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@JoyAnnReid @MalcolmNance @sarahkendzior It is the point and there is only one way to stop it.
We know Trump won't leave no matter the 2020 vote - get serious. And the vote will probably be rigged - because we haven't gotten serious about that. Do we want our country back or do we want to just keep narrating it's fall?
@JoyAnnReid @MalcolmNance @sarahkendzior I *STILL* see the outlandish cries of "he's done it now" or *you know Mueller can see you? <wink>* and all I can think is what univrese are we living in?
@JoyAnnReid @MalcolmNance @sarahkendzior This is not rocket science!
The man posing as potus works for Russia and the.
The 1%.
Our media are largely under that umbrella.
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Complete version of Georgia video protest against #BarcodeBalloting, which Brian Kemp wants to force the entire state of Georgia to use in lieu of #handmarked #paperballots!
1/ For more information about the differences between computer marked ballots from #BarcodeBalloting systems and hand marked paper ballots, please read this article by @whowhatwhy.…
2/ If you are a Georgia voter, please contact your state representative and state senator to protest #BarcodeBalloting and to demand #handmarked #paperballots instead.…
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This is a video protest by Georgia voters against #BarcodeBalloting, which Governor Brian Kemp hopes to force the entire state to use in lieu of hand marked paper ballots (democracy's gold standard). #gapol @briankempga @BradForGASOS @KalebMcMichen 1/
For more information about the differences between computer marked ballots from #BarcodeBalloting systems and hand marked paper ballots, please read this article by @whowhatwhy.… 2/
If you are a Georgia voter, please contact your state representative and state senator to protest #BarcodeBalloting and to demand #handmarked #paperballots instead.… 3/
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@sarahkendzior is right to push back against the “group think” that assumes #Mueller’s “got it.” What if he doesn’t got it where it matters most? What if he overlooks the complicity of Rs in Congress? We have no time for passive optimism. #ProtectOurVotes 1/
2/ No one in government, for example, is addressing the cellular modems that vendors installed in key swing stares starting in 2015. If we want them removed, as IT experts say they should be, we must push hard for it ourselves.
3/ Counties in many states—including swing states—are also flicking to touchscreen #BarcodeBalloting systems, even though independent cybersecurity experts unanimously advise against them and instead recommend hand marked paper ballots.
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This is a video protest against #BarcodeBalloting, which Brian Kemp hopes to force on Georgia voters, even tho all independent IT election experts advise against it & recommend #handmarked #paperballots instead. If ur a GA voter & want to participate, pls DM me ur photo. TY! 1/
2/ Here’s an article I wrote for @whowhatwhy explaining the distinction between #BarcodeBalloting (which generates computer marked ballots w/ barcodes) and hand marked paper ballots, and why it matters.…
3/ I’m making this video with the graphics expertise of @JimHWhitelaw. If you DM me your photo, he will add the barcode and writing. The final video will end with a call for hand marked paper ballots & will include music if it works out technically.
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Are there any more Georgia voters who would like to send in an image to add? We could also use a bit more diversity. When done, it will include music as well. Thanks!! #ProtectOurVotes
Graphics by @JimHWhitelaw!
If you are an interested Georgia voter, pls DM your image to me and @JimHWhitelaw will add the barcode and lettering. Here is an article I wrote re: #BarcodeBalloting in Georgia. TY!…
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BLINDMELON @BlindMelon1967

My father was part of the greatest generation. He was 17. A Marine. He only knew he was poor and needed the money. He learned later how important his service was. He taught me how dangerous fascism is. We must fight for freedom.
Bellatrixx2020 @Bellatrixx2020

Christian, Mum, Granny, Spoonie, WWW Resist, DemsWork4USA, BOF, Blue Initiative, Heroes Persist, Starfleet Intelligence, PRU, PAResists, NCResists
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Georgia plans to green light ES&S’s ExpressVote system & barcoded “paper ballots” tomorrow. This is a breach of elected officials’ fiduciary obligations bc such systems cost more than 2x as much as hand marked paper ballots & scanners, & provide much less security! @markniesse 1/
3/ Instead of green lighting this vendor boondoggle, the Commission should investigate the ties between ES&S in the one hand and Kemp and Dove (his former chief of staff and current transition member) on the other hand.
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So all of us in the #resistance are giving ourselves a big pat on the back for the #BlueWave. After all, we took 40 seats and soon @TeamPelosi will be House Speaker

Great job! We think. After two long years we can finally take it easy.


