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1/ There’ve been some scary climate charts released this week, alongside some big climate stories. It’s been challenging keeping up with everything, so I’ve done a quick round-up thread 🧵
#climatecrisis #climatechaos #climatebreakdown
2/ A snapshot of sea surface temperatures from the 14th June. Unfortunately this daily snapshot is representative of a larger ongoing problem…

3/ Sea surface temperatures are currently at record highs for June so far, and also for the months of April and May.

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Together with @DebtforClimate, we demand that the richest countries of the Global North begin to pay their climate debt.

The unconditional cancellation of all illegitimate global South debt is part of repairing hundreds of years of injustices. (1/5) #UniteAgainstClimateFailure
The G7 is disproportionately responsible for #ClimateBreakdown, amounting to a climate debt immeasurably greater than the financial debt ‘owed’ by low-emitting countries in the Global South. (2/5)
Those hit hardest by the climate impacts of water scarcity, food insecurity, drought, flooding, pollution, extreme storms, and displacement are in the Global South.

Last year the 10 worst climate disasters alone saw $170 billion in damages in the Global South (3/5)
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Forests are important. Here’s why🧵 1/n

- make shade & cool the surface
- capture CO2
- purify the air
- make clouds & rain
- prevent drought
- prevent flooding
- prevent erosion

@IrishRainforest @GeorgeMonbiot @AncientTreesATF @GretaThunberg
#rewilding #ClimateAction
2/n. Forests act as stabilisers for earth’s climate. They’re essential for our survival. And they’re under extreme threat.


@IrishRainforest @GeorgeMonbiot @GretaThunberg @gringreen @andypic @dwnews
3/n. Our ecosystem, the one we rely on survival for, relies heavily on forests. Our farmers rely on the steady rains forests bring.

Ironically agricultural expansion drives almost 90 percent of global deforestation.

@IrishRainforest @GeorgeMonbiot…
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(THREAD) 1 of 5 ⬇️🧵

Oil companies see ‘net positive’ in climate bill …
(And why #BigOil baron @Sen_JoeManchin signed off for $)
#Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateBreakdown #ClimateEmergency #ClimateStrike #ClimateBrawl #Manchin #InflationReductionAct Image

At Manchin’s urging, though, it would require the government to offer oil & gas leases on federal land and in the Gulf of Mexico, albeit at a higher royalty rate. It also provides tax incentives for projects that capture carbon dioxide and new forms of energy like hydrogen.”

- @AP The bill would impose a new fee on excess methane emissions from oil and gas drilling while giving fossil fuel companies access to more leases on federal lands and waters.”…
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In April, 2019 I organized a group to speak with @westcherbol about preparing for #climatebreakdown. The BOL allows 10 people, 3 minutes each to share what’s on their mind. Here’s how @catherineNY16 responded. (1 of 11)
We started with 2 people and eventually grew to 8 concerned citizens. There were no controls in terms of topics or “asks”. It was a grassroots way to publicly tell the BOL about citizen concerns. (2 of 11)
My personal ask was for more community networking and connections throughout the #Westchester County. To read the IPCC report together with a certified climate grief counselor. (3 of 11)
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Morning folks. I'd like to talk about nature today, and how it's doing on our generation's watch.

The answer is unequivocal: it could scarcely be worse. Nature is rapidly blinking out all around us.

And no, that is NOT hyperbole.

All the science confirms it.
There are so many statistics I could hit you with to show how nature is being killed off, but statistics tend to wash over us, so here's just one.

In 1970-2016 alone, global populations of wild vertebrates like mammals and birds plummeted by 68%.…
There are many reasons why we're losing nature at such a catastrophic speed, but the primary one across the world is conversion of natural habitat to farmland.

When this happens, only a small minority of species are able to adapt to the new conditions.…
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Today the Tories are calling us extremists for following climate science. The problem is this means they're also calling the UN, International Energy Agency and the UK's own Climate Change Committee extremists - among many others.

@MarkRuskell discussed it with them this morning
@markruskell The UN has said the #climatebreakdown we're seeing around us is "code red for humanity." The UN General Secretary is calling for an end to fossil fuels before they destroy our plant.

The Scottish Tory verdict? Extremists.
The International Energy Agency has said that if governments are serious about climate crisis we must stop investing in fossil fuels immediately.

The Scottish Tory verdict? Extremists.
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At least 1/2 (or more) of the #CPC is made up of extremists. Christo-fascist Dominionists, #ClimateCrisis deniers, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim bigots, white nationalist sympathizers, anti-choice. This is not where the majority of 🇨🇦 is. But the Right wants power by any means #cdnpoli
The number of anti-choice far-right “Christian” coalition members in the #CPC increased sharply during & after #StephenHarper’s reign.

