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#TBT thread- a year ago #COVID19 was rapidly spreading & the country was in a shutdown. Fire fighters, unable to work from home, faced unprecedented hardships working on the frontlines of the pandemic. Over the year many things have been done to protect FFs in the #pandemic (1/4)
The #IAFF fought to get #COVID19 included in the Ryan White Notification Act so FFs exposed to a COVID positive person would be notified; LODD benefits were expanded to include #Coronavirus as a line of duty death for fire fighters (2/4)
Congress passed several #COVID19 packages that included - $ for PPE, $ for states & localities, $ for training to update safety protocols, $ for SAFER & AFG to help the strained budgets of fire departments (3/4)
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We’re thrilled to announce that the first results from Fermilab’s Muon g-2 experiment strengthen evidence of new physics! #gminus2…
The Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab sees fundamental particles called muons behaving in a way not predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics. These results confirm an earlier experiment performed at @BrookhavenLab. #gminus2…
The combined results from Fermilab and Brookhaven show a difference with theory at a significance of 4.2 sigma. The chance that the results are a statistical fluctuation is about 1 in 40,000. #gminus2…
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Cómo le hacen los gays para vibrar tan alto continuamente? Gym, trabajo, pareja, carne asada, Vallarta, saben todo Netflix, Xbox, el nuevo cd de Kylie, delgados, skincare, fiestas bugas, poliamor, keto, Mantamar, iPhone 12, teatro, Terrazas en el centro, playeras de lolita Ayala.
Wey Chromatica, LMD4, apoyar a nuestras hermanas en su movimiento feminista, ser padrinos d sobrinos, Bumble, Zipolite, Dua Lipa, ir a Carajillo, entenderle a TikTok, damos de honor, no renunciar a la oficina y este año no fue, pero planear outfit de Pride y Navidad es 1 desmadre
Gagalletas, la champaña y las competencias drag, outfits de Belinda, el baile ese ruso de TikTok, las fotos del Applewatch después de entrenar, la escultura esa de Tulúm, Eiza para LV, el show de medio tiempo del SuperBowl, este año la inauguración y clausura de las olimpiadas.
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Tough to take the Democratic Party's concern for Hunter Biden's drug addiction seriously when they allow a porous open border to flood America with fentanyl while emboldening China where it's often produced.…

Nogales Border Patrol Confiscates $3.8 Million Worth of Meth, Fentanyl, and Heroin In Four Days


4 Illegal Aliens Connected to Mexican Cartel Arrested With Nearly $6M in Drugs, Cash, and Weapons on Hand
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O tweet com id 1125866421316214784 de 2019-05-07 20:54:07 que falava sobre:
🇧🇷✌️ O Deputado Federal Nereu Crispim recebeu nesta segunda-feira (06), em seu escritório de Porto Alegre, a visita do Vice-prefeito de Guaporé, Adalberto João Bastian

#NereuCrispim #Guaporé #Prefeiu...
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Look, after how @channingtatum responded to a question about Jupiter Ascending during his 2015 Reddit AmA...

