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Being a co-conspirator—forget “ally”—means thinking about the areas in which you have power and privilege and then actively, consistently using your voice to advocate in those areas you have power and privilege to make visible those who are marginalized. (Thread)
Going to quote @IjeomaOluo’s brilliance again here:
In reading some of the tweets of reflections from #NCTE18, I’m considering my own privileges and the need to use my privilege to speak out in order to be truly inclusive in the spaces I navigate. For example...
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Thread: Thoughts from a white woman about the #ALAN18 panel titled "From Beyoncé to Eric Garner to Starr Carter: Using The Hate U Give to Address Emotional Labor in Black Women's Lives"
The panel was lead by two white women. They acknowledged their identities as white women at the beginning of the session, they also acknowledged that they "learned a lot" when they presented the session during #ncte18. No specifics were shared abt what was learned and from whom.
I was not at the earlier session, but heard that WOC did much of the 'teaching' necessary for that learning. Not acknowledging those WOC & their work explicitly is centering white women and ignoring the emotional labor of the WOC -The very topic the session title claims to center
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For those who were asking to see the slides from my #classroombookaday #BuildYourStack at #NCTE18...a thread (b/c I'm too tired to figure out another way to upload them somewhere right now😂). #nerdybookclub #bookaday
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Thanks to all who made #ncte18 great. In this thread, I will share 15 interesting things I heard people say.
1. "A rigorous classroom is filled with voice, choice and production." Ernest Morrell
2. "Schools are the one place where a child's main identity is negative. Kids are only "Special Ed" at school." Colleen Cruz
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On my #NCTE19 wish list includes single or half day passes for local educators that are affordable and possible subsidies for Ts to come to the convention who cannot otherwise afford it.

Lots of #NCTE18 sessions spoke about equity, but how will @NCTE put words into action?
I know the tremendous work that @juliaerin80 and @nenagerman did in the days leading up to #NCTE18 to get Houston Ts there—and I was so happy to meet a few of the Ts who directly benefitted from their work, but...
In order for SYSTEMIC change to happen, we can't expect or depend on WOC like @juliaerin80 and @nenagerman to do the work around equity and access that should really be the work of EVERYONE in leadership & membership. NCTE has a long history... it's 2018... know what I mean?
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So the literature has “mirrors and windows” everywhere, and yet... 🤔

(And this is what happens when diversity becomes appropriated and colonized for economic gain.) #NCTE18
This is all about making money with shiny faux woke branding. #NCTE18…
#NCTE18 exhibitors, don’t let this be you. Ts, don’t be complicit. 👇🏽
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Standing room only for @SonjaCherryPaul @tianasilvas @colleen_cruz @JSerravallo this morning as they talk about centering Ss voices in writing #NCTE18
.@colleen_cruz points out how we sloppy mistakes can turn into high-stakes mistakes... how do we help kids make mistakes that stretch and help them grow? #NCTE18
“Sloppy mistakes become high stakes mistakes when we don’t allow space for students’ voices.” @colleen_cruz asks is to also consider all the time-killing mistakes we make as Ts. #NCTE18
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Front and center for #disrupttexts. This room is PACKED, y’all! So many disruptors in here! @nenagerman, @triciaebarvia, @juliaerin80, & @TchKimPossible are gonna be, and we all know it!🔥 #ncte18
@triciaebarvia asking us why we are here. I am here because the canon needs to be reimagined. I am here because oppressive systems must be disrupted and dismantled. I am here because none of us are free until we all are free. #disrupttexts #ncte
Fellow disruptors, why are you here? #disrupttexts #ncte18
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.@kate_flowers reminds us that we can flip the conversation about accountability—“Accountability should serve the student not the teacher” (and I’d add... and it should definitely not serve the system). #NCTE18
Like @kate_flowers, @AnnaOz249 is one of my favorite people in the world. She is a fearless educator on the side of kids, relentlessly so. Listening to her present reminds me how much this relentlessness matters... especially when it comes dehumanizing assessment. #NCTE18
Love this idea!! @AnnaOz249 invites her students to create a multigenre project she calls an “identity collection” which can become their first piece of wall art for their college dorm room. #NCTE18
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Packed room of educators here to listen to @kate_flowers @AnnaOz249 as they talk about independent reading and accountability that doesn’t kill the love of reading but helps students grow. #NCTE18
Lots of busy note-taking in this session as @kate_flowers shares her classroom practices on how she gathers meaningful data about Ss’ independent reading lives, then invites participants to reflect on their own reading experiences. #NCTE18
This simple protocol helps participants get deep and to the heart of the matter — what do we mean by “difficulty”? Reflecting on our own experiences can help us better understand what we mean when we find ourselves in conversations about “rigor.” #NCTE18 @kate_flowers
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NCTE session on anti-racism is not holding back.

