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rally time, anons

Awoken not broken
Nor beaten, forsaken
We are awake
& its all 4 the taking
The cabal is shaking
The world is @ stake
& finally awaking
2 the deep evil state
The crown, the pope,
The clowns in the smoke
The rats in the weeds
Who took from us hope

Forced on our needs
Their monies & dope
Told us don’t worry
& I do quote:
“All will be fine
as long you vote”
Well now ain’t the time
4 what you may reason
All of your crimes
Sedition & Treason
All of your riches
& your degrees in
All of the things
Which lose
all their meaning
When they’re abused
& used 4 demeaning
Enslaving & hurting
Oppressing the people
Who finally now rise
& demand 2 be equal
So Treat us as such
& not just a sheeple
Meant to be fucked
by the one's who are evil

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Many people have asked me questions about the DUMBs. It's a topic that I can't discuss based on conversations I've had with my father. Overlaps too much with some of his classified service record.

I only have two comments:
Patriots Are Now In Control
No matter what I say on this topic, there are people who would consider it inappropriate. Even pure speculation on my part might be misinterpreted as something my dad might have told me, and therefor given some weight.

In mil intel culture, that's just not done at this level.
So no more DMs about DUMBs please... 🙏
I can't acknowledge or respond to anything on that topic.
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Trump has said “hidden scourge” many times recently.
•Go to google & type it in
•I looked up the terrible book listed in the search. Read the awful description!
2. Trump mentioned “hamberders” with Clemson football. Look up berders.
These people are sick!
3. Trump has been saying “hidden scourge”
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1/5 I've speculated on a theory of mine after great insights by fellow #Anons They helped me formulate these theories, which I haven't been able to shake since Mar 31 I dove in and here's what I put together (thread) #Q #TheStormIsUponUs #TheGreatAwkening #QAnons
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Red October.

Balfour Declaration.

POTUS keeps pointing to this year.

POTUS references 1917 and most people assume he’s talking about the Spanish flu. He’s not. He’s referring to something else. A bigger threat. Communism.
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#QProof 3815 says They will not be able to walk down the street. @SpeakerPelosi has been heckled and called a liar and #QProof 3853 Nadler,Pelosi and Schiff could not walk down the street after the impeachment with out people calling them on their traitorous ways.
See videos
@SpeakerPelosi Sauce
Dreamers protest at her speech and she is at a loss for words.
@SpeakerPelosi #sauce
If it would be any other elderly lady I would be outraged and pity her but you reap what you sew.
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💨I believe today may be a significant 1
Today is 4/4/4 or 444. I have many tweets about this # combo well before today👇🏻 Importance is Biblical as well as in Occult. 👉🏻WIND💨
4 Corners 4 Angels 4 Winds
Let’s see what the wind blows in... @realDonaldTrump
2. 💨444💨 The Wind Thread 🧵
I want to be sure to provide the amazing @voeljegoed Gematria and cosmic connection to the 444.
#RiseUp #TrumpisBatman 😆😂 #Pleiades #GodWins #TheGreatAwakening
3. For the record this is QDrop 444 - Eric Schmidt in North Korea.
Which has a connection to seeing 117...
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@GenFlynn knew the C_A,FBI & Branches of Gov.had used our money to pay-off other countries to gain power over us.

They had a plan [HRC] fail.[Comey,McCabe,Page, Strzok,JB,BOH] did have an insurance policy.
[They] still had plans to remove @realDonaldTrump in anyway! Remember..
....We had a Government Shutdown from 12/22/18 - 01/25/19 When Pelosi, Schiff & entire family over (80) were told to fly commercial? They were leaving the Country🤔 I believe to be out of the USA while there was an attempt to assassinate our President & @VP Who would B President
... Can you tell me that through all their attempts to remove @realDonaldTrump this has not been tried many many times? Think AF1 changing course over CA.[Rocket launch] [Cars driving to hit motorcade]@GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump @VP are all target's. Pray for their Saftey!🙏🇺🇸
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ThanQ @POTUS and the #Patriots, all of this horrific information is coming #DarkToLight.

My journey down the rabbit hole, like many others, has lead me to #BELIEVEinGOD. I thank #God everyday for #TheGreatAwakening that is finally upon me!

#SaveTheChildren #GodWins #bibleverse
I am presently reading the #Bible for the very first time. I am still in the Old Testament and reading #Psalms... What I want to share is what I just read. Psalms 63 -68 just blew my mind, in light of these last few days of revelation...

