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China wants us eliminated.
China is too scared to nuke us & start a war, & [They] need our land for crops. Can't taint the land.
Can't invade us. "Behind every blade of grass"...
DJT Jr "If you like Corona in your country, you'll love Huawei in your home".
'Woke folk' passing around AWARENESS on Tik Tok.
POTUS "Somebody knew there'd be a pandemic, or an epidemic of this proportion".

Obama 5 YEARS EARLIER ~ "If & when a new flu like the Spanish flu crops up 5 yrs from now".

Literally JUST like the Spanish flu.
Do u see WHY [They] keep the children underground? 2 shield them from what makes us sick up here. We're ALL walking around being exposed 2 slow acting chemo radiation therapy. Imagine cranking up 'the dial'. You & your DNA, is Electromagnetic.
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Dear #Patriots
As we cannot trust the [MSM] to answer the Questions from .@PressSec .@kayleighmcenany
So once again #WeThePeople must step up
I challenge all of you to answer the questions in this thread
.@seanhannity .@IngrahamAngle .@TuckerCarlson
MEMEs Image
LET US SHOW THE [MSM] who is in charge HERE!
#WeThePeople #WWG1WGA
#EndFakeNews .@PressSec
#FactsMatter #FactsNotFear
.@MSNBC .@abcnews .@CBSNews .@NBCNews .@CNN .@Breitbart .@foxnewsalert
1.Why did the DoJ learn about the FBI's interest in Flynn's conversations with the Russian Amb. from a CONVERSATION WITH OBAMA in the Oval Office?
Ask me! .@PressSec
#obamagate #DemandAnswers
3/9+++ Image
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Wow, Comey and Flynn setting them up.
Absolutely DELICIOUS!

Pence & Sally Yates expected Comey's FBI to take out Flynn, but Pence and DOJ Yates had to step up (w/Woolsey et al).

Comey key to #ObamaKnew. He retained trust after October Surprise: Weiner Laptop.

#Q4287 #ObamaGate
Several Q drops on Adm Rogers Trump Tower meeting warning Trump of spying. Trump's operations moved next day.

Adm Rogers TT meeting Nov 17, 2016

Important takeaway.
We had the ball the entire time.
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Very good articles written by J. E. Dyer, a retired naval officer

#ObamaGate #ObamaKnew

1) Published 5/13/2020 - Beyond Biden, Brennan, and Clapper: How Grenell’s satchel tells us this is on the right track…
2) Published 3/23/2018 - Collusion: Why it took the whole Obama administration to put Team Trump under surveillance

#ObamaGate #ObamaKnew…
3) Published 1/19/2018 - As House members vow to make FBI FISA abuses public, multiple threads come together

#ObamaGate #ObamaKnew…
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1) While reading through the released transcripts, I remembered the beginning of this Spygate Coup -it seems like so long ago. It was during the Marc Elias Interview-Partner in Law Firm Perkin’s Coie, that I recalled.
#Spygate #QAnon #ObamaKnew…
2) The Fusion GPS “Opposition Research” started in 2015 on the Republican Side. A “wealthy” Republican hired Fusion GPS. The wealthy Republican mentioned in Elias interview, was a Rubio supporter. Once Liddle Marco was out of the race, the work with Fusion ended.
3) What rich Republican donor’s supported Marco Rubio? There were several, but the one that caught my eye was Paul Singer.…
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The dominos are falling! #ThesePeopleAreSick #TheMoreYouKnow #GreatAwakening #QAnon
Where are the @GenFlynn 302’s #TheMoreYouKnow
“So you think this goes all the way up to the top to President Obama? “ “Absolutely “ #TheMoreYouKnow #Flynndicated #ObamaKnew
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There was never any there there. #hoax #ObamaKnew #scum
It was an attempted coup. #hoax #ObamaKnew
It was Obama being jealous of Trump’s win. #ObamaKnew
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Because we know the Democrats and liberal media will spin lies here is the truth from an unbiased journalist regarding @GenFlynn @KimStrassel .
And to think the almost got away with there lies. The damage is done. Who will apologize? Who will be charged? The facts are indisputable. It’s all in the papers that they testified to. #ObamaKnew
No a one of these reports was truthful. Yet, it was reported on as though it was.
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It can't be said enough times that .@realDonaldTrump began his presidency under surveillance. That is not what our intelligence community should ever be doing - spying on the opponent's campaign team.
And I tell ya, get ready for Comey, Brennan et. al, to say they believed there was reason to surveile. But if they thought it was so dangerous for America, they would never have used what they used in front of the FISA court. They used political opposition from Hillary Clinton.
The Steele dossier. It was front and center. But Comey et. al, did not show exculpatory information which would include Papadopoulos transcripts. #Hannity @RepRatcliffe
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1/ Remember when Democrats invoked the Logan Act in allegations against the @GenFlynn?

