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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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Somehow I have this feeling like tomorrow is the real 17th.
Can't prove it.
No predictions.
No sauce.
Like a weak thread is now a strong rope.
Be ready.

Tie these all together;
-New leadership in Aus, Italy, and now the U.K. (since Trump was elected)
-Mifsud being outed as Western Intelligence
-Mueller testimony
-Flynn in the news
-RR tweet reply
-Barr asked to limit Muellers response
-Seth Rich lawsuit dropped


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Symbolism: GUMBO = A Variety
#DonnaBrazile:"Just as it takes many ingredients to make a good GUMBO it will require many voices before we are able to move forward as one people. And that’s exactly why I am so excited to join Fox News"
#Qanon #GreatAwakening
Obama flipped quite a while ago as I've decoded many times - and 5 days ago Barack Obama mentioned Gumbo in a tweet - essentially referencing Donna Brazile joining Fox and in effect calling on others to flip. thus Keyword GUMBO #TheGreatAwakening #QTeam
2 days later....

Cory Booker takes to social media to help find staffers' lost dog, kicking off search to Find GUMBO - #Symbolism- ergo join Donna Brazile in having flipped. Includes Kamala Harris & Julián Castro…#Qanon #GreatAwakening
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#ItsTIME om eens nader in te zoomen op het karakter van 'spitzenkandidat' @TimmermansEU

1. Zo werpt Timmermans zich graag op als beschermheer voor klokkenluiders, maar als klokkenluider Roelie Post een beroep op hem doet wordt ze volledig aan haar lot overgelaten en ontslagen.
2. Ook karakteriseert Timmermans zichzelf graag als een ‘feminist’ en initieerde daarom op internationale vrouwendag een bijeenkomst in de Balie. Als de Balie echter ook feministe en islamcriticus Zineb el Rhazoui uitnodigt durft Timmermans niet meer en belt hij lafjes af.
3. In een rationele wereld kun je niet én feminist én islam-apologeet zijn. Frans ziet echter, zoals zoveel linkse mensen, moslims vooral als een zielige minderheid én als potentieel electoraat. En dus is Frans een fervent pleitbezorger van de islam in Europa.
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By the end of this month you will have to take a crucial decision about the very soul of Europe.

👉 People in Europe want to go forward not backward

👉 They want equality

👉 They want cooperation

👉 They want sustainability

✊ We need to be on their side ✊
Our middle classes are suffering and shrinking.

We need to fix this by creating responsible fiscal systems.

We need major corporations to pay fair taxes.

And we need to increase wages for the middle classes.
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📢 @IanBlackfordMP: "These are no ordinary times and this is no ordinary conference.

We are here to make history.

We are here to begin our campaign to make Scotland an independent, prosperous country in the EU." #SNP19 #ItsTime
@IanBlackfordMP 📢 @IanBlackfordMP: "Our message here today must be simple.

The future of our nation will only be enhanced when we break free of the dangerous, nasty and failing politics of Westminster." #SNP19
@IanBlackfordMP 📢 @IanBlackfordMP: "We now have a UK Government that has effectively ceased to function with the UK poised over a cliff-edge.

A Brexit cliff-edge that will destroy jobs and make people poorer." #SNP19
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After it claimed no such document existed, DoJ just unearthed a letter Matt Whitaker delivered to the Utah US attorney ]Huber[ directing a review of how the dept handled the #ClintonFoundation & #UraniumOne issues #Huber…giWT
“It strains credulity to believe that the Justice Department didn’t know about this letter when they swore under penalty of perjury that it didn’t exist–you don’t exactly forget about a formal directive to investigate Hillary Clinton signed by Jeff Sessions,” he added.
“The fact that they only ‘found’ it the same week Whitaker was heading for the exit makes it hard to see DOJ’s previous denial as anything but a deliberate attempt to conceal……."
"Sessions and Whitaker shouldn’t escape accountability by skipping town." — SCARAMUCCI MODEL?
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This is the THREAD for all of #Qposts for Saturday September 15, 2018.
B-52 Dropping Lots & Lots of Bombs - Carpet Bombing
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.234 📁
Sep 15 2018 13:35:10 (EST)
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#ItsTime we all speak out against bullies, harassment, and *isms, show our anger, & hold people accountable.…
I'm angry that my management team on @azurecat valued the team bully over everyone else. He bullied us regularly & was rewarded. Even when I reported him for sexual harassment, even when MS found him guilty. I'm angry & it's taken me years to say it.
I'm angry that friends who knew about the harassment made excuses for the harasser, some even abandoned me. Many told me to suck it up, stick it out, and move on as if nothing happened.
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45 Days Of @ElvisCostello: a twitter megathread in anticipation of the Oct 12 release date of LOOK NOW, the new LP by Elvis Costello & The Imposters

This is either a bright idea or a brilliant mistake, but this is only, this is only, this is only the beginning...
I did something similar to this 5 years ago, in anticipation of EC & @theroots' Wise Up Ghost LP, on tumblr.