So many references to flesh-eating liars.
Psalm 63
9 Those who want to kill me will be destroyed;
they will go down to the depths of the earth.
10 They will be given over to the sword
and become food for jackals.
11 But the king will rejoice in God;
all who swear by God ... mouths of liars will be silenced.
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If tunnels are a minor thing... why have 28 of 31 Army Brigades trained for subterranean combat?

🔥Commander: "I've been underground for up to [17] hours"

🔥Trainer: "Wait until you get into a deep underground facility and the powers cut. That's scary"…
An assessment in 2017 estimates that there are about 10,000 LARGE-scale underground military facilities around the world that are intended to serve as subterranean cities, an Army source told…
Army started hard-core mass training in 2018. Trump jumped on this shit as soon as he took office... almost like there was ALREADY A PLAN just waiting to go hot.
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🇺🇸 The best in Americans will show the best of America!
1. 🇺🇸 The best IN Americans will show the best OF America.
•Companies stepping up to help like Mike Lindell making masks with his MyPillow company!
•GM and Ford: hold on for the cars, we can make ventilators by next week.
2. •Lights of highschool fields lit up to show we are in this together.
•People at home: I have material, thread and a needle; I can make masks for medical staff while construction companies donate their N95 masks.
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@ChristophersKC @COsweda Dude! Re-read the post, and shut the hell up about medical stuff you have no idea about! SMDH!
Covid19 101 for you:
This patented bioweapon was smuggled from the USA into the Wuhan Level 4 Virology Lab where THEY made several versions of this weapon targeting specific races and
@ChristophersKC @COsweda ...genders. Using CRISPR genetic sequence clips from other patented bioweapons (HIV, SARS, MERS) "THEY" released dirty bombs or used drone sprays globally, with their different genetic bioweapons, on targeted, dense population centers. Wuhan and Asia had a strain designed with...
@ChristophersKC @COsweda ...SARS, and hitnAsian males the hardest. Iran got a strain with MERS, and ALL carry a clip of HIV which causes the asymptomatic carrier/spreader feature. The bioweapon can withstand Cold temps (perfect for winter weather and drone spraying), but does die off in DRY temps of 75F
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Pure Evil is about to be exposed to the World
Think Logically
1. Why are the hospitals being prepped?
2. Why do we need ventilators?
3. Why are Mercy and Comfort in the ports?
4. Why has the censorship been removed from [G]
5. How do you bring the country together
1. Picture today of an IV that is used when a person is being starved
2. Chatter from nurses and doctors about children being rescued from horrific situations!
3. Trump wearing a pink & blue tie today=Rescuing children
4. That is a TPN. Aka fatpack
No vent.
No antibiotics.
No cardiac drips. ONLY nutrition and fluids. This is a person who was exposed to starvation.... I believe the kids are being pulled from the tunnels as we speak. #GodWins
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I posted this thread below on a proof of a US Navy tweet linking Q and Q+.

It lit right up, the Yellow Vest Operator on the flight deck. "Yellow" signal flag = "Q". #WatchYellow

A greater meaning within?

A complicated mission, stay with me.


To speed this up for seasoned proofers, here is an updated image of my map.

The greater meaning within, I won't make you wait:

A date: 4/3

I have theories on what may\may not happen on that date based on my finds.

I'll step through the process to simplify for others.

I wish Q didn't have to make it so complicated.

It is a Military Operation.

They are communicating using code.

So, it's not going to be easy to uncover and verify it.

I'm not the only one who noticed something special within the Navy Tweet.


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Plausible theory.

@POTUS says "rescue the most vulnerable among us"



"This is about taking back our FREEDOM and saving our CHILDREN/people from the EVIL"