That influence has increased, not decreased. The #CPC has moved sharply to the right in lockstep with the #GOP. #cdnpoli #NeverVoteConservative
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NEW PAPER #openaccess

To secure decent living standards for all while reducing global energy use to avert #climatebreakdown, governments need to:
↗️public services
↗️income equality
↘️extractive industries
❌economic growth in affluent countries

@JKSteinberger @DrDanONeill @lamb_wf @jasonhickel @g_kallis @GeorgeMonbiot @EricHolthaus @KevinClimate @ClimateHuman @GretaThunberg 1/ Averting catastrophic climate changes beyond 1.5 C global warming requires both rapid decarbonisation of energy systems AND rapid reductions in global energy use. This is now recognised at the highest levels, including the recent report by the International Energy Agency.
@JKSteinberger @DrDanONeill @lamb_wf @jasonhickel @g_kallis @GeorgeMonbiot @EricHolthaus @KevinClimate @ClimateHuman @GretaThunberg 2/ By 2050, global final energy use must be as low as 27 gigajoules per person (GJ/cap) to reach the aspirations of the Paris Agreement of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C without relying on speculative negative emissions technologies, according to the IPCC (2018).
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It's #PollinatorWeek so let's bust some myths which often come up when I give presentations or talk to folks. Note: these will be Canada-centric. #savewildbees #PollinatorWeek2021
#1 Bees die when they sting: Honeybees are the only sp. that I know of w/ barbed stingers that get stuck when they sting. They have colonies w/ 10-60k workers & if some die while defending it's less of a big deal than for native spp.…
#2 Bees are striped yellow & black: bees are incredibly diverse. There are 20,000+ spp globally and they come in all sorts of colours & sizes. In Canada, the sweat bees are the largest group and they are mostly grey, green & silver!

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Message #1 for #G7

Science facts are useful
The planet’s on fucking fire
There are a lot of things we could do to put it out
Are any of them free?
No, of course not
Nothing’s free, you idiots. Grow the fuck up.

@BillNye on response to #ClimateBreakdown

Message #2 for #G7
Imagine the planet was suffering its own #Coronavirus #pandemic

Imagine we responded to the #climateemergency like it might be life threatening to us all

The Earth has more than a fever

Our house is on fire

We are the cause

We can also fix it
Message #3 for #G7

Are you mature enough to tell it like it is?
Listen: most important 2 minutes you have today
And for the rest of your life
And our lives

If you are also mature enough to act

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Don't we only address violence against women in #UK by confronting violence built into our society?

We'll fail if we ignore violence we impose on #GlobalSouth because of #ClimateBreakdown, imperialist foreign policy with its associated militarism. 1/n

My heart bleeds 4 the family of woman taken just 2 miles from where I live (I have a 20 year old daughter walking these same streets) and for all the other victims of violence.

But this isn't a men vs. women issue + if we truly want 2 tackle the issue we must #TellTheTruth 2/n
Yes #TellTheTruth to rejecting ALL #violence:

For example, the violence of #inequality, #racism, #sexism.

The violence we are imposing on future generations and #GlobalSouth by failing to address #ClimateBreakdown (as highlighted by @XRebellionUK)

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This is a thread about the toxicity that permeates the UK #gardening & #horticulture industries. In the current issue of @GWmag @TheMontyDon pointed out that retailers are ‘actively choosing to do harm’ if they sell peat, peat-based compost or plants grown in peat. He was stating
@GWmag @TheMontyDon the obvious. It’s a scientific fact that peat bogs release their stored carbon when they are drained & mined. FACT. More carbon means more #climatechaos. Carbon set free by its use in #gardening doesn’t hide away. It’s all driving our #ClimateEmergency. @TheMontyDon was saying
@GWmag @TheMontyDon in plain terms, that if your an industry that’s still digging up peat and releasing carbon, and adding to #ClimateBreakdown, then you’re part of the problem we all share. Let’s not forget that no gardener needs peat to succeed & that modern & reliable #peatfree mixes exist, and
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This is my friend Dr. Diana Warner. She was a GP in Bristol until retiring last year. Right now she’s in prison and a week into a hunger strike, protesting government inaction on the climate and ecological emergency. I’m calling on the PM to expedite her release and to #ActNow. Image
Several people have asked why Diana is in prison. She hasn't been tried, but she and others are accused of applying pink painting to a building. My understanding is that she may be held on remand until the end of September.
I don't expect people to agree with or approve of her actions. But Diana is one of many intelligent, caring people who find themselves becoming increasingly desperate, wondering what people have to do to stop this sleepwalk to catastrophe. #ClimateBreakdown
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Here's the latest GOP spin👇

A former comms officer from the Heritage Foundation argues that Repubs, including Trump, are offering "innovative" climate policies & that criticizing them as inadequate is to use "purity tests" to define environmentalism. 🙄…
The accusation that progressives are *preventing* Repubs from joining the climate movement by subjecting them to "purity tests" is new, I think.

