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Many contracting COVID19 are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • OCTOBER 23 2020


5,348,851 Active

41,781,763 Confirmed

1,140,534 Deaths

35,292,378 Recovered


851,340 Active

8,506,544 Confirmed

226,368 Deaths

7,428,836 Recovered Image
John Hopkins University COVID19


41,994,442 Cases

1,138,882 Deaths

31,017,086 Recovered


127,825,177 TESTED

8,661,651 Cases

227,516 Deaths

5,612,505 Recovered

Positive results do not speak to severity/lethality… Image
489,536 New York 33,348

887,418 Texas 17,381

871,489 California 17,198

226,358 New Jersey 16,371

762,616 Florida 16,213

153,679 Massachusetts 9,780

355,217 Illinois 9,345

191,296 Pennsylvania 8,562

338,035 Georgia 7,710

167,966 Michigan 7,421

233,912 Arizona 5,854 Image
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Well isn't that a coinkydink. Con Pop couldn't possibly be involved right?
"272D” refers to “Money Laundering, Unknown SUA [Specified Unlawful Activity]—White Collar Crime Program,” according to FBI documents. One government official described “272D” as “transnational or blanket.”… #FoxNews
I've long maintained Biden would be a no show for the third debate was more sure since Trump's speech in Prescott Arizona. Now ? . . . odds are smaller still.…
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📌Pop Quiz 103 How much do you know about current events? Take a guess no one can see your answers! Please retweet great learning tool! #TuesdayThoughts #TriviaTuesday #MediaBias #LiesLiesLies
📌1. Many reporters took money from this company to lie to viewers during 2016 election. The owner testifies in court that DNC/ Hillary gave him millions on April 14, 2016. Meets with reporters/journalist many times.
📌2. On May 10, 2020, #NBC #MeetThePress #ChuckTodd uses an edited version of #AGBarr interview to deceive viewers. The network later issues an apology.
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1 @jamescfox: "I have met with very high-level people -people that really, really are in a position to know what's going on, people that have dumped millions & millions & millions of dollars into researching this stuff. People that you'd probably know

2 "about - that have shared stuff with me off the record, that were so out there, I just went, 'You gotta be kidding me. This is really what you think is happening? And is this like speculation or conjecture?' It's like, 'No, this is like research at the highest level.' And it's
3 "like, I'll give you a hint & it's as far as I wanna go with it. And look, I'm not endorsing this & I'm not saying that I believe it. I'm just saying that the people that I heard it from are people in a position to know. I can't dismiss it because of the source.
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So apparently DNI Ratcliff has already forgotten what they said about Derkach
So now we have the FBI, which sources say is examing the "Hunter Biden laptop" as part of an investigation into Foreign interference with our election contradicting Trump loyalist and head of DNI, John Ratcliffe. #Election2020 #infoOps #osint
So here's a great example of something that is suppose 2 prove something but actually doesnt. This email has been widely used as proof its Hunter Biden's laptop & that his Lawyer now wants it back. However, it proves only one thing. That Hunter possibly has a lawyer named George
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Vous vous souvenez l'#Obamagate, #Biden et #Obama promis à 50 ans de prison par #Trump? Eh bien, SON ministère de la Justice mené par Barr a enquêté sur les demandes de "désanonymation" des comptes-rendus d'écoutes sous #Obama. Et...RAS. Dans les règles.…
2) Et comme on l'écrivait dans cette enfilade d'explication sur le cas Flynn en mai dernier,si des responsables sécurité nationale d'#Obama ont demandé la désanonymation de Flynn sur des écoutes, c'est parce qu'il avait trop causé à l'ambassadeur de Russie
3) Bref, en décembre 2016, le futur conseiller sécurité nationale de #Trump, Flynn, a négocié en douce avec l'ambassadeur de Russie contre la présidence Obama. Sa conversation a été interceptée. Et la sécurité nationale US a fait son job en désanonymant.
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@KevinWithell @BBC @bbccomedy 1. Are you blind or just daft

He was publicly talking about the possibility of "injecting" Far-UV *#LIGHT* "disinfectant" down ventilator tubes

It's one of the things that kills #COVID1984 in the open air

And is used for it in lots of other spheres including in hospitals...
@KevinWithell @BBC @bbccomedy 2. British Rail is about to or has started using a robot mounted with a Far-UV light source to trundle round at least one station disinfecting it

