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“Synagogue Of Satan Is Being Removed Now”
I cannot confirm this information.
I AM aware of the magnitude of Evil we are dismantling.
Energies are shifting, the #Vibration & #Frequencies are rising quickly.
Jesus’ has a message to the church in Philadelphia in Revelation.....
.@realDonaldTrump recently posted a picture with a Philly Cheesesteak.
Christ’s message to the 6th of the 7 churches addressed in Revelation 2–3.
The Philadelphian church is the recipient of this letter. Philadelphia was a city in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey)..
“And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: ‘The words of the holy one, the true one, who has the KEY OF DAVID, who OPENS & NO ONE will SHUT, who shuts & NO ONE opens.”
~Revelation 3:7
#Q post #167
“POTUS Opened the Doors”
.@POTUS opened the DOOR of all DOORS...
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A theory by #TrutherMovement, aka @CynoCast

30 Tweet Thread Synopsis - Part I

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #DoItQ #TheStorm #TheGreatAwakening #Trump #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

#DrainTheSwamp #KillTheCabal Image
5:5 Synopsis Image
1. It was decades ago when elites of the world's ruling class decided to kill off the majority of the world's population to 'save' the earth.

It would be a mass #Genocide that killed BILLIONS. It would make the Nazi's #FinalSolution against the jews look like child's play. Image
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Do you frequently wonder what in the Hell is wrong
with this world we live in?

Where did we go wrong?

What is wrong with society?

Why is “socialism” the new norm?

When not that many years ago socialism was a disgrace and illegal.

The answers are in this book!
I just completed a thread that began with,
How WOKE are YOU?

Are GOOoogle, Alphabet, Deep Mind, FaceBook,
NeuroLink controlling YOUR MIND?

In that thread I recommended reading the book by Cyrus
A. Sparsa. True Genius!

I downloaded the book and just began reading...
...the Table of Contents! Just reading the Table of Contents alone has answered so many of my questions. Words can’t describe how relieved I am. In previous employment I was a
Computer Networking Systems Technology person. I
thought I saw enough to spook me then.
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This is for PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW THE REAL TRUTH. As #QAnon leaves you breadcrumbs, this thread will be loaded with clues for you to follow. TIME IS SHORT.
#Anons, #WakeUpTime, and anyone who has an open mind.. Shall we begin?
#Time to #wakeup b4 #TimesUp
This Clue comes in the form of a picture. Look at these "drops" as #puzzle pieces. Each one is important to see the WHOLE PICTURE.
Don't make assumptions.
Please take this serious as we are in check and very close to #Checkmate!
#DIVE deep on this 1
PIeCe 1:
#OpAlarmClock piece 2
Credit goes to @Frank_Anzac
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(1) For those of you who are targeted by the #DeepState thru #ThreatFusionCenters by the #DOJ #FBI #DHS, I suggest you watch these two videos on .@HagmannReport regarding the whole operation - including advanced targeting & tracking ops, #nanoparticles, #RNM #HiveMind ....
(2) Domestic Targeting Operations, #FusionCenters and #warrantless #tracking.

Here is clip one - only last a few minutes. From .@HagmannReport on 10/11/18. Go to 2:42:40…

(3) On 10-12-18 .@HagmannReport interviewed .@DrTedBroer who discussed #DEW's #5G #frequencies #targeting #mobbing & spiritual aspects of this clandestine operation

Hop in at 50 Minutes or so (runs to 1:30:00).


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Alice has Evidence.
But, it's going to be a while before it's introduced. Why is the FISA so important. It lays the foundation for corruption. Why were they so willing to cheat? Well, first, we must prove they cheated. And that's what the FISA shows.
Playing croquet with the Queen
The whole beginning of chapter 8, the Gardners painting the roses red, when they were white, playing croquet with a pelican and a hedge hog, shows the dream like state they live in, and the matrix we are stuck in.
Hedghog turns into a ball
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