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PHAA President Prof Tarun Weeramanthri @tarunw gets our #AustPH2021 underway. We'll soon be joined by @WHOWPRO's @takeshi_kasai,
ACT Minister for Health @RachelSS_MLA @ACTHealth, Prof @AlisonRitter1
and Prof Simon Lenton of @NDRIau. Program is here: Screenshot of PHAA President addressing the webinar.
We're delighted @RachelSS_MLA Minister for @ACTHealth is here to give our opening address at #AustPH2021. She thanks #PublicHealth members of PHAA for their vital work confronting the COVID19 pandemic, and advising @actgovernment. screenshot of the ACT Health Minister addressing the confern
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I'm disappointed & sad that people seem to be fine with ANY death due to COVID-19. There is no justification in not protecting our kids or anyone, from dying of #Covid_19. Least of all, not being vaccinated. #CovidVaccines that have been proven to be effective & safe. 🧵👇🏽 1/
Side effects of the #CovidVaccines are minimal and the benefits to getting vaccinated, far outweigh risks.
The benefits to vaccination include: REDUCTION in transmission, SIGNIFICANT reduction in severe illness & death due to #Covid_19. 2/ #publichealth
Please read this post by Unambiguous Science (@SabiVM) which addresses the sad situation & reality that 1 in 4 children who die from #Covid_19 do not have underlying health conditions. Additionally, absolutely no death in any child is justifiable.3/ #scicomm #science
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Niveles elevados de glucosa en sangre (hiperglucemia) en pacientes con #COVID19

Abro 🧵👇🏼


#SARSCoV2 #Diabetes #Glucose
Primero algunos (4) conceptos:

1️⃣ Insulina

Es una pequeña proteína producida por el páncreas. Le indica a nuestras células que deben absorber la glucosa que les llega a través del torrente sanguíneo


#Insulin #pancreas #metabolism

La adiponectina es una hormona producida por las células que almacenan la grasa (adipocitos), tiene dos funciones principales: hacer que las células sean más sensibles ante la insulina, y...


#FatTissue #Endocrinology #Hormones
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For the return of the #UNMBioblog after our year hiatus, I chose to write about the negative consequences for cats, humans, and #wildlife when we allow #cats to roam freely. I couldn't help myself with the punny title.…
I was inspired to write this blog after I witnessed my neighbor's outdoor pet #cat killed a #bird under my feeder. A heated argument ensued. I know nothing has changed because I still scare him out of my backyard. I've counted 9 different cats in my backyard, here is one
I am a paradoxical #catlover, which stems from my #science & #ornithology career. I know how cute it is for my own #cat to frolic in flowers but I understand how dangerous it is for #cats, human #health, & #wildlife when cats roam #CatsOfTwitter #Caturday #catsofinstagram
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/14/2021…
Scientists scramble to harvest ice cores as glaciers melt…

#IceCores #GlacierMelt #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming
Beware the ‘multi-demic:’ Masking this fall will fight more than COVID-19…

#masking #COVID19 #flu #PublicHealth
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/10/2021…
Why Afghan Refugees Aren’t Actually Welcome in California…

#refugees #california #AffordableHousing #consequences
21 Experts on the Future of Expertise: How is expertise being redefined in the modern era?…

#expertise #FutureTrends #consequences
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1/🧵🎥 Tennessee has highest #COVID19 case rate IN THE WORLD 🌎‼️

1/3rd are KIDS, & we haven’t even peaked!

Dr. Jeff Balser, @VUMChealth President & CEO, explains our dire situation. Despite 375M doses of #Vaccine is US alone, we have ~50% overall #Vaxxed & need YOUR help.
2/ This surge is different. The children are disproportionately affected – 1 in 3 new cases. Overall, and this is hard to believe, but we are at our ALL TIME HIGH in admissions. Image
3/ 🎥 Except for immunocompromised patients, almost all in hospital are #unvaxxed. We are re-deploying OR personnel to the ICU and having to curb care for non-COVID pts. It’s just not fair to them. Not getting vaxxed means more suffering for everyone.
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Report from EU Commission highlights major inadequacies in materials submitted to #AnBordPleanala for remedial assessment on unlawful #DerryBrien #Windfarm. This is compounded by really serious failings in Board's handling of #PublicParticipation process…
An application went to Board in August 2020, but a further round on consultation was triggered given changes made to the Irish legislation for this process to address issues identified in a Supreme Court ruling in July 1 in case taken by An Taisce. But ....
Despite the fact the Oireachtas had required in primary legislation the new info to be made available online by An Bord Pleanala they didn't do so for over 3 weeks of a 5 week consultation - buried in height of August holiday period & weeks after the issue was highlighted to them
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Watch live 🔴

