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What a year. In the 364 days since we launched @swiftstudents, today's students have been navigating #COVID19 and the accompanying challenges.

@SHSFunds partnered with #highered orgs to ensure students could learn about financial aid appeals -- and more than 70,000 did! Image
Our partners, esp. @nasfaa @NCANetwork @SupportGenHope @hope4college, ensured constant feedback + inspiration from students, financial aid officers, and college counselors across 20+ focus groups.

For @swiftstudents 1st birthday🎂, I reread my notes. Image
Our best features in @swiftstudents emerged from the focus groups.

One financial aid officer focus groups organized by @nasfaa produced the following features.

⭐️Student name + ID # in header
⭐️Prompt to use school email address
⭐️"Table" in childcare allowance request Image
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Dear colleagues in #cdnpse #onpse: some thoughts on the decimation of Laurentian University & what it means for the future of #highered. A thread, even with a few bad joke attempts.💔 1

#FundLU #HumansofLU #SaveLaurentian #OnPoli #cdnpoli
The story: LU filed for creditor protection in Feb, via the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act—CCAA. Doing it this way bypasses annoying collective agreements.🤯 Decisions about massive restructuring are instead made by judges & a court-appointed monitor, here Ernst & Young. 2
The fallout: yesterday 110 faculty members terminated; 60 programs axed, mostly in Arts. But most PSE jobs are staff. The impact on Sudbury and the northern Ontario region is hard to calculate. LU provided essential services & training; it was a foundation of the local economy. 3
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Every student who sits on a DEI committee should be paid for their time. They are serving as consultants who are being asked to disclose highly personal experiences and information with admin. 1/5
Personally, I felt backed into a corner and compelled to perform this work. Not because it helps my CV or helps my job market potential (surprise no one wants a disabled person complaining about access issues all the time on staff) 2/5
I knew if I didn't speak up someone else would have to. Or the uni would claim that the issue was nonexistent. And if I could save one other student from experiencing discrimination, I decided it was worth the anguish I felt over performing this labor. 3/5
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🧵Excited to amplify all the good work to be presented under the @AERADiv_J (postsecondary #education) - Section 3 "Organization, Management, & Leadership" banner during #AERA21 #AERA2021. If you're into #OrgTheory #EdPolicy #EdLeadership #HigherEd #EdLaw - Bookmark this thread
🪜-1 (step 1) is to get your #AERA2021 #AERA21 schedule filled with all the @AERADiv_J - Section 3 goodness so you can attend the sessions live: ImageImageImageImage
🪜-2: Bookmark this thread as I will be tweeting out the papers/authors for the different sessions. Lots of great work!
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How exactly do accessibility coordinators determine what is a legitimate and reasonable request in higher ed? Are there any collected lists of accommodations? And can these be reinterpreted at every university? 1/6
What role do disabled people play in imagining new forms of accommodation? How do these become normalized in the system? And how do institutions ensure that accommodations are not only met but are also effective? 2/6
Wondering if we the DAC could help organize anonymous info collection about the types of accommodations people currently have, as well as our larger dreams for potential accommodations 3/6
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Ah Jarvis saying that Non-Status and Metis are separate, in the Daniels case it specifically says those Metis described in section 117.
sec 117 - Harry Daniels case describing the core group of MNSI as a group of native people who maintained a strong affinity for their Indian Heritage without possessing Indian status sec. ( Core group of Metis and NonStatus Indians ) Not separate and distinct Jarvis !!
he also seems to forget all the Metis/NonStatus who have switched to being Status, notice they don't call those folks Darryl's fabricated word "raceshifting" that is not based on science but his "opinion". Race is a social construct, subject to shift, 🤪 If that is #Highered,
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What is cancel culture?

One of the burning questions of our time, surely.

Been reading one of #EricKaufmann's #AcademicFreedom reports. In it, he cites the National Association of Scholar's data sheet on cancellations to highlight how many there have been. 1/
So I went and looked at that. It was fun. It had a number of cases on it that I didn't know yet, and there are links the news pieces and blog posts, so it's useful in its way. 2/
The association itself way oversells what they think the data sheet shows. Just listen to the snippy description below. Aside: the article from which it's taken leads with a definition, ahem. Follow the links for the data sheet. 3/…
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Don’t sweat the SATs? Colorado colleges support push to deemphasize test results in admissions via @denverpost #EdColo #HigherEd

There are some stats I want to show you in this story that are significant.
@denverpost To determine how much impact socioeconomic background has on SAT scores, @coschoolofmines did a study sorting CO scores by local zip codes.

They found SAT scores may be more predictive of a student's socioeconomic background than their ability to thrive in college.
When the zip codes were sorted by the highest % of families living at or below poverty line, only 3 zip codes in the top 50 of that list had 1/2 of their students score an 1100 or higher out of a maximum 1600. Gaubatz said an SAT score of 1060 is considered “college eligible.”
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Don’t sweat the SATs? Colorado colleges support push to deemphasize test results in admissions via @denverpost #EdColo #HigherEd

There are some stats I want to show you in this story that are significant.
@denverpost To determine how much impact socioeconomic background has on SAT scores, @coschoolofmines did a study sorting CO scores by local zip codes.

