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As a Trauma Surgeon and survivor of #GunViolence I cannot believe the audacity of the @NRA to make such a divisive statement.

We take care of these patients everyday. Where are you when I’m having to tell all those families their loved one has died. @DocsDemand #Docs4GunSense
Not only are we not going to “stay in our lane”, but we are going to do everything in our power to ensure that Americans in communities all across this nation our protected from these senseless tragedies.
This is Not about being anti-gun, and the polarization that @nra brings to this conversation demonstrates the lack of interest in coming together to provide common sense solutions.
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It's #ElectionEve and I want to tell you why I #vote.
My parents were Socialists.
They grew up dirt poor.
They believed in creating change in their lifetimes.
They raised us to believe the same.
When we were small, they were Civil Rights workers.
My dad was a Freedom Rider.
Our early childhood was framed within & by the #CRM.
My mother wasn't well, but she did everything she knew how, to ensure that black Americans had the right to vote, a right she cherished because her mother had been a baby #suffragist and had fought for that right for women.
The fallout for my parents was minor compared to their black friends, but it was violent and hate-strewn and they worried about their children being hurt.

And we were hurt. I got beaten up a lot because then as now I refused silence. I got in a lot of fist fights.
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The past two hours have been our regular reminder of how close we always are to #gunviolence.

Shots fired on the block at the end of #ThisIsUs followed by police knocking on our door and The Wife having to detail events.

The front of our house is now a crime scene.
For the handful of people NOT inured to #gunviolence who asked how we were, we are ok. Someone is dead however and it is the third killing in front of our house in four years, so it's pretty unnerving.

I am frankly shocked that this tweet didn't go viral. Then again, maybe not.
Until gun violence in black neighborhoods like mine matters as much as in white neighborhoods there is never going to be any kind of resolution of America's gun problem.
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A lot of brouhaha in the #gunviolence world about this well-reported article showing that @CDCgov data on the number of NON-FATAL gun injuries is not accurate.…

I want to highlight a few things about this article.
1. First, kudos to the writers for highlighting an issue that all of us #gunviolence researchers bemoan: that there are NO GOOD SOURCES OF DATA on non-fatal gun injuries. As the article reports, even the CDC admits that its data on #gunviolence injuries are unreliable.
2. Please note that this issue is not unique to #gunviolence non-fatal injuries. It’s also observed for other types of injuries (like drownings).

It’s because of the way that the CDC is forced to collect non-fatal-injury data.
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This happened 3 blocks from my house.
The Wife shops at this store weekly.
She teaches two blocks away.

This should've been national news--5 people shot in broad daylight on a busy shopping avenue just blocks from 2 schools.

Oh--but we live in a black neighborhood, so...🦗🦗🦗
This store is on a main avenue with small shops, market, mosque.
2 blocks up, K-12 school.
3 blocks in the other direction, an elementary school.
This happened when school was letting out.

No national news coverage.
Black neighborhood, news blackout.
Five people shot is a mass shooting by FBI/law enforcement standards.
If this were a white neighborhood with a mass shooting mid-afternoon when schools were letting out, it would have been a headline on all three networks on the evening news.
It wasn't.
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#AalayahEastmond giving this testimony should give all America pause.
This is one of our children detailing a story we hear from seasoned military.
It's gutting, it's horrific, it's untenable.

