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Y'all ready for another TRUTH BOMB tweet thread about Mehmet Oz?

Yeah you are.

Tonight, in honor of Bryce Harper's HR (Mehmet, he plays for the Phillies... you're welcome) - we're gonna belt one too.

Theme: #Oz lies.

A thread.
#MehmetOz #PASen #PASenateDebate

Recently, a Columbia professor dished that #oz tried to get him to lie to the press.

You see, Ozzy-pants was revealed as a doggie killer at Columbia (well documented) - so Oz called his old "pal" and said:

dude, lie & tell them it wasn't me!

but it gets worse!

Oz said (same cite) - "tell 'em it was the veterinarians!"

So let's recap: he tells a professor to lie, and then he throws the little guy under the bus. Poor vets, what did they do to deserve that?

Nasty little feller.

Check it:
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I have a child with a language disorder. Last night in the #PASenateDebate I saw in @JohnFetterman what I see and admire in my own child: grit, empathy, substance. Let me explain…🧵
My child's speech disorder is not because of a stroke, but there are similarities in how they process language, and especially in how the world perceives their worth.
My child possesses intelligence, curiosity, and observation well beyond his age.  Yet, I see him underestimated and dismissed ALL the time, because he mixes up word order, starts and stops his speech, and needs an extra minute to process questions.
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John Fetterman, “Hi Good Night” #PASenateDebate
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As an OT, I’ve been watching John Fetterman’s stroke recovery closely. I do not treat Mr. Fetterman and am not involved in his care, but I’m disgusted by some of the reporting and feel the need to speak up. 1/#PASenateDebate
Fetterman suffers from Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), but has been demonstrating continued improvement. APD does not impact cognition, comprehension, or someone’s “thinking” ability. 2/#PASenateDebate
If a person speaks to you in a foreign language- you may not get the whole message. That does not mean you have a cognitive problem- you just can’t understand all of the words. 3/ #PASenateDebate
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Oz says Fetterman supports "socialized medicine," Fetterman says he never did, healthcare is a fundamental right and he supports expanding #PASenateDebate
Oz and Fetterman now going back and forth on who supports fracking more
aaaand we have Oz's first mention of Krasner in response to a question of whether he'd support the gun control bill Toomey voted for
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"Hi. Good night, everybody." #pasenatedebate
"He got his Pennsylvania house from his own inlays! From a dollar!" #pasenatedebate
"He has never met an air, an oil company that he doesn't swipe right about." #pasenatedebate
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Here we go... #PASenateDebate

Moderators introducing the closed captioning system in use tonight.
Fetterman out of the gate:

“I’m running to serve Pennsylvania. He’s running to use Pennsylvania.”

Acknowledging his stroke as the "elephant in the room."

"I had a stroke - he’s never let me forget that. It knocked me down, I'm gonna keep getting back up."
Oz repeatedly hammering words like: civility, stability, balance...looking to paint himself as the moderate choice and calling his opponent "extreme."
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