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WITNESS JOSHUA RUBIN reports-When someone gets a job at Homestead prison for migrant children, they are required to cut all ties to social media. To close down their FaceBook accounts, to give up their Instagram, to stop using Twitter. 1/7
That’s what will happen 2 those who earn their blue T-shirt’s, their caps, & start carrying their seethrough backpacks 2 work, once they clear low hurdle 2 become member of staff that is asked 2 enforce & carry out inhumane policies of R punitive government...2/7
...forcing children 2 live in overcrowded & grim buildings, trailers & tents of this concentration camp in south FL. Unsurprisingly, it is hard 2 keep enough people working there. So, this week another job fair takes place at small disused bank building right outside Gate 1. 3/7
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Do you feel it?

It's everywhere, permeating our consciousness.

We're at a turning point. A crossroads.

➡️ We can keep the status quo, let #ConcentrationCamps multiply on US soil, deaths pile up, we KNOW where it leads.

↩️ Or we change direction, take the less traveled path.
@ifindkarma @jomareewade @B52Malmet @DemocracyStorm @funder @ProudResister @docrocktex26 @AdamParkhomenko @TrinityResists @Amy_Siskind Don't you know
They're talkin' 'bout a revolution
It sounds like a whisper
And finally the tables are starting to turn

#NoKidsInCages #NoConcentrationCamps
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WITNESS CARRIE FEIT reports Now that I'm a little numb from the information I received this evening about Homestead, I can write about it, in case some of you all may benefit from my takeaways. 1/18
Today, a Motion was filed in federal court in CA to enforce the Flores Settlement Agreement in connection with the related 1985 lawsuit, brought about by the existence of Homestead Detention Center which operates in reckless disregard & in unapologetic violation of 1997 Agmt 2/18
This filing is bitter sweet. While affirming the ton of work that folks have been doing on behalf of these kids & while bringing hope w/regard to fate of this child prison camp, it confirms via countless corroborating testimonials of nightmares taking place inside.3/18
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Yesterday began with an assault on the witnesses that conduct a vigil outside the largest federal child prison in the country. Outside the prison, which sits on the edge of an Air Reserve base in Homestead, Florida, street parking is scarce.1/9
To conduct the vigil, we have been parking on a verge that runs along county road, while the employees of the prison camp pull their cars into lots behind the tarped fences, showing their IDs as they drive past security guards.2/9
But yesterday morning employees were turned away as they showed up, and directed to park where we have set up our camp, along the county verge. And they followed those instructions and tried to crowd us out.3/9
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WITNESS ANNE BRIDGMAN posts-I left Homestead this AM. And I left part of my heart there w/the children & teens who R interred there. I arrived at prison shortly after 9, unlocked a stepladder, & carried it 2 R viewing area. 1/7
Over next hour, I watched as about 2 dozen groups of adolescent boys, anywhere from 8 to 20 youth per group & lined up single file, walked w/guards from one tent 2 another.
As on previous days, boys waved & made heart signs in air by joining their hands together.2/7
And they blew kisses my way. They look 4 us now. I heard singing from a nearby tent. Children singing songs in Spanish. From the field, a tall teenager dressed in a red jacket blew me an elaborate kiss &... 3/7
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WITNESS TRACY FRANK posts-"Do U know R own government says NO KID SHOULD B HERE MORE THAN 20 DAYS? Some R here 9 MONTHS. It's 4 PROFIT." Some will smile & nod a bit but if they're alone U may B surprised by response. 1/4
1 EE made direct eye contact & quietly, careful not 2 show any expression, said, "I know."
Some of EEs R potential whistle blowers; they're so disturbed by what they've seen they will reach out 2 U. 2/4
At very end of shift change, someone leaving bravely stopped their vehicle across from us & rolled down their window 2 say, "When kids R sick-really sick-all they give them is Tylenol. Education is terrible. It's terrible." 3/4
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