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When you understand the facts of the #Assange case and the lies and deception; the daily dose of hypocrisy and finger-pointing becomes insufferable. The injustice keeps you up at night. The atrocities turn into nightmares.


A thread. 🧵

#ItsTime to #FreeAssange 11 April 2019 | A SHAMEFUL DAY and photo of Julian Assange a
The terror and terrible treatment of others, stays with you.

The truth is a burden.

It is hard then to imagine what it must be like for #JulianAssange with all that he knows and no voice or ability to right the wrongs or to defend himself. To be silenced—

— and punished by those committing the crimes. This must already bear heavily upon him.

Assange has had no internet access since it was taken from him (along with other 'privileges') in March 2018, while in the Ecuadorian Embassy. This happened—


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If you have doubted those who have said that the Tories have been taken by the far right, the suggestion that the UK will legislate itself OUT of the ECHR and force ably remove people and dump them in Rwanda should be a HUGE wake up call.

The Tories are
not afraid to provoke outright racism in order to deflect from the billions of pounds of wealth they are siphoning off to their sponsors. The fascism our grandparents fought against in 1936 and 1939-45 landed here, thanks to Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Gove, May et al. They (and
media friends) enabled Farage, Johnson, Patel and their Brexiter gangsters. Not only was what has happened in Britain since 2010, a criminal act of asset stripping, it has also been an act of human rights stripping and one of low wages, and no rights.

Enablers have driven
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What RU here 2 do, say, be & create? Well, go out there & getter done ✅ no time 2 loose. And by the way...the world NEEDS you‼️ Who wants to spend the rest of our days like this👇 #HellNo #RiseUp… #Superman2 #superman II #General Zod via @gifkeyboard
This is a message4 @JustinTrudeau @theJagmeetSingh @cafreeland @marcomendicino et al... you have activated the world’s most potent #SuperHeros, #Warriors & #Fearless #Champions. We will NOT back down we’ll not give up & we will NEVER surrender. #YouLose #GodWins this clip’s 4U👇
You have no idea what we are capable of, and we grow stronger each day as more & more join our ranks.
#WatchThisSpace #PainIsComing4TheElites
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99 hours of voting to go,
99 hours of votes!
So call up your Mum and say
‘Vote out the scum!’
There are 99 hours of voting to go.
98 hours of voting to go,
98 hours of votes!
This Saturday at six
Polls will close on these pricks!
There are 98 hours of voting to go.
97 hours of voting to go,
97 hours of votes!
Oh how Shane Bazzi fought!
And Dutton got screwed in court!
With just 97 hours of voting to go.
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I’m a nurse practitioner working in specialist palliative aged care. Let me share with you just a little bit about what happens in a residential aged care facility/‘nursing home’ that doesn’t have registered nurses 24/7 365 days of the year.
A 99 year old who has clearly stated his wishes in an advance care plan NOT to be transferred to hospital has a fall in the bathroom at midnight. The ambulance is called by the carers and he is taken to hospital. He develops delirium & dies four days later in hospital.
An 88 year old lady with dementia aspirates some of the biscuit she ate with her bedtime warm milk. In the small hours of the morning she develops a fever & can’t breathe properly. No one notices until the morning RN has finished med rounds at 0930.
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It’s Time
It’s Time
It’s Time
It’s Time

For EVERYONE too, SPIT ! IT!! OUT !!!


Rocking Horse
Rock N’ Roll Horse/Motorcycle/Midnight Rider …

The Writing On The Wall
Door Open
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We are not where we need to be – not even close. We’re moving in the right direction, but the world is still too far away from our 1.5 degree goal. This week at #COP26 we need to take decisions that put us on track to reaching our goal. Within a year, because time is running out. Image
This is about addressing the effects of the crisis we are already experiencing, just as much as it is about making sure it does not get worse. Financing adaptation is critical. We all repeated that mantra endlessly. But the rhetoric is sadley not followed by action.

The @EU_Commission will contribute €100 million to the Adaptation Fund. Because those who desperately need resources for adaptation, also need to have predictability and clarity about its delivery.

#EUatCOP26 @EUClimate
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Yesterday, 7 Senators joined as co-sponsors of #ACTforALS.

A few weeks ago I wrote a thread about ACT (see below).

In summary: this bill will save lives and give hope to those living with a 100% fatal disease while furthering research into ALS and dozens of other diseases.
Right now ACT is the House and Senate Committees but that will change soon.

To make soon ASAP, go to the link below and look up your Rep and Senators.