Opposition on the Right labeled the claims as "ridiculous" &"antiquated". The law has been charged twice in US history; in 1803 and most recently 1852. Neither party indicted were convicted.
2/ This is absolute PROJECTION at it's finest. These stupid people can't help themselves. We're to think, "oh man, who would ever USE the LOGAN ACT? It's so farfetched am I right?!"

18 U.S. Code § 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments
3/ The aim of the Logan Act is to prevent unauthorized citizens of the United States from directly or indirectly influencing or subverting United States government interests against other countries.…
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The weather is being used as obfuscation, JoJo. And oddly enough it’s happening in RED STATES. It’s to *prove* that Trump is “wrong” on Climate Change and “the Democrats” are right. With perfected geo-Engineering, creating tornadoes and hurricanes is a cake-walk. HAARP.
2/ HAARP: High Frequency Active Auroral Research curtesy the USAF, the Navy, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.… and…
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MONTGOMERY, ‘THE HAMMER’ SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM WHISTLEBLOWER, BECAME THE DEEP STATE’S ENEMY NUMBER ONE AFTER EXPOSING THE TRUTH - The American Report - Most 🇺🇸s suspect #Scalia was murdered‘ #ObamaKnew and his occult @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats #SCOTUS
“Montgomery asserts that Obama, Brennan, and Clapper used THE HAMMER in a diabolically intrusive manner in order to spy on the American people and collect massive amounts of surveillance data for “leverage” and “blackmail.”
THE HAMMER was only to be used for foreign surveillance”
not to be weaponized for domestic surveillance against the American people, according to Montgomery and to U.S. military sources... The Whistleblower Tapes released by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow reveal that Donald Trump was wiretapped a “zillion times.”
The CIA feared...
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🇺🇸 US Attorney John Durham Began Investigating Spygate Scandal “Weeks Ago” –Working Directly with IG Horowitz
John Durham, a US Attorney in Connecticut has a history of investigating wrongdoing among national security officials
🇺🇸#Spygate #HammerTime
🇺🇸 Judcial Watch Interview Joe diGenova: Obama KNEW about CIA Chief John Brennan's Illicit Anti-Trump targeting team
🔗 25 minutes
Joe D’Genova has his finger on the pulse of whats going on with the Mueller Report and Spygate
🇺🇸#Spygate #ObamaKnew
🇺🇸Trey Gowdy: FBI withheld ((( Game Changer ))) transcript material from FISA Court
Gowdy said. “And some of us have been fortunate enough to know whether or not those transcripts exist. But they haven't been made public
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🇺🇸Russia HOAX Peddlers will turn on Each Other, Trump 2020 Adviser Steven Rogers
We discuss the Mueller Report & the efforts over the past couple of years to undermine President Trump & how this amounts to a scandal bigger than Watergate
🇺🇸 IRONY ALERT: Hillary Clinton 🐀 🐀 says:
“Trump ‘Certainly’ Should Have Been ‘Indicted” 🤣😅😂
🇺🇸#ClintonCabal #ClintonCorruption #ClintonBodyCount
🇺🇸 Q Post: 3317 / 3318 - - 25 Apr 2019 - 3:41:21 AM

Joe Digenova: FISA Court Already Told Justice Department
(Barr) About Illegal FBI Spying Operation

Listen very carefully to statements made by Joe D.
It's happening.
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I want to thank @jerome_corsi for spending about 8-10 minutes in his live stream yesterday. Watch (starts @ 15 min) He has been an advocate For #GSE shareholders for quit awhile. He hilites #FHFA calling for recap. #fanniegate #FNMA #FMAC #MAGA
No secret what I think - @larry_kudlow @MickMulvaneyOMB @stevenmnuchin1 @USAGSessions My money was stolen by deceptive govmt accounting then swept into treasury to illegally fund obamacare. No other solution than ppl go to jail- money returned #fanniegate #FNMA @POTUS #MAGA
Today when the OIG report comes out it will claim the spotlight, but just know, #fanniegate was one part of all of obama's lawless actions. @POTUS needs to order the 11k hidden docs unclassified and hand over to @TheJusticeDept $billions stolen from fortune 50 private Co.'s
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