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Joe Biden Is No President

“We have put together… and you guys did it for Obama admin before this… the most extensive and inclusive


in the history of American politics!”

#ChinaJoe 🇨🇳
Bye-then Is No President

#ChinaJoe 🇨🇳 #BeijingBiden
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Democrats' Plot To Steal America Will Fail

The Chinese Communist Party And Their Stooges In The West Tried To Trigger A “Great Reset” — Instead, They Woke The Sleeping Giant: #WeThePeople 🇺🇸

(Part 1)
The Plot To Steal America Will Fail

China's #CCP and their U.S. stooges — MSM, Big Tech, the Democrats and the #DeepState — Tried to trigger a “Great Reset” but instead, they woke the sleeping giant: #WeThePeople 🇺🇸

(Part 2)
#FightBack #China #Trump2020
Dems' Plot To Steal America Will Fail

China's #CCP and their U.S. stooges, MSM, Big Tech, the Democrats and the #DeepState, tried to trigger a “Great Reset” — instead, they woke the sleeping giant:

🇺🇸 #WeThePeople 🇺🇸

(Part 3)
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Where to start?
President Trump signed a trade deal with China a while back, saying it would help our farmers.
Little did ppl know, china was just starting to experience drought conditions which have now decimated wheat and corn crops.
It has been found that there's mold in many of the grain storage silos in China…
Let's also add the historic flooding.
The CCP has been flooding small villages and farmlands to save its cities!
Who is gonna feed these cities?
The Chinese media have been claiming 150+ dead for weeks now.
I dont believe it
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@HelenClarkNZ @ @UNDP know #GhislaineMaxwell??
#Ghislaine spoke @ the @UN 20+ times.
[25 Jun 2013]#Ghislaine #Maxwell, Founder of the TerraMar Project and H.E. Mr. Stuart Beck, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Palau, Speak at @UN press conference…
How long was @HelenClarkNZ @ the @UNDP
(MINURSO), is not only accused of sexual harassment in a previous @UN post, but is about to benefit from a cover up by the UN boss “to protect another UN official”…
Dat:Fri,Jun 28, 2013 at9:38 AM
Sub:The TerraMar Project To: matthew.lee, It was a pleasure to meet you. As promised, here is some information on the TerraMar Project – you can see all the latest…
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I can't begin to express how disappointed I am with where some people are at this time.
So many seems to have ZERO knowledge of the history or spirit of this country!
From coming here in the 17th century...surviving harsh winters, dangerous animals and hostile tribes...
Then forming our own army and resistance to fight #TaxationWithoutRepresentation and the British
The Boston Tea Party not being the least of it.
Our fore fathers showed incredible bravery and love of our emerging country, risking life and limb to build our republic!
Brave and strong men and women then fearlessly pushed west and tamed the wilds with little more than a wagon, a team, and a steely perseverance to tame and settle a wild and dangerous country...many dying of starvation, lawless men, hostile tribes and/or conditions and storms
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Red, Green Alliance is the same organization that @BarackObama came from.
• This is why nobody could definitively pin down if he was a Communist or Muslim
why he filled his administration will both..
•This info has been gathered using Artificial Intelligence
XR Vision software.
Facial recognition software
Open source data mining, speech detection, node detections etc.
The Squad and many others involved, openly speak in code.

They believe they are untouchable by the law ImageImageImageImage
Just to show you that two extremests groups uniting towards a single cause is not as crazy as it sounds.