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #InItTogether #Trump #TheGreatAwakening
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I dont know of anyone got this yet, I haven’t been online much today, but it sure looks like a “CASTLE LOCK” confirm! 😳👀
119 reversing 911 spells
Eph 6:10-18. Prayers for teams all over 🌎 Lead us through this @realDonaldTrump!🙏🏻
#QAnon #QArmy #CastleLock #Phase4 #ItsHappening
3. I see a Rocky in Jaloves decode too! And I see the clock might be 4:14. That’s another 414, or 45 or 9.
Rocky connections in past we’re YUGE. We had them! Went to Oumuamua as well! Watch...
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Here is a little lesson on gematria & how it is use to spread messages in the Internet Age & more proof that @AustinSteinbart is the #Qanon When you search these sites it gives you the number value of the worlds & then the last words that were searched that have the same...
number value. So if I want to send a coded message to someone we agree that that is the method we will use I put my message in & then I just pick something else from the list to say in my public message. Got it? I have said before that @AustinSteinbart s videos are Q drops. So...
today he posts a video that seemed odd to me. It was very calm & did not seem to really be that important & he has been pretty quite on twitter as well. So then he said something that seemed out of place to me. He said don't worry I didn't lose my star power. Star Power was...
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#HaveFAITH & #DoNotFear Thread:
I'll start off with God bless President Trump, Q team, all of our Military members serving during #TheSTQRM⚡, and to everyone on all social media fronts fighting in the Great Meme War!

Let's start with #KANSAS & some #Q comms.
Same meme as above, but will demonstrate as clearly as possible the reassurance comms via Q-related personnel, like Sec of State Mike Pompeo & Qdrops.
All started with this tweet by Sec of State Pompeo's personal Twitter account.
• Date
• Top Gun
• Puzzle (just getting started)
#Kansas "sign" gesture > Q
• Orthodox Christian St. Archangel Michael Icon under TV
• Green watergun & volleyball emojis
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"Every one of us has a role to play in winning this war"

"Challenging times are ahead for the next 30 days. This is a very vital 30days. We're sort of putting it all on the line"

#Trump #ChineseVirus #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheStorm #TheGreatAwakening

"TIMING is gonna be very important 'cause WE HAVE TO GET OUR COUNTRY BACK"

This is Q+ ! @realDonaldTrump

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #DeepStateTakedown #TheStorm #QArmy #DarkToLight #Trump #SheepNoMore #GodWins #InItTogether #AskTheQ



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@StormIsUponUs @TheCollectiveQ
#GEORGENews. GEORGE you said the 'COMFORT Words from @realDonaldTrump were EXACTLY Chosen!!! Im transcribing Words.
"4weeks done in 4 days"= 28days is 4 wks, Speech on 3/28/20!!! So 4 days from 3/28= 4/1/20! April FOOLS DAY!!! EVENTS 4/1/20!!!
Also, USNS COMFORT will dock Manhatten Pier 90, 3 wks ahead of schedule=93!!! Thank you GEORGE!!! Ok, Still transcribing.
@cjtruth @andweknow @intheMatrixxx @MajorPatriot @prayingmedic @Mareq16
Also, @TheCollectiveQ, "Our Country is at War with an invisible enemy; We are Marshalling the FULL POWER of the American Nation - Economic, Scientific, Medical, and military to Vanquish the 'VIRUS', and we Will do that!"
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Alphabet of #GreatAwakening themed hashtags that are currently trending when you type one letter into the Tw1tter search bar.

Gives a gauge on our influence on social media trends even though Tw1tter wont list as "trending".

We are #winning.

Smashing the algo's.
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** Thread: A Theory on the Importance of the Numbers in Q's First Post

I have been fascinated by this post since the beginning.

Their sequence - and importance - is not a coincidence and has many meanings...

2) I never understood why Q's first numbered post wasn't the one that was inset into Q1.

I am going to call that one Q0 - on a phone, this is also Q+.

No coincidences, right?

3) In Q0, the timestamp is 333.

The message:

"you are always being protected every step of the way"

"trust that everything is going to be alright for you"

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Eine Geschichte über böse Menschen, die uns lange verführten:

Eine Droge, gewonnen aus Adrenalin. Für die richtige Adrenalin-Ausschüttung ist aber Panik nötig bei Menschen oder Folter. Einmal gekostet, Sucht, Adrenalinjunkee.
Synthetisch gewonnen in Wuhan
Aber wo bekommst du jetzt die ganzen panischen Menschen her? Warum sollten die in Kliniken gehen?
Da können 60Ghz nachhelfen (Sauerstoffaufnahme im Blut wird behindert).
Nun trifft man sich und testet ein Szenario dafür #Event201
Daraufhin und vorher werden/wurden aber Massnahmen getroffen, aus militärischen Kreisen, aus Treue zu ihrer Religion und weil 9/11 -Fake schon schlimm genug war.
Nun vergiftet man in dem Labor die Droge und versetzt sie mit
Cobalt-Vanadium-Eisen-Ferrit (CovFeFe in Fachkreisen)
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