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Let's journey back on the #FireTheSG movement, shall we?

December 2018, @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD convinced the public #media, inflating a false "epidemic" w/30-day use, not daily.

Lie #1:…

Based on feelings, Google alerts, potential & inaccuracy.
No refuting vaping products help smokers quit, 👆above, continues below...

With #data he wanted to present, sentiment and "feelings" continued.

Lie #2:…

Indifferent, bans & taxes ⏫increasing countrywide, & no care of helping smokers quit.

False statements, accusations continued. When corrected, he didn't like that and had to swallow his narrative.

In full, with @2Vaping, @TheLegionCmdr, @Surgeon_General & others:…

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth“

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1/7 There is a lot of discussion on use of face masks. It can help to break the discussion into two main considerations regarding the TYPE of mask & the conditions for safe USE of masks in different circumstances/settings. #COVID19
2/7 MEDICAL MASKS for #healthcare workers in patient care settings is PRIORITY #1 – we MUST conserve these masks for use by & ONLY by #healthcare workers or others providing direct care to #COVID19 patients.
3/7 NON-MEDICAL MASKS (e.g. homemade face masks) may stop you from touching your nose and mouth. A non-medical mask could help maintain #coughetiquette by covering your cough if you are ill or have early symptoms of #COVID19. BUT BEWARE:
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1/ THREAD ESSENTIAL READING: Excellent article by Mike Osterholm, @CIDRAP. Difficult to read, but there is some solace in hearing the truth from a renowned expert.…/coronavirus-trump-testing-shortag…
@Yamiche @AyannaPressley @uche_blackstock @choo_ek
2/ "It’s Too Late to Avoid #Disaster, but There Are Still Things We Can Do
Our #leaders need to speak some hard truths and then develop a strategy to prevent the worst.
3/ Of all the resources lacking in the #Covid19 #pandemic pandemic, the one most desperately needed in the United States is a UNIFIED NATIONAL STRATEGY, as well as the confident, coherent and consistent #leadership to see it carried out.
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#Georgia @GovKemp interview on @TheMeansReport illuminated Republican talking points for future elections: If it weren't for irresponsible residents, the #COVID19GA #pandemic wouldn't have been so bad.… I can see ads showing non-white people allegedly doing
something which may have spread the disease. Direct the voters' anger at the tens of thousands of dead & 100s of thousands who suffered at "bad" people instead of the do-nothing, self-serving policies of the politicians who had the means to take effective action but instead were
either too busy making political calculations, protecting their stock portfolios long enough to sell off theirs & lining up sweetheart deals for needed medical supplies & procedures or too ideologically committed to private property or a twisted version of American
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As #COVID19 makes #landfall in #Nigeria as a #publichealth challenge, it's worth recalling that @Mbuhari was the 1st &, so far, only #Nigerian head of state or President to have made the state of #Nigeria's #healthsystems his reason for taking over power.

When he sent Gen. Abacha ahead to announce his arrival in power on 31 Dec 1983, @Mbuhari asked him to say this:

"Health services are in shambles as our hospitals are reduced to mere consulting clinics without drugs, water and equipment."

Gen Abacha said much more that remains true today:

