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My 5 main issues with #MetroidDread

1. The map UI is meh. Hard to filter for items to see which ones you haven't collected yet and you also can't see multiple zones at once like with other Metroidvanias. In general it felt a bit clunky compared to some others I've seen.
2. It's just a bit too linear even though it's a fantastic example of linear Metroidvania done right. Still, would have loved a couple of different branching paths, even minor ones, to let you change the order or skip certain things without have to sequence break.
3. Related to 2 - I would have loved some secret/optional content like bosses or powerups. Something not everyone would find on their first playthrough or maybe even at all. Hollow Knight set the bar very high for that kind of content.
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🇨🇵 Buzz L'Éclair est Metroid, le robot. Un thread.

🇺🇲 Buzz Lightyear is Metroid, a thread.
🇨🇵 L'Empereur Zurg est Bec de Corbeau, l'antagoniste de #MetroidDread.
Il colle parfaitement en plus : l'énorme canon, la grosse armure, les gros yeux rouges, la cape.

🇺🇲 Evil Emperor Zurg as Crow Peak.
Same kind of character.
🇨🇵 Il est le père de Buzz, tout comme Bec de Corbeau est le "père" de Samus.
Le "Z" tenant sa cape ressemble au fameux symbole "S" de Samus.

🇺🇲 He's also Buzz's dad, just as Crow Peak is Samus's.
The Z holding his cape looks like the S symbol of Samus.

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Launched on the NES in 1987 in North America, Metroid is the first adventure featuring the bounty hunter Samus Aran. She explores Planet Zebes while battling Space Pirates who are attempting to weaponize a newly discovered lifeform known as a Metroid.
Here’s some of the original art of the characters and creatures from Metroid, including Ridley who looks much different than the version you may know most recently from Super #SmashBrosUltimate.

- Samus
- Ridley
- Kraid
- Zoomer
Fun fact: the game’s title comes from a combination of the words ‘metro’ and ‘android’.
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I wonder what they told it? Image
@Grady_Booch why the self declaration for OOP?
If anyone tells you that you can't ignore your problems forever, just remember that they are quitters.
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You're job CAN be your life but it doesn't have to be.

I enjoy my job, I'm good at my job, but I do it so I can support my family.
Can Apple and Android get their emoji game in order? I'm getting sick of seeing crossed out boxes
It's odd how often accepting people comes with stipulations.
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