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Después del paron por la #CopaAmerica, este fin de semana regresará la Liga Profesional del Fútbol Argentino y en Fútbol al Hueco te traemos todo lo que tenés que saber sobre ella.
En esta guía encontraras:

📌Explicación del torneo
📌Clasificación a copas
📌Jugador Sub 21 a tener de cada equipo
📌Jugadores a tener en cuenta en este torneo.
La competencia será un torneo todos contra todos que tendrá 25 fechas y no habrá fecha de clásicos, además no habrán descensos pero si Promedios.
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I know you have heard of password #Salts which are similar to Nonces and used to add uniqueness to passwords and protect against pre-computed hashes (rainbow tables).

Did you also know about password #Peppers ? They are equally important too.
In modern web applications of today, you should #Pepper your passwords as well as #Salt them too before hashing them. Here is the order:

Original Password ---> Salt ---> Pepper ---> Hash ---> Store-In-DB.

However, if you #Pepper passwords wrongly. It could be very disastrous!
What do i mean by this ?

Well, the simplest (and safest - very important) way to #Pepper a password is to HMAC(Original_Password, key) it.

HMACs are resistant to length-extension attacks & brutes-force attacks.

There must be a #Pepper key used for the HMAC too
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Was the Greek god #Adonis virgin born, and was he crucified?
And here is why:
Fact: Adonis mother, Myrrha (some versions Smyrna Zmyrna) secretly seduced her own father, a king, who later sought her life. The gods protected her by turning her into a myrtle or myrrh tree. Adonis was born from it.
And he wasn't crucified; he was killed by a wild boar.
Ovid's "Metamorphoses", 10.298, 522 & 705 (Roman Epic, 1rst century BC-1rst century AD
Antoninus Liberalis, "Metamorphoses", 34 (Greek Mythographer) 2nd century AD.
Pseudo-Apollodorus "Bibliotheca", 3.183-85 (Greek Mythographer, 2nd century AD)
Pseudo-Hyginus, "Fabulae
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