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Dear Mr Lover Boy,
I need you to be calming down in this path of love you claim to be on!
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Before you even start walking on this path I want you to read and meditate on 1 Corinthians 13 because this is the weapon for a successful love story.
You cannot even claim you love someone when you don't have a relationship with God. How then do you know what true love is? God is love and for a man to truly love, he/she must first know and love God.
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Stop having this mentality that preaching is meant for pastors "I must be a pastor and stand on the pulpit to preach the gospel" As believers we have all been called to this mandate. Live it🔥 Preach it🔥
I really don't know why so many believers have this mentality of I must be a pastor, some will say I must be called🙄 which calling again, you want special calling to carry out the gospel mandate?
Jesus said in Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” He was not talking to the pastors alone or the evangelists but now to all of us, including me, I and myself. I am included so don't say you are not among😂!
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Dear Good Looking Christian,
In thy looking tush, let God still be seen in the way you look. No one said you shouldn't dress well but please let men see you and glorify your Father in heaven🔥
It is good to look good and tush but please don't put modesty aside, don't put good character aside, don't put humility aside, don't put CHRISTIANITY aside!
Don't forget you are supposed to portray Christ in the way you look, don't forget who you are, don't forget what you represent! Let men see you in your tushness and still see Christ in you!
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Aunty this is for you today...

There is no negotiation on this table, No negotiation!

When they say Kissing will not hurt, let's just be kissing at least to keep the body going🙄
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Say to them, Go and find your kind then, we are not negotiating purity..

How about hands in the "rome', I mean small "romance," just small😏
Uncle, we are not negotiating touching body..

In my family and where I grew up women use to get Belle before we Marry them😮
Go and marry from your family or where you grew up..There is no negotiation!

I am a Christian but I don't see anything wrong with having sex, as long as we are both adults, after all you never can tell who in your assembly do this things🧐
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Can we talk about something tonight?

What songs should Christians play on their wedding, especially during reception?

I think we need to address this issue! Let's drop answers❤
I was at a wedding today, the gist plenty😂 I could see the disappointment in the eyes of the pastors and guest ministers.

Sister and Brother changed moves when we got to the reception venue, no single gospel music was played!
I feel we can still stand out during our weddings abi? What do you say, what songs will you dance to because I couldn't dance o😅

If we say we are for Jesus, why can't we show it even in our wedding receptions, it must not be patterned as every other person!
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Have you been in a critical situation when all you needed and prayed for was mind blowing miracle?

You prayed! You cried! Nothing happened then you concluded God was unfaithful!

I have a MESSAGE for you!
After I saw my 100 level results, I almost died not because it was too bad but because I expected more, I expected more because I felt I served God enough so He should be faithful to me!
I cried! I prayed! I asked God to change something about it, my grades were low after all my service towards Him, Hei so God can be unfaithful this was my conclusion! Who else has experienced this?
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I know some people don't want me to expose them but I must talk this one! No Vex!

Why are you not always fine, Ehn? You want data, you are not fine, you want money, you are not fine plis when will you be fine😂
One brother told me if he asks a sister how she was and she said 'I am not fine' he will just reply the Lord is your strength because if he asks further you will not believe what she will say Haba! I was ashamed for my sisters o
Stop using 'I am not fine' as a strategy of getting people's attention or begging people for something, please if you want to ask for something don't start with I am not fine!
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My Boyfriend Always Warn Me Not To Enter His Bathroom, I Didn’t Know Why Until I Saw This!
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I nearly destroyed my own life in view of avarice, kindly read and learn from my story.

I am Sarah, I was born to a family of 6, consisting of my mother, my father, my siblings and I.
My parent showed us the way of God, and we emulated their example, at least I did till I entered university.
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Dear Romantic Brothers, Let's Settle This Now!!!
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Why do you keep asking me if I am cold after every rainfall? Why are you even asking if I covered well or if you can help, help ni🙄 For the records this is how well I cover during cold and rainy seasons🖕🏽
Why are you calling me late in the night? Why are you asking me to send the picture of what I am wearing at the moment Ah warris that😶

Why are you even calling me romantic names? plis call be sissi or my name we are not in love!
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Dear Youth,
I know how hard it is to succeed yet it is not a reason to give up now, keep striving, keep WORKING to achieve your dreams!
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Dear Young Girl,
Even if every other girl is more concerned about android phones, makeups and clothes focus more on you future and work towards BECOMING a better woman!
Dear Young Boy,
School no be scam, stop following the group of boys who are UNINTENTIONAL about their future, work towards becoming a better man, father and a responsible husband!
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I will title this my experience as STANDING ALONE
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In this part of the world where I'm schooling sexual immorality is just a mere exercise that keeps you in shape and shows the level of your maturity, and when you tends to be different they see you as someone with too many issues! Can you imagine?
Trust me it hasn't easy staying among them sometimes they even think you don't have any sexual feelings😭😭 and you will sometimes feel like an alien.
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What Is GOD Saying?

A friend of mine had a suitor, he was ready to get married and so she was, one handsome man like that😄 handsome to his pocket sef,
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she almost said yes because people told her he was a good man, he was good for her, he was a godly man, yen yen yen but yet God was not saying anything about him.
He was in so much hurry, Ah Ah we all thought it was love o, went to her parents to profess his love, went to her pastor, went to her mentor, he was ready to spend time, money and energy just to make her his wife but little did we know he already had a wife and 2 kids😶
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In The Middle*

Before I was saved, I was a RELIGIOUS person...
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Name it any program, I was never absent, I was very fast in opening the Bible buh I never lived by any🤦(I even came first in a Bible Drill Competition)

I was religious but not spiritual, I was a virgin but not sexually pure(I didn't even know what Consecration is)
I was religious but not spiritual, I was a virgin but not sexually pure(I didn't even know what Consecration is)

When I got into the higher institution, I always envied the Slay Queens and Kings and at the same time admired the Fire Brand Brothers and Sisters
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You are not really what I want but I will MANAGE you...

I faced a heartbreak that almost took the best part of me, yes it was bad but I am thankful it happened.(told us this story already)
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Few weeks later, I met this guy and because I was trying to get over the pain I decided to give him a listening ear plus I knew him before then, we got talking since we lived in the same town we decided to meet for a reunion.
I hate going late for meetings so I was early, he came few minutes later, I have not seen him for a longggg time and I expected him to look better lol, leave this gist🤣
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Can you imagine an orange tree producing mangos or a pawpaw tree producing banana? It is not possible. The tree always produces after its kind. Same with animals, a lion, no matter how similar it is to a tiger, cannot give birth to a tiger.
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The order of things is that you bring forth your own kind.

The other day, I saw three asian women with their babies. I marveled at the greatness of God.
Their children looked just like them. It would be weird for white parents to have a dark skinned baby. Why? Because her baby is meant to have her genes.
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Why The RUSH?

Everyone in our generation seem to be in a hurry to get to their destination before the expected time, some even drive cars as if they are driving to Canada from Nigeria🙄 Where are you rushing to?
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You want to rush into marriage when you are not prepared, you are not ready to be a wife, cook and a mother, you are not ready to take care of the needs of others, you don't even have enough money to rent a house. Why the rush?
You want to rush into a relationship, you are just 15, emotionally unstable, you are still struggling with your academics, you don't have a stable prayer life, you didn't even ask if it's God's will! Why the rush?
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