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Every day, families like Adrian’s* are torn apart. We do everything we can to reunite families. Help us bring families back together by getting involved today.

11 months ago, Adrian* (8) and his father were forced to remain in Mexico while his pregnant mother was allowed to cross the border. Adrian’s father worried. Not only was their family cruelly separated, his life and his son’s were in danger.
After 10 months trapped in Mexico, the situation grew worse, and Adrian’s father feared for his son’s safety. He did what he could to protect his son: He made the heartbreaking decision to send Adrian across the border alone.
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1. Ilham Tohti
2. Rahile Dawut
3. Halmurat Ghopur
4. Tashpolat Teyip
5. Chimengul Awut
6. Arslan Abdulla
7. Dilmurat Ghopur
8. Jemile Saqi
9. Abdukerim Rahman
10. Abduqadir Jalalidin
11. Zulpiqar Barat
12. Alim Ehet
13. Nurbiye Yadikar
14. Mutellip Sidiq Qahiri
15. Gheyretjan Osman
16. Abdurehim Rahman
17. Ababekri Ablet
18. Perhat Behti
19. Abdusebir Shukri
20. Tursunjan Behti
21. Dilmurat Tursun
22. Erkin Omer
23. Qurban Osman
24. Kamil Metrehim
25. Nijat Sopi
26. Sattar Sawut
27. Abdurahman Ebey
28. Abdurazaq Sayim
29. Abduletip Abdurehim
30. Hebibulla Tohti
31. Muhemmed Salih Damolla
32. Gheyret Abdurahman
33. Qurban Mamut
34. Tahir Nasir
35. Ehmetjan Momin
36. Alimjan Memtimin
37. Ablimit Bilge
38. Ilham Weli
39. Kuresh Tahir
40. Tursunjan Hezim
41. Omerjan Nuri
42. Muhtar Rozi
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Been a little... distracted the last few days.
The conjoined struggle continues
The concentration camps are death camps full on
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Join us TOMORROW w/@NeverAgainTexas for #COVID19 safe car rallies taking place at ICE facilities & privately-run detention centers in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth & Corpus Christi.

Let's demand ICE #FreeThemAll Image
ICE detention is always unconscionable & is particularly horrific in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

In Texas, the state with the largest number of people in ICE detention, we will show up and make our voices heard in solidarity with those in immigration detention.
We need to bring attention to this so our local decision makers use emergency powers & influence to get everyone out of thee detention centers before it’s too late. We are fighting to slow the spread of the disease & save lives: Only drive with people you are already living with!
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Thread by @ErkinSidick: Political activist Guo Wengui recently said that CCP has plotted to kill 100 million of its citizens with #CCPvirus. In this video of Aust. Nat’l Univ, Dr. John Lee points out that 1/n
in 2020 the labor-force to total population ratio becomes 65% in China, or roughly 250 million people become 65 yrs old or older. Is CCP plotting to kill ~100 million of those old people? or roughly 250 million people become 65 yrs old or older. 2/n
Is CCP plotting to kill ~100 million of those old people? CCP has not revealed any info about the 5+ million Uyghurs put in concentration camps/prisons in 2017-2019, and how #CCPvirus affected them. Some of those 5+ million Uyghurs might be among those 100+ million people 3/n
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BREAKING: Mar 17, 1,000 Uyghur youths were ordered to gather to a school in Hoten, Uyghurland , spent one night outside in this cold weather, and on Mar 18 loaded in a train n headed to Urumchi. What happens next is not known. 700 of them from Karakash, the rest from Hoten City.
The CCP is meanwhile moving large number of Hans to the Uyghurland, giving 35 acre land per family, high salary, free housing and more. See this link as an example if you know Chinese:…
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Thread by @ErkinSidick: The CCP has destroyed a people—The Uyghurs. To understand how severe the damage is, please watch this video.
You can also see the inside of a traditional Uyghur home made by Uyghur carpenters. 1/e

We had a lot of such Uyghurs just about 10 years ago, but now they have all disappeared—killed or jailed by the CCP.