Yes, it was wonderful to see those Democratic candidates win. And nice to see our effort rewarded.

With control of the House, we now have a Constitutional check on the president PLUS we control more governorships and state legislatures

But there’s still a TON of work to do.
As the past few days have shown, we still have a corrupt president: compromised by Russia, beholden to Saudi Arabia, unwilling to acknowledge basic facts about climate change and seemingly unconcerned about the sanctity of human life.

#TrumpTowerMoscow #Khashoggi
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It took a Republican candidate to complain publicly re our “‘black box’ ... voting system” in which “No one is able to review the software or computer algorithm used by a computer to determine the outcome.”
He is right on this, even if we disagree w/ him about everything else. 1/
2/ Why are Democrats so reticent to point this out? How can we fix this?!
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The recount for Carolyn Bourdeaux, running for U.S. Congress GA-07 against incumbent Rob Woodall is set to start today at 10am.

Under state law, there is supposed to be a recount when the margin of victory is less than 1%.

Total votes=278,773
As per the certified results filed Saturday, Woodall's margin is .14% or 419 votes.

Bourdeaux is asking that the recount take place in a "fair and transparent manner." For one thing, per #Georgia law, election observers are required to stand behind glass.
👉Bourdeaux is asking for a hand recount & normal observation practices of the 20,000 votes that were paper ballots: absentee ballots and provisional ballots.

💥Bourdeaux noted that the absentee ballots were folded in half: & her name was in the crease, which could cause errors.
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🗣️People were calling for the resignation of Brian Kemp before the Gubernatorial election that he was in against Stacey Abrams @staceyabrams, started. Kemp was #Georgia's Secretary of State (SOS) until last Thursday 11/8/18 when he resigned.

👉Rick Scott is Governor of #Florida until January 9th—so he's Ken Detzner's supervisor until that time. He appointed Ketzner to the SOS post in January 2012.

⁉️With all the controversy surrounding the Florida elections, isn't this a bigger CONFLICT OF INTEREST than Kemp's?
🔥🔥Not only that!🔥🔥

⚖️Rick Scott had to be stopped by a court from doing this▶️between 3 judges' resignations at midnight on 1/8/19 and the next governor's swearing in ceremony at 12 noon on 1/9/19.👇



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🔥🔥There are a lot of reasons why Russian hackers might have tried to help Trump/Scott/DeSantis win the elections in #Florida:

▶️Trump never did anything to #ProtectOurVotes after the 2016 election hack
▶️#Florida is often a deciding factor in presidential elections
🔥Reasons why #Florida elections might have been hacked (cont'd)
▶️Florida has 29 electoral votes
▶️Right now it has a GOP trifecta, one of 26 states
▶️GOP majority when there is a Dem majority in the U.S.
▶️Trump needs as many allies as possible in DC
🔥Reasons why #Florida elections might have been hacked (cont'd)
▶️To continue to cause turmoil, divide Americans and disrupt democracy
▶️Trump lives in #Florida (David Koch also has a house there, many Russians invest in real estate there, alleged money laundering)
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CTA to #ProtectOurVotes! The Voting Rights Task Force (to which I belong) is organizing volunteers to take screenshots from Secretary of State and/or County websites of election night results as they come in. Take screenshots on ur iPhone every 10 minutes or so. 1/
2/ If vote totals go down as the number of precincts reporting goes up, that is an anomaly that can support an election challenge. If you would like to help, pls send an email to the address on post 1 and let them know. There will also be more details on how this works tomorrow.
3/ If you decide to do this, pls let me know so I have an idea if the messaging is helping. This is an easy way to monitor the vote from your home or wherever you happen to be in Election Night. I organized this for #OH12 (where we found no anomalies).
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"MONEY IS SPEECH" CHAPTER NINE "DARK MONEY" by JANE MAYER. who writes for "the New Yorker." 'MONEY IS SPEECH" = The passage of CITIZENS UNITED. Citizens United allowed the tsunami of money in politics which gave us the KOCH-MEDIATED CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES WE HAVE NOW
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The right-wing, mostly evangelical Council for National Policy (CNP)—which plans to “restore religious & economic freedom...under the constitution”—is alive & well, toasting Kavanaugh’s success w/ beer & hosting a boastful & not-so-moderate @nikkihaley. 1/…
When I first learned about the CNP from @amandablount2, I was so horrified that I began researching and writing about it on Twitter & eventually transferred it all to this Medium article. It’s had over 62k views & 4.7k reads so far. Pls give it a look.… 3/
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Hand marked paper ballots shorten lines bc many people can mark their ballots concurrently. (The scanning part is fast.) Touchscreens, which Georgia has, cause long lines bc they limit the # of people who can mark their ballots concurrently to the # of machines at the precinct 1/
Naturally, the GOP is enamored of touchscreens, and Kemp is hell bent on having Georgia replace its current touchscreens with more touchscreens. #ProtectOurVotes 2/
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What can we stil do to protect the midterms against hacking? First, we can micromanage county election officials to provide sufficient paper backups for touchscreen voting equipment and e-poll books, which are vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks. 1/
2/ Second, we can demand that election officials in Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, and Rhode Island NOT use the cellular modems they currently plan to use to transmit election results.
3/ As soon as the elections are complete, we can submit public records requests for digital ballot images in those counties whose equipment generates them (many do).
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@smilon713 @ananavarro @DonaldJFunk I agree. Do you think that it would be a good thing for me to put my 6-tweet logic onto this thread?
@smilon713 @ananavarro @DonaldJFunk Okay, Roger, I'll take the like as a yes. Six tweets coming. Please no replies until all 6 are done because that breaks them up.
@smilon713 @ananavarro @DonaldJFunk 1) Election fairness advocate @sarahkendzior warned us that the GOP is likely to refuse to give up lost mid-term congressional seats. Given this, Trump’s claim that China is setting up to hack our elections is likely to be a preparation to steal mid-term elections. In …

