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While today’s lack of bipartisan support for a vote on the #FreedomToVoteAct was not an enormous surprise, it was still disappointing to see this reaction to the most significant #votingrights bill in a generation. 1/5 #FreedomToVote…
This is a transformative piece of legislation that, if enacted, will increase Americans’ access to the ballot box, neutralize partisan and racial gerrymandering and increase transparency in our campaign finance system to counteract the impact of dark money secret spending. 2/5
In an era where we see politicians erecting deliberate barriers to voting, with both parties enacting partisan gerrymanders and dark money pouring into elections in as-yet-unseen amounts, this compromise legislation would provide some of the most comprehensive advances... 3/5
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This is it. The moment of truth. They are now deciding whether they will move forward on the Freedom To Vote Act. Vote counting has started!
The Senate is now voting on whether we will have a republic or whether we will let the states make it harder for some people to vote than for others, with ample sociological evidence showing that voter suppression works. Nobody believes it works MORE than the people doing it!
.@VP is in the room. (She just cast the deciding vote in a nomination for the Assistant Education Secretary for Civil Rights, when the vote split down party lines 50 yes to 50 no.)
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Senator @SenAmyKlobuchar is on the floor of the Senate right now arguing for the need to defend democracy by passing the Freedom To Vote Act. #FreedomToVoteAct
"We can't just sit back and watch our democracy be threatened. . . . When we are faced with a coordinated effort across our country to limit the freedom to vote, we must stand up and do what is right. . . . [W]e are up against a coordinated attack." @SenAmyKlobuchar
Emphasizing the word "some," @SenAmyKlobuchar says: *some* people don't want *some* people to vote

No one has any doubt about who she means or that she's right.
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Faces & Districts of the 185 House Members of Congress who either voted to try & overturn the Election or against a January 6th Commission. They voted against Democracy. #SeditionCaucus #SeditiousGOP #PostcardsforAmerica
I did a THREAD with a Postcard w/ the Reps for each State.
But first, here's a postcard of the 8 GOP SENATORS who voted to overturn the Election AFTER the violent assault on the Capitol by Trump supporters. Do not forget them. They do not represent you or believe in preserving our Democracy. #SeditionCaucus #PostcardsforAmerica
Oh, & here's a postcard of the 185 House Members of Congress who either voted to try & overturn the Election or voted against a January 6th Commission. They voted against Democracy. Do not forget. They should not be in Congress. #SeditionCaucus #SeditiousGOP #PostcardsforAmerica
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The @FEC is responsible for enforcing campaign finance laws for presidential & congressional campaigns.

Today is its "birthday," but there's not much to celebrate: it has repeatedly failed to do its job, w/ real consequences that impact our lives. Thread:…
Its commissioners routinely deadlock and fail to hold bad actors accountable. The @FEC is not just another example of a dysfunctional government bureaucracy: the problem at the @FEC is about commissioners who do not believe in the role of the agency.
This matters. The @FEC's failure to enforce our campaign finance laws has led to an explosion in secret spending, and our politics are increasingly rigged in favor of special interests.

This tilts the playing field and affects almost any issue we care about, regardless of party.
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So, 139 House Members voted to overturn #Election2020
175 voted AGAINST investigating the #January6th #Insurrection
They are not pro-Democracy & don't belong in Congress.
I did a THREAD with a Postcard w/ the Reps for each State.

#FreedomToVoteAct now! #PassFTVA
ALABAMA @RepJerryCarl @RepBarryMoore @RepMikeRogersAL @robert_aderholt @repmobrooks @USRepGaryPalmer all voted to overturn the 2020 Election and/or against investigating the insurrection. They are not pro-Democracy and should not be in Congress. #SeditionCaucus #SeditiousGOP
ALASKA! @repdonyoung voted against investigating the insurrection. He is not pro-Democracy and should not be in Congress. #SeditionCaucus #SeditiousGOP
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Of 15 #Republican candidates for Secretary of State (the office that oversees #elections), in 5 battleground states,

10 lack confidence in the 2020 results or flat-out claim it stolen.

Only 2 of 9 interviewed acknowledged #Biden as the legitimate winner.
In 2020, #Trump, and #GOP legislators, not only undermined trust in elections, with false claims repeatedly debunked, they told partisan state legislators to send electors for Trump in states where voters selected Biden; a blatant rejection of #democracy.
It was only laws, and honorable officials holding to those laws, that prevented the #coup from succeeding.

The GOP are not done. Those protections are only going to get weaker with time.
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🇺🇸The #FreedomToVoteAct, along with the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct contain the most comprehensive democracy reform laws enacted in decades.

