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1/15 The link between Inequality and Gun Violence:

🧵 There's a complex web of factors that contribute to gun violence, but two elements that demand our attention are high inequality and permissive gun laws. Let's take a deep dive into how these factors intersect. Image
2/15 It's important to start with understanding the correlation between inequality and violence.

When socio-economic disparities widen, frustrations increase. This can result in heightened tensions and often leads to more violence. #IncomeInequality #Violence Image
3/15 Studies show that societies with larger income gaps tend to have higher rates of violence.

This is particularly true for the US, where inequality has grown considerably over the past few decades. #IncomeInequality Image
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💔Every victim of gun violence had a beating heart.
💔Every child & every adult had a beating heart.
💔Every family will always grieve.
💔Every victim had a right to safety & security

#WisDems #VoteBlue2024 #GunSafety #AssaultWeaponsBan Image
It's a fact: The USA has a gun problem & a
#GunViolence problem that NO other developed
western democracy has -- even though they also have the same mental, social, addiction problems.

#DemVoice1 #WisDems…
We can do better! But, the #GOP perpetuate myths about gun violence & gun ownership.

We need to end the myths. #FactsMatter

#DemViolence1 #WisDems…
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Thread with a few highlights from the CNN Town-hall with Donald Trump.

January 6th
Trump on how he would have handled the war in Ukraine.
#CNNTownhall #TrumpCNN #ukraine
Trump on school shootings.
#CNNTownhall #Trump #GunViolence
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🤚 Are you sick and tired of gun violence?

Most Americans are, and a new Fox News poll found that an overwhelming majority of voters want lawmakers to pass laws to address gun violence.

#ncpol #GunViolence Image
The poll was taken even before a man with reportedly white supremacist views opened fire in a Texas mall over the weekend, killing 8 people.

#ncpol #TexasMall
The poll found that more than 80% of Americans support background checks for gun purchases, raising the legal age to 21 to buy all guns, and a ban on assault weapons.

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Because gun violence is so pervasive in America, cartoonists often combine it with other important issues to create editorial cartoon "twofers"

Some powerful examples

🧵1/3 #BanWeaponsOfWar #GunControl #GunViolence #GunWorship #CRT #DragHysteria #LGBTQ #TransRights #ABlueView Image
Because gun violence is so pervasive in America, cartoonists often combine it with other important issues to create editorial cartoon "twofers"

Some powerful examples

🧵2/3 #BanWeaponsOfWar #GunControl #GunViolence #GunWorship #CRT #DragHysteria #LGBTQ #TransRights #ABlueView ImageImageImageImage
Because gun violence is so pervasive in America, cartoonists often combine it with other important issues to create editorial cartoon "twofers"

Some powerful examples

🧵3/3 #BanWeaponsOfWar #GunControl #GunViolence #GunWorship #CRT #DragHysteria #LGBTQ #TransRights #ABlueView ImageImageImageImage
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A group of Uvalde High School students walked out of school at noon today to participate in a National walkout against gun violence. #Uvalde
They marched about a mile from the high school to the town square, where there is a public memorial for all the Robb Elementary shooting victims. #nationalwalkout #gunviolence #Uvalde
More students decided to walk out and March to the town square. They are now chanting to get attention from people passing by Getty and Main Streets, the main intersection of Uvalde.
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How on earth have so many kids been wounded and killed by guns in the last year and we never talk about it? Tuesday morning, a 15yr old was shot dead just blocks from his high school in my neighborhood after 3 other males confronted him. At 7:30 in the morning. An honor student.
In 2022, 182 kids were shot in Philadelphia. That's just one city. Are cities and towns even keeping track of these shootings and the number of victims? On Sunday a 10 year old shot his 12 year old brother in Philly and was charged Monday. The parents may also be charged.
I've spent three decades reporting on #GunViolence in Philadelphia, Camden, NYC and New Orleans. I've been on panels, TV, radio. Three men have been shot to death in front of our house in the past 6yrs. My wife had to clean blood off our sidewalk and car. Guns, guns, guns. Why?
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A timely and emotional thread on where Judaism stands on gun violence and gun control. While I was hesitant to publish this lesson immediately, I was reminded by many that if I had waited...another tragedy would have occurred most likely. So here we go: #thread #gunviolence
As a rabbi, I’ve had the horrible privilege of writing and speaking about the countless mass shootings that have occurred in this country. I wrote after Sandy Hook, after Las Vegas, after Orlando. And here I am again, writing because somehow we have not moved an inch.../1
as the blood of men, women, and children cry out from the ground. In the mid-19th century, Rabbi David Einhorn stood at the pulpit of Har Sinai in Baltimore and gave a sermon on an issue many would have considered a “hot topic” of the time: the topic of slavery. /2
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None of us - NONE OF US - are immune to our American epidemic of #gunviolence. Worse, the effects of the daily trauma on our children - on ALL of us - are nearly unimaginable.

