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For day 4 of #PollinatorWeek2021 we are going to look at bee biodiversity.

Below is a thread giving just a small taste of the vast variety of shapes, colors, and behaviors among the more than 20,000 bee species in the world.


In Pennsylvania there are over 400 species of bees, in the US there are over 4000.

A survey of the general public found that "only 14%
of people were able to guess within 1000 the actual number of bee species in the US"…

Roughly 70% of bee species nest in the ground, that's true around the world, and here in Pennsylvania.
#PollinatorWeek #PollinatorWeek2021
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Day 3 of #PollinatorWeek and we want to highlight one reason why bee pollinators are important: they pollinate our crops and food!

Below are some fun facts about crop pollinators:

With over 90 different crops relying on bees for their pollination services, we have to take a moment this week to thank a bee for the food on our tables.
Here are a variety of crops that 50% or more of their yield is dependent on pollinators, we would probably not have these foods without our insect friends!
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It’s day 2 of #PollinatorWeek and we’re celebrating the queen bees and her hives, honey bees!

Below is a thread of fun facts about honey bees.


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Honey bees are eusocial, they live in hives of thousands of bees but only the queen lays eggs.

The amount of eggs laid by a queen in a single day can weigh more than her own weight!


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Honey bees can beat their wings over 11,000 times per minute, that is twice the rate of hummingbird's wings.


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It's #PollinatorWeek so let's bust some myths which often come up when I give presentations or talk to folks. Note: these will be Canada-centric. #savewildbees #PollinatorWeek2021
#1 Bees die when they sting: Honeybees are the only sp. that I know of w/ barbed stingers that get stuck when they sting. They have colonies w/ 10-60k workers & if some die while defending it's less of a big deal than for native spp.…
#2 Bees are striped yellow & black: bees are incredibly diverse. There are 20,000+ spp globally and they come in all sorts of colours & sizes. In Canada, the sweat bees are the largest group and they are mostly grey, green & silver!

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I'm hesitant to jump on #PollinatorWeek and provide my expertise & best bee pics for free. This week is supposed to bring greater awareness to the importance of pollinators 🐝🦋🪲🪰🦎🦇 but looking at the latest tweets, it's mostly being used for advertising. I have some thoughts
The #PollinatorWeek initiative was started 13 years ago by an NGO to promote pollinator conservation -- great!

However, this NGO accepts sponsorship $ from big ag & pesticide companies like @Syngenta @ValentBioSci & @Bayer4Crops -- not so great!
The success of this week seems like a #beewashing win for these companies. Their names and logos are on the posters, websites, etc. and their posts about #SaveTheBees get mixed in with legitimate conservation initiatives... I wonder, is this difference obvious to a non-expert?
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Many @Interior bureaus & offices work on issues related to ecosystem preservation and the well-being of pollinators🦋🦇🐝🐦. For the remainder of #PollinatorWeek we'll be showcasing pollinators & flowers featured on objects within the @InteriorMuseum's collection.
First up: a bird effigy pitcher from the late 1800s (INTR 01362). Expedition photographer John K. Hillers (1843-1925) collected this ceramic vessel in the American SW. Throughout history, creatures important to daily life are often represented in functional & artistic pieces. ceramic vessel in shape of ...
🦋#PollinatorWeek: These stickers are for tagging monarch butterflies! Placed on the "discal cell" of a monarch's hind wing, it doesn't harm the butterfly or its ability to fly. Each has a serial # aiding scientists documenting flight paths of migrating monarchs. (INTR 07311) 4 round white stickers with...
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