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Updated tip card to protect our votes & voter registrations against glitches & hacking! The only change from the last card is that this one references (sponsored by @LWV) for verifying registrations. Pls share. TY. #ProtectOurVotes 1/
2/ Thank you to @Jodi______ for the wonderful graphic design!
3/ PS - if you have other suggestions for the card, pls let me know. Also let me know if you can translate the card into Spanish, Mandarin, etc. Thx!
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Thread. "Kris Kobach, Kansas’s top election official, recently declared victory in the highly publicized Republican gubernatorial primary in Kansas, surpassing his opponent (sitting Gov. Jeff Colyer) by about 300 votes." via @tytinvestigates… 1/
2/ "At 9 p.m. on August 7, election day, with 10 of Johnson County’s precincts reporting (and just one other, smaller county left to report), Colyer led Kobach by 44 votes in the state and by 13 percent in the county."
3/ "But at 9:07 p.m., a reporter for the Kansas City Star posted that Johnson County would not display further results for at least two hours due to a 'computer glitch.'"
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In 2004, the US CERT released a Cyber Security Bulletin re: Diebold’s GEMS central tabulator, stating that “'a vulnerability exists due to an undocumented backdoor account, which could [allow] a local or remote authenticated user [to] modify votes.'”… 1/
2/ "The Guardian later reported that Dean, the convicted felon, had programmed the GEMS central tabulator system and that it had 'counted a third of the votes in the Bush-Kerry [2004] election in 37 states.'” #ProtectOurVotes…
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Election Night computer "glitch" in Johnson County, Kansas taints Kobach's recent declaration of victory in Kansas gubernatorial primary. The glitch occurred just as Kobach's opponent gained momentum. By @jennycohn1 for @tytinvestigates #ProtectOurVotes…
As explained in the article, states must at least post outside the precincts the paper vote total reports that should be printed by each precinct-based machine after the polls close. Even GA makes these publicly available. Johnson County? It appears not, but I'm double checking.
Here is my article explaining what voters can do to protect their votes against hacking and glitches in the midterms. This is a nonpartisan issue. Thanks.…
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I wonder why Wayne County, Michigan farmed out its election reporting to a third party vendor, ElectionSource, which blames a “software error” and “server issues” for delays & inaccuracies. Pls help crowd source ElectionSource! #ProtectOurVotes 1/
2/ Pls also reply with other interesting info about the Wayne County, Michigan reporting error. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Thx!
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All #OH12 counties use touchscreen voting machines made by ES&S or Diebold (now Dominion). In April, ES&S admitted that it's sold systems w/ remote access software, & Diebold has apparently done this too. No one knows where. 1/…
2/ Ohio has a history of using remote access software there. I'm thinking of course of the Ohio 2004 presidential election.
3/ More about the company that used the remote access software in 2004.
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Is anybody out there?! Counties all over the US--including major swing states--are flocking to ES&S's ExpressVote touchscreen ballot markers that, among other problems, "make some candidates harder to find"!!! 1/…
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Beware the ES&S ExpressVote!: “Because of an unforeseen SOFTWARE GLITCH in Sedgwick County’s new [ExpressVote] voting machines, NOT ALL THE CANDIDATES NAMES APPEAR ON THE FIRST SCREEN when the voting machine gets to the gubernatorial election.” 1/…
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You already know @lulufriesdat’s incredible work: she did the video from the last DEFCON hacking conference and from the 2016 Racine County recount, as well as the recent Ohio expose re: touchscreen voting machines and barcode ballot markers. Pls help her #ProtectOurVotes! 1/
2/ Here is @LuluFriesdat’s startling video from the last DEFCON hacking conference!
3/ Here is @LuluFriesdat’s video from the Racine County recount.
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Dear @wvsosoffice - pls address the significant security concerns that have been raised regarding your decision to allow MOBILE PHONE VOTING in the 2018 midterm elections. Election officials should be willing to explain their decisions to the public. Thanks. #ProtectOurVotes
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#OH12 TY to those who volunteered to take screenshots of the precinct results as they are uploaded tomorrow night! We need 5-6 more volunteers. We hope to catch any vote totals that start going DOWN (which should never happen) & other "irregularities." Time: 7:40-11:00 EST. 1/
2/ The current volunteers are @reckoneers, @alamedaave & perhaps @1_blkman. Again, thanks! We need more bc the Secretary of State's office may not post the precinct results from each county (they didn't know when I called) & thus we may need one person for each SEPARATE county.
3/ The guy I spoke with at the Secretary of State's Office was very nice but simply didn't know if they would do this centrally for #OH12, although he said they typically do this for general elections. To be safe, let's assume we must do each county separately.