They found SAT scores may be more predictive of a student's socioeconomic background than their ability to thrive in college.
When the zip codes were sorted by the highest % of families living at or below poverty line, only 3 zip codes in the top 50 of that list had 1/2 of their students score an 1100 or higher out of a maximum 1600. Gaubatz said an SAT score of 1060 is considered “college eligible.”
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@russellbrunson shares in "Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Converting Your Online Visitors into Lifelong Customers" that "when people purchase any product from anyone, they’re hoping to get a certain result in one of these three areas of their lives." 1/
The 3 areas @russellbrunson describes are (1) health, (2) wealth, & (3) relationships. I'm curious - in 2021 - are #highered institutions paying attention to this? Are entrepreneur-run cohort-based courses (CBCs) thinking about this? 2/
I've witnessed, contributed, & led many strategic initiatives over the last 20 years, but I can't think of one that began with this question by @russellbrunson: "Which of these three desires is my future dream customer trying to receive when they buy my product or service?" 3/
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So administration at Laurentian University used Tri-Council research funds to pay the bills.

This is happens after decades of systemic underfunding of public education and @fordnation @RossRomanoSSM say it has nothing to do with them.

I have some thoughts. A thread.
Ross Romano @RossRomanoSSM, Minister of Training, Colleges, and University, knew about the financial issues at @LaurentianU MONTHS go. Did not then and is doing nothing now.

FIVE of LU’s board members are appointed by the provincial government.

This didn’t come out of nowhere.

Sure, I’ll concede some profs have great, well-paying, secure jobs. But you seem to be missing something here:
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Too little, too late, from #ualberta President @BFlanaganUofA.

The Kenney government is not engaged in a "program of reform." It is engaged in a program of destruction. That needed to be declared well over a year ago,…

#abpse #cdnpse #highered

when the govt first introduced its plans to cut #ualberta's budget, across three years, to a degree no great research university's budget has ever been cut.

The senior leadership took no stand.

Instead, they pretended that #ualberta can simply fire lots of support staff,
cut faculty/instructor salaries, funnel thousands of more students through classes, and make students pay higher tuition. Oh, and they hope private philanthropy will save us.

Failure to stand up for #abpse as public good has given Kenney govt the green light to keep on cutting.
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Ope. This self care discussion just talked about how late meetings (like 8/9pm) are both physically and mentally unhealthy and drive up stress 👀

CC: Residence Life, #sachat, and #highered at large.
(This lecturer mentioned how because of meetings like these, students are in high stress/alert phases all day)
They also cause long term issues and trigger mental health concerns. I think we all know this- but it’s so heavily dismissed, and student workers get fired anyway despite recognizing this because “the work didn’t get done.” We must do better. #sachat #highered
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Before we dive into the details of @FordFoundation for today's BIPOC Achievement Program spotlight, let’s start with some history for #BlackHistoryMonth: What does the Ford Model A and Condoleezza Rice have in common? Find out in the thread 👇 /1
The Ford Model A was the second big success of the @Ford motor company after their initial success, the Model T. Edsel Ford (1893 – 1943), son of Henry Ford was the lead designer and his impact left an indelible mark on the company & country, standardizing hydraulic brakes... /2 1928 Ford Model AEdsel Bryant Ford
and donating thousands to artists and schools in Detroit. He even funded arctic expeditions! In 1936, Edsel Ford and his father founded the @FordFoundation a philanthropic group dedicated to challenging inequality throughout society. /3 Logo for the Ford Foundation
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To everyone in #highered acknowledging that the pandemic has put undue stress on students and our expectations need to change - that is how disabled students feel fighting systemic ableism on campus every single term. 1/5
The precarity of being disabled in the academy is especially high for those undiagnosed or seeking a dx as they cannot access formal accommodations without a doctor's recommendation. And yet we often expect them to perform perfectly with no support. 2/5
Universal Design for Learning matters. It can help remove SOME barriers to access for students struggling to secure medical care, accommodations, and belonging on campus. We cannot expect students to perform well while coping with trauma. 3/5
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If you care about any of the following:
#Fairness and #Integrity
#Honesty in #HigherEd
#Liverpool and #Wellbeing
Can you please RT?
It pains me to have to tweet the following about the University where I have spent 18 largely happy years. I am still an honorary professor there and I want it to remain an honour.
What is happening at the University of Liverpool is not normal and it threatens not just the 47 academics who are threatened with the sack. What is at stake is even bigger. I explain why below. Please RT to ask management to reconsider.
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Worst #highered scam I know of:
Tulane did a compensation study a few years ago to make sure it was “competitive” and on par with “peer institutions”. Tulane is the largest private employer in New Orleans- so their compensation has major implications for city-wide salaries...
So here’s the messy part... Tulane compared “Admin” salaries (President, VPs, etc) to NATIONAL peer institutions while comparing “staff” salaries (program coordinators etc) to LOCAL institutions... that’s right, two separate methods for benchmarking salaries, leading to...
Pay raises for admins & pay freezes for average workers. We live in a state that systematically defunded #highered for the last 20 years, suppressing wages & funding for schools like UNO, Delgado, SUNO, etc. while HBCUs like Dillard & XULA also struggled financially...
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Watching ACCESS DENIED right now with Deaf expert Tim Riker signing, "I don't see any Deaf individuals that have tenured teaching positions. So it's really hard sometimes. There are boundaries to planning my future."

