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This doesn't motivate me to vote.

Trump $500B Black America plan designates KKK, Antifa as 'terrorist organizations' #FoxNews
The president on Friday is expected to roll out details of what the campaign is calling the “Platinum Plan,” which details “opportunity,” “security,” “prosperity,” and “fairness” for the Black Community. Apparently White people are on their own.
The KKK is only active in the minds of the pandering left and right.
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#FoxNews was forced to make a damning admission in a #TuckerCarlson lawsuit

He GROSSLY MISREPRESENTED the facts, a point that #Fox did not dispute in the case

#McDougal said since Carlson willfully distorted the factual record (LIED),he defamed her

#FoxNews #Carlson LIED

“... Two women approached Donald Trump and threatened to ruin his career and humiliate his family if he doesn’t give them money. Now, that sounds like a classic case of extortion.”

In fact, it’s even worse than that. Federal Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil found:
This “general tenor” of the show should then inform a viewer that he is not “stating actual facts” about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in “exaggeration” and “non-literal commentary”

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New York Judge Orders #EricTrump to Sit for Deposition

Eric had REFUSED TO COMPLY with a subpoena—until after the election

NY AG James cited a #FoxNews Radio interview, in which Eric uttered the words “WHY WOULD YOU POSSIBLY COMPLY.”


#EricTrump will no longer be able to delay his interview and will be sitting down with investigators in my office no later than October 7

To be clear, no entity or individual is allowed to dictate how or when our investigation will proceed or set the parameters...

“New York State is currently attempting to determine whether or not Trump and his various family businesses IMPROPERLY INFLATED the VALUE OF ASSETS “on annual financial statements in order to secure loans and obtain economic and tax benefits.”

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THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! I, for one, have been eating popcorn continuously!

Popcorn farmers are sitting on mountains of unsold popcorn, in part due to closed movie theaters #FoxNews
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Today 9/21 Pompeo hosts Interagency Press Event on Iran Snapback Sanctions @ 12:00 EST
(Link to YT event next tweet)

Article 8/20:
Trump administration to trigger ‘snapback’ of UN sanctions on Iran: What does it mean? #FoxNews
Correction*** It's at 11:00 a.m.
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#EricTrump lawyers say he can’t testify in #NY probe into family business practices till after election because of ‘extreme travel schedule’

‘No one is above the law, period,’ responds state AG #LetitiaJames


#LetitiaJames launched her civil investigation of potential fraud in Trump business dealings in March 2019 after President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Cohen told Congress that Trump had REPEATEDLY INFLATED the VALUE OF HIS ASSETS to obtain more favorable terms for loans...
The lawyers argued #EricTrump’s “extreme travel schedule” related to his father’s re-election campaign prevented him from testifying sooner in state AG #LetitiaJames’s civil probe

They said they also wanted “to avoid the use of his deposition attendance for political purposes.”
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@StephenBannon @FoxNews #pandemic #COVID19
@warroompandemic #foxnews #amd09vault #amd09threads #amd09videostevebannon

Real News!
War Room: Pandemic Ep 390 - They've Bought Our Silence Jonna Bianco/Maureen Bannon

@americandream09 @StephenBannon @FoxNews #pandemic #COVID19 @warroompandemic #foxnews #amd09threads #amd09videostevebannon

Real News!

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FOX NEWS is a 🤬 disgrace‼️

... listen to the reaction of Fox News host Melissa Francis: "I'm not sure we need to bring George Soros into this, after Newt Gingrich calls out Soros for funding riots‼️

#FoxNews #MelissaFrancis #TheMoreYouKnow #WakeUpAmerica
FOX NEWS needs a reminder who #GeorgeSoros works for... 🤬

#ObamaGate #SonOfPerdition #LawlessOne #meme
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SUNDAY 9/20/20

Also at

PATRIOT CONNECTION @americandream09


Ep. 1349 President Trump Returns to the Show - The Dan Bongino Show®

@americandream09 @dbongino @FoxNews
@foxnewsalert #foxnews #amd09vault #amd09threads #amd09videodanbongino #danbongino

REAL News Source

Kayleigh McEnany: Right now Trump is honoring the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

@americandream09 @PressSec #amd09vault #amd09threads #amd09videokayleigh @kayleighmcenany @realDonaldTrump @MBNRox

REAL News Source

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#BREAKING:Turns out #FoxNews' #BritHume is urging @senatemajldr and #Trump to HIT THE BRAKES on #RuthBaderGinsburg's hasty replacement arguing that this FURTHER erodes our institutions. SPOT ON!!

#TheResistance #SupremeCourt #SundayThoughts #FBRParty…
#BritHume--"Our American institutions and political system are undergoing a stress test as difficult and intense as I have ever seen...I think the leaders have to consider what the effect would be if we plunged a brutal and divisive confirmation battle into the middle of this."
What #BritHume is telling you #Trump, #MitchMcConnell, #GOP at large is...while there may be a short-term political gain in RUSHING a #SupremeCourt confirmation right now, this will almost certainly result in the restructuring of the Supreme Court by the Dems. Where's the "win"?
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You have got to answer this charge @MelissaAFrancis

This explains a lot, and may require me to rethink whether you should resign or not🤔🇺🇸🙏🏼. I’ll have to think on it.

Since when does ANY #FoxNews personality even participate in a piece without disclosing this intersection?
With such a connection to you personally, HOW DARE YOU FLY RHETORICAL CLOSE AIR SUPPORT FOR #GeorgeSoros !

If this is factual and not a misunderstanding, this is a HUGE breach of @FoxNews viewer trust.
#SorosOwnsFox #SorosIsNotOffLimits #SorosPuppets #WeAreTheNewsNow #TheStorm
I will personally #BoycottFoxNews until this scandal is fully resolved.