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TIPS that will HELP #ProtectOurVotes
Not only is up to US to #VOTE-
WE also have to work hard to defend the integrity of our #Elections.
🔹Your registration
🔹Polling location
🔹Type of ID needed

🔹Correct ID
🔹Proof of Registration (card or photo of confirmation)
🔹Your district specific Sample Ballot (Re: Accuracy for district races)
🔹Provisions for long lines – folding chairs, water, snacks
🔹Yes, provisional ballots are counted!

🔹Ask to HAND MARK a paper ballot at the polls, rather than using a touchscreen voting machine or touchscreen ballot marker
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Tips to Protect Your Vote and Voter Registration against Hacking and Glitches! By @jennycohn1 - Pls note the “Watch & Record” tip. We need folks to do this for the #OH12 special election this week, which is polling as a dead heat! Pls let me know if u are interested. Thx!
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Dear State Election Officials: Do any of your counties use election equipment from ES&S (or any other vendor) containing remote access software or cellular modems? If so, when will you remove it? The public deserves to know. 1/ #ProtectOurVotes
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Action item 1. Demand that Congress & the MSM pressure ES&S, Dominion, & other voting machine vendors re: their use of remote access software & cellular modems (emails, calls, social media, editorials, postcards, etc). 1/
Action item 2. Demand that members of Congress support and pass the PAVE Act, requiring that states conduct risk limiting audits in federal elections & give voters the option to mark their ballots BY HAND (emails, calls, social media posts, letters-to-the-editor, & postcards). 2/
Action item 3. Demand HAND MARKED paper ballots from state election officials - and state/county election boards - that use touchscreens (emails, postcards, calls, social media posts, editorials, etc) 3/
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We cannot afford another “blind faith” election. We must find out where voting machine vendor ES&S (44% US election equipment) installed REMOTE ACCESS SOFTWARE & CELLULAR MODEMS & have them removed! Demand that the media & your Members of Congress investigate! #ProtectOurVotes
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"[T]he head of cybersecurity at the DHS, said ... 'We saw a targeting of 21 states and an exceptionally small number of [the voter registration roles] were actually SUCCESSFULLY PENETRATED.'" #ProtectOurVotes 1/…
2/ Here is a link of a script that you can use to email or call your Secretary of State (or all 50 Secretaries of State!) and state and county election boards to confirm they are doing what they should be doing to secure our voter registrations!…
3/ Here is a link to email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and twitter handles for all 50 Secretaries of State (I think)!…
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Pls order and send the postcard linked below (changing the signature on the back) or your own design & words to our US senators demanding they investigate our voting machine vendors' use of REMOTE ACCESS SOFTWARE & CELLULAR MODEMS! TY! #ProtectOurVotes 1/…
2/ Address list for all US senators:…
3/ Here is my earlier Twitter thread on this same subject. Feel free to copy the text and tweet it to other U.S. senators. In fact, I'd appreciate it if you would!
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I’m shaken by the failure of the e-pollbooks (used 2 check voter registrations at the polls) in Cobb County, GA & the County’s stmt that it didn’t & WON’T PROVIDE PAPER BACKUP LISTS to the POLLS bc paper lists must be printed in advance & thus might not be current (w/ the purges)
This is a huge story because many states including Ohio and Wisconsin will use electronic pollbooks for the first time in a general election this November. Seems we should expect massive failures and no paper backup lists at the polls. #ProtectOurVotes
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Call ur county Democratic Party to be an Election Day poll observer! We need observers at each polling place to help detect and deter hacking by taking pics when the polls close of the poll tapes for each machine, which list the totals before they go to the central tabulators! 1/
2/ There are at least two things to watch for: (1) make sure the totals for all races are listed on each machine (sometimes the totals certain races are "mysteriously" missing); and (2) to compare the poll tape totals w/ the central tabulator totals to make sure they match.
3/ If races are missing or if the poll tape totals don't match the central tabulator (or official) totals, this would indicate an error, glitch, or election fraud. Either way, such discrepancies can provide the basis for an election challenge that can save the outcome of a race!
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Understand how poll observers can help detect and deter potentially outcome altering hacking and glitches! It is not as obvious or vague as you may think. This is WHY YOU SHOULD CALL YOUR STATE PARTY NOW TO SIGN UP! Thread.…
2/ We need poll observers to monitor for general problems during voting.
3/ We also need poll observers at each polling place to take pics of the “poll tapes” (printouts listing the vote totals) when the polls close. If the poll tape totals don't match the central tabulator totals, this may indicate a glitch or hack.
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Tips (many not obvious) to protect your voter registration and vote against hacking! Please read and share. Thank you! 1/ #ProtectOurVotes…
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