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“The voting machines are made by well-connected private companies that wield immense control over their proprietary software, often fighting vigorously in court to prevent anyone from examining it when things go awry.” By @KimZetter for NYT… 1/
“In Ohio in 2004, for example, where John Kerry lost the presidential race following numerous election irregularities, Kerry’s team was denied access to the voting-machine software.” 2/
“‘We were told by the court that you were not able to get that algorithm to check it, bc it was proprietary information,’ Kerry recalled in a recent interview on WNYC’s ‘Brian Lehrer Show.’” 3/
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Candidates: If u want to detect potential hacking of the central tabulators, have poll observers photograph the voting machine results tapes at each precinct after polls close. @BetoORourke @IronStache @sharicedavids @harleyrouda @staceyabrams @ACLU 1/
You can then compare the results from the tapes w/ the results from the central tabulators (u will need a report from the tabulators broken down by vote type [election day vs. absentee] to compare against). Focus on the largest counties. Those are usually the ones w/ problems. 2/
Pls let me know if you are interested in this approach. I will help recruit volunteers for you if you need it. I'm sure others would help too. But we need your leadership to get this going. Please #ProtectOurVotes. Thanks and good luck. 3/
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Election integrity alert! 350 precincts voted in the Texas Dist. 19 election, which surprisingly FLIPPED RED. Of those, 221 were in blue Bexar county, the 4th largest county in TX. Bexar uses ES&S ivotronic PAPERLESS touchscreen voting machines. @PeteGallegoTX @BetoORourke 1/
2/ Bexar county results for its 221 precincts.
3/ Texas Secretary of State report showing that 350 precincts were involved in the District 19 special election (that suprisingly flipped red), with 221 in blue Bexar county.…
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Um, unless you want an Article V Convention of States to re-write the U.S. Constitution (a Koch-funded effort), you might want to contact the 6 WI counties that have installed cellular modems and insist that they be removed. 1/
Here is the Thread w/ contact info. and a proposed script for the 6 Wisconsin counties (including WI's 3 most populous) that have installed cellular modems. I initially directed it to Wisconsin voters, but have changed my mind bc this affects ALL of us. 2/
Pls let me know if you can call and/or email these 6 counties and the Wisconsin Election Commission to demand removal of the cellular modems. Thanks! #ProtectOurVotes #noconcon 3/
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Wisconsin voters! Pls contact @WI_Elections & county election offices that have installed cellular modems on their vote tabulators & insist they remove the modems before Nov. The modems transfer election results over the internet! Not ok.

Contact info:…
2/ The counties listed in post 1 are just those that I was able to confirm (via google searches, etc.) as having installed cellular modems. I'm sure there are more. Thus, please contact @WI_Elections directly & insist that they direct ALL affected counties to remove the modems.
3/ Contact info. for the Wisconsin Elections Commission:
(608) 266-8005
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