We need hope.

Which means: we need change. What got us here, will not get us to a better space.
PS: I do a LOT of work with firearm owners, with communities affected by daily #gunviolence, and with communities affected by suicides.

It is worth highlighting that the extremist positions of a few, are not the beliefs of the many.
None of us want people who are hate-filled, intent on hurting themselves & others, and with a history of felonies to have access to a firearm.

None of us want this type of murder, to be glorified.

None of us want our public spaces to feel unsafe.
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The biggest honor anyone can bestow on a journalist to share their story with us, to trust us to represent them accurately and fairly. I feel so privileged that Diego trusted me with his life story. 1/x…
Diego never imagined he’d carry a gun.
Not as a child, when shots were fired outside his Chicago-area home. Not at age 12, when one of his friends was gunned down. Diego’s mind changed at 14, when his friend was shot 9x in front of him. 2/x…
Instead of hymns, Diego heard gunfire, and then screaming. A gang member shot two people.
“My friend was bleeding out,” said Diego. As his friend lay on the ground, “he was choking on his own blood.” 3/x
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Senate Bill 23-170: building on the success of Colorado's "Red Flag" law, this bill allows medical and mental health providers as well as teachers to join law enforcement and families in petitioning the court for an extreme risk protection order. We urge support. #copolitics
Jane Dougherty, whose sister died in the Sandy Hook shooting, testifies in support of the ERPO enhancement bill: "what if all those lives could have been saved?" #copolitics #coleg
Barton High School Teacher - Rachel is here! she is sharing about what's it like being a teacher in a high school where we have #GunViolence & regular #lockdowns & she talks about going from giggling with 9th graders to watching in horror

Follow this bill
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Well done @jonstewart @TheProblem:

YES individuals are the problem
YES hatred is the problem
YES poverty & racism are the problem
But YES guns in the hands of people who want to hurt themselves or others is, most of all, the problem.

#gunviolence is a #publichealth problem.
There are lots of ways to change this.

One very important way: recognizing risk & acting on it.

This can be done BEFORE or AFTER someone has a gun. It can be done by family members, friends, healthcare providers, or (last ditch option) law enforcement.…
Another very important way: reducing the risk before it gets to an emergency stage.

This is about structural change. Teaching conflict resolution. Reducing substance use. And more.…
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. @VictorDzau @theNAMedicine at @NorthwellHealth event:

As of 2013 there was virtually no data or research, thx to Dickey Amend.

(2020 is when funds were finally made available.)
We know what we need to do next to change the patterns of this epidemic. Glad to be partnering today w/ hospitals, community leaders, #publichealth to finally go upstream on #gunviolence.🙏…
@MichaelJDowling @drchethansathya @TheHAVI
Here are 5 key questions we can - and must - answer to bend the curve:…
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It has been five years today since the shooting at MSD HS in Parkland.
There have been 67 mass shootings already in 2023, and its only February.
We woke up to another school shooting today at MSU.

Do something!

Thread with suggestions on how to help.
PAWS OF LOVE from @fred_guttenberg, father of Jaime lost to us at Parkland, will provide emotional support dogs to families affected by gun violence.

Go to to find out more.
Help Parkland parents of Joaquin Oliver (#VivaGuac), @manueloliver00 & @patriciapadauy and their organization @ChangeTheRef continue developing a high-tech school bus to defeat #GunViolence one mile at a time.
Learn more and donate here:…
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5 years ago, I wrote with @Rsbeidas about how the drumbeat of trauma was changing our kids.

Since then, the frequency of shootings has accelerated. #Gunviolence has overtaken car crashes as the LEADING cause of death for American youth.…
We then examined the data scientifically. YES there is a link between exposure to gun violence, & future #mentalhealth issues among youth.

(Caveat: our review also found incomplete evidence in many areas, & very little on interventions.)…
This morning, on the wake of the #michiganstateshooting, I had to tell my daughter that there was a social media threat against our school system yesterday. (The threat was deemed not credible, but there will still be an increased police presence today at school.)
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Key q for discussion: How will #climatechange address the timing and severity of infectious outbreaks in the years to come?

🦠 influenza, #covid19, & other respiratory dx’ed
🦟malaria & other vector-borne illnesses
🚽diarrheal & other fecal-oral disease

1. Heat, cold, & water/drought change these pathogens’ evolution

2. Heat, cold, & water/drought also change how humans act

3. And health systems are changed, too! (Just look at the effect of Katrina)
We are at a unique moment of “coupled risks”: urbanization, easy trans-national travel, large agricultural industries…

We get to make decisions every day both to adapt & to prevent. @Craig_A_Spencer
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This uniquely American epidemic of #gunviolence leaves none of us untouched.