(You can still find all those posts if you look, although a lot of the YouTube links etc are now dead ends. It was 40 Days Of EC then, so for 2018 I'm upping it to 45.)
Mostly I will be going chronologically from the early years right up to the present, but it feels right to start out with Costello's 2002 song, "45."

Music Video directed by @jessebdylan

(There's an alternate "diner" version I can't find anywhere online)
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@washingtonpost @hodgman @SenMajLdr @SpeakerRyan (2)
Do you remember that moment, after the first plane hit the North Tower?
@washingtonpost @hodgman @SenMajLdr @SpeakerRyan (3)
Americans everywhere watched, shocked, but scratching their heads and wondering what was going on.
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#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
Q Clock Activated for today: July 9, 2018
Today is an important day. The President of the United States is going to make the most important decision a U.S. President can make.
#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
The selection of a Supreme Court Justice - Will be announced tonight at 9:00 P.M.
#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
The days for the Q Clock are as follow:
11/6-5:34 Huma
The only Q drops were on 5/10
#POTUS is going announce and sign the SCJ.
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#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
Trump Pressures Saudi Arabia to Increase Oil Production
"...because of the turmoil & disfunction (misspell i instead of y)…
#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
Q is asking us to look at the opposite! Increase/ decrease.
Iran and Venezuela are 'a major challenge' to avoiding oil price hikes, IEA warns…
#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.
Q is telling us to look there not here. [here] is in the kill box. There means make research.Ex:US ML NG (1) False SA true
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#QAnon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
Re_ read drops re: Five Eyes / FVEY.
Will be extremely important going forward.
[UK] - primary
Turn taken.
FBI/DOJ to State / Hussein WH (inc C_A / other appointment Start) to Foreign Bad Actors.
[RR] deadline?
We have the server.
(FVEY) refers to an alliance comprising Australia, Canada, NZ, the United Kingdom and the United States. Each country spies on another member's country. US bypassed congress by outsourcing spying through a loophole to the brits/nz/canada. NZ is close to Antarctica and ++ island.
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump #WWQ1WGA #WalkAway #TheGreatAwakening #TheStorm
HRC is still being proffered by the cabal.
Only reason she's still out there.
OTOH, anons are about to firmly connect HRC to Haiti and Libya. B**** gonna burn in hell forever.
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#QAnon #Winning #WalkAway @realDonaldTrump #WhoIsQ? #Yoda #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WWG1WGA #ENDTHEFED
Q !
Jul 3 2018 23:07:06 (EST)
Trolling is fun.
Hussein/Trump interior = identical minus small changes.
(World) news in rear literally placed same prior to each departure.
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#QAnon #GreatAwakening #Winning #WWG1WGA #WalkAway #ItsTime @realDonaldTrump #WhoIsQ?
Q !
Jul 3 2018 18:20:16 (EST)
"For years, Schools worked alongside another Justice Department mainstay, David Margolis, who was known as the "Yoda" of the department. When Margolis died,
#QAnon #GreatAwakening #Winning #WWG1WGA #WalkAway #ItsTime @realDonaldTrump #WhoIsQ?
I KNEW THAT WAS IMPORTANT!! iIhighlighted n saved it hours ago..4:30 eastern. Also found that AG Lynch was 1 who announced his death "heart- related illness" again!!
He was called Yoda
#QAnon #GreatAwakening #Winning #WWG1WGA #WalkAway #ItsTime @realDonaldTrump #WhoIsQ?
David Margolis, Force for Justice Department Independence, Dead at 76…
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#QAnon #GreatAwakening #Winning #WWG1WGA #WalkAway #ItsTime @realDonaldTrump #WhoIsQ?
Got a feeling it's going to be a great 4th of July celebration!
We all have a role to play.
God Bless America.
#QAnon #GreatAwakening #Winning #WWG1WGA #WalkAway #ItsTime @realDonaldTrump #WhoIsQ?
Looks like Q got the window seat.
Welcome Aboard
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