If they are already a co-sponsor send them a thank you and urge them to make ACT a priority.…
If they have not yet co-sponsored ask them to do so and ask for any concerns they have.

We have answers for nearly every concern ready to go and a team ready to get your back.

All we need is your passion, voice and story.

Let’s f’ing do this. #ItsTime
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When I was diagnosed with ALS one of the first things I did was sign up for the @CDCgov ALS Registry.

I assumed it was doing good work and that after a decade in existence it was helping lead the fight for cures.

I was so wrong. Enough is enough. /1
It is universally accepted that the CDC’s number for ALS patients in the US is wrong, missing HALF of all ALS patients, including a disproportionate share of people of color.

Thinking that they would be doing everything possible to correct this I met with them 2x in 2019. /2
After a 45 minute presentation on the virtues of the Registry, they told me they had updated numbers showing a much larger patient population and were working to release them asap.

2 years and more than 12,400 ALS patient deaths later they still have not released new numbers. /3
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When the House and Senate formed ALS Caucuses at the request of advocates I was elated.

Those who represent us recognized that we needed to act now to end a 100% fatal, 160 year old disease.

That enough was enough. /1
The Caucuses have helped transform the fight—raising funding, awareness and helping pass SSDI reform.

I and the entire ALS community are grateful to these amazing champions.

But we need them more than ever right now to pass ACT for ALS. /2
Today more than 50% of ALS patients, including me, are excluded from being a part of ANY clinical trial.

This means we have no way to access promising therapies and are simply left to die.

I hope we can all agree that this is not right. /3
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Australia`s parliament is to resume on March 15th

An auspicious calendar date that saw Julius Caesar killed by Senators in the Roman Senate 2,065 years ago

The Australian Senate can do the same the to Scott Morrison Liberal lead government
How can this be done?

By using parliamentary privilege to out the #CabinetMinister named in the letter sent to @SenatorWong & @sarahinthesen8

The governments presumption of innocence line they using with the help of their media mates
was not used for #Robodebt victims

It was not used for #AsylumSeekers

In fact this government ignores #HighCourt rulings against it #HomeToBilo

If ever victims of injustice deserve members of parliament to act for the betterment of the whole country
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Ces derniers mois ont été bien chargés... Nous avons une nouvelle venue à vous présenter...
L'équipe ArchiFiltre est tout particulièrement heureuse de vous présenter sa v.3.0, notre dernière née "Poetic Papangue" vous attend sur
Cette version majeure est un concentré de très nombreuses demandes et d'un énorme travail pour vous proposer:
- une nouvelle interface
- un nouveau design
- et même plusieurs nouvelles fonctionnalités !!!
Aujourd'hui, nous ferons le focus sur le nouveau design !
Nouvelles couleurs de l'interface et des boutons pour une plus belle harmonie! Et l'apparition d'onglets pour vous offrir plus d'espace de travail. Image
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Meet the 35 House members voted against changing Mississippi's state flag, a symbol of white supremacy, racism, and hatred: a thread! 👀 #itstime #VoteThemOut2023 #msleg #mselex 1/
Representative @tracyarnoldd3 (H.D. 3—Alcorn, Prentiss) voted against changing Mississippi's state flag, a symbol of white supremacy, racism, and hatred. #itstime #WeSeeYou #VoteThemOut2023 #msleg #mselex 2/
Representative @RepShaneBarnett (H.D. 86—Greene, Perry, Wayne) voted against changing Mississippi's state flag, a symbol of white supremacy, racism, and hatred. #itstime #WeSeeYou #VoteThemOut2023 #msleg #mselex 3/
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Today is #WorldTBDay.

Tuberculosis remains the 🌎🌍🌏’s deadliest infectious killer. Each day, over 4000 people lose their lives to TB and close to 30,000 people fall ill with this preventable & curable disease.

#ItsTime to #EndTB
This #WorldTBDay’s theme is ‘It’s time’.
#ItsTime to translate commitments to #endTB into urgent action.
Ending the TB epidemic by 2⃣0⃣3⃣0⃣ is an important target in the @GlobalGoalsUN.
Ending TB by 2030 needs:
☑️ political will
☑️ financial resources
☑️ multisectoral engagement
☑️ community ownership
It's time to be accountable and ensure that we are on track to reach our goal.
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.@NicolaSturgeon: "We are gathered here in George Square, for one simple purpose. To choose a better future for our country, to choose independence for our country." #indyref2020
.@NicolaSturgeon: "Scotland stands at a crossroads at this #GE2019.