It picks up on centrist accusations that anti-flying advocates and anti-CCS advocates are subjecting people to purity tests.
As to her point that so many young Republicans are becoming increasingly concerned by #ClimateBreakdown, let's be clear she's using that fact to argue that the GOP in general now desires climate action.
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On Tues @JoeBiden announced his plan to create millions of jobs, redevelop America's infrastructure & rebuild our economy after the devastation of Trump's #COVID19 mismanagement.

His speech launched new campaign messaging. Here I'll break it down & (ahem) offer some notes.

First of all, let me say it's a great speech—optimistic and inspiring.

It has the rhetorical fingerprints of @EvergreenAction (which is to say the climate staff of @JayInslee and @ewarren) all over it.

For example, as others have noted, @JoeBiden nods to @ewarren in promising not to "tinker around the edges" but seize this moment in history to create big structural change.

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Interesting to read @KateAronoff's latest about progressive efforts to make sure Biden's executive branch is staffed with climate hawks (…) alongside a Reuters report on intra-party conflict over a report issued by the DNC's Climate Council. Key quote👇

1/n Image
It seems painfully the case that the Democratic party is divided over the need for climate action, pulled in one direction by progressives and in another direction by finance and fossil-fuel labor.

Of course, polling shows that the majority of Democratic voters agree with progressives on climate and support policies implied by the #GreenNewDeal. But the DNC doesn't think that majority is solid or big enough to help them win in swing states.

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🙋‍♀️🙋🏾‍♂️ Please sign and share!

Join the 66,000 people who already oppose unconditional taxpayer-backed #bailouts for the polluting #aviation industry and say #SavePeopleNotPlanes!…
Why this is important? Flying is the fastest way into #ClimateBreakdown. 🔥✈️
Still, in the end the aviation industry could even benefit from the #CoronaCrisis:
The #aviation #lobby demands billions in aid and shirks its responsibility for #climate action:

What we demand instead:
1. People first ✊
2. A just transition: towards a climate-just mobility 🚞
3. No taxes? No bailouts! 💸
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The #LandUse report by the government's Committee on Climate Change (@theCCCuk) is a pathetic damp squib of a document, hopelessly unmatched to the scale of our climate and ecological emergencies.
In this thread, I'll explain why:
@theCCCuk To give one example, it calls for measures to encourage a 10% cut in cattle and sheep numbers by 2050.
But this reduction is way less than the *existing trajectory*, as people turn away from red meat.
And by 2050, cultured meat may have nixed the entire sector.
@theCCCuk The UK has the most wasteful farming practices in Europe. Vast tracts of land produce negligible amounts of food. For example, sheep farming occupies ~4m ha, roughly equiv to all our arable and horticultural land, yet produces just 1.2% of our calories.…
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1. Hurricane Dorian horror
2. African rainforest fragmentation
3. Somalia extreme weather
4. Mozambique cyclones
5. Victoria Falls drying up
6. Chile megadrought
7. Antarctic fragility
8. Arctic fires
9. Amazon fires
10. Shrinking food supplies

Climate shocks 2019.
Is it possible that Hurricane Dorian was the deadliest hurricane ever?
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1. Wildfires are unstoppable.
2. Droughts are never-ending.
3. Hurricanes are uncategorisable.
4. Heat waves are unsurvivable.
5. Floods are unprecedented.
5. Hail storms are deadly.
7. Cyclones are monstrous.
8. Firenadoes are hell on Earth.

Nobody knows this planet.
'We “cannot stop these fires, they will just keep burning"...…
Central Chile, where most Chileans live, is in a situation that scientists are referring to as “megadrought.”…

Civilization-Collapsing Megadroughts of Medieval Times Could Be in Store for a Warming Earth:…

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#Inktober catch up 31/31 #Cuckoo #inktoberredlist I had to finish off with the cuckoo, as they symbolise for me what has been called 'shifting baseline' syndrome. My 'nature' base line of growing up the UK in the 70's was full of insects, and birds.
Huge flocks of sparrows, starlings and lapwing. So many flies and insects that we needed a fly screen on the back door. Thunderbugs and ladybird swarms. The car bonnet covered in insects after a short journey. The sound of cuckoo's every Spring. Dead hedgehogs on the roads!
That was my 'normal'. For most of my children's generation that has changed, to the point where they don't even know the names of everyday birds, because they've never seen one. @robgmacfarlane and @JackieMorrisArt writing a book, The Lost Words, to help children 'rediscover' and
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When looking at the violence on the streets in Chile keep in mind this footage of riot cops snorting cocaine before heading off to batter protesters
Keep in mind that Chile is now one of the most unequal countries in the world
Keep in mind that Chile is ruled by a Billionaire former businessmen
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