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We need to pull out of this tailspin of the self-fulfilling prophecy of political violence during and after the election before it is too late.

We can start by understanding what “sow discord” really means.

My new piece for @SURfdn #defusingdisinfo /1…
The motivations for trumpism are hard to pin down—fleeting, hyper-individualized, sometimes sounding as much far-left as far-right

A rejection of all systems, the embrace of the view that the center cannot hold, so why not accelerate the fragmentation, or at least not stop it /2
There’s this idea of the coming need to defend some core set of beliefs by force.

Fight who? The answer isn’t clear. Whoever. Other Americans.

But why? For what? Not to build something, win something. Just to defend what you have through a time of inevitable unraveling. /3
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Tonight is the 1st presidential debate. Likely there will be a lot of mis/disinformation + conspiracies thrown around.

How can you fight malign narrative & improve online discourse on social media during the debate?

Read my #defusingdisinfo latest: /1…
1- Don’t elevate false or misleading information or conspiracies from POTUS by reposting them in outrage.

When you post/reply/engage sub content, it amplifies them in algorithms/trends & helps them reach more people. It also pressures traditional media to cover these claims. /2
You should consider not engaging or posting them at all. Deprive toxic claims of the attention economy. Just leave it alone.

But, if you want to push back on toxic information, here are some ideas how to do it better: /3
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The Jade Helm 2015 conspiracy remains a concise example, from point A—> B, of how disinformation changes governance.

This takes on a new sense of urgency as lawmakers echo dis/misinformation about COVID-19.

My latest for @SURfdn #defusingdisinfo /1…
My recent discussion with filmmakers @a_rossi + @NotTheATVRider reminded me what a powerful test Jade Helm was. From the time the conspiracy appeared, fueled by Russia, until the moment the governor of Texas responded was about 6 weeks total. /2…
Six weeks from a random online document to angry locals calling a US Army officer a liar at a packed townhall meeting.

It was overlooked in the aftermath of 2016 in public — but not by the military. And not by foreign analysts of Russian disinfo campaigns. /3
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Bill Barr manipulated perceptions of the Mueller report by seeding narrative in advance of its release.

He used his softball intv yesterday to begin to do the same on election interference.

Don’t let him.

Read my latest for @SURfdn #defusingdisinfo /1…
First: Barr didn’t deny that the Durham investigation could impact the election or target Biden. This has echoes of 2016. This narrative aims to demotivate crossover voting to Biden.

Also the entire point of the Durham investigation is to downplay Russian attacks on America /2
Reminder that the conclusion of Vol 5 of the bipartisan Senate intelligence report, examining counterintelligence threats from Russian active measures in 2016 was 👇

“One of the single most grave counterintelligence threats to American national security in the modern era” /3
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Big pre-election development:

finally new signs that US intelligence is beta-testing how to communicate directly to American voters on threats that target them in the information domain.

We should applaud it!

My latest for @SURfdn #defusingdisinfo /1…
That the IC is willing to discuss tactics and narrative in more detail, and in ways that will better prepare individuals for self-defense against the campaigns of adversarial powers — particularly the Kremlin, but also China and others — is a big step forward. /2
Dems were critical that this stmt didn’t go far enough — but @NCSCgov saying “Foreign efforts to influence or interfere with our elections are a direct threat to the fabric of our democracy” days before AG says “foreign interference—meh” is a big deal /3…
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Wars on history aren’t about winning history. They are about justifying & framing a current course of action, and sketching a vector — a direction — for the future.

Understanding the war on historical narrative: my latest for @SURfdn #defusingdisinfo

Trump’s defense of the Confederacy and American “heritage” — and godawful speechwriting — is lazy and badly informed, but the tactic he is attempting to use is real and quite powerful.

Understanding what his malign historical revisionism aims to achieve is important /2
Historical revisionism is an essential element of the Kremlin’s efforts to interfere in the modern politics of former captive nations and to disrupt the alliances that can protect those nations from the Kremlin’s hybrid aggression. /3
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I hate to break it to a lot of people, but if what you write/post contributes to disinformation narratives, you *are* the disinformation.

My new piece for @SURfdn’s #defusingdisinfo blog /1…
What do I mean?

While it isn’t a new tactic, recent reporting shows that malign information operators are focusing more on amplifying conspiracies and disinfo created already by Americans in this election cycle (instead of making their own.) /2…
This allows them to use disposable accounts to promote and amplify bad information, instead of having to build established infrastructure. /3
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Hacking events in 2016—DNC, RNC, state elex systems—are discussed as hard security issues

But hacking is also narrative

These events helped build the information architecture that frames how we discuss the elections

New #defusingdisinfo post for @SURfdn…
What does it mean that hacking is narrative?

We don’t discuss the concept of narrative enough—that is, the purpose of a piece of information, the story that info tells, the framework it contributes to that helps us understand both that info & other info like it in the future.
Disinformation is as much about building narrative as the specific tactics that are used to get content in front of us — about the construction of this information architecture that guides how we see and interpret information.
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The rage-engage cycle of posting content to denounce it is a key part of how malign narratives gain traction on social & traditional media

Stop incentivizing toxic, malign content

My new post on #defusingdisinfo, lessons not learned from 2016 for @SURfdn…
How do you break the rage-engage cycle?

Choose your battles, and push back on content or narratives with methods that don’t elevate the original content

Breaking the engagement models can disincentivize feedback loops and the disinformation economy

Some simple guidance:
- don’t engage when you are angry

- always ask what the *purpose* of content is

- be aware of the source, esp of videos

- if you feel it’s important to comment on bad content, take screenshots instead of replying, retweeting/reposting, linking. This breaks the amplification
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As citizens in a highly-connected digital world facing crisis, we must understand that how we engage & amplify information shapes the environment around us—for good or bad.

A call for better information citizenship

1st piece in a new series for @SURfdn…
What does it mean to be a better information citizen?

1 - accept that disinformation campaigns work in altering perception and behavior, including our own, which is why foreign and domestic malign actors invest time and resources into deploying them
2 - consciously evaluate how you act as a citizen in a connected, digital world facing crisis; understand that how you engage & amplify information shapes overall information environment for you, your community + nation; choose to be a better consumer + purveyor of information
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