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Theory Time: Time has come, finally. Imma be talking about imu and wat it possibly is and
origins,powers,gorosei,nika and etc. please stick around and read on and hope you enjoy my theory & opinion. Continue….
#imu #history ImageImageImageImage
1st: imma start with the beginning, this a is about the omni/primordial gods that came before all and every existence….First was chaos…2nd Gaia…..3rd eros….4 being nika. Just know oda pick a lot from all mythology but seem more connected with these primordial opinion Image
These 4gods will probably be siblings. First chaos was the oldest and had kinda more authority in a way.. but loved being free.2nd was gaia… gaia was more of the one wanting more growth and wanted it siblings be more like it. Third Eros, the most loving one and third nika,joyful ImageImageImageImage
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Instead of Imu being small/a kid, I think it’s more likely that the throne was never built for him to begin with.

Theory on Joy Boy, The Giant Straw Hat, The Empty Throne, and the Family of D:

(Thread 1/10 🧵) ImageImage
If the throne wasn’t originally his, then that means Imu must’ve fought in a war and usurped Joy Boy and the Ancient Kingdom

But then why would he keep his Straw Hat and what’s so important about it? Image
Well what if the Straw Hat is actually Joy Boy’s crown and now either a trophy that Imu keeps as a reminder of what he fought for, or a way to honour his memory if they were close friends and had a falling out? Image
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Imma be posting my imu theory tonight. So be ready for it and hope y’all show support.
I design this for the theory.
#imu Image
I’m sorry y’all I haven’t been posting these past few days…just been editing and getting things ready for this biggest theory of imu….. yo @bigdannyfr I’m be giving u credit tonight for the info you gave me, last week. Highly appreciate you.
The reason why I put ghandi goresei as vulcan. In real life pre-20th century astronomers…made a theory that vulcan was a planet…oda might be inspire by that for him. The reason why I didn’t put venus is bc she hasn’t been shown yet….
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Avec cette scenarisation Oda fait en sorte qu'on pense que Lillie serait Ym.

Alors oui c'est possible mais si elle était Ym et raignait sur le monde pourquoi les nefertari serait des traitres?
1/3 ImageImageImageImage
Pourquoi laisser une lette qui parlerai des D., qui serait surement quelque chose du même genre que la lettre de Joyboy ?

Y'a quelque chose qui colle pas là mais on aura pas la réponse de si tôt 😭
2/3 Image
Pour moi il se peut aussi que Lillie ait été une allier de Joyboy mais qui a été "obligé" de rester avec les 20 fondareur mais qui à la fin a choisis la mort plutôt que devenir fondateur un peu comme toki avec Kaido ? 🤔
3/3 Image
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Há milhares de anos, os Lunarios, uma raça vinda do espaço, deixam seu planeta de origem, e migram para a terra, com eles vinham os Birkas, Shandias e Skypieans.
Ao chegaram no grande planeta azul, os 4 povos se dividiram em duplas. Image
Os Skypieans e os Birkas optaram por viver em cima das nuvens. Já os Shandias e os Lunarios, optaram por viver em terra firme.
Os Shandias logo encontraram seu lugar na terra, em uma ilha desabitada e lhe deram o nome de Jaya. ImageImage
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The Story of Nefertari Lili

Warning. Contains #ONEPIECE1084 Spoilers Image
This thread will aim to establish what the true story of Nefetari Lili may be.

In order to do this, we'll look at likely real world inspirations, and details from within the manga itself that may connect.

Let's get in to it.
Firstly, let's consider the potential inspirations from real world scriptures.

Lilith (Lili) is mentioned across many different scriptures, dating back millennia. These include, The Bible, Hebrew scriptures, and even Sumerian scriptures, dating back as far as 2000 BCE Babylonia Image
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~ Imu’s Identity ~

Spoiler warning I pretty much solved Imu’s identity 🤷🏼‍♀️😮‍💨
Imu is Lili Nefertari’s daughter.
Her character being a direct mirror to Doflamingo, however Imu did manage to succeed with her goal even better then Doflamingo could ever dream to achieve. ImageImageImage
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