"There is inadequacy of food at reasonable prices for our people who are now fed up with endless announcements of importation of foodstuffs. Our educational system is deteriorating at an alarming rate"…
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1/6 We now have a snapshot of the severity of #COVID19 in 🇨🇦, where 6.1% of all cases require hospitalization, 2.6% of all cases are critically ill needing ICU care and 1% of cases have been fatal. #ProtectTheVulnerable #FlattentheCurve #PlanktheCurve
2/6 🇨🇦’s 1% case fatality rate means our healthcare system is not currently overwhelmed. But we can further reduce fatalities by preventing #COVID19 in vulnerable populations like residents in long-term care. #ProtectTheVulnerable
3/6 The seriousness of #COVID19 cannot be overstated. Older adults and those with medical conditions are at highest risk BUT younger people are not immune. #FlattentheCurve #PlanktheCurve #StayHomeSavesLives
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Wonderful new podcast by @CIDRAP, giving you an inside look at what my @PublicHealthUMN class w/Dr. Osterholm is like! Highly recommend the listen! Key points from ep 1 on #COVIDー19 #COVID19:
Thread 1/10
1: @mtosterholm debunks the seasonality premise. Typical in disease outbreaks to see peak infections after 6mo, this is time to understand transmission & take action. Nothing to do w/seasonality or temp, example of active MERS transmission in Arabian desert
2: Must consider long-term plans. Something between full lockdown vs no action. Find middle ground, minimize exposure in most vulnerable pop, allow transmission in less vulnerable pop b/c less severe outcomes, they become immune & continue to work in society/care for others
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A brief thread about how the #COVIDー19 crisis in my small hometown of Albany, GA (Dougherty County) exposes some of the challenges unique to healthcare in rural places, but also serves as a harbinger of things to come in larger places. 1/14
Albany is a hot spot. Two and a half weeks ago there were zero cases. Now Albany has the largest number of cases per capita in the state of Georgia. Eleven people are dead. The ICU is FULL (more on that later). Let that sink in. 2.5 weeks from zero to devastation. 2/14
Here is a helpful interactive map of COVID-19 cases in Georgia. You see the dark mass of counties comprising the Atlanta metro area. Then you see one lone dark county in south GA. That's Albany. Someone came into town for a funeral. Now here we are.… 3/14
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THREAD 1/X Data available from NEW Chinese #Hydroxychloroquine #SARSCoV2 study conflicts with recent French #Hydroxychloroquine (and #Azithromycin) study touted by US politician.… and… My thoughts:
2/X Both are small pilot studies and REQUIRE FURTHER VALIDATION. Viral load is the endpoint (not clinical outcome). This is important regardless because decrease shedding duration may have important #publichealth implications, and viral burden could impact cytokine storm risk
3/X French study is non-randomized, new Chinese study is randomized. This resulting imbalance in patient characteristics/disposition in French study raises lots of questions. Chinese study only published abstract, so more info is needed, but would tend to have more faith in it
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TODAY's #US Numbers as of 10:58 AM
CASES 50,212 DEATHS 606..
#Recovered 333 (see Importance below)
By Rick Noack, Lateshia Beachum, Kim Bellware,
Marisa Iati, Siobhán O'Grady, Adam Taylor and
John Wagner
10:51 a.m. PDT
MAR24 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: Here from my AM MD Threadlet.. SOMETHING POSITIVE about it all..
The Importance of our #RECOVERED .. with #Immunologic data from @NAChristakis .. LINK in my TWEET 1.
Please read esp #Medicals who will understand. @maddow @CNN
MAR 24 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: Here is link to Yesterdays's MAR 23 ...36 TWEET THREAD..
AND ICYMI: Last WED. March 18 #US NUMBERS...
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MAR 23 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 1: Most stories from WaPo .. but not all. Two Today on #MAGA #Trumps preferred Treatment ( it usually kills faster than COVID) and Are you Immune if recover? FIRST NUMBERS 351,731 Deaths 15,374
MAR 23 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: and here is link to yest thread on Thread Reader .. with piece on #Croatia Earthquake. Sharing #London #Volunteer .. do consider Meals need delivery, patients in #FieldHospitals need moving. WASH YOUR HANDS Wear gloves outside
MAR 23 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 3: @Surgeon_General begged Americans to #stayhome while warning that the situation is “going to get bad” in the coming days — #Trump seemed to suggest that containment measures may be too extreme... ? Calls for #MAGA revolt? PICK YOUR POISON..
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The @NYGovCuomo is sending 1M N95 Masks to #NYC 500K to #LongIsland Requesting 1) #NewYork Congressional Reps to fix the #CoronaVirusBill that excludes most working #NewYorkers 2) Immediate Clin Trials study on various drug therapies be available to struggling #COVID19 patients
#NewYork #COVID19 Tests Positive: #NYS 10,356 #NYC 6,211 New cases in the city 1,803. New Rochelle's number has not gone up.