#DeafTalent #AcademicAbleism #DJAB
Tim signed about all the careers he considered: "Maybe I'll be a doctor. But I don't know any Deaf doctors. Maybe a lawyer? Finally I went into corporate. But I wasn't moving up in the company. Then I went to human services. There was a lot less resistance there." ASL Interpreter Ben is a wh...
Tim is signing in this image "Then I went and got my Master's at Gallaudet." He wanted to do a #PhD but orientation was not accessible. So he wondered: "If orientation isn't accessible, how will the PhD program be accessible?" #AcademicTwitter #IsYourPhDProgramAccessible ASL Interpreter Ben voices ...
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Someone sent me SIX YEARS' WORTH OF EXECUTIVE SALARY HISTORY for @collincollege. The cash bonuses are OFF THE CHAIN. And the "other emoluments" from the year before the current president arrived are UNREAL. #highered #studentloans #Accountability #collincounty
Fiscal Year 2015 - college president got $41K, $6K car allowance, and $26K in "other emoluments." ALL EXECUTIVES GOT a car allowance plus FIVE FIGURES of "other emoluments." Image
Fiscal year 2016. A $25K cash bonus for the new (current) president, a car allowance. But those five-figure "other emoluments" have disappeared. Now they're absorbed into salary increases for employees in question. Image
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Here is a university road map on how the strengths of conventional, face-to-face teaching and online T&L can be optimally used to address today’s lecture room challenges.

I am not an instructional designer, but I have been teaching online internationally for over 10 years (2)
In the last 2+ years, I taught hybrid & online undergraduate courses at the University of Maryland Global Campus, among the largest top-20 online colleges in the USA.

UMGC has received numerous awards for its innovations: and (3)
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During graduate school I worked a second job as an RA, compensated at $20 an hour with flexible hours. Without that pay I would not have been able to
1. Buy safe allergen free groceries
2. Pay for a car, which I needed for accessible transportation
3. Afford medical care 1/4
I also worked as a research assistant in undergrad, and I made more than $10 an hour back then. When you purposefully pay students low wages you bar first gen students from the field. And you most definitely bar disabled students from the field. 2/4
If you want us there to support diversity measures, pay us wages we can survive on. Disabled students graduate with far more student debt on avg bc they take longer to degree (bc they've been refused accommodations). Why would you brag about making it more inaccessible? 3/4
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It's been 5 years since a group of academics in and outside #Turkey issued a petition urging for peace, an act that resulted in terrorism-related allegations, criminal investigations, arrests, dismissals, travel bans, and other coercive acts.
5 years on, thousands of academics in Turkey, along with their families, still suffer from the state's legal, professional, economic, social, and emotional punishments. "Civil death" has left so many of them stigmatized and unable to freely pursue their careers & scholarly work. An excerpt from "The University Under Siege: Turkey’s
As the assault on #Turkey's #HigherEd community continues -- especially at #BoğaziçiUniversity -- we must double down on protecting and promoting #AcademicFreedom, #InstitutionalAutonomy, and other values and freedoms that are fundamental to strong, healthy universities.
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I'm tired of hearing "well people are uncomfortable with disability bc they're not exposed to disabled ppl." If disability matters then invest in us. Make it a point to hire us. Make it a point to give us platforms. 1/7
There are so many of us wedged out of the academy from undergrad to grad school and beyond. So many of us who are highly qualified to teach in disability studies related fields. So many of us that WOULD expose students to disabled scholars/mentors/advocates. 2/7
Fight to add Disability Studies departments, minors, and majors at your university. It infuriates me that roughly 20 percent of undergrads are disabled and they don't get to learn about their culture, history, or people. If I had taken #DisHist and #DisabilityStudies courses 3/7
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I mentioned I was looking into DEI jobs and a colleague told me "burn out in those jobs is like two years."

I've been in the academy for 10 years as a disabled academic. I hate the term burn out. It doesn't convey the reality that disabled scholars face - discrimination. 1/4
It's about advocating for yourself and others and being told to your face that your needs don't matter and you're not worth the cost. I hate the term "burn out." Let's not use a vague phrase for something far more underhanded and harmful. 2/4
I'm tired of promoting my humanity in the face of a capitalist society that tells me my needs are too expensive so I don't deserve shit. But I don't have the choice to do DEI work. I already have to do that work just to survive in the academy. 3/4
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