My sources have told me that a total of 4.8 million Uyghurs have detained since 2017, 1+ million of them have been murdered or died in Uyghurland, 2/e
1+ million of them were transported and dispersed to Han provinces for organ harvest, biological experiments, mass murder and slave-laborers (China calls them “excess laborers”), and the majority of the remaining Uyghurs had been given long jail sentences and put in prisons 3/e
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Thread by @ErkinSidick: How you feel when you read a headline like: “Mainland Chinese media demands an apology from the rest of the world for the sacrifice China has made for #coronavirus”? Some people might want to vomit or throw up, just like me. 1/m Image
But, wait, look at this: “If affairs are undertaken which the enemy is ashamed to perform, (a country) profits.” Do you know where this came from? It came from a book titled: “The book of Lord Shang”. Its Preface has this phrase: “The Lord of Shang held high office 2/m
in the state of Ch’in between 359 and 338 B.C., and the book which bears his name is regarded as belonging to the School of Law.” Explaining this subject fully requires to write a long article as the minimum, but let me skip that this time. 3/m
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Thread by @ErkinSidick: I learned today through a middle-man from a former Uyghur female prisoner that more than 1 million Uyghurs have died in “Southern Xinjiang” since 2017, & more than 3 million camp detainees have been transported to Han provinces as slave-laborers. 1/n
She was tortured with electroshock weapons and police baton stick many times, just as the video below, and her whole body is full of blackened areas and baton scars. 2/n
One time, a 20-year old cell-mate got menstrual period. Because no paper pads for detainees, she tore off a piece of her pants & gave it to that girl. The guards found it out and tortured her with electroshock weapon and baton just like in the above video. 3/n #SaveUyghurs
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Thread by Erkin Sidick: How many Uyghurs will die in the current process of China’s ethnic eradication? China reported Uyghur population was 11.3 million (2015 & 2017, have proof), and “6 or 7 million” (see the video below, starting 2:40). 1/n

Some intellectuals among the Uyghur diaspora have estimate Uyghur population was more than 18 million before 2017. Following the official line of China, no less than 4 million Uyghurs will die, unless the international community do something soon. 2/n
Killing the Uyghurs by organ harvesting, by using in biological experiments, by distributed killing in remote areas of Gansu provinces, by torture and other means in prisons and jails had started several years ago. 3/n
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The 1.4 billion Han Chinese are silent about what is the CCP currently doing to eradicate the Uyghur race. The reasons: 1. Traditional Chinese political culture, 2. Propaganda to spread ignorance, 3. Chinese people always live in rigid social circle:
The Wuhan virus is killing people in 100s, but the CCP is killing the Uyghurs in 100,000s. Why no actions about the latter? #SaveUyghurs #WHO2Urumqi #ClosetheCamps #VirusThreatInCamps
The Chinese version of the above article is here:

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DC "wisdom" says a Congressional campaign should raise money, send out mail, buy TV ads, repeat.

I've committed to running a campaign that takes direct action for the community year-round, election year and off year. Here's what we accomplished in 2019:

In 2018 we made national news standing up for the voting rights of students of Prairie View A&M, a historically-black college in Waller County in #TX10.…

In 2019, we took action again...
2019 started with interim Texas Secretary of State David Whitley trying to purge 95,000 naturalized citizens--predominantly Mexican-American--from the voter rolls.

We mobilized folks from across #TX10 oppose Whitley's confirmation. And we won!… Image
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Today we need to ask how anyone could defend Trump after all he's done! Clearly, Republicans would impeach a Democrat who did far less(see Bill Clinton)

#ResignTrump #ImpeachmentDay #impeachment
He's extorted Ukraine with taxpayer money!
#impeach #ImpeachTheMF #impeachTrump
#AdamSchiff is a national treasure! He lays out the case for the Constitution perfectly!
#ImpeachAndRemove Trump because he will do it again! Call the Senate every day! 202-224-3121 or Please Call Congress @ 202-224-3121 or text resist to 50409 to fax them.
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We are outside the Chula Vista border patrol station with @Doc4CampClosure and @NeverAgainActn demanding to be let in to vaccinate the kids inside. #CloseTheCamps #FluVaccines4Migrants [Thread]
Despite the deaths of several children after becoming ill in immigration custody and the urgency of this public health crisis, the physicians’ offer to vaccinate the detained children for the flu has been repeatedly denied. 2/
The @CDCgov has called for the doctors to be let in and for the children to be vaccinated, but @CBP won’t let the doctors help. The decision to not vaccinate detained migrants is cruel and could lead to more unnecessary deaths. 3/
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BREAKING: 300+ #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants, and allies are assembling in North Carolina to demand thay Almanece County cancel its 2.3 million dollar contract with ICE.

#NeverAgainAlmanece Large crowd of people standing outside facing a state, two large blue butterfly signs held above them
Today many of us has come here as Jews linked with our immigrant brethren. This is not an abstract sentiment. As we know too well the forces white supremacy are against them and against us.

The butterfly is a powerful symbol of immigrants.

It also calls to mind Pavel Friedmann's poem:

"Only I never saw another butterfly.
That butterfly was the last one.
Butterflies don't live in here, in the ghetto."

