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WHAT THE HELL?! Even under the old Diebold voting system—per leaked documents—the voter registration system assigned “barcodes...containing encoded information identifying... weight values for every voter and every race.”

WEIGHT VALUES?! via @BevHarrisWrites & @benniejsmith 1/
3/ So when new Electronic pollbooks put barcodes on “activation cards” that are then inserted into new touchscreen voting machines (BMDs), might those barcodes instruct that votes from certain voters are worth more or less than votes from other voters?! WTAF is this?!
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Wow. QR code’s and barcodes are a prominent and highly controversial new feature of new polling place voting machines (ballot marking devices) in the US as well. Humans can’t read QR codes or barcodes, but this is what’s counted as your vote. Ugh. #HandMarkedPaperBallots 1/
2/ I have written and spoken extensively about the many perils of these new QR code and barcode voting machines, many of which election officials plan to debut at polling places in November. This is most recent piece:…
3/ Here is my PSA on this same issue:
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Here we go w/ the DemocracyFund/DavidBecker/ProPublica talking point, ie, we need not worry much about Iowa bc election officials (unlike political parties) are responsible re: election security.

Unfortunately, the truth is that many aren’t & must be held accountable too. 1/
2/ Seemingly coordinated talking points by Democracy Fund (Ambrogi), ProPublica (Huseman), and Becker. Note that Democracy Fund funds both ProPublica and Becker, and they often seem to coordinate talking points.
3/ Apparently coordinated Democracy Fund, Becker, ProPublica (Huseman) talking point re: internet connectivity. Their unanimous insistence that voting machines never connect to the internet has been debunked by election-security experts & multiple others.
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Key take away from the #IowaCaucas mess? We shld minimize use of unnecessary electronics in elections, yet many jurisdictions are doubling down, especially w/ new e-pollbooks & new universal use ballot marking devices in lieu of #HandMarkedPaperBallots. They should reconsider. 1/
Here is a thread of mine re: the rapidly increasing use of e-pollbooks in lieu of paper voter lists. The two largest companies are Knowink and Tenex. 2/…
Here’s my most recent piece re: the rapid proliferation throughout the US of unnecessary universal use ballot marking devices: glitchy touchscreen computers that mark our ballots for us in lieu of using #HandMarkedPaperBallots for most voters. 3/…
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This is a profound quote. It reminds me of the importance of music at protests (as @AlexandraChalup once explained to me) & of the joy I’ve felt w/ the graphics my Twitter friends have created to amplify election-security concerns & the importance of #HandMarkedPaperBallots.
Be a poll watcher! (graphic by @_Jo_di)
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.@senatemajldr must want voting equipment that puts our votes into barcodes that humans can’t read. Otherwise he would NOT have blocked a vote on the #SAFEAct, which would ban these dangerous systems. #BarcodeMitch #ModemMitch 1/
3/ Graphic in post 1 by @CommonAgendaUSA. Graphic in post 2 by @RevealAnd.
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Many jurisdictions are buying risky new Ballot Marking Devices that generate machine marked (hackable) Summary Cards w/ text & barcodes. The barcodes are the only part counted as your vote. The #SAFEAct would #BanBarcodeVoting, but @senatemajldr won’t bring it to a vote. Why? 1/
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Many jurisdictions are buying risky new Ballot Marking Devices that generate machine marked (hackable) Summary Cards w/ text & barcodes. The barcodes are the only part counted as your vote. The #SAFEAct would #BanBarcodeVoting, but @senatemajldr won’t bring it to a vote. Why? 1/
2/ #BanBarcodeVoting
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Dear @senatemajldr: Throwing wads of $$$ at opaque & corrupt voting-system vendors that donated to your campaign does NOT constitute meaningful election-security reform. Thread. cc: @SenSchumer @SenatorLeahy @ChrisCoons 1/
Election-security funding must be tied to election-security requirements (or it isn’t really election security funding):

HAND MARKED paper ballots 4 most voters

ROBUST manual audits

A ban on internet connectivity & remote access

Backup paper voter lists at polling places. 2/
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Here’s the video of the second half of the first day of the NVRTF national election-security conference. My part starts at 1:25. Lots of great speakers! cc: @JimSoper #HandMarkedPaperBallots #RobustManualAudits #BanBarcodeVoting #SubpoenaTheVendors… 1/
2/ Here’s a link to my Power Point and handout from the conference.…
3/ I’m having trouble finding the video of the first half but will post it when I do, and then add on day 2. cc: @JimSoper
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Federal funding must be conditioned on HAND MARKED paper ballots for most voters & a ban on:

internet connectivity
remote access
barcode voting

These are integral parts of the #SAFEAct, & groups like @BrennanCenter must stop abandoning them in messaging. @LarryNorden 1/
2/ Funding without requirements and crystal clear messaging will bring us more of this.
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"As the lawyer & election integrity advocate Jennifer Cohn has pointed out, in recent years we've seen practices that should concern us all, from remote access software installed in election management systems 2 ballot scanners that connect 2 the internet..." - @hillaryclinton 1/
@HillaryClinton "So this is a both sides problem. It's a problem of a foreign adversary actually interfering, hacking. And it's a problem of our own decisions about WHAT KINDS of equipment & systems we are going to employ. Both of those deserve the most serious attention." 2/
@HillaryClinton Here's a link to the video of @HillaryClinton's keynote address during the In Defense of American Democracy conference quoted in post 1. 3/
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🔥 North Carolina! Pls sign this @naacpnc petition to use unhackable HAND MARKED paper ballots as a primary voting system, not the hackable barcode Ballot Marking Devices From ES&S, which NC just certified against the advice of leading experts & voters. Pls reply ✅. TY! 1/
3/ NC’s voting machine vendor is ES&S, whose machines are “losing” black votes in GA & TN. ES&S also:

Leaked voter data for 1.8 M voters & the passwords 4 its employees & NC’s voting machines

Lied about remote access & internet connections to its systems

Gave $30K to the GOP
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Yes!!! Colorado becomes the first state to get rid of dangerous barcode voting! cc: @DwightShellman

#HandMarkedPaperBallots #BanBarcodeVoting #SAFEAct 1/
@DwightShellman "To that end, from 2021, Colorado will no longer certify machines that count votes by QR or barcode." 2/
@DwightShellman "Under a pending deal with Dominion, the vendor that currently supplies Colorado's voting equipment, a newly engineered software upgrade will instead print out ballots with choices picked marked with darkened ovals, identical to how a hand-marked ballot would look." 3/
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"'It's great to see that Colorado is yet again leading the nation on election security by trashing its hackable barcode ballot-marking machines,' @RonWyden told CNN. 'These machines are a ripe target for hackers.'" 1/
@RonWyden "'Given the serious, credible threat that Russia and other governments will interfere in the 2020 election, it is vital that all states follow Colorado's example by prioritizing cybersecurity over the special interest voting machine lobby,' Wyden said." 2/
@RonWyden "Colorado's choice stands in stark contrast to Georgia, which recently signed a $107 million contract — also with Dominion — to replace its paperless machines with a system that includes QR code marking devices." QR codes are a type of barcode. #gapol #HandMarkedPaperBallots 3/
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.@PAStateDept is defrauding the public. This post refers to PA’s ExpressVote XL voting system, which:

* Puts votes into barcodes that are the only part of the paper counted as your vote

* Includes a “Ballot Stuffing” feature

* Bombed during PA’s own verifiability testing 1/
3/ The “Ballot Stuffing” featured (dubbed such by election-security expert Andrew Appel) is discussed here:…
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Hope he’ll demand HAND MARKED paper ballots. A voting machine in Fulton county had a “glitch” when he ran in the #GA06 election in 2017, & couldn’t be audited bc it was paperless, like all of GA’s current machines. Brian Kemp wants to replace them w/ a risky barcode system. 1/
Here’s my piece about the #GA06 election and the house-of-horrors history behind Georgia’s corrupted electronic voting system. 2/
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.@PAStateDept has re-affirmed its certification of the ES&S ExpressVote XL barcode Ballot Marking Device, which @phillyvotes selected after ES&S lobbyists made donations to the two commissioners who cast the deciding votes. THE SYSTEM IS JUNK. @TomWolfPA 1/
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Ohio Sec of State @FrankLaRose also hired infamous Council for National Policy member Ken Blackwell to lead his transition team. Blackwell was Ohio Sec of State in 04 when he hired Paul Manafort’s partners to re-route election totals to a Republican owned backup server in TN. 1/
3/ CNP directory listing Ken Blackwell:…
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.@MaddowBlog shld also invite @MarilynRMarks1 whose @CoalitionGoodGv spearheaded this litigation & who can explain why MACHINE marked barcoded summaries from Ballot Marking Devices (BMDs)—being pushed by @GaSecofState—are NOT an acceptable substitute 4 #HANDMarkedPaperBallots. 1/
3/ Some of the Georgia election-security advocates who have helped move the needle so dramatically in Georgia would make excellent guests as well.
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😡MD auditors found that 3% of the barcodes marked by ES&S’s Ballot Marking Devices are UNREADABLE.

Counties in OH, WI, PA, TX, WV, KY, NY, NJ, KS, TN & IN will use these BMDs in 2020. All of SC will use them. NC certified them last week. #ncpol 1/…
“An apparent 3 percent discrepancy in official tabulation records—even among one part of the ballot data chain—is significant. Three percent is larger than the margin automatically triggering recounts in 19 states and the District of Columbia.” 2/
“It is also larger than margins in 23 other states that allow recounts under other circumstances. Partisans who challenge election results typically cite any inconsistency if it helps their side to win.” 3/
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As I’ve been warning. From May 2018: 2/
3/ Screenshot. I remember bc I was so excited that I got @JoyAnnReid’s attention.
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