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Story of #Indonesia that #Twitter does not want you to know:

Until the 16th century, Indonesia was 100% #Hindu-#Buddhist(except the negligible elite of Kedah sultanate).

Today, Hindus and Buddhists are not even 1% and #Muslims are 88%. What led to such a drastic change?
Expect for a handful of people on #Bali Island, #Hinduism in Indonesia is extinct.

The #Mosque shown in (1/7) is known as Meenara Kudus mosque. Built-in 1549, it is the oldest lasting mosque of #Indonesia. It is a Dargah of a Sufi wali-Sanga (saint) known as Sunan kudus.
The Dargah tells us a lot about how Sufi #Islam spread in #Indonesia. It is built by demolishing a #HinduTemple. The temple ruins can still be seen.

There is an interesting story. When #temples were destroyed to make way for mosques, #Hindus did not enter the mosques.
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विषय: @TinExile म्हणजे 'ट्रू इंडॉलॉजि' हे अत्यंत बुद्धिमान ज्ञानी हँडल सस्पेंड होणे बाबत

१. प्रत्येक ठिकाणी मोदी लक्ष नाही घालत
२. ही बाब गृहमंत्र्यांच्या श्री @AmitShah यांच्या अखत्यारीत येते कारण 'ती' IPS अधिकारी आहे +👇🏻
एका विशिष्ट विचारप्रणालीत हिंदुद्वेषी व त्या अनुषंगाने भारतद्वेषात घडलेले अधिकारी भारतीय शासनव्यवस्थेत सामान्य देशप्रेमी प्रामाणिक भारतीयांचे दमन करण्याचे काम योजनाबद्ध आणि अथकपणे करत असतात

आणि त्या विचारप्रणालीची सरकारे असल्यावर आपल्याला नुकतीच घडलेली
@thakkar_sameet आणि
अर्णब गोस्वामी सारखी उदाहरणे आवर्जून दहशत बसण्यासाठी घडवली जातात

@TinExile या सगळ्या हँडल पेक्षा निराळे हँडल असून त्याचा अभ्यास,विषयात खोल बुडी मारून शास्त्रशुद्ध पुरावे सादर करून कम्युनिस्ट व इतर भारतद्वेषी मंडळीतील नेतृत्व सर्वांसमोर अक्षरशः नागवे करण्याचे
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Let's admit one thing here, many of us who write threads about history in any language we prefer, find our inspiration in @tlinexile_ . The suspension of his account right after a debate with some IPS officer,clearly shows us how one uses power.
Already,when we are surrounded by the likes of Devdutt Patnaik and many other historians who are busy defaming our Dharma and its core values,there's only one handle which is fighting such hypocrites day in and day out.
I am not against that IPS officer, but wasn't it her duty to accept the fact when the handle presented it with proofs.
The leftists,islamists and comies wants the indic voices to get suppressed, !
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Having a healthy debate & holding divergent views has become a crime? I hd read the whole debate, other than posting proof after proof Trueindology hd not once stooped to any sort of personal attack. Bt those with BLOATED ego wont understand this. #BringBackTrueindology
This is why Ms IPS's productivity is low.…
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#BringBackTrueIndology 😭😭😭😭


He said, nilamata puran mentions about fireworks, But when i read it. its not there 😭😭😭

[Thread for Fake news of True indology]
#BringBackTrueIndology 😭😭😭
he also says "ulkahasta" means fireworks.

which got debunked by his own people 😭😭

& Vaishnava khanda of skandapuran was added after 12th Century 😭😭😭
#BringBackTrueIndology 😭😭😭

he mentions book by gustav oppert that quotes "sukraniti" 😭

but later researchers concluded, that SUKRANITI gunpowder chapter is a patch work added after the invention of gunpowder 😭😭😭
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So @TIinExile paid the price ..
Update : Twitter India suspended @TIinExile without giving any reasons to him
TRue Indology was suspended without even one email by Twitter
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On Guru Poornima, my gratitude to @dasgobardhan and @TIinExile, oceans of knowledge and wisdom.

There are more but I have run out of thumbs.
We generally think the monied, not scholars, face threats. WRONG. Scholarship threatens most because to the mediocre it hurts most.

I repeat: It is not Modi but rather this man who is the establishment's WORST nightmare.

Splendid interview of @TIinExile.…
This. Entire. Thread.

If the invaders destroyed temples, @TIinExile destroys propaganda.

In the past, India cried with eyes shut. Today, it is with them open.
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