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"Salute To AMERICA"

"BLUE ANgels"

"They made 'THEIR' presence known to all who've Been a 'watchinG' ."
"But there wAs MORE excitement in the Air."

"Change of plans put President Trump in a Fishbowl."

"Tracks of rain Blocked his view, the Goal wAs to Reveal the 'EndgamE 20' ."

"That was A wish that HOVERED in his mind."

"But this flight can always WAIT for the future."
"Two days had passed and on a July 6, 'ENDGM20' showed up from out OF the Blue."

Flight track BEGAN near Concord, NC @ 9:39:55 on 7/6/2019 >

- 9:39 = John's last radio transmission when he reported clear comms (5x5).
- 7/6/2019 = 25 = 5x5

Concord > BEGAN the Revolutionary War
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WE are NOW into the first full day of TRUE INDEPENDENCE.

It will be clear sailing now as we shift from the DARK of oppression TO the LIGHT of freedom.

And what better way to sail in the DARK than with the FULL MOON.
The Full Moon this July is special.

What day is the Full Moon this July 2019?
- July 16 > The [20] year anniversary of John's "crash".

What DAY was the Full Moon in July 1999?
- 7/28 > 7+2+8 = [17]

What TIME was the Full Moon in July 1999?
- 11:24 > [11]+2+4 = [17]
What time in 1999 did Todd Burgun call in to WCVB-TV to provide information about the "crash"?
- 12:39, 7/17/1999 = 58 John's age
> 58-[20] = 38 > John's age in 1999.

What time did Todd Burgun say the plane "went down"?
- 9:39 pm

What time is the Full Moon THIS July?
- 9:39 UTC
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"Never Forget this Fourth of July"

"A Fourth of July celebration for the millennium"

"President Trump and John Kennedy prepare to celebrate the 4th of July with the Country"


After charting an angry sea with Quiet patience, our ears now bend toward a MESSAGE ON THE WINDS of a looming STORM.

WE LOOK BEHIND at a land studded with SALT PILLARS that are ravaged with BLINDING ILLUSION and SHATTERED TRUST...
WE LOOK TO EACH OTHER, wondering if the WORDS WE SPEAK bridge the abyss of HUMAN SELF AWARENESS.
Or, are they dashed to the ground and subdued under the claws of a Black Hearted WOLF, cloaked in the GUISE of one who shows concern for OUR MOST CHERISHED and INTIMATE EXPRESSION.
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"The Stage is Set"

“I will expose my father’s killers no matter who they are – even if I have to bring down the government.”

#WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight #ClearLight #Gematria
⭐= [487]
⭐John Kennedy was due to win the New York Senate
⭐Hillary Clinton decided to defeat John, NO MATTER WHAT
⭐Donald Trump tells John about a AA PLOT to kill him
⭐A devise and explosive was in the tail of John's plane
⭐John's security exploded his airplane by a remote
⭐The Pentagon conducted an "Operation Wild Goose Chase"

(Pentagon update briefing 7/17/99) -

"We are now conducting our search about 17 MILES west of Martha's vineyard, uh, the approach to Martha's vineyard airport" - [1163]


@peaceinamerica1 @Telford_Russian
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