You have the excuse you didn't see the full video

But the #BBC who will have had at least one "reporter" present if not their own...
@KevinWithell @BBC @bbccomedy 3. But the #BBC who will have had at least one "reporter" present at the press conference if not their own camera crew must have known he never mentioned bleach never mind household bleach drinking it or injecting it

However you don't have any excuse for swallowing that #Trump
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#FFS Why is #HIGNFY @BBC STILL spreading #DrinkBleachHoax propaganda

Every @BBCComedy show seems to repeat it every episode

#Trump never mentioned #Bleach never mind #HouseholdBleach

Never said #DrinkBleach never mind at home

He was talking about hospital trials of UV-#LIGHT
#FFS Why is #BBC @HIGNFY STILL spreading #DrinkBleachHoax propaganda

#Trump never mentioned #Bleach never mind #DrinkBleach

Talking about hospital trials of "injecting" "disinfectant" UV-LIGHT into ventilator tubes

#BBCFakeNews #BiasedBroadcastingCorp
Talk about #FakeNews

#HIGNIFY should be satirising #Media propaganda not spreading it

#FoxNews is more honest than #BiasedBBC @BBC

Shame on you @HIGNIFY

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This falls into the category of "if I wrote this scene in a movie nobody would believe it."
Live #COVID19 work-up
@foxnewstalk @TuckerCarlson
The President of the United States will "undergo a medical exam" conducted by Fox's Dr. Marc Siegel
2/ Dr. Marc Siegel has been #FoxNews medical commentator since 2008, & is on the faculty @nyulangone . He said on #Hannity that #COVID19 "should be compared to the #flu. Because at worst, at worst, worst-case scenario it could be the flu."
3/ It was Siegel who was on camera w/#Trump for the infamous "person, woman, man, camera, TV" segment in which @POTUS bragged about his cognitive function test.
In April on @TuckerCarlson he announced that #hydroxychloroquine "cured" his father of #COVID19 .
But he has...
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Amazing @earthinstitute #sustainwhat chat started with Larry Altman covering @VP candidate Eagleton pulling out of '72 race over undisclosed depression treatment, ended exploring @DrMarcSiegel's plan to give @potus a #COVID19 checkup live on @TuckerCarlson tonight. Links below⤵️
Watch @Laurie_Garrett @nytimes' 40-year veteran presidential-health reporter Larry Altman, & @deborahblum of @KSJatMIT: Periscope
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This is the same 'washed-up' political prostitute who went amok like a maniac about @realDonaldTrump. He tried to do the same to Sen Rubio too.

Marco Rubio rips MSNBC's Steve Schmidt on Twitter: 'Washed-up' political prostitute #FoxNews
This is the same 'washed-up' political prostitute who went amok like a maniac about @realDonaldTrump.

I'm Out of Here, Says Steve Schmidt…
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@JohnBrennan briefed @BarackObama on Hillary’s plan to “vilify” @realDonaldTrump with Russia hoax #ObamaKnew

DNI declassifies John Brennan notes, CIA memo on @HillaryClinton 'stirring up' scandal between Trump, Russia #FoxNews
“We’re getting additional insight into Russian activities from [REDACTED],” Brennan notes read.
“CITE [summarizing] alleged approved by @HillaryClinton a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify @realDonaldTrump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service,” Brennan’s notes read.
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Although rumored yesterday, PA Sen Pat Toomey confirms he will retire from the Sen. 2022 and will not run for Governor in 2022.

Pat Toomey announces retirement from Senate, won't seek office in 2022 #FoxNews
He said the reasoning behind the decision was that so many people were offering to help him run for reelection or governor, but he wanted to be "candid" with those people.

"I wanted to let everybody know," Toomey said.
He hopes to Chair the Banking committee in 2021 until his retirement at the end of 2022.

Meanwhile he hopes Trump wins re-election.
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1. I never watch @rupertmurdoch's @FoxNews. To make me do it, you'd have to hook me up like Alex in "A Clockwork Orange."
2. So I need to rely on the kindness of strangers to tell me if they are running factual broadcasts or just more Fox propaganda? The reason I ask goes back to the expressions of 1st Amendment Rights in DC that set the Fascists off to attack peaceful demonstrators so Barr could
3. allow an anti-Christian heretic to desecrate a church. What happened IMO from the perspective of analyzing propaganda is that people tuned #FoxNews off and watched DC drama unfold on other news sources. I reported at the time that it appeared to me that, without the necessary
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US Military deploys nuclear ICBM command aircraft off the coast of Washington

Post 10881281
doomsday planes are up
Post 10880462
2 doomsday planes are up
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.@johnrobertsFox: You, #FoxNews + the rest of the #FakeNewsMedia are all up in arms over #ProudBoys and #PresidentTrump non-denunciation denunciation of the supposed #WhiteSupremacist group.