Nazi definition
National Socialists

13 Waffen SS Division
Nazi Islamic division

Just as ww2 united these to groups in their hatred for the #Jews and #Christians ImageImageImage
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2)I believe I found the exact vid clip that the mysterious still shot came from, the exact pic is used for the thumbnail & was the ONLY vid out of ALL of them I searched through to include both this scene & thumbnail, took me a while to first nail down which scene it was from.
3)The exact still shot in question is literally only shown for a split second in the vid clip (at :31 secs) and of course also in the movie! Wasn’t easy to nail down for me, I don’t have the movie memorized. Mystery still shot from live tv compared to screen shot from vid clip.
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United Nations asked to send Peacekeepers and Forensic Specialists as Trudeau and other
leaders summoned to appear before Genocide Tribunal
Tuesday June 25, 2019…
Is this the UN's Pedophile Peacekeepers' invitation into Canada? Is this a one way ticket for their army's infiltration? Is the next step gun confiscation?
This is indeed their goal you know.
I posted about it a while back. Here's the thread...
Read up folks. Be prepared. It's coming whether you like it or not.
If you haven't opened your eyes to the UN's plans for taking over & ruling over Canada by international law then you'd better wake up and get on it. You're light years behind.
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Getting ready for the Fourth, Patriots!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
In the years following the trade center disaster, I painted a number of American flag paintings.
Around ten years ago I was criticized in one venue for showing a flag painting. Even my own patriotism had waned in the years of unpopular war.
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“Why do you think we call the last century the great American century? Because AMERICA SAVED THE WORLD -- not once, not twice, but THREE times from the evils of Nazism, communism, and despotism. If you want a little piece of evidence, here’s one fact to show you ... different the American value system is: We’re the only people on the face of the planet, in the history of the entire world, to hold a technological advantage in war AND NOT USE IT FOR CONQUEST, but instead use it to free and liberate people around the world.
In 1945 we had the bomb no one else had.We could have taken that weapon and forced every nation on the planet to submit to us.We could have controlled the entire planet-that’s been the way of the world throughout history! Any time a nation had an advantage in war what do they do?
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1. A short thread to explain the globalist agenda.

#qanon #MAGA #QArmy #GreatAwakening #DrainTheSwamp #PatriotsUnited #WWG1WGA
2. What IS the objective of the globalist movement?

It is to eradicate international borders, creating a borderless, global community. That necessitates the destruction of individual nation states & the gradual weakening of our nation.

#qanon #GreatAwakening #MAGA
3. Why does the world’s wealthy & powerful finance and support the globalist agenda?

The answer to this question can be found by digging into the history of the communist movement.

#qanon #MAGA #GreatAwakening
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Philippe Reines is partnered with fomer CIA Jeremy Bash to create a group called Beacon Global Strategies.

They are staffed primarily by Obama/Clinton intelligence operatives.

No wonder CNN loves him.

Mostly made up of former Bush/Clinton staffers who worked in #NatSec positions. Short stint by General Kelly which is a little concerning.
Excellent article from The Intercept which touches on the relationships this group has with the swamp. They worked with the Never Trumpers & Hillary in 2016. Several former CIA officials who now spend significant time in MSM.…
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Vincent Fusca was just spotted at the WV Rally.
"2018 will be Glorious!"

cc: @StormIsUponUs @DIXIEDOODLE12 @777KAB1
Another screen cap of "Vincent Fusca" BUT, I'm not sure it's R guy. It could be someone dressed to look like him.
Can't wait for the EVIL to BE GONE.
Some say Too GOOD to be {R}eal but many still believe.
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I want freedom of speech for all. I am fighting for everyone, even those with whom I disagree & mass report me. The 1A is a hill worth dying on. This is bigger than Trump. Today they silence conservatives, tmw they will silence Christians, then anyone who won't fall in line.
It was a good run y'all! I know my days on here are numbered. But I made some powerful alliances & am working on life after twitter. Thank you for showing me love & for being an amazing group of Patriots. The most powerful lesson my mentor taught me was the power of association.
My advocacy for free speech and for the restoration of America won't end once i get suspended. I will be on periscope , Youtube , and I am already working with Patriots here in the bay area about organizing protests in front of the headquarters of these tech giants.
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I hope that more people will begin to see how blatant the bias is on social media. Below will be a profile of prominent conservatives that have been #QFDshadowban & are being silenced. #MAGA #PatriotsUnited

CC: @tedcruz @DonaldJTrumpJr @charliekirk11

Thread Below
My dear friend @sweetweetertot2 a prominent #BlacksForTrump and has been a strong advocate for #MAGA since day one. She never breaks TOS and is always polite and classy. Twitter thinks that she is low quality and hence she has been #QFDshadowban

A man that served the USA with honor & was willing to lose his life to defend our freedoms @GIJoeOPS has been silenced by the #QFDshadowban Apparently people like Kathy Griffin who show severed heads of POTUS are higher quality on twitter than this hero!