15% of cases are hospitalized 1,603 out of 10,356 in #NewYork
Per @NYGovCuomo: Don't listen to rumors.

-No reason to buy 100 TP rolls
-Food and Groceries are available
-No Roadblock
-No Reason For Unsure Anxiety

Ask For Facts & Truth : Contact
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#NewYork @NYGovCuomo's updates: 1) Increased tests=5,200 #COVID19 positive; #NYC: 3,615. Hospitals+Med centers need 3M N95 masks, 50M surgical masks, 15K ventilators, 25M of surg gowns+coveralls, gloves, reg face masks. BDB is now Rationing tests bc of low supplies. Bad Decision.
The huge surge #COVID19 positive overnight thanks to expanded tests. #Brooklyn jumped fr 3/16: 157 to 3/19: 1,030; Queens: 980; Bronx: 436; Manhattan: 976; SI: 165
#NewYork processed 7,584 cases from Wednesday PM to Thursday AM.

Condolences to loved ones of 29 NewYorkers.
@NYGovCuomo It's utterly mad that Mayor Bill De Blasio is rationing testing in #NYC. During press conf, Health Commish Oxiris Barbot tells ppl "not to bother to get tested, just assumed you're positive." What kind of a horse-ass thing to say to #NewYorkers? #PublicHealth Crisis.
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#FAQ: What is the difference between #SelfMonitoring, #SelfIsolation and #isolation during the #COVID19 outbreak?

You should #SELFMONITOR for 14 days if you have no symptoms but have a history of possible exposure to #COVID19.
▪️ avoid crowded places
▪️ increase your personal space to at least 2m per person where possible.

You should #SELFISOLATE for 14 days if you have no symptoms but:
▪️ have been possibly exposed to #COVID19 through travel outside of Canada
▪️ close contact with a person who has been diagnosed.

#StayHome and avoid contact with others.

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🚨🧬🦠Great News! Just received approval to provide @QIAGENBiox CLC #Genomics ProSuite for free to any and all #publichealth or clinical microbiology labs who are sequencing or doing #bioinformatics of #SARSCOV2, the #coronavirus that causes #COVID19. Read this thread for details
Everything that follows is UNOFFICIAL. However, it will be captured on a specific landing page on QIAGEN Digital Insights that will go live with on Friday. In the meantime, I wanted to get the message out ASAP.
Tons of labs globally are already using CLC for microbial genomics work, including SARSCOV2 bioinformatics analysis. To support these labs, and those that may not have CLC already, we will be providing a collection of resources to help them with their work. This will include...
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1/12 There continues to be a concerning increase in the number of #COVID19 cases reported in #Canada, with all provinces now reporting cases. #coronavirus
2/12 Most cases in 🇨🇦 are occurring among travellers or their close contacts. This includes 8 cases among the repatriated Canadians from the #GrandPrincess cruise ship, who are all in quarantine at #CFBTrenton. #coronavirus
3/12 🇨🇦 has tested over 34,000 individuals to date. Tests are conducted on patients w/ severe respiratory illness in hospitals or w/ influenza-like illness in clinical settings and/or where there is clinical judgement, whether or not there is a history of travel. #COVID19
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How, where & when could sexual & #ReproductiveCoercion increase within contexts of #PublicHealth Emergency? This week I’m collating info for policy makers & sexual & reproductive health clinics. I’ll drop links in this #thread. Pls add or PM your links/articles/evidence/thoughts.
There are recent publications on the increasing risk of family and domestic violence. Perhaps could also draw relevant links to reproductive coercion at contexts of environmental disaster, conflict and re/colonisation. Evidence from anywhere in the world is welcome. #ReadingFest
For anyone new to the concept of reproductive coercion, check out the @MarieStopesAu White Paper called #HiddenForces, on reproductive coercion in contexts of family and domestic violence:…
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The number of #COVID19 infections in countries that're not testing extensively might be much higher. There are 2 main strategies