Why don't you act like a journalist learn something about them, and do some reporting?
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Kamala Harris praises BLM, says ongoing protests are 'essential' for change in US #FoxNews
A vote for Biden and Harris (who will likely become President sometime in Biden’s term) is a vote for the black equivalent of the KKK and continuing rioting in the streets.
"Peaceful protests" for Biden and Harris include throwing Molotov cocktails, smashing windows and looting stores, and beating, terrorizing, and killing people, especially police officers.
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KrisAnne Hall has been deplatformed on twitter. Here's her fb post on the debate:
I've been reflecting why this #presidentialdebate2020 degraded so quickly.
I have come to the conclusion that the questions were not designed to elicit real political responses.
The questions were
2/ carefully crafted to look political but were highly emotive and extremely loaded.
The questions had very little to nothing to do with the real constitutional issues on the job of the president.
These questions had one purpose... to make as much drama as possible and
3/ not to help the people discern the best presidential candidate.
Come on Fox, let's just be honest about that.
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Vous aurez déjà tout lu ça et la sur l'avant-débat #Trump/#Biden, juste quelques remarques historiques- on est là pour ça après tout-avant d'aller dormir, en m'excusant par avance si ça a déjà été dit par d'autres... 👇#Debates2020
2) Sur les PREMIERS débats présidentiels US impliquant 1 président sortant, rappeler qu'il a lui a toujours été défavorable (Bush Sr'92, Bush Jr'04), voire catastrophique (Reagan'84, Obama'12), et même irrémédiable (Carter'80). Seul #Clinton'96 a parfaitement maîtrisé.
3) Cette tendance incontestable souligne la difficulté pour 1 président en exercice à se plier au jeu du débat contradictoire après avoir pendant des années décidé et ordonné. Et la plus grande aisance théorique d'1 rival frotté aux durs débats des primaires paraît logique...
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The Honorable Lindsey Graham
Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary
United States Senate

Chairman Graham,
SEP 2 9 2020
In response to your request for Intelligence Community (IC) information related to the Federal Bureau of investigation's (FBI) Crossfire Hurricane Investigation, I have declassified the following:
• In late July 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies obtained insight into Russian intelligence analysis alleging that U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin
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A 0h20 (heure US), la nuit précédant 1 débat crucial avec #JoeBiden, le président #Trump s'exalte sur Twitter quant à 1 vidéo de l'organisation d'agit-prop conservatrice radicale Project Veritas quant à 1 élection truquée. Problème: même #FoxNews conteste.…
2) Plusieurs questions: d'1 part, est-ce la meilleure préparation pour 1 président de 74 ans avant 1 débat national de dormir si peu? D'autre part, comment #Trump enfermé dans cette bulle "Twitter/écosystème de réinformation conservatrice" réagira- t-il à 1 confrontation d'idées?
3) Enfin, combien de personnes convaincues par la réaffirmation permanente par #Trump d' 1 élection truquée, qui est amplifiée par les réseaux sociaux comme Facebook? Cette question de la taille réelle du continent politique #Trump devient cruciale pour évaluer l'issue du scrutin
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Voici donc, selon le @nytimes, pourquoi le président #Trump s'est donné tant de mal pour cacher ses déclarations d'#impôt sur le revenu fédérales. Parce qu'il n'en payait pas car son "empire" perd beaucoup d'argent.…
2) Mais la révélation sur les finances de #Trump, fruit d'1 #investigation journalistique sur des années, n'aura probablement que peu d'impact politique. 1 coup de #fakenews et ça repart. Toujours la puissance de sa disqualification a priori de la presse…
3) La façon dont #Trump a brisé la servitude volontaire des politiques. héritée du Watergate. pour rendre des comptes publics à la presse est d'ores et déjà une évolution majeure de sa présidence pour la #démocratie US.
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Conveniently timed #FakeNews.

This is obvi #Debate2020 Prep for #FoxNews #ChrisWallace.

Wonder how #NYTimes can snoop into people's #TaxReturns? THEY CAN'T!

#TrumpTaxReturns story is a 2016 retread.

What's next? A bus ride with Billy Bush?


#Trump2020 #Landslide2020!
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