf—primarily, to identify you visually.
2.However, it becomes a problem if you have not built that product/service/experience that people want to identify—it could even become more problematic.
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This is an absolutely stunning little graph, tucked away in a new @pewglobal piece.

Let me explain why... #shortthread
During the second half of the 20th century, Germans were the least "proud" Europeans, for obvious reasons (Holocaust trauma). Only Belgians came close to rivaling them.
Not only have Germans become more patriotic -- as consequence of time and unification -- but many other countries have become less proud.
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What to do if you feel you have any of the Covid symptoms and want to get tested in Chennai ?

A) Please have a word with the Fever Survey Staff who are visiting your home for symptom surveillance. They will guide you to the nearest testing centre.

B) Please attend the @chennaicorp Fever camp. Doctors will have a preliminary check up and all fever camps have facilities for collection of samples.

The list of fever camps can be seen here…

C) Please walk in to a Chennai Corporation static swab collection centre. No prescription is needed for the test and we are actively encouraging private medical practitioners to send all ILI symptomatic people to our labs.

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Very disappointing to see the power struggle play out so openly already now. To be clear, @AOC did not start it, but this doesn't help either. #ShortThread…
1. Even before Biden was crowned "president-elect" the different sides opened up the power struggle. Progressives mainly through social media, centrists mainly through traditional media.
2. Progressives argued that they had increased turnout, including in swing states (eg Omar in MN), and thereby won Biden the election.
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I was having a conversation with someone who believed all we get is based on luck and not grace, he gave me a thousand reasons why he said so, ranging from his experiences and logic reasoning.
I simply told him experience is not the best teacher but the Holy spirit, experience might teach you to call God's promises lies but the Holy spirit will never turn God to a liar.
What about an experience of failure reminding you how you failed severally when God's word is saying "Believe, Trust and Obey".
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Dear Believer,

If you saying NO to that UNGODLY relationship, learn to also say NO to the money and gifts!

Stop receiving gifts from the same people you don't want to be involved with!

Don't Be A Greedy Fellow!
Let's conclude this with a story
I had this classmate, let's call her Blessing. She wanted to live a holy life and always gave a stern no to every ungodly relationship but the issue was she always accepted gifts from the same people she said no to!
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hayo siapa yg kalau tidur suka matiin lampu? atau ada yg pernah lihat jalan yg dikasih lampu,tapi lampu nya g bertahan lama(rusak/mati) atau kedip kedip manja kaya di pilem horror itu? 🤭 g bermaksud nakuti ya, tapi kisah ini benar benar terjadi dan dialami oleh Bapak ku sendiri.
Sekitar tahun 2017, di RT sebelah mengadakan kegiatan perombakan lingkungan, setelah kegiatan memasang paving, para bapak dan pemuda merencanakan pemasangan lampu jalan yg sebelumnya memang tidak pernah dipasang di lingkungan tersebut. Ini sangat perlu dilakukan mengingat, tempat
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The tragedy of Hampi is matched by little else in history.
The largest and richest city in India during its time wiped out of history in a flash. #ShortThread
Cities grow, boom, decay and die. But Vijayanagar falls from the Top-3, not to 4 or 8, but simply off the chart.

Not gradually or step by step, just one violent drop.

That fateful 1565. So much changed in 1 day.

23 January 1565. The day fortunes changed for a great and mighty city, and its once proud people.

After Vijayanagar lost the Battle of Talikota against the Deccani Sultanates, Hampi was plundered.
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What Atiku stands for that Buhari doesn't. #Shortthread

@atiku stands for peace and unity of this country but @MBuhari stands for just a single section of the country. HOW and WHY is this statement true?

During the course of the last presidential debate, H.E @atiku showed us
... his road map on how to reach out to every section of this country including the rural areas. Told us how he was going to decentralize the government and allow every state generate their own resources. Open up even the poorest of all states and make it self dependent on what
... she can produce. This act would have exposed this country to different form of development. But we refused to listen.

He also talked about state police and how effective it would have been in crumbling crime rates in the country, also we refused to listen.
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#ShortThread #Ramayana
I will be posting my thoughts on Ramayana as I read it. Would love to know your response. RT would be appreciated.

This is Balkand Ch. 1. In this Sarg, DevRishi Narad narrates the Summary of Ramayana to the readers via Sage Valmiki.
This chapter is like Synopsis or short Summary of whole Ramayana. As it is evident from last verse, There is no restriction on any person any Varna from reading Ramayana. Any person who reads it will Excel in his specific field of work.
@gopugoswami @AkshayChaitanya
This summary as said by Narad Rishi talks about Rajyabhishek of Lord Ram. His Ram Rajya. But no mention of Luv kusha or Sita going forest. Why would the author miss this detail? Was this chapter written when luv kusha were not born? Or was Uttar Kand added later?
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With pre-final results in, most earlier predictions stand:

1. Huge victory for PSOE
2. Massive loss for PP
3. Big loss Podemos
4. Small win for Cs
5. Big win Vox
6. Significant fragmentation
7. No right-wing coalition
8. Nationalists are kingmakers

#ShortThread #28A 🇪🇸
1. Spain bucks (West) European trend of Left losing big and Right winning big. This is even more remarkable given that Left took over government midway.
2. Spain confirms (West) European trend with increased electoral fragmentation, leading to difficult coalition formation with many parties.

(Although this has precedent in Spain, fragmentation has increased)
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