Yet #Kavanaugh says that these weapons should be available to all.
"Remember all victims of #gunviolence....If Judge #Kavanaugh doesn't have the decency to shake the hand of the father of a victim of gun violence, he won't have the decency to protect us from gun violence."--#AalayahEastmond, #Parkland shooting survivor
ICYMI #AayalahEastmond, #Parkland survivor:
"If the youth across the country can fight to eradicate gun violence, why can't judges, lawmakers and Donald Trump understand that young people are dying from this senseless gun violence?"
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@CaptainsLog2O18 @1IronMan2018 @StormResist @LunaLuvgood2017 @TheSWPrincess @1WarMachine2018 @1Jedi_Rey @BatmanResist @OriginalJLP @Elastigirl2018 @DanaScottLO @WillowResist @DavidYankovich @ScarletAvengers @catikins9 @ezralevin @B52Malmet @kathyhoffman_az @jarringcreation @JCTheResistance @DC_Resister_Bee @JanuaryAZ @2HawkEye2018 @GinnyRED57 @natasharesists @azmfol @indivisiblephx @IndivisibleofAZ @New2018World 2/ I sustained a spinal cord injury, so now I'm paralyzed and use a wheelchair full-time. He was shot in the head so now he's blind and has a significant brain injury. In that split second we became just TWO of the more than 300 people shot every day in the US
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(1/11) When I say..."The people closest to the pain, should be the closest to the power, driving & informing the policymaking..." THIS is what I mean. (A) When I wanted to break cycles of #poverty by strengthening pathways to #graduation, preventing #dropout #MA7
(2/11) for expectant & #parenting #teens, (still the #1 reason girls drop out, even with unplanned pregnancies on the decline) I invited them to the table to share their stories, struggles & to inform the #BPS policy we developed to better support them.
(3/11) (B) When I wanted to better understand why we were seeing an increase in #bicyclist & motor vehicle collisions, I contacted @bostonbikeunion I invited them to share their stories & struggles, 4 hrgs later, we had a crash data report & the 1st sideguard ord. in the country
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Today I'm thinking about the five Maryland families who went to bed last night without their loved one. I'm thinking about the good people at @capgaznews who've lost dear friends and colleagues. My heart hurts for them. Yesterday's shooting in Annapolis was a gut punch.
I want to thank Anne Arundel County Police and all the first responders who rushed headlong into danger to save others' lives yesterday. This tragedy could have been even worse without their quick action. And I'm grateful to @ATFHQ and @FBI for assisting officers at the scene.
But today, I am also thinking about how condolences are inadequate. It is a tragedy that this cycle of #GunViolence continues to play itself out, over and over again, while lawmakers offer thoughts and prayers instead of action. This cycle must end, and it must end with us.
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My “NO” to a #SCOTUS nominee until after the election is an act of radical love:
This no is a “yes” for my mother and my mother-in-law and my sisters and my daughters, so they can access the health care they need.
This no is a yes for immigrants and their children.
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The #GUNVIOLENCE epidemic is an AMERICAN PROBLEM. Doctors in other countries like England, Australia, Germany do not see gunshot wounds AT ALL! There have been 5 shootings at US school since Parkland, but Congress has enacted no legislation and no research funds. We must #vote!
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After The March: A youth led townhall in Miami Dade addressing neighborhood gun violence.

Aliyah says there are clear neighborhood divides when it comes to gun violence. The people in Miami Beach can walk to Publix at 3 a.m. @WLRN #gunviolence
One teen says he contemplates his own mortality after his step brother was shot. He says "that's trauma."
Janvier one of the teens addresses several of the police officers in the audience. He tells them their presence in his community does not make him feel safe because of police brutality and police violence in black communities.
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#Gunviolence and crime prevention is complex, multifaceted. Requires significant investment in our society.
“..If children can't read by the end of the fifth grade, they lose self-confidence and self-esteem, making them more likely to enter juvenile justice system”Dirk Kempthorne
Fmr AG J. Reno believed crime was last resort for people without proper housing, jobs, childcare services, or access to education to better their circumstances. She had innovative approach to crime prevention that began with Truancy Preventiin and Programs to HELP at risk youth.
Late AG Reno—I admire for seeing root causes of crime as complex and using her power in a novel way to champion single mothers to use the laws to lift them up from the vicious cycle poverty. Crime and #GunViolencePrevention require vision, compassion, + science . #leadlikeawoman
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I want everyone to look at this chart.

#GUNVIOLENCE by root cause.

Light blue is #SUICIDE.

Bright yellow is targeted homicide includes both domestic violence and crimes where shooter knows victim .

