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1. I assigned Gattaca in my bioethics class & I don't regret it. One of the premises of the film is that everyone is miserable. The "invalids" are unhappy because they're oppressed, but the "valids" are also unhappy because they can never live up to the culture's eugenics ideal..
2. or even fulfil their supposed potential as "valids." Jude Law's character, a "valid," can't accept that he came in second in swimming competition in spite of his "superior genes." He becomes paralysed after trying to kill himself...
3. Uma Therman's character, another "valid," is unhappy because she has a cardiovascular disability in spite of being "enhanced" in vitro, and she's popping pills to deal with the stress. "Newgenics" has created a culture of fear, loneliness, and misery...
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Bon c'est apparemment l'heure de faire un point #GATTACA. Si vous avez l'habitude de me voir user d'un discours posé, poli et modéré, aujourd'hui on va s'en passer. Ce court extrait représente tout ce qui m'a motivé étant plus jeune à étudier la génétique. Ça va chier.
N'étant pas spécialisé en neurologie/développement cognitif/mesure de l'intelligence et autre, je ne vais pas revenir sur les notions d'HPI et je vais me concentrer sur la partie génétique en considérant "HPI" comme le phénotype étudié.
Le phénotype, c'est ce que vous observez chez un individu. Blond/brun, yeux verts/bleus, grand/petit, etc... Ici ce sera donc HPI/Pas HPI. Le phénotype est déterminé par grosso modo 2 choses : le génome du porteur et son environnement.
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La #Identidad y la #Memoria siempre han sido temas recurrentes en el CINE.

¿Somos lo que DECIDIMOS ser conscientemente o lo que APARENTAMOS inconscientemente?

¿Cuánto de nuestros deseos configura la personalidad desconocida del otro?

Hoy toca #HILO de pelis sobre ello ⬇️⬇️ Image
Los temas de la #memoria, los #recuerdos, la #idealización o la #identidad pueden suponer SPOILERS de la trama en sí...

Avisados quedáis.
#Rebecca (Hitchcock, 1940) Image
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Steven Pinker (@sapinker) comes out with an essay titled, no less, "The Stupidity of Dignity" (2008). This is how you get Trump elected & re-elected, this is how you get Brexit, this is how you get really bad blowback. Utterly, stupidly, unnecessarily.…
Having started off in fine fashion by trolling the opposition *without actually achieving much thru the trolling*, Pinker then gets into what we could call #AcademicStrut, the Declaration Of Ego, dressed up over-intellectually. Let's examine this part:
1/ @sapinker's well-known problems with philosophy show up badly here. For one thing, the crucial point is dignity is an *intersubjective* concept, a social one appealing to conscience & group effort. Not just 'subjective', as Pinker wants to damn it. A complex but vital point.
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