Our communities & our country deserves better.
Waiting on details.

But I will bet 1000:1 that (as with almost every one of these) there were missed signs. Someone that should not have been allowed to own a gun. Hatred & desperation.
We can fix it.

Recent bipartisan steps will help - they have not had time to work.

More is needed. Policies make a difference but are not sufficient. WE CAN DO IT.…
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#HoCoMd #Election2022 - I am supporting @DanNewberger & @JackyMcCoyBOE in the non-partisan race for @HCPSS Board of Ed. I have spent a lot of time reading about all of the candidates. McCoy & Newberger, endorsed by @MomsDemand, are committed to ending #GunViolence in our schools.
.@JackyMcCoyBOE has been a teacher for decades & is endorsed by our local educators. She has dyslexia & achieved a graduate level-degree so understands what supports make it possible for students with learning differences to be academically successful.
.@DanNewberger is a parent of HCPSS students & a Navy veteran with a Master in Public Policy who has worked in military, corporate, and non-profit sectors. In those roles, he has had to achieve consensus among people w/ widely divergent opinions, a critical skill at this time. /3
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I have a child with a language disorder. Last night in the #PASenateDebate I saw in @JohnFetterman what I see and admire in my own child: grit, empathy, substance. Let me explain…🧵
My child's speech disorder is not because of a stroke, but there are similarities in how they process language, and especially in how the world perceives their worth.
My child possesses intelligence, curiosity, and observation well beyond his age.  Yet, I see him underestimated and dismissed ALL the time, because he mixes up word order, starts and stops his speech, and needs an extra minute to process questions.
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4am and I'm just sobbing for the family of the boy who was murdered in the Roxborough High School shooting Tuesday. There are shootings every day here--Philly has THE worst gun violence of all the top ten cities. But this shooting of these 5 football players felt shattering.
The boy who was killed went to Saul, the agricultural high school a couple miles away from Roxborough. So he loved animals. But he also loved football. Saul students get to play for Roxborough. Imagine this was all his dreams together in one freshman year. Now he's dead.
The Deputy Police Commissioner John Stanford said at the press conference that parents need to make their kids understand that this is final--death is final. I am sobbing for this city boy who loved farm animals and football who was chased down and shot in the chest. Tragic.
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Four shot, one 14 year old killed at a shootout at a football scrimmage involving three Philly high schools. The shooting, with dozens of rounds shot, was outside Roxborough High School. This is a developing story, so details are still being investigated.
Police say that students were leaving the scrimmage that involved Roxborough HS, Northeast HS & Boy's Latin when 2 shooters came up on the students who were shot & opened fire. Police are still trying to ascertain the events. They emphasize the tragedy of the killing.
Dep. Commissioner John Stanford expressing his frustration in the presser right now. He tells reporters that they don't have enough bleeps to filter what he would say to the shooters. He says parents need to tell their kids that death is final, these events are final. Chilling.
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Philadelphia is the straw purchase AND ghost gun capital of the East Coast. We have shootings every day & more gun homicides than any other big city this year and last. Now we've had two cops shot at THE concert of the year.
#Philly #Shooter
The GOP will claim that this cop shooting in #Philly is about "Democratic lawlessness," but it's actually and only about the proliferation of guns and the refusal by any Republican and some Democrats to do anything at all to control this rampant #GunViolence.
The good news is that no one died in this shooting at the fireworks in #Philly, that it wasn't a mass shooting event like #HighlandPark. But every child at this family event who was told by police to run will be traumatized in a city already beset by too much #GunViolence.
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The United States is an incredible statistical outlier among economically developed countries re guns per capita. 1/
#gunviolence #guncontrol #facts #congress #senate
This translates directly to another statistical achievement for our country compared to the rest of the developed world - a several fold higher chance of gun death. 2/
#GunViolence #guncontrol #publichealth #facts #congress #Senate
Your baby or young child now has a 1/100 chance of being killed by a firearm as he/she grows up, and that chance is increasing year-over-year. 3/
#GunViolence #guncontrol #children #facts #congress #senate
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"If belonging to a social group yields an essential survival advantage, cooperative breeding may evolve. This is shown in our study using computer simulations." -- Irene Garcia Ruiz…
Monkeypox is a new global threat. African scientists know what the world is up against | Science…
#monkeypox, #AfricanOutbreak, #ScientificStudies
Is 'stare decisis' dead? How the Supreme Court view of precedent is evolving - ABC News…
#SCOTUS, #StareDecisis, #ConstitutionalRight, #OverturnPrecedent
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