The #FTVA will protect our elections from sabotage, dark money, gerrymandering and voter suppression. Get the facts:…
2. What would the #FreedomToVoteAct do?


The #FTVA creates a baseline national standard for voting access, preempting many of the onerous, racist restrictions passed by Republicans to prevent POC, people in lower income and/or Dem areas from voting.
3. What would the #FreedomToVoteAct do?

• Require all 50 states to offer Early Voting for at least 2 weeks prior to Election Day and include night and weekend hours.

• Require EV locations be easily accessible to all voters, esp. voters in rural areas and on college campuses.
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"Meanwhile, the amateurish “stop the steal” efforts of 2020 have given way to an organized nationwide campaign to ensure that Trump & his supporters will have the control over state and local election officials that they lacked in 2020"

"Those recalcitrant Republican state officials who effectively saved the country from calamity by refusing to falsely declare fraud or to “find” more votes for Trump are being systematically removed or hounded from office."

"Today’s arguments over the filibuster will seem quaint in three years if the American political system enters a crisis for which the Constitution offers no remedy."

#EndTheFilibuster Pass the #FreedomToVoteAct
Protect American democracy…
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It's 🍃🍂#FreedomToVoteFall🍂🍃 y'all! 🧵👇🏾
Time to put pressure on U.S. Senators across the country to pass the newly introduced #FreedomToVoteAct and #RestoreTheVRA.
Make the call every day this Fall:
☎️ 833-465-7142

@WeJoinFrontline put these slides together to help: ImageImage
Keep the pressure on U.S. Senators - call every day this Fall to get them to pass the #FreedomToVoteAct and #RestoreTheVRA:
☎️ 833-465-7142

Use the key points on these slides to help: ImageImage
Keep the pressure on U.S. Senators - call every day this Fall to get them to pass the #FreedomToVoteAct and #RestoreTheVRA:
☎️ 833-465-7142

Use the key points on these slides to help: ImageImage
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Among the Democrats we can thank for this amazing piece of legislation are @amyklobuchar, @ReverendWarnock and yes, even @JoeManchinWV.

Nothing less than US Democracy and #VotingRights for all US Citizens are at play!

A thread on the #FreedomToVoteAct..…
Thank you @NormOrnstein & Dennis Aftergut for this synthetic description, some of which I will reprint below.
"If passed, the bill will, in federal elections, override local voter-restrictive laws proliferating in states with Republican-dominated legislatures.
"So far this year, at least 18 states have adopted laws burdening access to voting. Our country’s Founders foresaw this danger. The Constitution’s election clause grants Congress the power to displace state law in federal elections."
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The #FreedomToVoteAct was introduced earlier this week.

This is an original bill that address damage done by GOP voter suppression laws passed after the 2020 election.

Supporters of this bill:
Sen. Manchin
Stacey Abrams
Sen. Warnock
Barack Obama
Sen. Klobuchar
Marc Elias
Democracy Docket
Vice President Harris
Fair Fight
Indivisible Guide
Sen. Merkley
Sen. Padilla
Here's an overview about his this bill handles redistricting
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Tonight I talked about Texas' redistricting process to a bunch of advocates and the big question was "how can I get involved".

Here's a thread of links I shared if you, too, are a Texan, an advocate, and wondering how you can get involved in this fight. #txlege 🔽🔽
Common Cause Texas will be sharing resources on how to get involved during session - which starts on Monday. Follow them if you aren't yet @CCauseTexas.

Sign the petition calling for a fair and transparent process of input on the maps during session:…
@allontheline_tx has a great action hub where you can get hearing reminders for during session and submit written testimony:…
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Thread #FreedomToVoteAct
From a #Security and #Technology POV, there are some excellent points in the new version & some very concerning ones.

Preprinted #handmarkedpaperballots are required in the polling place!! This is something many of us fought for
Voting systems that can print on ballots after they are cast are prohibited - but the provision is weak. It can be "through mechanical means or through independently verified protections." I believe that means it is allowed, but you have to check if it's happening. Not great.
The voter's privacy must be maintained. That's great!
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The #FreedomToVoteAct takes the necessary steps to protect our democracy and strengthen national standards for voting access for every eligible American regardless of zip code. So what’s in the bill? (🧵):
Blunting Jim Crow-era tactics by restoring voting rights to formerly incarcerated people, preventing states from purging based on vote history, and prohibiting witness/notary requirements for vote by mail (2/8).
Mitigating the harmful impact of anti-voter legislation that has already been passed in a number of states, including Georgia, Texas, and Arizona, and continues to be pushed in nearly every state legislature, with 127 bills still moving (3/8).
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