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A challenger approaches—YOU! Join the NintendoVS Challenge Cup February 2022 tournament featuring #SmashBrosUltimate! Smash your way to victory on February 12!
The top 8 players will win smashing prizes like #MyNintendo Gold Points or a #NintendoSwitch carrying case. The grand prize also includes a trophy, jacket, and backpack!
To participate, select Online, Smash, Official Tourney Qualifiers in the Super #SmashBrosUltimate game during the tournament period.
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Can you believe it's been three years since the launch of Super #SmashBrosUltimate?

Let’s take a look back at all the fighters who've joined the fray!

Here are the 12 fighters who have been here ever since the original Super Smash Bros.
14 additional fighters joined the battle in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
These 16 newcomers shook things up in their Super Smash Bros. Brawl debut.
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Dark Samus Jack-O Animation!
#Metroid35th #Samus #jackochallenge #SmashBrosUltimate #Nintendo #Blender3d
High Fidelity Scoliosis™
ok someone pls tell me what phazon tastes like
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oml this took me so long for a deceptively simple animation, but it's finally done 😩
y'all better best believe there's a rear view on my patreon 😈
who knows, maybe some alts will get posted there too... 😏 Image
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Launched on the NES in 1987 in North America, Metroid is the first adventure featuring the bounty hunter Samus Aran. She explores Planet Zebes while battling Space Pirates who are attempting to weaponize a newly discovered lifeform known as a Metroid.
Here’s some of the original art of the characters and creatures from Metroid, including Ridley who looks much different than the version you may know most recently from Super #SmashBrosUltimate.

- Samus
- Ridley
- Kraid
- Zoomer
Fun fact: the game’s title comes from a combination of the words ‘metro’ and ‘android’.
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Kazuya Mishima has been busy on that cliff, everyone's getting a turn. I see some favoritism tho.🟡🤝😈 #SmashBros #SmashBrosUltimate #SuperSmashBros #SmashUltimate #SuperSmashBrosUltimate #TEKKEN #Tekken7 #PacMan #PacMan99 #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo
Who else heard the clown honk in the last panel?
Kazuya: That took forever.. Why are there so many fighters here?!
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Join Super #SmashBrosUltimate Director Masahiro Sakurai on 11/6 at 5am PT for a roughly 45-minute video livestream featuring an in-depth look at upcoming DLC Fighter, Terry Bogard from the FATAL FURY series!
A new Ver. 6.0 of Super #SmashBrosUltimate will arrive soon! This update will include fighter adjustments, meaning replay data from previous versions will be incompatible. Convert your replays by going to Vault -> Replays -> Replay Data -> Convert to Video, before updating.
During this livestream, there are no announcements regarding any unrevealed fighters.
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In terms of community leadership going into #SmashBrosUltimate, it shouldn't be one person or a few people.
The old way of thinking was flawed. A collection of minds is needed going into Ultimate with Players, Commentators, Analysts, Seeders, TOs, Streamers, & Content Creators.
I hope that the mistakes from the past are learned from everyone and we all collectively work together to make Ultimate the best scene possible for newcomers and veterans from the #SmashBrosWiiU scene.

Rooting for a better future.
Also if you have influence, what you say and do will have an effect on how people think about the game even if you don't think it will. We are defined by our actions and words, so it's best we all make the best choices moving forward.
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