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You may suceed with another blow.
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor’s cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.
Success is failure turned inside out,
And you can never tell how close you are.
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@Timcast I have a Brother named Brian, aka @drawandstrike who writes for @EpochTimes & throws papers at night. Well, his passion is in writing but being deaf his job opportunities have been very limited.
He got the Epoch Job about a year ago but has had the Paper Route since 2009
Recently he had some medical episodes related to blood pressure (as do I, we're twins) & I knew the night job was taking more of a toll on him than usual. 4 days off in the last 10 years, getting up at 1 am then sleeping from 8am to 4 was ruining his productivity & energy.
I'm a big fan of your Timcasts & watch regularly as you cover the demise of Corporate Journalism & noted that you ask if people like your work to please donate to your Patreon to allow you to keep reporting untroubled by the cost of living.
When you recently posted a pic of your
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As the MSM continues to ignore @TheJusticeDept's 2 Crusades to make America's Streets safer Trump continues to pull all eyes onto him as some amazing things continue to happen.
Over 12,426 Pedophiles & Human Traffickers have been arrested since Trump took Office & almost 2/3rds of them have been sentenced to MULTIPLE DECADES in Federal Prison. Why is it important that it's Federal Time?
When someone is sentenced to 25 years they DO 25 years
(With 54 Days off your sentence per year IF you had good behavior)
Many of these Child Predators, Traffickers & Manufacturers are being sentenced to 20, 30 even 40 years or MORE.
Off the Streets for Decades.
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Let's take a moment to review ELECTION NIGHT Nov. 8th, 2016 &
THE MIRACLE very few expected. as Hillary was soundly beating Trump in the Polls
Bill & Hillary arrived at DNC Headquarters in a jubilant mood & prepared themselves for a night of celebration & congratulations
Every MSM outlet was breathlessly telling us Hillary was a shoo-in & that Trump had a less than a 15% chance of victory.
Trump the publicity seeking Playboy Billionaire, TV Personality & Real Estate Magnate was going to be trounced!
The MSM doggedly still cast the race as "competitive" in their coverage but everyone who specialized in polling confidently stated Trump had not a prayer.
Hillary & Trump accompanied by their Families cast their votes as the expectations mounted.
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Aunque la sociedad no lo recuerde o haya preferido olvidar ese lado de la historia, México atravesó por un periodo en donde surgió un levantamiento ideológico cercano (o plenamente adscrito) al #fascismo.
Recogemos rápidamente algunos datos y hechos de este fenómeno
En 1923 aparece el Partido Fascista Mexicano (PFM), creado por Gustavo Saenz de Sicilia y con cien mil militantes, buscando el reconocimiento del Partido Fascista italiano y como reacción en contra de la Revolución Mexicana, las leyes agrarias, el socialismo y el comunismo.
El PFM lanza su Manifiesto en diciembre de 1922, en donde declaran que lucharán contra la propagación del bolchevismo en México pero a su vez ignoran al campesinado, enfocándose más bien a la clase media.
Entre 1923 y 1924 el partido se disuelve.
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I'm watching listening to Pundits & YouTubers I follow all get it wrong. They get caught up in the bureaucracy & endless debates of Whataboutism.
"What if the Next President just declares a National Emergency & declares (X)!
Read that above Tweet. Trump ok'd a 115 Mile Bollard Barrier in Texas.
Because he's been cleared as having the LEGAL AUTHORITY to do it. He's also signed off on 100's more Miles in NM & AZ with ZERO input from Congress.
Have you heard any of that?
Probably not.
It's all a Dog & Pony Show. All the caterwauling from Left & RIGHT about Trump declaring an Emergency.
He HAS the authority & it will pass muster.
This "Brinksmanship" Gambit is happening as FOX NEWS tries to tell us the Majority of Americans think Trump will be defeated in 2020
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A 3 Day Raid ending on February 2nd, 2017 Operation RECLAIM & REBUILD netted 474 Traffickers/Pedophiles & rescued 55 Trafficked Children & Women.…
This was barely a Blip on the MSM's Radar Screen, covered locally on TV & Print News.
But the EFFECT of this Raid was like a THERMONUCLEAR EXPLOSION going off in the Pedophile/Trafficking Networks.
These Raids were DEVASTATINGLY thorough.
They now had HUNDREDS of Suspects & Victims to interview.
They had their Computers, their Servers, their Phones & Devices.
Their Bank Accounts, the IP Addresses of their Customers, clients & Patrons & transactional info....
See where I'm going here?
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1. Everything the Left does.


is to stunt/curtail/DESTROY your ability to be a GOOD SOUL.

