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NEW: After U of Mississippi Ombudsman Paul Caffera refused to participate in an effort to unmask the #UMemails whistleblowers who exposed racist emails between UM leaders & donors, Chancellor Boyce placed him on leave & is looking for a replacement. 1/…
UM "asked Mr. Caffera to divulge confidential information, and threatened (him) with adverse employment action for failure to do so" & "advised Mr. Caffera that it may refer matters to the University Police Department for criminal prosecution.” 2/…
Yesterday, @middleton380 broke the story that the university has terminated Garrett Felber, a tenure-track assistant professor of history who has spoken out against campus ties to private prisons and butted heads with leaders on his work on prisons. 3/…
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Ok @JoeNBC, let's talk college free speech & #CancelCulture, a thread:

1. @OleMiss fired Garrett Felber, a celebrated anti-racism history scholar who spoke up on UM leaders' relationships with 'powerful, racist donors' & ties to mass incarceration.

Campus free speech & cancel culture (cont.):

2. @OleMiss is trying to compel its ombudsman to turn over confidential communications in order to unmask the #UMemails whistleblowers who exposed a web of racism among UM officials and donors.…
Campus free speech & cancel culture (cont.):

3. Faculty fear it's an effort to fire the ombudsman.

"People would be terrified of speaking up because people who speak up get hammered at this university. There is no place to go except the Ombuds office."…
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BREAKING: The University of Mississippi fired Garrett Felber, a celebrated tenure-track history professor who spoke up on UM leaders' relationships with "powerful, racist donors" & whose work highlights anti-racism & mass incarceration. By @middleton380:…
This comes amid fears that UM is laying the groundwork to fire Ombudsman Paul Caffera.

UM's Title IX agency is trying to force him to turn over information to unmask the #UMEmails whistleblowers who exposed a web of racism and sexism on campus.…
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NEW: @OleMiss is trying to compel its ombudsman to turn over confidential communications in order to unmask the #UMemails whistleblowers who exposed a web of racism among UM officials and donors.

The effort has "terrified" faculty members. 1/…
“We’re all worried the university is going to get a hold of his communications & that our names will be revealed,” said one faculty member (not a whistleblower) who shared concerns with the ombudsman, fearing retaliation if they raised them elsewhere. 2/…
Two faculty members said they worry the university could be laying groundwork to eliminate the Ombudsman Office altogether.

“If they took that Ombuds office away, there would be nowhere for faculty to go. ... That’s the only place we have on campus." 3/…
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Don't reply to a story of mine about Mississippi racism with, "Well, it IS Mississippi, so..."

I don't report these stories so smug Californians/Michiganders et al., can hop on a high horse & look down on the Blackest state. I do it to make MS better.

Try that in your state.
Cause I promise y'all's states all have racism too—all 49 of them. Mississippi is just a mirror for the rest of America, but lots of folks like to pretend it's a window to some separate land. It isn't.
Honestly, the soft bigotry of low expectations is just plain old bigotry. And it's damaging.

And when directed at Mississippi? It's racist. Bc the people hurt by it are the almost 4 in 10 Mississippians who are Black that get written out of the story in favor of white racists.
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Indeed. While you’re at it, explore @msfreepress#highered coverage all year. We do real journalism about what’s happening at Mississippi’s colleges and universities, especially the public ones because they shouldn’t function behind closed doors. Archive:
Mississippi colleges, like those across country, are crucibles of the conflict between old ways and new ones. It’s heartening to watch so many students and faculty work to expose problems, even as others are either happy with status quo or silenced by the culture of fear.
This stepping-out-for-change versus culture-of-fear is at heart of what @msfreepress#UMemails series about, as well as lack of transparency and attempts to silence those who step out in various ways (and us, btw). It’s some of most important work I’ve edited. I’m proud of it.
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NEW: The University of Mississippi is investigating the group of whistleblowers who helped us break the story about racist emails between former journalism dean Will Norton and a wealthy donor who referred to Black women students as "Black hookers." 1/…
Some faculty and officials at the school are now accusing the whistleblowers, known collectively as Ole Miss Information, of creating “a hostile work environment.” #UMEmails 2/…
As UM investigates the #UMemails whistleblowers, ex-journalism dean Will Norton, who resigned in May when a public records request brought the racist emails to light, continues to earn almost $20,000 a month—even though is not teaching classes. 3/…
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