you CANNOT TELL ME you don't want to read EVERYTHING about how this masterpiece was made: Image
Also @chrisgeidner and I need answers on the sexual tension between the space DMV androids
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Um fio para descontrair. Já que viajar não tá valendo, minhas melhores fotos e respectivas lembranças. Um mega #tbt porque estou melancólico.
Um barquinho levando barris de vinho, no Rio Douro, que divide as cidades do Porto de Vila Nova de Gaia. Isso foi em janeiro de 2012.
Primeira vez que vi a Tour Eiffel foi de noite e foi chocante. Todos os detalhes, parafusos e arrebites em mais de 300m de aço. Também em janeiro de 2012.
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23:59 / 00:00
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The countdown to the update has begun, but hey, Mrs Carter and Mrs Carter 😉 are here to explain Core Web Vitals so you can get your site in formation. #corewebvitals (1/9)
First input delay measures how long it takes for users to be able to engage with elements on your site. Can you keep up...with what your users need? #fid #cwv (2/9)
Largest Contentful Paint is a metric of how long it takes for the largest piece of content to show on the viewport. This should be quick remember, people will wait for Beyonce to make an entrance but they might not wait for you. #lcp #cwv (3/9)
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#TBT the very first PC case I ever built in myself. Back in, I want to say 2002 or 2003? Mine was this color and I got it used from a coworker because he wanted a black case and man did I love it. Image
I had a blue LED or cathode lighting thing attached to the side panel to make everything inside blue. And I had FireWire on it, natch, because your girl needed front-panel access for her iPod. Loved this case. Would totally rock a PC or hackintosh in this case today.
Also, not bad airflow options for something Newegg says appeared in January 2003. Which would be about right because I think it was late 2003 that I built mine. Image
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I never thought I was personally capable of missing LA this much (now that I can't visit)
#tbt to walking a few miles to a bar there instead of getting an Uber and everyone looking at me like I had 3 heads
usually not a fan of cities where I rank as like a 7 or below but I don't think anyone's gonna care after quar
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🎵 This #TBT, we're spotlighting a #TOmusic story from our new #SoundsLikeToronto exhibit. With his music and throughout his career, @KNAAN has raised awareness on immigration, the plight of refugees, and his Somali homeland. #BlackHistoryMonth #BHM 📷 @PolarisPrize
Escaping civil war in Somali as a child, K'naan & his family settled in Rexdale. A quick-witted lyricist, he achieved international fame w/ his song Wavin' Flag, inspired by a poem by his grandfather. Coca-Cola picked up on its success & it became the 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem.
K'naan currently lives in NY but visits TO often to see his family. In 2017, Trump issued a travel ban, which prohibited entry to the US from several countries, including Somalia. K'Naan was advised not to travel to Canada, for fear that he would not be allowed to return to NY.
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Throwback to the founder of Alabukun, Jacob Sogboyega Odulate popularly called ‘Blessed Jacob’.

Jacob Shogboyega Odulate was born in 1884 to the family of Pa Odulate in Ikorodu, Lagos.
@jidesanwoolu @drobafemihamzat @gbenga_omo
#ThrowbackThursday #tbt
#LASG Image
Jacob Odulate stopped schooling at the young age of 12 and moved to Abeokuta, Ogun State, at the age of 14 in search of greener pastures. There, he met a renowned pharmacist, Doctor Sapara, and volunteered to become his apprentice.
#LASG #ForAGreaterLagos #ThrowbackThursday #tbt
Jacob Odulate worked with Dr. Sapara for years before he established his own drug manufacturing company which gave birth to the popular brand "Alabukun" in 1918.
Photo credit: @PulseNigeria247
#LASG #ForAGreaterLagos #ThrowbackThursday #tbt
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#tbt This is the amazing Anna Wessels Williams (1863-1954) in the early 1900s. Her sister nearly died in childbirth in 1887: distressed by her treatment, she entered medical school. She moved to lab work in 1894: her 1st major breakthrough came fast ...1/4…
...While her boss was on vacation, she solved the barrier to high-yield diphtheria vaccines. She followed that with a 2-year sabbatical at the Pasteur Institute, creating a rabies vaccine that would be mass-produced in the US. Next was a rabies test in 1905 used for decades...2/4
...She was on the frontlines of the 1918 influenza pandemic, developed a more accurate diagnostic test for trachoma, & co-published a major textbook as well as one of the early successful science books for the public in 1937 ... 3/4
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Putin bugün her yıl düzenlediği yıllık basın konferansında konuşuyor.

2015’e bir #tbt yapalım.

“Bilmiyoruz ama Türk liderlerden biri Amerikalıların kıçını yalamaya karar verdiyse doğru olanı mı yaptı emin değilim. ABD ile uçağın (Su-24) düşürülmesi için anlaşmış olabilirler."
“Deneyimlerimize göre mevcut Türk liderleriyle ortak bir zemine ulaşmanın zor veya neredeyse imkansız olduğunu öğrendik. Onlara 'evet, hemfikiriz' dediğimizde bile, kesinlikle iyi bir sebep olmadan bizi geride bırakmaya veya arkamızdan bıçaklamaya çalıştılar.”
Putin: (Kasım 2015) “Terörle mücadelede partner saydıklarımızın bizi sırtımızdan haince bıçaklamasını kesinlikle açıklanamaz buluyoruz. Rus-Türk ilişkilerini çıkmaza sürüklemek istiyorlar gibi görünüyor. Buna üzülüyoruz."
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I’d be really happy if they picked Mayo Pete for Secretary of Transportation. Regardless of his views or qualifications, having someone with actual political ambitions in the post should guarantee that stuff actually gets done. (My fingers are crossed for it to be good stuff.)
Unlike, say, Anthony Foxx, Pete is not just in it to become Chief Policy Officer at Lyft.
#tbt to when I begged Senator Durbin to vote against Foxx’s confirmation (he was confirmed unanimously)…
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#tbt This is the dedication, with Eleanor Roosevelt, for the Polio Hall of Fame, honoring 17 scientists critical to polio research & the vaccine. The only woman scientist is in the center. She's Isabel Morgan (1911-1996) ... 1/5…
...Morgan cracked 2 major barriers that made the Salk vaccine possible: identified 3 serotypes for polio that needed to be protected against. Then in preclinical studies, she showed inactivated vaccine could work if you added adjuvant & a booster shot ...2/5
...These are her parents, both geneticists. She's Lilian Vaughan Morgan, a pioneer in using Drosophila as a model, revealing some of its chromosomes…

