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Voters! The Deadline for this election-security Action is TODAY! Pls use #SMARTelections’s template (below) to email the EAC asking it to NOT certify voting systems that involve barcode voting, hybrid voting, DRE voting, or wireless, remote, or internet connections! Pls reply ✅
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People wonder how it would be possible to coordinate an election attack across multiple counties. One way is remote access to the county tabulators. Another is wireless communication with the county tabulators. Vendors have enabled both options.… 1/
2/ The wireless modem installations began in 2015. The @JaneMayerNYer post below made me think of it today. Could this be related?!
3/ Removing the modems andxremote access are included among my election-security goals for 2020. They are also included in the #PAVEAct, @RonWyden’s election-security bill. Time to call your members of Congress and state and local election officials!! #RemoveTheRemoteAccess
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🔥 Call to action! Banning internet connections & wireless modems in election equipment should be a “no brainer.” But @EACgov won’t even include this in their VOLUNTARY guidelines. This links to an email template asking them to shape up. Reply ✅ TY! 1/…
3/ I discussed the wireless modems that ES&Sibstalled in ballot scanners in FL, WI, IL, and presumably elsewhere starting in 2015 here:…
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For 2020, insist on "HTH RP":
#HandMarkedPaperBallots (not machine-marked, not barcoded),
#TransparentChainofCustody for the paper ballots.
#HandAudits or #HandCounts of the paper ballots for every race, 1/
3/ Darn. Two more.

*#PublishedPrecinctResults (where precincts exist)
*#PublishedReportedResults (broken down by category, including early voting, vote by mail, and election day.
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For 2020, we must insist not only on:
(A) #HandMarkedPaperBallots, but also
(B) robust #HandAudits of the paper ballots (or else full hand counts) for every single race, plus
(C) a #TransparentChainofCustody for the paper ballots. 1/
3/ #TransparentChainofCustody (published records)
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Why were we led to believe that VR Systems (which Mueller says was hacked by Russia) handled "only" voter registrations?! It seems that they also handle the online reporting of electronic vote tallies!! And it caused a delay reporting results in 2016! 1/…
2/ "'A staff member of ours inadvertently created a link that was a preview of the election results that were not intended to be public,' Perkins said.
In an affidavit.., Perkins said the snafu delayed the posting of elections results across the state."
3/ "VR Systems contracts with 60 of Florida's 67 counties, said Tonya Edwards, a spokeswoman for Snipes. Perkins apologized to the counties in an email Wednesday."
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“The nation's top voting machine maker [ES&S] has admitted in a letter to a federal lawmaker that the company installed REMOTE-ACCESS SOFTWARE on election-management systems it sold over a period of six years...” - By @KimZetter, 7/17/18 1/…
This revelation raises “questions about the security of those systems AND THE INTEGRITY OF ELECTIONS THAT WERE CONDUCTED WITH THEM,” which would include the 2016 presidential election! 2/
“Election-management systems are not the voting terminals that voters use to cast their ballots, but are just as critical: they ... tabulate final results aggregated from voting machines.” 3/
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Thank you @RebeccaRhynhart for standing by your convictions. We could use a lot more of that lately. #ProtectOurVotes 1/…
2/ ES&S's ExpressVote XL "Hybrid" voting system, which @PhillyVotes selected, is a dangerous system that experts say can change paper ballots after they've been cast. They should never have chosen it. #EXPELtheXL

Link to article about Hybrid…
3/ The other dangerous "Hybrid" voting system that to which jurisdictions are flocking is the Dominion Image Cast Evolution (ICE). #ICEtheICE
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Lame response from @EACgov, which is either corrupt or inept (or both), to request from 30 cyber experts & EI groups that it advise states to remove the cellular modems they plan to use to transmit results in Nov. The modems were installed in swing states starting in 2015. 1/
2/ Call to Action for Florida re: it’s dangerous use of cellular modems to transfer election results:
3/ Call to Action re: Wisconsin and it’s dangerous use of cellular modems to transmit election results.
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Florida voters! FL is one of a handful of states that uses cellular modems to transmit election results, a practice that 30 cyber experts & election integrity groups condemn in the letter below. Plz send the letter to @kendetzner & demand he #RemoveTheModems. cc: @AndrewGillum 1/
Here is the letter from 30 cyber experts and election integrity groups condemning the use of cellular modems in tabulators.… 2/
Contact info for @kendetzner, Florida Secretary of State. 3/
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Better late than never, @msnbc. Please STAY with the story until the goddamn modems are removed! @JoyAnnReid @maddow @Lawrence #RemoveTheModems
It just so happens that Wisconsin I stalled its cellular modems in 2015...
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Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, & ILLINOIS (which I didn’t know about) transmit election results via CELLULAR MODEMS, which 30 cybersecurity experts and election integrity experts have characterized as election protection malfeasance. cc: @renato_mariotti… 1/
2/ Here is the letter from 30 cybersecurity experts and election integrity groups. #RemoveTheModems
The claim that cellular modems potentially affect only unofficial results is bogus because “if there are any security flaws in the voting machine software that talk thru that modem, then the voting machine could be confused into installing new software that changes the vote.” 3/
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This is dangerous election security propaganda bc it ignores that @WI_Elections allowed the installation of CELLULAR MODEMS in its tabulators starting in 2015, & refuses to remove them even after 30 cybersecurity experts & election integrity groups warned that it must. 1/
3/ Here is the letter.…
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WI, FL, MI, & RI plan 2 send their vote tallies over the internet via wireless modems. By doing so, they are actively encouraging hacking. @nppd_krebs of DHS won’t lift a finger to try to stop it. We must do it ourselves. Tell these Secretaries of State to #RemoveTheModems.
Contact info via @planetscape. Pls reply Done if u contact these SOS’s. Thx!
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Dear Election Officials in Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, & RI: You have compromised US elections by using wireless modems in your vote tabulators, the presence of which means they connect to the internet. 1/#RemoveTheModems
@RJ4SEN14 @KenDetzner @RISecState @WI_Elections
2/ Source re: Rhode Island’s use of wireless modems in its vote tabulators: ……
3/ @ESSVote press release: “The ES&S WIRELESS MODEM functionality included in the DS200® performed above and beyond” the “expectations” of Kenosha County, Wisconsin.
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