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Donald Trump needs the people to say no to war with Iran. Trump is fulfilling his deal with Israel he made to help America. He has no choice about this. He needs us to say "no!" If not we will be complicit in another Rothschild bank and Israeli sponsored genocide! #MAGA #qanon
There is no America First until the perpetrators of 9/11 are exposed. Trump needs you to push back just like he would! Be a Trump and stand up to our dual-citizen traitors pushing us to be their bully! Don't support foreign genocide and Make America Great! @potus #MAGA
What did Trump promise on his inauguration? He would hand back the reigns of government to the people. Trump needs your light. Don't be fooled by the deep states master plan of a Greater Israel and an illuminati world court. No to Mossad is Yes to America! @potus #maga
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My shout out of the day goes to @irmahinojosa_ ! Irma has been here from day one. She has been a great rep for #LatinosWithTrump and she has fought hard for Potus and has exposed alot of the evil that's ruining our country. Highly recommend follow. #Patriotsunited
Let me tell you about @irmahinojosa_ she is tough as nails. She never backs down , however she has always conducted herself with class. She did real life work for #MAGA . She is a loyal friend. Very few people I trust on here as much as i trust her.
Irma also is a diligent student. This woman does her homework, so if you ever get into a debate with her, you better be prepared.

Also sadly, she has been absolutely abused for being a latina woman who supports Trump. And yet she never stoops down to the level of her trolls
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The MAGA movement is the peaceful revolution! We will take back our country from domestic enemies!

Lest you forget and lose focus, this was America Pre-Trump.

#PatriotsUnited #WalkAway and #MAGA

The MAGA movement is the peaceful revolution! We will take back our country from domestic enemies!

Lest you forget and lose focus, this was America Pre-Trump.

#PatriotsUnited #WalkAway and #MAGA

Watch on youtube here ⬇⬇

I watch this video and I thank God everyday for @realDonaldTrump ! Under 44 really really bad things were happening in our country.

#walkaway and #MAGA

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I'm back !!!!! And we are going to Make America Great Again !

P.S. Do not call cartels that hang people off of Highways " Scum" or you will be put in Twitter Jail for 7 days !

#Patriotsunited #MAGA #KAG #WalkAway #DemocratsAreCommunist
On this Scope, I explain why I was temporarily suspended from twitter.

I've been very active on periscope. Follow me on there @hrtablaze. I plan on doing about 3 to 4 scopes per week. #MAGA #KAG #PatriotsUnited #WalkAway…
The Communists had a plan to infiltrate one of our Major Political parties. They succeeded.

The time has come to call these people what they really are. They are NOT democrats, they have become communists ! #MAGA #WalkAway #KAG #DemocratsAreCommunist…
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Nikita Khrushchev said that they would destroy the United States from within by infiltrating our institutions with communists.

This has become a reality, the Democrats are all now a bunch of communists that are controlled by powerful Bolsheviks. #StayWoke and #WalkAway #MAGA
The only people being controlled by the Russians are the leaders of the Democratic/ Communist party and their constituents.

Tell me that this isn't exactly what the left has embraced. I dare you to prove this wrong!

Anti-American, degenerate, and Full of propaganda
No more mincing words , there is no such thing as a Democrat, they have become communists.

They shall now be called communists!

They shall now be called communist!

They shalll now be called communists!

#WalkAway and become a #Patriotsunited and #MAGA
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Fellow Americans,

The left accuses @realDonaldTrump & his followers as being " Dangerous " however the facts don't support that.

All the violence is coming from the Radical left. Please read this thread , watch the videos, & share.

#WalkAway #MAGA

1. Trump Rally in San Jose, Ca

This looks like a decent young man. who was assaulted simply for going to the Trump rally. Was he provoking anyone? No ! He was just walking.

The leftist Mayor told the cops to stand down 😡

#WalkAway and help us #MAGA
2. March 4 2017 in Berkeley, Ca

This is The Left ! Behold the enemies of America !

#WalkAway and help us #MAGA

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While Americans Celebrate our #IndependenceDay , radical liberals have decided to block the streets in San Francisco and Throw a " Block Ice " Party in front of the ICE building. This is what the @dnc supports now. #WalkAway and #MAGA…
While #Patriotsunited celebrate America's #IndependenceDay , The Marxist, Communist, leftist POS are blocking streets and Protesting on behalf of Illegal Aliens and Calling for ICE to be abolished! This is the @DNC in 2018 ! #WalkAway & #MAGA
Another thing that pisses me off , is that these people don't have a permit, they just took over the streets. If that was a group of Trump supporters putting up tents and blocking streets, they would shut us down, real fast !
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