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Mar 15, 2021 35 tweets 15 min read
Okay, let's begin: We're about to enter the technical details of ad publishing and ad targeting/marketing which is of course the business that Facebook is into. Now, Facebook needs to learn more about the user (likes, choices, behavior) if they are ever going to target ads...

1\ users that will be valuable to their advertisers. Now, the method employed by Facebook is called "Intelligent Web Tracking" and is based on HTTP Cookies. Now, cookies are those little snippet of data stored on a computer via the browser in use and is associated to...

Jan 6, 2021 8 tweets 3 min read
@kulboi4real If you have to think of test cases for TDD. I am sorry but either one of two things are wrong.

1) The top-level functional requirements aren’t properly done and/or understood by the team or software engineer working on it

2) You don’t know how to translate requirements to tests @kulboi4real Translating takes understanding of what’s important to the success of that functionality.

For instance How would you test a React component OR a web route on the backend in the context of the business rules that make it function ?

There’s a simple trick to this and I’ll share
Jan 29, 2020 20 tweets 9 min read
Having problems with #CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) almost every time ?
Wondering why you mostly always run into a blocked request ?

Remember that it's all about 3 rules that aren't mutually exclusive.

I'll be writing about them in 10 mins time (don't miss it)

#Thread What is CORS ?

Simply defined as a access control security restriction that is used to limit cross-domain communication based on the origin of a web site or app.

The key word here is Access Control - which is about authorization of http requests

#Thread \1
Oct 28, 2019 16 tweets 14 min read
I know you have heard of password #Salts which are similar to Nonces and used to add uniqueness to passwords and protect against pre-computed hashes (rainbow tables).

Did you also know about password #Peppers ? They are equally important too. In modern web applications of today, you should #Pepper your passwords as well as #Salt them too before hashing them. Here is the order:

Original Password ---> Salt ---> Pepper ---> Hash ---> Store-In-DB.

However, if you #Pepper passwords wrongly. It could be very disastrous!
Oct 22, 2019 6 tweets 3 min read
Finally, when you are building a #PWA & setting up a service worker, this is how i feel your fetch event handler should be to handle a myriad of edge cases:

Part 1:
This part shows a CACHE FIRST LOOKUP. Also notice when the app is offline. Setup fetch to work with the HTTP cache Part 2:
This part show a NETWORK NEXT LOOKUP. We detect errors with the fetch request first and return early. Then detect server-sent events and return too. Then split the by content type: html,css,js,svg responses gets put in the cache and json responses gets put in IndexedDB.
Sep 26, 2019 48 tweets 25 min read
So, my thread on how to choose databases for your web apps starts in 20 minutes time. Hope y'all are ready ?However, this time i would love it to be an interactive session where we can learn from each other about database preferences for specific web apps and the use case
#thread This is what we want to talk about today. Take a really good look at the image below. Study it well. Also notice the words at the 3 vertexes of the triangle. CONSISTENCY, AVAILABILITY & PARTITION-TOLERANCE (Big English - but fear not, we shall demystify all and it'll all be easy)
Sep 10, 2019 23 tweets 7 min read
Okay, so tomorrow is the day i do the thread on regular expressions. I will do the thread on everything on regexes for 2 popular languages : #Javascript & #Python. So, stay tuned for tomorrows tweets starting at around midday

cc @NellyTadi @Jayydubby @Patrick01_Codes @NellyTadi @Jayydubby @Patrick01_Codes So sorry for the delay guys;

So, today i am going to be talking about regexs or regular expressions and how formulate them in 2 programming languages. We are going to start with the basics and from there we will look at the meta syntax combinations that come together to make...