Teach the country about journalistic integrity please!
@TuckerCarlson @IngrahamAngle @LouDobbs @MariaBartiromo @MediaBuzzFNC @FoxNewsSunday @seanhannity @kevincorke
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@BobMarzulli @seanhannity @HARRISFAULKNER Why did @MelissaAFrancis say: I'm not sure we need to bring Soros into this?"

What was her problem? Why are people covering for Soros? @newtgingrich was telling the truth.
@BobMarzulli @seanhannity @HARRISFAULKNER @MelissaAFrancis @newtgingrich AG Barr told Fox News' Martha MacCallum that George Soros has been bankrolling radical prosecutor candidates in cities across the country.…
@BobMarzulli @seanhannity @HARRISFAULKNER @MelissaAFrancis @newtgingrich DAs backed by Soros, other liberal activists join fray in clash with police… #FoxNews
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#MoscowMitch’s ‘LEGISLATIVE GRAVEYARD' Helping Current Congress to Be the Least Productive in History

Only 1 percent of nearly 15,000 bills have been enacted into law between January 3, 2019

The House of Representatives passed nearly 10 democracy reform bills, often with bipartisan support, this session, but Majority Leader #MoscowMitch blocked debate and markups on all of these bills and refused to allow a vote

#BidenHarris2020 Image
McConnell has been known to obstruct bills that have passed the House. In February, the majority leader admitted in an interview with #FoxNews that 395 bills sitting in the Senate are not going to be passed because of their "left-wing solutions."

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(미)민주당원들은 미국 전역의 절벽에서 뛰어내리는 중...
문정권들에게도 빨리 미국 절벽을 빌려줘야 한다

University of Pittsburgh scientists discover antibody that 'neutralizes' virus that causes coronavirus
피츠버그 대학 과학자들이 코로나바이러를 일으키는
바이러스를 중화시키는 항체를 발견했다.

University of Pittsburgh scientists discover antibody that 'neutralizes' virus that causes coronavirus #FoxNews
피츠버그 대학 과학자들이 코로나바이러를 일으키는 바이러스를 중화시키는 항체를 발견했다.

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have isolated the biomolecule
피츠버그 의과대학의 과학자들이 생체분자를 분리했다.
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@FoxNews #foxnews #NoMasks #MasksOffAmerica #amd09vault #amd09threads #amd09videonomasks

Real News Source Image
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#BREAKING:In a recorded phone call with #BobWoodward, #Trump is heard saying way back in crucial February, that he knew how serious #COVID19 was, but was DOWNPLAYING it to avoid panic. SAD

#TheResistance #WednesdayThoughts #FBRParty
Let that sink in folks--Way back in February when #Trump could have aggressively tackled #COVID19 knowing how serious a threat it posed, he chose to DOWNPLAY it, leading to countless deaths and shattered livelihoods. Folks, #BidenHarris!!

#TheResistance #WednesdayThoughts
Another very interesting tidbit you MUST NOT miss is that from the very beginning, #Trump was told #covid19 was NOT the flu and was MUCH DEADLIER than it, but he still went on #FoxNews with the flu line. Folks, #BidenHarris!!

#TheResistance #WednesdayThoughts #FBRParty
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As a voter looking for real news, it is insulting that any media outlet would report gossip that is as salacious as is this from former administration officials and then keep it off the record #FoxNews #Gossip
She began tweeting this gossip out furiously and it seems to me like a former official contacted her.
Look how easy it is to slander, behind a veil.
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Around 50 protesters gathered in Los Angeles' Van Nuys neighborhood around 11 p.m.wearing masks and dark-colored clothing, the LAPD said Monday. They began chanting anti-police slogans and circling the police station.
“Several in the group then removed an American flag from a pole in front of the station and set it on fire, police said. Others spray-painted anti-police messages on the outside walls of the building.
At one point, some protesters began hitting a marked police vehicle with uniformed police officers inside and blocked it from driving away, according to police.
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#BREAKING:Why will #Trump LOSE in November? #FoxNews poll👇

#TheResistance #SaturdayThoughts #FBRParty Image
So you ask, how do you explain this poll? It's the Independents stupid!! #Biden and #Trump both have their bases(Ds % Rs) baked in. It's the Independents who will break HEAVILY for #BidenHarris given Trump's 4 year record

#TheResistance #SaturdayThoughts #FBRParty
The #BidenHarris ticket doesn't have to follow #Trump into the gutter. All they have to do is reassure Independents that they will be tough on Putin, ease racial tensions, strengthen our institutions, aggressively tackle #covid19....

#TheResistance #SaturdayThoughts #FBRParty
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#CNN just cut off #MaximoAlvarez in the middle of his amazing story. Same with #FoxNews. Shame on you both.
Listen to his amazing story here. True American!
Thanks! She’s correct. It’s on CSPAN, you can say it into the xfinity remote if you didn’t know where to what channel it’s on.
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#BREAKING:Think about that-#Trump's own sister,a retired federal judge who grew up with him and probably knows about his character more than ANYBODY ELSE,says he's a CRUEL man with NO PRINCIPLES
#TheResistance #MaryanneTrumpBarry #SundayThoughts #FBRParty…
Yet somehow, the CRUEL man with NO PRINCIPLES, who is also apparently a PHONY, commands RECORD #Evangelical support. Come on folks, is #Trump really the problem, or.......?

#TheResistance #MaryTrump #MaryanneTrumpBarry #SundayThoughts #FBRParty Image
Then you have @IngrahamAngle, @seanhannity and others at #FoxNews who #Trump is in regular contact with, singing his praises on TV, while privately confirming #MaryanneTrumpBarry's assessment of him

#TheResistance #LauraIngraham #SundayThoughts #FBRParty
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