Option.1: Test all suspected & quarantine ( #SKorea)
Option.2: Strict quarantine & Contact tracing. (#Singapore & #HK) 1ofn
The #UK is following neither of these options. #India has a combination of two but partial implementation. As a result, both these countries will have more infections, only without confirmation. While #UK has stated that they aim to have herd immunity. #India hasn't said so. 2ofn
Managing #CovidUK is major #natural experiment that a country, that too a developed one is trying. I would argue that it is #unethical to continue this strategy. Aim of #Publichealth is to prevent deaths and minimise morbidity. The current strategy in #UK defies this goal. 3ofn
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As the unfortunate news comes that an 82 yo NYC woman has succumbed to #Coronavirus #Covid19, I want to briefly revisit issue of case fatality rate (CFR). We STILL (even two weeks later) do not know.… 1/x
Let's look at #NYState. It is one of the largest outbreaks. Today is 1st death from over 400 cases (0.2% CFR). The CFR may grow, as some active patients might worsen; but it is also a reflection that the outbreak occurred in a younger and healthier community, generally. 2/x
Much like Westchester, above, where the superspreading mostly occurred in NYS, there is similar concentrated outbreak among employees/visitors/contacts of Biogen, MOSTLY in #Massachusetts. NO deaths. And relatively few hospitalized. 3/x
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Thread on #Georgia @GaDPH Mar 13 Interim Guidance for Clinicians Evaluating, Reporting, and Requesting Diagnostic Testing for Possible #COVID19 Cases #coronavirus #publichealth. Original document available at…. I've archived it here…
Let me preface this by saying I have no medical training or special knowledge. I urge those who can to correct anything I get wrong here.

My main concern is that it remains difficult to get #COVID19 testing. People who are reluctant to take other #publichealth measures such as
social isolation frequently say things like "There are no confirmed cases in our area." IMO, that's true because too few people have been tested. So let's examine the document.
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Our letter @thetimes requesting government share scientific evidence behind #COVID19 #publichealth response to retain scientific/healthcare community, and public’s understanding, cooperation and trust @richardhorton1 @Dr2NisreenAlwan @devisridhar @PWGTennant @drannewilson 1/4
“It is imperative to #delay and ‘flatten’ the epidemic curve to ensure the #NHS can cope. This is particularly essential for the UK which according to OECD data, has 2.5 hospital beds per 1000 population- behind Italy (3.2), France (6.0) and the USA (2.8) #FlattenTheCurve 2/4
“There is also no clear indication that the UK’s response is being informed by the experiences of other countries in containing the spread of Covid-19” #Response #GlobalPandemic #COVID19 #lessonslearned 3/4
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#AugustaGa town hall meeting on #coronavirus #COVID19 #publichealth #CancelMasters2020

No matter how many times the public health official guy says, "There are no confirmed cases in our district," it doesn't change the following fact:
We're doing such limited testing that we really don't know. All we are really saying is that nobody's needed hospitalization and then returned a positive COVID19 test.

Since so many other areas are reporting cases, why would we be any different? Are we special? Are pimento
cheese sandwiches some kind of prophylactic?

Cancel Masters 2020. The people running the Augusta National likely believe that, if they fall ill, they'll have private concierge medical service. You can be sure they have no plans to provide that for those of us living in Augusta
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With quarantines and social distancing, #COVID19 is not the only #publichealth risk—so is #loneliness. How can we cultivate our social well-being during the outbreak?

In my latest for @sciam, I suggest a few ways to connect without contact:…
So inspired reading other people's thoughts and ideas on isolation and loneliness during the coronavirus. Clearly, this topic is striking a communal chord.

Thread of articles on how to maintain human connection and social wellness during quarantines and social distancing 👇
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1/5 .@WHO has determined that #COVID19 now constitutes a pandemic. The assessment by @WHO is not unexpected. In Canada, our public health system is prepared. #coronavirus
2/5 #PHAC and #publichealth authorities across Canada have been working together to ensure that our #COVID19 preparedness and response measures are appropriate and adaptable, based on the latest science and the evolving situation. #coronavirus
3/5 Our #publichealth efforts will continue to focus on #COVID19 containment to delay community spread by rapidly identifying cases, meticulously finding close contacts and using tried and true public health measures. #coronavirus
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