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#Throwback to @childrightsprof & @juliemlinton's interview on @cnn with @donlemoncnn last month, where the conditions & impacts of migrant child detention were discussed. (thread)
Children being "put on buses in the middle of the night and being driven across state lines, to locations that were hours and hours away from where their parents were, having siblings dropped off at other locations...being just terrified"
"this administration is breaking the black letter law. The TVPRA clearly requires that children be placed in the least restrictive environment possible, in the child's best interest, and there is no question that [these facilities] are not in the children's best interest..."
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As the administration continues forcibly separating migrant children from their families, the administration is looking to build a new facility to detain 450 unaccompanied children in San Antonio, Texas. #CloseTheCamps #NeverAgainIsNow…

When I sounded the alarm about a similar attempt to build another #ConcentrationCamp for kids in CA's Inland Empire, the mobilization effort & huge push back prompted a public statement from a state rep & forced the gov't to ABANDON ITS PLAN.
If you know people in the area, start tagging! A couple people is all it takes to kickstart a pushback from the #resistance
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🚨 HAPPENING NOW: #JewsAgainstICE are protesting outside the Newark ICE office, demanding the immediate passage of the Driver's Licenses Bill that would allow immigrants to drive without fear of being deported, because #NeverAgainMeans #NeverAgainParaNadie…
.@NeverAgainActn and @CosechaMovement are here in Newark, demanding an end to all immigrant detention and deportation in the state of New Jersey and an end to NJ Democrats' collaboration with ICE. #NeverAgainNewark

Follow the livestream here:…
@CosechaMovement "Inside the city of Newark, there is a concentration camp right here." #NeverAgainNewark

Sign up to support the immigrant community here in New Jersey:
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FORTY! More than 40 CalPERS stakeholders and @Edu4MigrJustice allies address CalPERS’ board demanding immediate divestment from for-profit prisons CoreCivic & GEO Group

#E4MJ @CFA_News @JewActionNorCal @NorResist #StandUp4Migrants to #CloseTheCamps b/c #NeverAgainIsNow
Four CalPERS board members expressed explicit support, with many others nodding in agreement
The seats emptied when everyone stood up to make public comments.
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#JewsAgainstICE and allies with @CloseTheCampsBA are marching on @PalantirTech to say no to providing ICE tech to terrorize families. Watch live now:
@CloseTheCampsBA @PalantirTech "No human being will ever be illegal."

@CloseTheCampsBA @PalantirTech This morning @NeverAgainActn @JFREJNYC @ConMijente shut down @PalantirHQ NYC to demand they stop collaborating with ICE. Now we are at @PalantirTech in the Bay because we have seen this before. How many of our people would have lived if IBM hadn't helped the Nazis? #NoTechForICE
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I wanted to say something for a few days.. now that I have had time to sit with it.. I will share.

I want to make something clear. We are all in this together. Its us vs. trump. Its not this group and that group vs. another group vs. trump.
We are all in this together. We all want the same things here. We want this maddness of trump and administration to be done with. We don't want division between us. It doesn't help anything but furthering frustration.
We need to look at the bigger picture here. Its not this group over that group. I can't stress that enough. Ive seen too much of that going on that I can't sit by anymore. Some resisters are giving up because of it. Let's stop this group division. Let's focus on the real problem
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1/ This Awful Thread begins May 2019.

By design, EVERY President* Trump immigration and border policy has one point: CRUELTY.

We begin with #TrumpConcentrationCamps.
2/ May 2019:

Huge soft-sided structures — tents erected in the Texas desert at El Paso and Donna Border Stations — cost U.S. taxpayers $37 MILLION to house 500 people PER TENT.

The United States Concentration Camp System is officially open for business!

3/ May 1, 2019:

In two locations along our Southern Border, CBP is so convinced that immigrants use children to smuggle ADULTS in, they test DNA of all families that “don't seem right” to them.

Any family that refuses... LOSES CUSTODY OF THEIR CHILDREN.

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1/ When an outbreak of influenza hits your country, tripling cases from a year before, do you…

🚨 Vaccinate everyone, or…

🚨 Gather people from many countries into crowded spaces, deprive them of food and clean water, refuse to vaccinate them, and let nature take its course?
2/ There's a BIG SURGE IN FLU CASES in 2019.

Australia expanded its vaccine program to fight the virus.

President* Trump REFUSES to vaccinate people in #TrumpConcentrationCamps.

Barbed wire cannot contain influenza so MANY AMERICANS WILL GET SICK, TOO.

3/ Flu complications killed 80,000 people in 2018 in the USA.

President* Trump does not need gas chambers to commit genocide in his concentration camps.

He can just keep families in cages INDEFINITELY, and let influenza go viral.

This flu chart uptick for 2019 is HORRIFYING:
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Trump and his administration just announced plans to roll out a new rule that would allow them to detain undocumented children and their parents for an INDEFINITE amount of time in concentration camps. This is an act of white supremacy.…
The new rule seeks to replace a 1997 court settlement known as the Flores Agreement.

This is just another tactic from white supremacists to open doors that allow them to hurt more Black and brown immigrant communities. #CloseTheCamps #LetOurPeopleGo
Children and adults are already dying at the hands of ICE and CBP in these concentration camps. We talk about it all the time, yet these are only the deaths that we know about. These agencies have a record of hiding deaths from the public eye. #CloseTheCamps
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