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While ur busy thanking election officials, pls ask officials in FL, MI, WI, TN, IL, MN, & IN to refrain from using the cellular modems that they refused to remove from their ballot scanners, contrary to the advice of almost 30 experts & election-security groups. TY. #PassItOn 1/
3/ BTW, David Becker (featured in @BrennanCenter’s video) spread the myth—debunked by experts & anyone who reads what experts say—that it is almost impossible to hack voting machines remotely bc they supposedly never connect to the internet.
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Did u know that ES&S’s county tabulators in FL, MI, WI, TN, IL, IN, MN & God Knows Where Else connect to the internet?

✅Pls help @ProtectVotes photograph precinct totals (posted outside polls after they close) to compare to county tabulator totals. 1/…
This map shows where we at have volunteers, but in many places we have only a few precincts covered. We need hundreds of precincts in hundreds of counties in each of the states to take photos. Please join us if you can. Thanks! 3/
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Did u know that ES&S secretly installed remote access software in county tabulators in PA, MI, & God Knows Where Else?

✅Pls help @ProtectVotes photograph precinct totals (posted outside polls after they close) 2 compare 2 county tabulator totals. 1/…
This map shows where we at have volunteers, but in many places we have only a few precincts covered. We need hundreds of precincts in hundreds of counties in each of the states to take photos. Please join us if you can. Thanks! 3/
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.@DonSiegelman is Alabama’s last Democratic Governor. For God sake LISTEN to what he’s telling us about potential hacking by the GOP. Then volunteer 4 & support the grass roots #electiontransparency projects in post 2. We must protect this election ourselves. #ProtectOurVotes 1/
Here are 8 election transparency projects to support. #PhotoFinish (photographing precinct totals & comparing to reported totals) needs volunteers in particular. Pls register to help at All states can participate!… 2/
And buy his bestselling new book. It’s an incredible & devastating read. 3/
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Voters! The DHS never apparently looked to see if vote totals were changed in 2016. Enough! Pls volunteer w/ PhotoFinish at to photograph precinct totals > polls close. We will compare 2 official totals. TY! #ElectionTransparency 1/…
The poll tapes are usually posted outside precincts on election night. Where they aren’t posted, we will need volunteers to help with public records requests. Where they are posted, we need volunteers 2 photograph them on election night and then upload for us. Pls join us! 2/
This short video explains our simple uploader process. The uploader enables us to display all the tapes and analyze them to make sure they match what is reported officially. Pls listen :-) @ProtectVotes 3/
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FLORIDA! Your state has been ground zero 4 election tampering, yet is one of the least transparent when problems occur. Enough! Pls register w/ Photo Finish at 2 help us photograph precinct totals after polls close & compare them 2 official totals. TY! 1/
2/ Here is a link to the article that goes with the screenshot in post 1.…
3/ Here is how Photo Finish at works. Pls register for Photo Finish. Thx! cc; @ProtectVotes (Graphic by @flanbites)
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Why did @AmyEGardner just falsely advise @maddow that it would be almost impossible for remote hackers to change vote tallies bc voting machines supposedly are never online?! That is misinformation. #RemoveTheModems 1/
3/ This letter signed by a multitude of election-security experts debunks @AmyEGardner’s claim.…
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Karl Rove is dangerous. Keep a very close watch on him. I can’t emphasize this enough.
If Trump is directing a sh#tload of money to Rove, and it appears he is trying, that is a huge red flag. #ProtectOurVotes
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The problem is that the govt & vendors have exclusive access to the evidence & Florida lacks meaningful manual audit & recount laws, so we can’t know if Liberty County was hacked or not. Why not write about that instead of critiquing those w/ legitimate concerns? 1/
2/ Meanwhile, the supervisor of elections for Liberty County was arrested this year for misappropriating funds for her personal use since August 2016.…
3/ Supposedly she was a Democrat. Who was willing to do illegal stuff to get money. I have no idea if Liberty County’s election #s were rigged for Trump or not, but to pretend that the system itself isn’t rigged (to keep this info unknowable) is irresponsible journalism.
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Poll tape photographs and analyses are an important check on the integrity of our elections, especially since almost no states conduct robust manual election audits. Pls volunteer with @ProtectVotes or @DemocracyCount1 to help. TY! 1/#ProtectOurVotes
3/ Post 1 is from my interview with @johnhenrydale for his #DALE show. @MBDemocrats…
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Earlier this year, @FBI announced a new policy: to inform state election officials of local election-system breaches. Number 1, why weren't they telling them before?! Number 2, what about telling the public?! - @jennycohn1 to @johnhenrydale of @MBDemocrats on his #DALE show. 1/
You can watch the full interview here, where we focus on election transparency and security concerns heading into November and what can still be done to mitigate some of those concerns. 2/…
This is what I was referring to. The announcement was in January (not February) 2020. 3/
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Vote AND verify! Here are 8 election transparency projects that I support:

1. Photograph precinct totals (poll tapes) after polls close & compare them to reported totals. See and @ProtectVotes @DemocracyCount1 #ProtectOurVotes
2/ Educate voters to report problems w/ voting machines, checkin computers, registrations, etc. not only to election workers, but also to 1-866-OUR-VOTE AND to, which will vet & add to its interactive map for the public and for use as potential evidence.
3/ In states like FL & GA w/ crap manual audit & recount laws, we need other ways to try to verify election results. Post-election affidavit audits of precincts w/ anomalous outcomes can help. Pls amplify this effort by @gvelez17
& @ClintCurtis
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Voters! If u want to help protect our elections, pls sign up w/ #PhotoFinish at to photograph precinct results (posted outside the polls when polls close), which we will then compare to the precinct results reported by the county to verify they match. 1/
2/ Description of Photo Finish from our website.
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Down ballot races vanishing from touchscreen voting machines?!

I can’t emphasize this enough. If u vote in person, bring your completed SAMPLE BALLOT & use it to compare against your official ballot, including any machine-marked paper printout. TY! #ProtectOurVotes ImageImage
You can typically get your sample ballot from your county election website. If not, try TY! Image
BMDs (touchscreen voting machines) in Idaho omitted a down ballot race (a controversial levy) for some voters, a problem attributed to the e-pollbooks that activate the BMDs. If u vote in person, bring ur Sample Ballot to compare against the BMD printouts!…
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#LPTV Join us tonight LIVE at 9pm ET for The Breakdown with @TheRickWilson, @TaraSetmayer, @MichaelSteele and @JennyCohn1

We know you have questions and we’re here to answer them. Tweet #AskTheBreakdown
Here’s the tip card I mentioned on the show! #ProtectOurVotes
Here’s @fsfp’s #RemoveTheModems petition, which I mentioned on the show. Please sign & share! Thank you.…
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Another OMFG: “A laptop and several memory sticks used to program Philadelphia’s voting machines were stolen from a city warehouse in East Falls, city officials confirmed Wednesday...” ⁦@PhillyVotes #ProtectOurVotes #HandMarkedPaperBallots 1/…
2/ “[W]hen contacted by The Inquirer, the commissioners initially refused to confirm the theft or that they had opened an investigation. They only did so after The Inquirer informed them that it would be reporting the theft based on sources who had been briefed on the matter...
...but were not authorized to publicly discuss it.” 3/
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NEW VIDEO: Let's vote! by @katerosenberg4 with input from @Jennycohn1. Turn on the music, share, and enjoy. TY! #ProtectOurVotes
Dear @TwitterSupport: Why is this marked as “sensitive content”? Do you not want people to know how to vote?! @jack
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I choked up at the end of my 10 minute opening remarks 4 the Miami Beach #ProtectTheVote forum. I know I’m not the only one feeling emotional. We must continue to translate these strong feelings into meaningful action. The forum provided many useful tools.
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All equipped w/ crappy touchscreen voting machines (BMDs). Per a recent study, voters miss 93% of inaccuracies on touchscreen printouts. Voters must bring completed sample ballots w/ them to the polls to verify the machines didn’t delete or flip their selections on the printouts!
A recent study found that over 90% of errors caused by new touchscreen voting machines go undetected. Telling voters 2 review the printouts didn’t help much. The only thing that did is having them compare the printout 2 a pre-filled slate or sample ballot.…
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Tips to protect your vote and voter registration! Today, we added a bullet point re: political clothing (and changed to the correct - oops). By @jennycohn1 & @_Jo_di. #ProtectOurVotes 1/
2/ Pink
3/ Red
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Tips to protect your vote and voter registration! Today, we added a bullet point re: political clothing (and changed to the correct - oops). By @jennycohn1 & @_Jo_di. #ProtectOurVotes 1/
2/ Light blue
3/ Red.
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Tips to protect our votes and voter registrations - updated! Content by @jennycohn1. Graphics by @_Jo_di. Please share far and wide. TY! 1/
Vertical version! 2/
Pink horizontal version! 3/
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David Becker, who falsely testified that it wld be difficult to hack voting machines bc they supposedly never connect to the internet, is featured in my video. He just called me a “Russian asset” 4 exposing his crap testimony. Pls report his tweet. TY. 1/
Here’s his defamatory tweet. Pls report him and his tweet. And pls share my video. Notice that he does not claim anything in the video is false. Because he can’t. Thanks. 2/
I can’t post the tweet directly bc he has me blocked. Because he is a coward. I’d still like to know why he supposedly thought voting machines never connect to the internet. Real experts, like Kevin Skoglund, knew it’s wasn’t true. See below. 3/…
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The Federal Hearing for Handmarked Paper Ballots on Zoom was just HACKED! An ISIS music video popped-up with threats.

More proof that every electronic system can be corrupted. Voting should never be done on computers!

Handmarked Paper Ballots can’t be hacked. @GaSecofState Image
The plaintiffs (@CoalitionGoodGv) were just getting testimony from @dominionvoting’s systems expert who said:

“I don’t understand what you mean by insuring every vote is counted.”

It’s also 9/11 so I have to wonder if there’s an extra layer of intention to the hacking.
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