Does this surprise you? Doctors must educate/dispel falsehoods. #enough

In 2014, homicides involving strangers represented 11 percent of the nationwide total included in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program……
Raw data: Pie chart based on gun related deaths. 2010 to 2012, more than 32,000 people (n = 32,529) died/year in the U.S. from a firearm-related injury. 62 % were suicides (n = 20,012), 35% were homicides (n = 11,256), and 2% were unintentional firearm deaths (n = 582).
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Most shootings are targeted (non-stranger) with preventable root causes suicide, domestic. Many people operate on fear fueled the news/false narrative. Fears r not based on data and reality in terms of real personal risk. Unfounded Fear sells guns.
Great Op-ed on the culture of fear that has worsened #gunviolence epidemic and #public health crisis…
Data on stranger versus non stranger crimes…
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I condemn in the strongest words possible the stigmatization of the mentally ill in the wake of mass shootings. Included below is a well sourced discussion thread that I had with Dr. Megan Ranney, leader of @AFFIRM, for #gunviolence prevention.…
The media and legislators must stop pointing blame at the mentally ill with a broad brush in the wake of shootings. It is so stigmatizing. Doesn't appropriately target the small subset of VIOLENT individuals and worsens the ability of people with mental illness to get care.
The ACP cautions against broadly including those with mental illness in a category of dangerous individuals, but recommends every effort be made to reduce the risk of suicide and violence, through prevention and treatment, by the subset of Violent patients
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#Gunviolence is a multifacted problem--broad umbrella that includes different "diseases": mass murder, domestic violence, drug/alcohol induced, accidental shootings, suicide, crime related. All have different preventions. Make no mistake, for every problem, there is a solution
Crime is often the last resort for people with inadequate housing, jobs, childcare, and education. Helping indiviudals, esp youth, with truancy, poverty, neglect, mental illness, and substance abuse will reduce #gunviolence. The #prevention is complex and requires science.
So in short, I agree that teaching "compassion to reach out to the disenfranchised child, the friendless, the ones who have little structure at home" is an essential part of the broader equation which involves an investment in society and in our children.
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Please read article.  Bottomline: Incorrect publicized statements re: CPR post gunshots threatened to undermine the public education efforts of the trauma surgeons with their stop the bleed campaign. It’s serious business.. #publichealth #enough…
For citizens looking for the “tools and knowledge to provide immediate and effective hemorrhage control to stop or slow life-threatening bleeding after a shooting. Find classes here:
“The Stop the Bleed program trains, equips and empowers the bystander to stop active, life threatening bleeding. You are the first link in the chain of survival. Free classes and training are available on March 31 as part of National Stop the Bleed Day."
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whose research with @ResearchAffirm will change the nature of #GunViolence in this great nation! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Dr. William Begg and @DemFromCT should have been included on this thread. They have both taught me so much. Sandy Hook doctors who have been beating the drum for change for 5 years!!!!
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MARCO RUBIO’s HYPOTHESIS: Those against gun bans “want to prevent mass shootings, too. They view banning guns as an infringement on the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens that ultimately will not prevent these tragedies.”.
This is called the Scientific Method. To test his hypothesis (which means millions of lives), research is required.
RESEARCH BIAS; Rubio has an A+ rating from the gun rights group for supporting NRA-friendly legislation. According to the New York Times, he has received $3.3 million from the group. (Research bias,performing the research influence the results to portray a certain outcome.)
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The @AmerAcadPeds is involved in preventing accidental shootings in the home involving children. Sound #gunsafety advice 👇dispensed with understanding to prevent tragedy that the State of FL made illegal through legislation-- finally overturned after a $1M, 6 year legal battle.
This same law would have prevented doctors from asking potential school shooters anything about guns and, even if they did, HIPAA law is a monumental barrier to sharing the information to prevent tragedy. #ENOUGH…
Despite real barriers in the law and an often hostile political climate, docs are coming out in force to advocate for patients to #prevent #gunviolence as a matter of moral duty. REQUIRED READING. HELP @DocsDemand…
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It has been 4 days since a shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland.
Jaelynn Wiley, 16, lost her life.

This is why we #MarchForOurLives

@Everytown @AMarch4OurLives @Emma4Change @davidhogg111
It has been 17 days since a shooting at Huffman High School in Birmingham, AL.
Courtlin Arrington, 17, lost her life.

This is why we #MarchForOurLives
It has been 38 days since a shooting at #MSD High School in parkland, FL.
Alyssa Alhadeff, 14
Martin Duque Anguiano, 14
Nicholas Dworet, 17
Aaron Feis, 37
Jamie Guttenberg, 14
Christopher Hixon, 49
Luke Hoyer, 15
Cara Loughran, 14
Gina Montalto, 14

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My take on the new #omnibus bill, as it relates to #gunviolence:
1) The fixes to NICS (the background check system) are long overdue. I hope that they will be implemented well.…
2) I am glad that Congress clarified what CDC, NIH, and NIJ have long known: the "Dickey amendment" doesn't ban research per se. (Cf this article I wrote with @EmmyBetz & Wintemute 2 years ago:…)
3) HOWEVER: this clarification does **nothing** to fix the lack of research. We need appropriations. Want to know more about why this clarification is meaningless (and may even be harmful)? Read here:…
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