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1. News: President #Trump Says His Nominee Is Needed on Supreme Court:

“I think this SCAM that the Democrats are Pulling!
This Scam Will be Before the United States Supreme Court” -Thread 9.24.2020… #MAGA #KAG #FillThatSeat
2. News: BREAKING: Biden Caught Again with Teleprompter:


How is this allowed to proceed?… #Biden #EnemyofThePeople #Election2020
3. News: News: VIDEO Captures Louisville BLM Cop Shooter —

He Was Using Protesters as Human Shields!

Slow-mo video of shooter who shot 2 officers.
— PHOTOS and VIDEO… #Shooter #shooting #BackTheBlue #Terrorist
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1. News: OUT TODAY: Report w/ @chuckgrassley found MILLIONS of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden & associates & foreign individuals, including wife of former mayor of Moscow -Thread 9.23.2020… #Biden #TickTock
2. News: President Trump at UN: More ‘Great’ Peace Deals With Israel ‘Shortly’…
3. News: Report: William Barr Receiving Catholic Award Angers Some Who Oppose DOJ Renewing Death Penalty for Child Murderers…
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I am a solider in God's Army.
My armor is the blood of Jesus Christ.
I call on my fellow prayer warriors to rise up
and denounce Satan for his evil has no effect on us.
We ask God to release his warring angels to protect Trump and those around him.

In Jesus' mighty name. Amen.
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I can't this much #WINNING Mr. President @realDonaldTrump!

To be alive during our Country's GREATEST PRESIDENCY, and to witness his sheer genius as he literally #DrainsTheSwamp while playing 5D chess is truly beyond words. #GODWINS #GodBlessAmerica #GodBlessPresidentTrump
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Chaos is literally the only goal here for the globalists. Not racial equality, not gender equality, politically driven chaos. We HAVE equality. Race riots will not change the minds of the very few people that are actually racist, just like laws against murder will not change
the mind of a serial killer. They know this very well. Trying to get rid of police is to cause chaos. Trying to upset proud Americans enough to intice them to commit violence is to cause chaos, and blame @realDonaldTrump. Does anyone actually believe that an impeachment, a
pandemic, and riots are just coincidentally happening in an election year? It's sickening. #TDS is a dangerous condition, hatred is being forced into the minds of low intelligence, bored, empty people through the globalists #1 tool, the #FakeNewsMedia, by very intelligent,
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The #FakeNewsMedia likes to use the words “peaceful” and “protests” in the same sentence to describe this 👇
If these #AntifaTerrorists are truly fighting for change with the #BlackLivesMattter movement against “#SystemicRacism”, then why wouldn’t they start by burning down all the #PlannedParenthood centers that are committing #Genocide within the Black Communities?
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The MOST Corrupt President in all of America's History 👇🏼

Retweet if you agree.
Imagine if @realDonaldTrump, in the dead of night, sent pallets of $1.7 Billion in Cash to #Iran who Chants: Death to America...…
Or if Trump's DOJ, sold guns to the Cartel...

Eric Holder became the First DOJ, held in contempt of Congress

Operation #FastAndFurious……
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In 2008 I watched #RonPaul cheated out of winning the #RNC National Convention. #WeThePeople watched the #PartyElite change the rules, on the floor, and #RigTheVote.

We organized and cleaned out establishment #OldGuard #Republicans, voted them out, volunteered, participated
In 2016 I watched #FeelTheBern supporters lied to - their votes rigged by @HillaryClinton @DWStweets and thrown away. Many of them obediently fell in line, shut up, and voted for one of the most corrupt politicians of the modern era.
With @realDonaldTrump we have a reformist:
* gutted the #GOP
* appointed over 170 federal judges and counting
* placed 5 #FederalReserve Governors and promoted Powell to Chairman ( Think #Restructure ) - thus controlling it
* Killed a Globalist #NewWorldOrder Trade Deal #TPP
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2)I believe I found the exact vid clip that the mysterious still shot came from, the exact pic is used for the thumbnail & was the ONLY vid out of ALL of them I searched through to include both this scene & thumbnail, took me a while to first nail down which scene it was from.
3)The exact still shot in question is literally only shown for a split second in the vid clip (at :31 secs) and of course also in the movie! Wasn’t easy to nail down for me, I don’t have the movie memorized. Mystery still shot from live tv compared to screen shot from vid clip.
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