Question: is @NCTE non-racist or anti-racist?

And teachers, are you non-racist or anti-racist? #NCTE18… @nenagerman @juliaerin80 @JazmenMoore @klrembert
“But we have to know that our silence, or half-hearted efforts, means that we are okay with the status quo. We are complicit in perpetuating it.” #NCTE18 @klrembert
Pay attention: in what ways are POC represented and heard? Who is not at the table when you’re having conversations?

Also, too often, too many POC, especially women of color, are exploited for their free labor, and that doesn’t even include the emotional labor. #NCTE18
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Five years ago, Sara Abou Rashed came to the US as a refugee from Syria. “The Odyssey is a story about trying to find a home. I have always had to fight for a home. I am an activist. I am a poet... ” #NCTE18
“My story is the story of immigrants. But my story is also the story of America because America is a nation of immigrants.” Sara Abou Rashed #NCTE18
“I love this country because they educate you enough so that you can criticize them. But criticism isn’t enough, we have to be part of the solution.” Sara Abou Rashed #NCTE18
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“There’s a reason that activists say think global, act local. I try to make change by collecting one book at a time. Educators, ask yourself what you are doing?” Marley Dias #NCTE18
“Most people are asleep to the problems of others. Part of your job as an educator is to wake people up.” - Marley Dias #NCTE18
“Help Ss become aware. Teach them about equity. Raise their consciousness. Teach students about causes and effects, and give them credit for it.” - Marley Dias #NCTE18
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“Being an activist means I’m thinking about more than what’s important to me but what’s important to the world.

Kids’ ideas matter. We have ideas so big that no WALL can stop us.

Kids can change the world when we’re given a chance. Kids can teach us.” @thelivbits #NCTE18
Ask yourself: how do you see humanity? Let’s take @thelivbits’ lead.

Look for “heartbeeps moments,” moments that change the way you see humanity, make you SEE humanity. #NCTE18
“Kids need a little love, a little hope, and someone who believes in them... We could all use a little more love and hope in the world.” @thelivbits #NCTE18
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First timers breakfast is hopping! @ernestmorrell reminds us of our professional responsibility to ask bold questions. #NCTE18
.@ernestmorrell “Teaching is lonely in a world that thinks differently about kids than we do. At NCTE, we advocate for kids...” #NCTE18
.@ernestmorrell’s three tips for #NCTE18 first timers: 1) Be relentless. Maximize your time. 2) Be courageous. Reach out to experts and strangers. 3) Be involved and take action.
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What are your hopes and fears for today’s students?
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It’s her!!! This might be the best thing ever!!! #NCTE18 #DisruptTexts #BeyondTheSingleStory
On the power of her teachers... “It must have give me great confidence to be SEEN by my teacher like that. She saw me, she saw all of us... She made me feel like my passion mattered.” #NCTE18
On other teachers... “Lack of respect was really my curiosity, my refusal to give into a false sense of deference. I wish those other Ts had a way to guide my questions. To read my restless curiosity as just that, not as a reason for censure.” #NCTE18
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Here's a challenge for all #NCTE18 Ts.

As you walk the exhibit hall and grab all the titles you'll bring back to your classrooms, stop and ask the vendors this question:

Can you tell me how your organization is anti-racist? In what ways is your group committed to equity?
Other questions for the #NCTE18 exhibit hall:

✔️How diverse are the decision-makers in your organization?
✔️How many of your titles are #ownvoices?
✔️What are you doing to find and publish authors of color?
✔️How are you reaching Ts and Ss in underserved communities? #NCTE18
☝🏽And if you are a White educator especially... please #spendyourprivilege and ask these questions. #NCTE18
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Announcing the 2018-19 #MarginalSyllabus!
8 months of conversation
3 organizational partners: @writingproject @ncte @hypothes_is
19 partner authors!
Join "Literacy, Equity + Remarkable Notes = LEARN"…
Thread with details, pls RT! /1
What's the #MarginalSyllabus? Since 2016, this project has convened and sustained convos with educators about equity in education through open & collaborative web annotation. You can learn more about the Marginal Syllabus, previous syllabi & research at /2
And what's "marginal" about the #MarginalSyllabus? We partner with authors whose writing is contrary to dominant education norms, we read & annotate in the margins of online texts, and we discuss educational equity using open-source tech that's marginal to commercial edtech /3
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