He's Thomas Hunt Morgan, 1933 Nobel prize winner for chromosome discoveries… ...3/5
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#SilentSham throwback!

Can't believe it's been a year already 😂 #tbt
That DMCA complaint last year was the impetus for this masterwork from @wolmanj and @marcorandazza on my behalf
Settlement thrown out, court case dismissed, most of the money returned (minus the $$$$ paid to the Confederates' lawyer and the trustee who briefly oversaw the $2.5M)

IIRC the Confederates kept the $74,999. The BOG escaped unscathed. The UNC System LOLyers escaped unscathed.
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#TBT: Long Now's first ever talk was given by co-founder @BrianEno back in 02003. It was titled, appropriately, "The Long Now." We were a couple of years away from a good A/V setup, but you can listen to the audio here:…
Co-founder @stewartbrand also wrote up a summary of the talk—something he'd continue doing for each Long Now Seminar for the next 15 years. Read it in the tweets below.
.@stewartbrand: Brian told the origins of his realizations about the "small here" versus the "big here" and the "short now" versus the "long now."
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I have a story? @AnneHirvonen1Where's @Ankian4 ? Might as well get a giggle from her too? When I was little, I built a big sandcastle on the beach. It was a work of art, for a little guy like this... #TBT Me, as a baby. Nothing to describe. I was adorable then also
My sister was building a sandcastle too, I didn't really notice, she was bigger than me, she could carry bigger buckets of sand. SUDDENLY, without warning, she came over and kicked my sandcastle over. SMASHED IT UP COMPLETELY
(I cried <sniff>)
When I stopped crying, there was going to be *heck to pay*, and I stomped over to her sandcastle, as she dared me to retaliate. And so I did it. I put everything I had into that kick, right through the center of the tower..
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a história de amor de nick jonas e miley cyrus; a thread ImageImage
para quem não lembra a miley e o nick foram por anos o casal queridinho do disney high (era da disney que eles fizeram parte). tudo que vou contar aqui é baseado na minha memória, na autobiografia da miley, em entrevistas deles e algumas teorias de fãs.
Apenas alguns meses depois da estreia de Hannah Montana, Miley compareceu a um evento de caridade e foi apresentada ao Nick, segundo ela, eles se apaixonaram naquele exato momento no dia onze de junho. ImageImage
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No es un #TBT es un #ThrowbackSunday

Hace 7 años le di una sorpresa especial de cumpleaños a mi esposa @83_doris En compañía de Don José Ordoñez (Padre del celebre comediante y pastor cristiano @JoseOrdonezJr ) q.e.p.d
en su lugar de trabajo en Radio Melodia, luego de un saludo al aire, por motivo del cumpleaños de mi esposa Doris Lamus un dia como hoy 25 de octubre.
Y hoy quise recordar ese hermoso momento Feliz cumpleaños esposa mia Dios te bendiga siempre, gracias por todos estos años a mi lado y por los años que vienen. Te amo mi Noraima (Doris Lamus Torres) mi esposa es de Santander.
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Caveat that a lot of this is, strictly speaking, absolutely necessary to support workers and families through the pandemic
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🎙️Mic check, mic check! 🎙️

Our first #LPE101 event begins in T minus 3!!!

The live-tweeter has logged on. ⌨️…
Thanks to everyone who made this happen! As Peggy Li (@acslaw) kindly points out, please feel free to submit questions via the Zoom Q&A function.
@akapczynski: We are launching a whole series over the coming weeks. This is the kick-off: "What is #LPE? How does it help us move beyond neoliberalism and make our democracy more real? Especially for the most vulnerable in society?"…

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