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My name is Fraser Simons and I think I’m generally known for designing the cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying games The Veil and Hack the Planet, as well as blogging about the sub genre @cyberpunkblog
My games tend to focus on emergent play, have a rich dice component (where a roll conveys more than just a target number), and often lean into suggestive designs rather than prescriptive. They’re also usually cyberpunk, or have cyberpunk themes (not always tho)
3) Key to my making process? I guess, figuring out what I think or feel about something and then make the game that I want to play, hoping others will identify with it as well. I’m a very visual thinker and take a lot of notes, sitting with my thoughts
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Way back in April of last year, I did a big thread of the tools I use to make RPGs as part of the #AprilTTRPGMaker hashtag. The 1st & most useful part of that thread is about conceptual tools--ideas that helped me create, refine & hone my designs.
The 2nd, far less useful, part was about the hardware & software I play around with while designing.

As I say in the thread, I have emotions about all that. I love a gadget. They're fun to play with and fun to play is one of my favorite design goals...
...but I remember being an aspiring writer in the 80s & 90s, when so many folks wanted to sell your own dreams back to you in the form of just the right tool.

It makes one suspicious of "the right tool."
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"20. Favorite design tools?"

Alright, let's open this toolbox!
I'm going to ignore hardware & software for a moment here & discuss them at the end of this thread for reasons I'll get into later.

Instead, I'm going to start with conceptual tools—Paradigms & Practices that have served me well.

We'll start with some Basic P&P…
Designing Vast & Starlit, I delved into the very least a game had to do and still satisfy my own personal needs. Therein I found the 3 things that make game design easy:

• A Gravid Situation
• Functional Collaboration
• Interesting Content Generation
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17) Fave feedback.
When I'm writing for someone else? Clear, specific, "More of this", "reword this", "I like where this is going". @EloytheSaint has been great about this on PTG2E.
I don't solicit a lot of feedback on stuff I'm designing for myself. Roses and thorns at the end of a playtest mostly. I want to make people think of what they like so I can turn up the dial on that as well as what they didn't so I can fix that.
I use a couple of people as sounding boards. My husband gets a lot of weird sentences that mean nothing to him thrown his way as I talk out something. My cat sometimes too. I should consider getting a rubber duckie.
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#AprilTTRPGMaker 8) Routine: M-F Up @ 630, get kids up by 7, make sure lunches are made and out the door by 8. MWF drop off at school, then off to day job until 1730-1800. TTh off to day job then leave for pickup at school at 1700. Dinner, kid bedtime by 2030. (1/?)
Most Tuesdays now I have a game @ 2030. Some Thursdays as well with the occasional Friday or Saturday. Otherwise, writing or TV with the husband. Weekends are a whirlwind of kid chauffeuring punctuated by adulting (grocery shopping, laundry, etc.) (2/?)
So when do I write? Sunday mornings mostly. Kids sleep in a bit or watch TV and rarely have something scheduled so I can steal a couple of hours.
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#AprilTTRPGMaker 7) I'm a mom of 2 busy kids so a lot of my work is done waiting at games, chess matches, swim class, etc. Mostly on my tablet. (1/?)
When I'm home I have a laptop setup in the basement or the kitchen island while dinner's cooking, or the dining room table, or the couch. (2/?)
But this baby runs the majority of my gaming life. Multiple Gmail, WordPress, G+, Twitter, Slack, and Facebook accounts, banking and PayPal, and sooo many messenger and Hangouts conversations. Samsung Galaxy S8+ if you're wondering (3/3)
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We're a bit late to this #AprilTTRPGMaker thing, but we do want to participate, so let's catch up!

1. Who are you?
The primary user of this account is Ross Leiser, the Founder and Director here at Outlandish Adventure Productions, but there's more! (cont.
1. (cont.)
We also have an awesome graphic designer: @freeners, as well as a good friend of mine named Ted Bowman, who doesn't have a Twitter for me to link, but just joined the OAP design team.

We're just a group of nerds with weird senses of humor and a love of odd mechanics.
2. Where ya at?
When OAP was founded, we were located in Wilmington, Delaware, US. But, as of January, we've moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
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"5. Favorite game you've worked on"

Obviously, I should pick #SwordsWithoutMaster⚔️. It's what I'm known for & it is destined to be the game that finally usurps #DnD.

But pound for pound, Vast & Starlit is the most important game I've ever made. So it wins. The Vast & Starlit Library, four covers featuring Hubble Space Telescope images of nebulas and a complex orbital drawing.
Vast & Starlit was unleashed upon the world 5 years ago last month. Originally, it was only available in print—tiny little game books the size of 2 business cards bound together.

To get it, you had a play a game: Either find me & hand me $1/book I'd hand you from my own wallet…
…or you mailed me the rough equivalent of a dollar in your local currency along with a drawing you made for each book. The subject of the drawing depended on the book. The core rules needed a spacecraft, Bodies in the Dark needed two aliens either fighting or making out…
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#AprilTTRPGMaker 4) My work is... complicated and simple at the same time. Mostly I strive to make sure that my kids will see someone like them represented when they play a game I had a hand in making. (1/?)
Too often, diversifying a property means adding white women or black men, but not black women. Or if black women are added, they're either the villains or the sassy BFF. (2/?)
I've told the tale of my first D&D game before. Made a character that looked like Storm because she was the only one in the book that looked anything like me. Dark skin, white hair, walks into the tavern and another PC slits my chars throat. And the GM let him.(3/?)
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