By controlling & DARKENING your PERCEPTION of Reality.

Pulling you down into the Cesspit.


Chained in perpetual misery where eventually you will become THEM!
2. This World is a PROVING GROUND. You prove who you are, Fair or Foul, life after life, eventually forging a REAL Identity that can survive the World to SOAR...or REVEL in the INFLICTION upon others.
The Forces of Darkness HATE Individual Freedom above all other Human Traits
3. Because it is through individual FREEDOM a True & Amazing Identity can be Forged. An Identity for which there is NO PLACE in Hell's Hierarchy & that holds no sway over that Being.
I believe the meaning of Life is to Forge your individual Identity
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1. Trump cleared the way LEGALLY to use DoD Omnibus Funds already allocated to build THE WALL over a year ago. So, WHY is Trump forcing a shutdown over it with the Democrats?
2. Easy. He's FORCING the Democrat Leadership to go on Record FOR ALL TIME
that they prefer Illegals, Drug & Human Traffickers & Illegal Voters over actual Americans.
The Democrat's are utterly clueless how their own base is regarding them.
3. As they posture & pontificate to DENY Trump "His Wall" everyone knows what they're really doing=denying US sanctuary from the rampant Drugs, Slaves & Crimes these Open Borders bring us.
& with every week that passes the Heat is building not for Trump, but for the DNC
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When I was small I thought Stan Lee (born Stanley Leiber) must have been the greatest — or at least the most prolific — writer ever, given all the comics he wrote. Later lawsuits suggested things were a bit more complicated. A gifted self-publicist and judge of artistic talent,
Lee was part of the “work-for-hire” system which saw young artists sign away their creations for a pittance. Stan would give an artist a sketchy plot and — once they’d finished drawing 20 pages of story — Stan added dialogue and claimed he wrote the whole thing.
For the three-part 1966 Fantastic Four saga, where an angelic herald selects the Earth as the next meal for the planet-eating celestial giant Galactus, Stan’s entire initial creative input had reputedly been to give Jack Kirby (born Jacob Kurtzberg) with the four word instruction
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Stan Lee gave us more than co-creations X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four & Spider-Man. He gave us creeds to live by. Principles to emulate. Villains (and racism) to fight. He gave me vital cornerstones of my belief system. My sense of responsibility.
He helped give me a sense of hope. Why? Because I could use all his lessons in real life. That’s why his stories were so powerful. It wasn’t the super powers (sometimes it was). But as I got older, Stan Lee...
gave me real world applications for all those values. And unlike politicians, corporations, advertising or anything else, those lessons were GOOD. For the sake of good. Read these now. They were written as way back as 1965. #RIPStanLee
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Last year, my then-5yo heard the word "excelsior" in a cartoon and asked what it meant. I explained it to her and told her about Stan Lee. We talked about lots of characters he helped create; she wanted to know if each one was kind or mean. Later, she made this list. #Excelsior
"Stan's Soapbox" on bigotry and racism, love over hate, and stories with morals.…
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Introducing the Sean Hannity Expanded Universe, Fox’s anti-Mueller alternative reality

Because you, the people, demanded it, and my editors couldn't say no when I'm about to go on paternity leave.
Anti-Mueller conspiracy theories have permeated nearly every corner of Fox. But a small group at the networks have followed Hannity's lead by making that narrative the center of their commentary.
President Trump is simultaneously the audience for this story, the victim who needs to be saved, and, in the telling of members of the SHEU, the potential hero.
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