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This might be the most depressing thing I have seen this year. Jane Goodall in an advertisement for British Airways, promoting flying.
Why do people find it so hard to make the connection between what we do, and the destruction of the living world we love? @JaneGoodallInst?
Why do even highly intelligent people find it so hard to see the big picture?
Flying > #ClimateBreakdown > threatens to destroy everything Jane Goodall loves.
How much does she have to avert her eyes to, to appear in this ad?
For those of you seeking to justify this: no, there is simply no excuse for appearing in an advertisement for one of the activities pushing us fastest towards environmental catastrophe. Especially if you're supposed to be an environmentalist!
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If the political class fully grasped the implications and truly had our interests at heart, it would be even more panicked about #climatebreakdown than it is about Brexit.
Here too, we are approaching a cliff edge: action to prevent climate breakdown has been delayed for so long that only massive and immediate cuts in emissions, coupled with carbon drawdown from the atmosphere, can prevent catastrophic levels of heating.
Unlike Brexit, there is no climbing back over this cliff. Climatic tipping points are highly likely to be irreversible. Politics everywhere should be going nuts about this. Instead we hear … next to nothing.
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😪It was hard to get up this morning. The bad news fairy had another good week: 1) ecocide of insects in Puerto Rico, 2) vast projected heat death zones across the tropics, 3) 1.5 degrees coming faster than we thought, 4) Trump pushing US emissions up. 1/
😍So I thought of the young women fighting #ClimateBreakdown and I got myself out of bed. Another day. 3/
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RT this [THREAD] of articles if you'd like to ask Twitter's most popular UK political commentators - the vast majority of whom seldom or never mention the Ecological Emergency - for analysis of the politics of catastrophic #ClimateBreakdown, #MassExtinction & #EcologicalCollapse.
Dear @jonsnowC4 @peston @bbclaurak @bbcnickrobinson @afneil

'we could be looking at an epic extinction event, caused by ourselves, which could include exterminating our own species, or at least what we call “civilization,” in as little as nine years.'…
Hi @OwenJones84 & @paulmasonnews