We are now starting our regular press briefing on #COVID19 vaccines and treatments.

Don’t miss our tweets during the press briefing. Follow #EMAPresser.
Currently approved #COVID19vaccines protect from the most acute consequence of this disease: hospitalisation and death. As many people as possible should be fully vaccinated. #EMAPresser
The evidence is becoming clearer on the need to consider additional vaccine doses for people who may poorly respond to #COVID19 vaccination, such as those with severely weakened immune systems or some elderly patients. #EMAPresser
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The final session for Day 1 #21OPCC - How can #palliativecare get a 'decent crack of the whip' of Universal Health Reform? @ChathamHouse @yates_rob
Universal healthcare reform - #COVID19 could be an opportunity for great change #21OPCC
Defn of Universal Health Coverage = All people receive the quality health services they need without suffering financial hardship #21OPCC
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After a quick break, I’m back tweeting at the second concurrent session, Holistic Care. Chaired by @IlsaHampton @Pall_Care_Aus #21OPCC
@IlsaHampton @Pall_Care_Aus .@deb_rawlings from Flinders Uni Research Centre for #PalliativeCare, Death & Dying, is first up talking about the role of death Doulas. #21OPCC
@IlsaHampton @Pall_Care_Aus @deb_rawlings Background research findings about the role of Death Doula = regulated but not registered role, may be in a voluntary or paid role #21OPCC
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If you are at #RSS2021Conf this morning, check out our invited session on Contagious disease #statistics and #misinterpretation of #COVID dynamics and data with @AdamJKucharski and @AyisSalma
11:40am, Exchange 10
First speaker is @AyisSalma, reflecting on the subtle but important difference of what we think and what data are.
#COVID19 statistics are easily misinterpreted Image
Statistical anomalies in calculations of #COVID19 infections and deaths meant it appeared that no-one ever recovered!
And these figures influenced government #publichealth decisions Image
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Uh.. no.

Idiots like #Democrats, Dr. #Fauci, Public Health Officials, & the Media, made this problem from the very beginning. I will show you why you are wrong.

Proof where the Skepticism started.
Evidence #1
#Democrats Downplaying Covid.
Evidence #2.1
#Democrats saying they will not get a vaccine made under the Trump Administration (what do you think EVERYONE is using today?), but now that Biden is boss they want to almost force you to take it, & in som cases do force people.
Evidence #2.2

