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BREAKING: A GOP Hill staffer just told me she was instructed today to keep her distance from Devin Nunes, his staff and the GOP House Intel Cmte staff, because it looks like they are targets "of multiple ongoing investigations by Special Counsel Mueller's office/FBI and the DoJ."
In February, GOP Rep Tom Rooney said that the entire Republican staff at the House Intelligence Committee is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee, even including “the woman up front that answers the phone,” for alleged leaks. #TBT #RemoveNunes…
GOP Rep. Devin Nunes is under investigation for violating campaign finance laws. The Federal Election Commission is accusing Nunes of taking more money from individual donors than is allowed under election law. It’s pretty clear he broke the law.…
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Tipe-tipe konten instastory zaman kiwari

1. Ibu muda bersama anaknya
2. Mbak-mbak kantoran bersama kopi, ngafe, dan TGIFnya
3. Mz-mz gym bersama workoutnya
4. Dedek-dedek bersama quotes gemaznya
5. Sobat-sobat postgrad student bersama setumpuk assignmentnya
6. Sobat berbakat bersama suara emas dan genjrengan gitarnya
7. Sobat galau bersama curhatannya di close friends
8. Pet enthusiast bersama haiwan-haiwan luvlynya
9. Sobat nonton bersama cuplikan film/ serial favoritnya
10. Bucin bersama pacarnya yang keseringan nunduk liat hp
11. Mz-Mz/ Mb-Mb kantoran bersama kemacetan ibukota yang jahanam betul
12. Sobat traveler bersama itinerarynya yang asyik
13. Sobat bookworm bersama sebuah paragraf epik yang dihighlights
14. Sobat konser yang ikutan nyanyi tapi apa daya volume suaranya ngalahin penyanyi aslinya
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On three occasions in my short life, I have been mistaken for a commercial sex worker.

Back then I had almost no interaction with prostitutes and no respect for them. That has changed - story for another day.

Back to my tale of #WhatDoIDoForALiving
Hang on tight. Let's go dia!
The first time, I was standing on curb of a major road in Enugu, waiting a bus or cab. I'd only been there for a few minutes, when a Volvo sedan came trundling.

I flagged it down and the driver slowed to a stop. I was quite pleased to find the car unoccupied.
This meant that I got the choice of seats; I gleefully chose the front passenger seat.

That evening, my slender frame was dressed in a yellow Lycra blouse and a knee-length, black, pencil skirt; two of the presentable pieces from my meagre wardrobe.

Yup, that's #tbt me 👇🏾
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Gather around’s time for some very TRUE short stories morphed into a unbelievably one in the end.
I’ve grown up in a very mixed family and being a proud biracial kid.
But, let’s rewind to a lifetime ago where I wasn’t comfortable or was constantly questioned about “what are you”...
Just like any character in their story. I’ve had my own twist and turns in my life.

However, my experiences that always stood out always seem to involve my family.
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Finished reading through superseding Mueller Indictment on Manafort and Gates. Here’s my take: #theRESISTance #TrumpRussia
This one paragraph is a culmination of #TrumpRussia starting with Manafort’s allegiance to Russia #ElectionHacking for Yanukovych; the irony that Ukraine had an “Orange Revolution” and Manafort renting property in Trump Tower for years. Roger Stone where you at?
More on Manafort’s experience in #ElectionHacking and capabilities that together paint a picture Tony Soprano couldn’t paint:
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Details of the scene at Trump Hotel DC during SOTU (by @brfreed for @washingtonian)…
GSA employees spent taxpayer funds at Trump Hotel DC, BLT Prime. (As president, @realDonaldTrump oversees GSA; GSA owns the building Trump Org leases for Trump Hotel DC.)
(by @CristinaAlesci, @CurtDevine
for @cnn)
Attorney representing Cork wine bar in its unfair competition suit against Trump Hotel DC weighs in on CNN article that GSA employees spent taxpayers’ money at Trump Hotel DC
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THREAD: Today we learned that the FBI is investigating connections between the NRA, Russia, and the Trump campaign. For folks paying attention, it’s been clear since 2016 that something was a bit off.

In honor of #tbt, let’s take a look back:
In August of 2016, Trump’s rhetoric & behavior caused reliable GOP donors to abandon his campaign, but the NRA *increased* their investment, dropping $3 million on a pro-Trump ad buy.
In fact, the NRA spent more on Trump’s 2016 campaign than Trump’s own super PACs. It was the most the NRA has ever spent in an election cycle.
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Trump Hotels' website still lists Trump SoHo New York among its properties in the Our Hotels menu. Select its name though to access its page and there's a message about it being renamed
National politics correspondent for Newsweek, Nina Burleigh, with a fun find on a TV above the bar at the Trump Hotel DC
Two errors in the 2nd graf of Breitbart's Trump Hotel DC article:
-holdings aren't out of @realDonaldTrump's hands: trust isn't blind & he can profit from it
-Trump Org told Congress it was estimating foreign receipts—not auto donating in full
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Cold War 2.0 has reached such mindless heights that left activists are now "useful idiots" for Russia. We have zero agency as human beings
DNI report proving "Russian interference" was just a baseless attack on my show for promoting "radical discontent" aka critique of US empire
Russia is not "sowing discord" – the US corporate establishment has by rebooting the Red Scare to marginalize activism that challenges power
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who called for this boycott? I was eating dinner.
I'm not sure where to begin or even whether I feel like explaining but if you've been around for a minute you can probably infer my opinion 🙃
You know who faces the most harassment #onhere. Consistently. For years. Harassment that spills over in scary ways into real life.
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Last day of August!!!!!
If i was crafty i'd make these
But I already feel like I have splinters just looking at this
It is pretty though
#NightmareBeforeChristmas all day everyday
And i have no issue singing every song at the top of my lungs
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J'adore les coïncidences et vous, vous aimez ça ? Si oui, tout ce thread sur @ArthurManderley et Benjamin Lemaire va vous plaire :-)
Ils évoluent tous les deux dans le même environnement.
Apparemment ils partagent la même passion pour Joey Starr
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