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The tragedy of Hampi is matched by little else in history.
The largest and richest city in India during its time wiped out of history in a flash. #ShortThread
Cities grow, boom, decay and die. But Vijayanagar falls from the Top-3, not to 4 or 8, but simply off the chart.

Not gradually or step by step, just one violent drop.

That fateful 1565. So much changed in 1 day.

23 January 1565. The day fortunes changed for a great and mighty city, and its once proud people.

After Vijayanagar lost the Battle of Talikota against the Deccani Sultanates, Hampi was plundered.
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What Atiku stands for that Buhari doesn't. #Shortthread

@atiku stands for peace and unity of this country but @MBuhari stands for just a single section of the country. HOW and WHY is this statement true?

During the course of the last presidential debate, H.E @atiku showed us
... his road map on how to reach out to every section of this country including the rural areas. Told us how he was going to decentralize the government and allow every state generate their own resources. Open up even the poorest of all states and make it self dependent on what
... she can produce. This act would have exposed this country to different form of development. But we refused to listen.

He also talked about state police and how effective it would have been in crumbling crime rates in the country, also we refused to listen.
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#ShortThread #Ramayana
I will be posting my thoughts on Ramayana as I read it. Would love to know your response. RT would be appreciated.

This is Balkand Ch. 1. In this Sarg, DevRishi Narad narrates the Summary of Ramayana to the readers via Sage Valmiki.
This chapter is like Synopsis or short Summary of whole Ramayana. As it is evident from last verse, There is no restriction on any person any Varna from reading Ramayana. Any person who reads it will Excel in his specific field of work.
@gopugoswami @AkshayChaitanya
This summary as said by Narad Rishi talks about Rajyabhishek of Lord Ram. His Ram Rajya. But no mention of Luv kusha or Sita going forest. Why would the author miss this detail? Was this chapter written when luv kusha were not born? Or was Uttar Kand added later?
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Name the five books you've read the most times.

1. Invisible Man
2. A Different Mirror
3. Wildseed
4. Souls of Black Folk
5. Crabgrass Frontier
I posted this tweet after seeing a thread about frequently watched movies. The stark contrast between the books, movies, tv shows (serial video), and music as immersive experiences fascinates me. /1 #shortthread
Resonance was Neil Postman's word for the affect of powerful media, but Marshall McLuhan and others have engaged this analysis. This overnight exercise took me to Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan as important influences that I often overlooked. /2
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With pre-final results in, most earlier predictions stand:

1. Huge victory for PSOE
2. Massive loss for PP
3. Big loss Podemos
4. Small win for Cs
5. Big win Vox
6. Significant fragmentation
7. No right-wing coalition
8. Nationalists are kingmakers

#ShortThread #28A 🇪🇸
1. Spain bucks (West) European trend of Left losing big and Right winning big. This is even more remarkable given that Left took over government midway.
2. Spain confirms (West) European trend with increased electoral fragmentation, leading to difficult coalition formation with many parties.

(Although this has precedent in Spain, fragmentation has increased)
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Most Nigerians will agree with me that, the major reason for our under development is poor political leadership. Leadership stock is in short supply in all sectors in our country, but it is most acute in the political arena.

Cc @Chxta @julietkego
From the Federal to the state and the local government levels,We have had fractured political leadership that has proven chronically incapable of lifting this nation to its destiny.
To many Nigerians, things seem to be getting worse and Nigerians are getting really frustrated. I have heard people talk about the" Good old days", but I was not privileged enough to experience it. Since I was born, Nigeria has continuously failed me.
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