Kamala Harris, which at the time was Candidate Biden's VP Candidate. They used politics to spread fear that the vaccines (the same ones they are shoving down everyone's throats) might be dangerous because "Trump rushed them to win".
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#CovidIsNotOver so @CME_UofC and @AlbertaPLP #COVIDCorner is back for another season starting Wednesday Sept 8, 2021 7-9pm…REGISTER NOW…… [1/4]
Topics will include #publichealth, #masking, #VaccineMandates, #VaccinePassports, #Vaccines and #LongCOVID in kids and safe school openings [2/4]
What a great line up of speakers including Al-Noor Nenshi Nathoo (ethics) @Lorian_H (legal/privacy) of #VaccineMandates #VaccinePassports and @Dr_Jim_Kellner (vaccines in kids) and Dr Stephen Freedman (Long COVID in kids) [3/4]
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1/ Happy Friday!
Today I am celebrating #scicomm! As of this week, I have contributed 21 articles to the @ASMicrobiology Bugs & Drugs blog! Here's a recap of some of these articles for those who love clinical #microbiology
#IDTwitter @ASCLS @CUAnschutz #MedEd @JClinMicro
2/ First, just a quick note on writing for @ASMicrobiology. Volunteering my time to write has been one of the highlights of the last 2 yrs for me! So grateful for the amazing Bugs & Drugs team, especially @JulieMarieWolf @JClinMicro @ScienceInTheDMV who took a chance on me.
#Publichealth piece discussing the yellow fever outbreak of 2015/16 in Africa & highlighting the amazing work of researchers working on fractional #vaccine dosing. It's an amazing story, full of impressive characters.…
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Sharing findings from @NCOSE Research Institute on study about how porn impacts users’ brains.…
Among several findings, the study showed: 1) increased activation of the same brain regions associated with substance-use addictions in response to sexual stimuli, and 2) dissociation between sexual desire and liking of sexual stimuli among CSB men compared to controls.
These findings provide important evidence of neurobiological similarities between CSB and substance-use disorders (e.g., nicotine, cocaine, alcohol)—specifically sensitization to addiction-related cues.
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1/ I loved writing this new @ASMicrobiology article. I talked to Dr. Derick Kimathi (@Toinoti, medical researcher in Kenya), about using fractional doses of yellow fever #vaccine. I hope you find this as interesting as I did #IDtwitter #epitwitter…
2 / This is a follow up article to the one I wrote back in May that briefly detailed the history of #YellowFever in the United States, and how the development of #diagnostics for the disease as well as modern research stemmed from that #history.…
3/ The #YellowFever #outbreak that started in Angola in 2015 ravaged major cities like Luanda & Kinshasa, and resulted in 11 imported cases in China - a country that harbors the mosquito that spreads the yellow fever virus and has a population immunologically naïve to YF.
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Adding baricitinib to steroids will save 1,000s of hospitalized #COVID pts. Our @LancetRespirMed COV-Barrier study is FREE.

I explain👇why it’s such a great #Pandemic discovery story: a new way to ⬇️ COVID19 deaths.
2/ Early in COVID, computers predicted “Berry” (for Bari-citinib), an FDA-approved medication for rheumatoid arthritis, could be repurposed to stop SARS-CoV-2 from killing us. Now we proved it! Why did the computers think it would work?
3/ Bari has antiviral mechanism but mainly we thought it would work by interfering with the intense inflammation the virus 🦠 causes, which is what leads to so much lung, heart, blood vessel, & brain damage (#delirium).
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Are you a stressed parent, agonizing abt return to #school?

Take action!
-Write to admin, ask if every classroom, hallway, bath, common area has 5-6 air changes/hr.
-Advocate for added HEPA purifiers everywhere
-Ask what masks are required/recommended for staff. See @projectN95
-Demand outdoor options. Help find space, resources to support.
-Call loudly for the SMALLEST NUMBER OF PEOPLE (small classes) in STATIC, NON-MIXING COHORTS.
-Need remote option to meet your family's health/safety/learning needs? CALL FOR EQUITY IN PANDEMIC LEARNING NOW.
COVID hits Black+Brown communities harder, incl Black+Brown kids. Fighting for safer schools means ADDRESSING HEALTH EQUITY. Ask, what is your district doing to offer extra supports + protection for those most vulnerable to COVID? 1 ex of many 👇…

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Many timely reflections in this recent article re the capacity of health systems and workforce now and into the future… #AusPol #COVID
On the importance of timely lockdowns & continuing other sensible public health measures, Prof @JBraithwaite1 says: "I would argue for prudence and holding the course. We risk unprecedented cases, deaths, and economic mayhem otherwise...
"I’d go for 90 percent, not 70 percent, vaccination rates, and counsel continuing public health measures, as stringently as possible," says @JBraithwaite1
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Lock down smarter, not harder. Excellent article by @engagedpractx… Thanks @insidestorymag for permission to cross post #publichealth #AusPol
"Instead of putting police and the military on the streets of LGAs with significant migrant populations from war-torn countries, [a smart lockdown] would further invest in building the capacity of affected communities to respond to the outbreak...
"The same interpersonal networks that can transmit a pathogen or misinformation can be harnessed to pass on resources & skills for protecting yourself, your loved ones and your community from the crisis...
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