Down one path is a future where we are led by the likes of Boris Johnson, who wants to drag us out of our European family of nations." #indyref2020
.@NicolaSturgeon: "My friends there is another path, and that is not a UK Labour government that can't even choose its position on Brexit.

The days of Scotland having to choose between two old Westminster parties is over." #indyref2020
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Posts on social media can only begin to touch on the importance of #1619 and the legacy of slavery. But maybe a conference can encompass more. Join us Oct. 4-5 in Chicago as we continue the 400 year journey of black joy and justice.
We're eager to hear from presenters such as @sista_theology, @johnfaisonsr, @nmassiemartin, @DrCEdmondson, and so many more.
#joyandjustice @TheWitnessBCC Image
We're Christian, we're Black. We love history, preaching, justice, and community. If that describes you, too, then this gathering will feel like a family reunion. It's time. We need this.
#joyandjustice #itstime
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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#ItsTIME om eens nader in te zoomen op het karakter van 'spitzenkandidat' @TimmermansEU

1. Zo werpt Timmermans zich graag op als beschermheer voor klokkenluiders, maar als klokkenluider Roelie Post een beroep op hem doet wordt ze volledig aan haar lot overgelaten en ontslagen.
2. Ook karakteriseert Timmermans zichzelf graag als een ‘feminist’ en initieerde daarom op internationale vrouwendag een bijeenkomst in de Balie. Als de Balie echter ook feministe en islamcriticus Zineb el Rhazoui uitnodigt durft Timmermans niet meer en belt hij lafjes af.
3. In een rationele wereld kun je niet én feminist én islam-apologeet zijn. Frans ziet echter, zoals zoveel linkse mensen, moslims vooral als een zielige minderheid én als potentieel electoraat. En dus is Frans een fervent pleitbezorger van de islam in Europa.
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By the end of this month you will have to take a crucial decision about the very soul of Europe.

👉 People in Europe want to go forward not backward

👉 They want equality

👉 They want cooperation

👉 They want sustainability

✊ We need to be on their side ✊
Our middle classes are suffering and shrinking.

We need to fix this by creating responsible fiscal systems.

We need major corporations to pay fair taxes.

And we need to increase wages for the middle classes.
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📢 @IanBlackfordMP: "These are no ordinary times and this is no ordinary conference.

We are here to make history.

We are here to begin our campaign to make Scotland an independent, prosperous country in the EU." #SNP19 #ItsTime
@IanBlackfordMP 📢 @IanBlackfordMP: "Our message here today must be simple.

The future of our nation will only be enhanced when we break free of the dangerous, nasty and failing politics of Westminster." #SNP19
@IanBlackfordMP 📢 @IanBlackfordMP: "We now have a UK Government that has effectively ceased to function with the UK poised over a cliff-edge.

A Brexit cliff-edge that will destroy jobs and make people poorer." #SNP19
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#ItsTime we all speak out against bullies, harassment, and *isms, show our anger, & hold people accountable.…
I'm angry that my management team on @azurecat valued the team bully over everyone else. He bullied us regularly & was rewarded. Even when I reported him for sexual harassment, even when MS found him guilty. I'm angry & it's taken me years to say it.
I'm angry that friends who knew about the harassment made excuses for the harasser, some even abandoned me. Many told me to suck it up, stick it out, and move on as if nothing happened.
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45 Days Of @ElvisCostello: a twitter megathread in anticipation of the Oct 12 release date of LOOK NOW, the new LP by Elvis Costello & The Imposters

This is either a bright idea or a brilliant mistake, but this is only, this is only, this is only the beginning...
I did something similar to this 5 years ago, in anticipation of EC & @theroots' Wise Up Ghost LP, on tumblr.

(You can still find all those posts if you look, although a lot of the YouTube links etc are now dead ends. It was 40 Days Of EC then, so for 2018 I'm upping it to 45.)
Mostly I will be going chronologically from the early years right up to the present, but it feels right to start out with Costello's 2002 song, "45."

Music Video directed by @jessebdylan

(There's an alternate "diner" version I can't find anywhere online)
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@washingtonpost @hodgman @SenMajLdr @SpeakerRyan (2)
Do you remember that moment, after the first plane hit the North Tower?
@washingtonpost @hodgman @SenMajLdr @SpeakerRyan (3)
Americans everywhere watched, shocked, but scratching their heads and wondering what was going on.
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