'We are already facing mass extinction. There is no removing the heat we have introduced into the oceans, nor the 40bn tons of CO2 we pump into the atmosphere every single year. There may be no changing what is happening'…
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Lots of thoughts here. First of all, congrats to @Greenpeace @UE Unearthed for this scoop, this is a major development. This should be picked up by mainstream outlets, like @FT @guardian @BBCNews @Independent. PLEASE COVER THIS, it's a big deal. It exposes how our world works. 1/
.@BusinessEurope is acting in this case like a textbook fossil-economy advocacy and climate denial group: not as a representative of EU businesses. Non-fossil businesses (@facebook & @google) should be encouraged to leave it, as giant @Unilever already has. 2/
In the issue of #ClimateBreakdown, companies that have a stake in a livable future beyond the next decade have to separate their actions and interests from those of the fossil industries. Fossil capitalism is incompatible with human and economic survival.…
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So I tried raising #ClimateBreakdown with in-laws this holiday. Context: they are working-class, self-educated, ethics of individual responsibility, enjoying in retirement what they never had as children or adults: leisure and travel.
My in-laws basically embody this excellent thread by @FlightFree2019. They are also resentful of me (educated, uni-job parents, uni-job myself) giving any advice or lecturing. Somewhat understandable. Uneasy truce over shared love of their grandchild. 2/
So yesterday we had a quick chat during TV commercials (SO MANY OF WHICH WERE ABOUT BOOKING FLIGHT-BASED HOLIDAYS). They said that "everyone knows" about #ClimateBreakdown but no one will do anything until "millions die, here, where it matters." 3/
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Thread by @theresphysics. This is why social science (beyond mainstream economics) is so important in facing #ClimateBreakdown: it's fine to make mistakes, but then you bloody well have to learn from them. Appealing to "political feasibility" has been a HUGE failure. 1/
Putting political feasibility (i.e. starting from status quo power structure, economic trends, current policy landscape) above the existential risk to humanity and the living world has led to
(1) continuous growth in emissions, with no end in sight
[thread break to feed breakfast to child] 3/
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I am trying to do #scicomm and learning as I go, please forgive previous iterations. Trying to convey this paper's content again because it is both dire and absolutely CLEAR on need for immediate, urgent, and radical #ClimateAction. 1/…
Climate change or #ClimateBreakdown IS global warming. It's basically a time machine back into the earth's past, in terms of previous comparable climates. Before this paper, we knew that we are moving into climates unknown to humans, see figure below. 2/
But this paper tell us exactly where we're heading. Under current trajectories of 4 degrees warming, by 2030, in 12 YEARS TIME, I can't even believe I'm typing this, we will have rolled back the planetary climate clock 3 MILLION YEARS. Before the homo genus even existed. 3/
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A thread about THE IMPACT OF AVIATION EMISSIONS ON OUR CHILDREN inspired by @inter_gen’s 2012 ‘Flying in the Face of Fairness’ report.…
Those of us who are parents do what we can to give our children the best possible start in life…
… For many parents, this will include taking our children to see the world. Travel broadens the mind, but air travel does so at the expense of those less fortunate than the traveller and is helping to destroy the world we are taking our children to see……
… Flying abroad for a single holiday can wipe out all the other emissions-reducing measures a family may have adopted to help prevent climate breakdown and more than double the size of their household carbon footprint …
(calculations here:…)
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A THREAD ON AVIATION & #ClimateBreakdown
Climate scientists & environmentalists have been highlighting the huge impact flying has on an individual's carbon footprint for decades, but the message hasn't sunk in, particularly with us Brits, who fly more than any other nation …
… A 2010 study carried out by the University of Surrey identified a sense of entitlement with regard to holiday travel. Even people willing to make eco-friendly adjustments at home are not willing to change air travel patterns ……
… According to the British Social Attitudes Survey 2017, although 84% of Brits accept that man-made climate change is happening, the Brits unwilling to reduce flying to stop climate change outnumber those of us who are willing ……
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"The curious incident of the denialist in the Anthropocene" (with apologies to @mark_haddon & A. Conan Doyle). We are in week 4 since #ExtinctionRebelion's resounding Declaration in London, & the most terrifying is what hasn't happened. Thread (sorry). 1/
The terrifying thing that hasn't happened is that no one has told us we are wrong.
Scientists (myself included) are raising the alarm. Politicians, journalists and the public agree on #ClimateBreakdown is an immense problem, even if some don't agree with tactics or targets. 2/
Just a couple of years ago, the denialists and fossil-fuel lobbies would have been out in full force, denying the urgency of climate change, denying the rapid and radical measures that are necessary to fight it. I am sure they are still out there, inventing new lies. 3/
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Ok, it's official folks. Roger Harrabin, @RHarrabin, the @BBC's environmental analyst, is not fit to hold his job of trust with the public broadcaster. He doesn't understand the science, the policy, the politics or his own responsible role as a communicator. Buckle up: thread 1/
1) the UK is not on track for cutting 80% of emissions by 2050. That distant goal has been treated as an excuse to do not much right now by successive govts. The current govt in particular has cut measures which could get us there - and those were insufficient to start with. 2/
2) the current science says (do you READ IPCC reports, @RHarrabin ? Here's a link that we need to reduce emissions drastically and immediately, not by 2050. Our situation is more urgent than it was decades ago. Please do keep up. 3/
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1.5C is an arbitrary figure. There is no guarantee that this is a "safe" level of global heating, below the threshold between one climatic state and another. It could be 1.383C. Or 1.649C. Because these are highly complex systems, we have no idea where the tipping point lies.
The transition, when it comes, is likely to be abrupt and drastic - this is what has happened in the past. Complex systems seek equilibirum. When they are knocked out of one stable state, they flip into another, often entirely different state.
The different state could be inimical to human life, and many of the other lifeforms with which we share the planet, which, like us, have evolved to survive the current climate.
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1/ Excellent piece. There is a shameful lack of policy imagination in transport - AVs are largely the same old cars, just with electric fuel and no driver. This discourse needs to be framed in terms of achieving sustainable population mobility, not set by car manufacturers.
2/ We still build roads based on a model of transport that is already long out of date and could be eliminated within the half-life of the current vehicle fleet - if we were even remotely serious about avoiding #ClimateBreakdown we'd be building *very* different infrastructure
3/ But we let the car industry set the terms of the debate, doing their best to keep our eyes on the road. The alternatives are seen as too politically scary - because they involve constraining drivers’ ‘rights’ to drive where they like, when they like, how they like.
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This is important, and it's of a piece. As clear as the #SR15 report was on the rapid physical transformation needed to avoid #climatebreakdown, it was almost silent on the political parameters of that transformation - but these are well researched. 1/?
As @TimmonsRoberts says, “It leaves readers and policy makers without tools to address the problem in the real world.”
So the big gap in #SR15 is one of covering the political realities surrounding climate change: these include the biggest barriers & best avenues for action. 2/?
That's quite a gap! Climate denial, as an action of the fossil fuel industry, has been wildly successful, weaponizing both scientific processes and media discourses. And divestment, extraction bans, legal actions have had arguably more success than techno-econ fixes. 3/?
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For Our Present & #Future, for Ourselves & Our #Children, We Must #ActOnClimate Now!
#Renewables #Carbon
@gvalan @ActDontReact @ShiCooks @Totalrecoverys1 @09Clive
@SaleemulHuq @johnlundin @TomRaftery
#Science Says:
#ClimateChangeIsReal Detrimental & Irreversible

But #Trump Knows
"IDK If It's Manmade..."
"It Will Change Back"

There are No #Jobs on a Dead #Planet!

@ProfRayWills @MichaelEMann @NancySinatra @Jackthelad1947 @NNUS @cberrl

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We know that #climatebreakdown presents an existential risk to human populations and much of the other life on Earth. Yet the gas guzzler still accelerates towards the cliff edge. Why? Thread ...
1. Because the lobbying power of fossil fuel-based businesses outweighs that of any other faction. The fossil fuel industry uses its profits to lobby for continued extraction and use. Its tactics are highly sophisticated.
2. Among these tactics is the use of covertly-funded front groups, denying or downplaying the risks, and granted a platform by a receptive media, much of which is owned by members of the same oligarchy. The media misrepresents both the problem and the necessary solutions.
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