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#JewsAgainstICE and allies with @CloseTheCampsBA are marching on @PalantirTech to say no to providing ICE tech to terrorize families. Watch live now:
@CloseTheCampsBA @PalantirTech "No human being will ever be illegal."

@CloseTheCampsBA @PalantirTech This morning @NeverAgainActn @JFREJNYC @ConMijente shut down @PalantirHQ NYC to demand they stop collaborating with ICE. Now we are at @PalantirTech in the Bay because we have seen this before. How many of our people would have lived if IBM hadn't helped the Nazis? #NoTechForICE
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I wanted to say something for a few days.. now that I have had time to sit with it.. I will share.

I want to make something clear. We are all in this together. Its us vs. trump. Its not this group and that group vs. another group vs. trump.
We are all in this together. We all want the same things here. We want this maddness of trump and administration to be done with. We don't want division between us. It doesn't help anything but furthering frustration.
We need to look at the bigger picture here. Its not this group over that group. I can't stress that enough. Ive seen too much of that going on that I can't sit by anymore. Some resisters are giving up because of it. Let's stop this group division. Let's focus on the real problem
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1/ When an outbreak of influenza hits your country, tripling cases from a year before, do you…

🚨 Vaccinate everyone, or…

🚨 Gather people from many countries into crowded spaces, deprive them of food and clean water, refuse to vaccinate them, and let nature take its course?
2/ There's a BIG SURGE IN FLU CASES in 2019.

Australia expanded its vaccine program to fight the virus.

President* Trump REFUSES to vaccinate people in #TrumpConcentrationCamps.

Barbed wire cannot contain influenza so MANY AMERICANS WILL GET SICK, TOO.

3/ Flu complications killed 80,000 people in 2018 in the USA.

President* Trump does not need gas chambers to commit genocide in his concentration camps.

He can just keep families in cages INDEFINITELY, and let influenza go viral.

This flu chart uptick for 2019 is HORRIFYING:
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Trump and his administration just announced plans to roll out a new rule that would allow them to detain undocumented children and their parents for an INDEFINITE amount of time in concentration camps. This is an act of white supremacy.…
The new rule seeks to replace a 1997 court settlement known as the Flores Agreement.

This is just another tactic from white supremacists to open doors that allow them to hurt more Black and brown immigrant communities. #CloseTheCamps #LetOurPeopleGo
Children and adults are already dying at the hands of ICE and CBP in these concentration camps. We talk about it all the time, yet these are only the deaths that we know about. These agencies have a record of hiding deaths from the public eye. #CloseTheCamps
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This brave #Uyghur #Muslim girl, still resides in #Xinjiang aka #EastTurkestan is indicating that four of her relatives are in #China's #ConcentrationCamps. She obviously wants the world to know regardless of what might happen to her, PLEASE SHARE for her sake.

Clip 2: There are more "witness testimonials" coming right out of #Xinjiang aka #EastTurkestan. They don’t saying anything but it's written all over their faces, clearly sending a message to the outside world that all is not good.

#SaveUyghur #CloseTheCamps
Clip 3: Another witness testimonial of a wife longing for her husband who is detained in #China’s #ConcentrationCamps.

#SaveUyghur #CloseTheCamps
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Today, nearly 100 of us gathered in the middle of a workday to shut down @PalantirTech Palo Alto. Palantir's collaboration w/ ICE enables HSI workplace raids like the one that stole 700 migrants last week. PT employees cannot eat lunch in peace while their products terrorize.
@PalantirTech @ConMijente @MPower_Change @AROCBayArea @ShahidForChange @OaklandPrivacy @4aPeoplesParty @NeverAgainActn @JFREJNYC @SIREN_BayArea @svdebug @PalantirTech claims their collaboration w/ ICE doesn't enable deportations, but we know they supply tech for workplace raids that deport families & migrants seeking asylum. This tech isn’t about public safety or national security. This cruelty is meant to terrorize. #DisarmICE
@PalantirTech @ConMijente @MPower_Change @AROCBayArea @ShahidForChange @OaklandPrivacy @4aPeoplesParty @NeverAgainActn @JFREJNYC @SIREN_BayArea @svdebug @SV_DSA @PSL_SF @DSASantaCruz @TANCBay @VetsAboutFace @Indybay @jewishaction @APTPaction @AnakbayanSV We -- united migrant rights and activist organizations, immigrants, workers, tech employees, students, and retirees -- organized today in unparalleled unity because from racist predictive policing software to deportations and war technology, @PalantirTech hurts every community.
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BREAKING: #JewsAgainstICE are assembling to shut down their local concentration camp in Houston, Texas.

Never Again is a promise, and it requires action.

#JewsAgainstICE and allies in Houston are blocking the road outside of the Southwest Key facility. We will continue disrupting business as usual until you #CloseTheCamps, #AbolishICE, and stop terrorizing our immigrant neighbors.

PS: This street is called Emancipation Avenue. 🤔
Police are already on the scene in Houston, where #JewsAgainstICE are risking arrest to demand a #DignityPlan for immigration.

We're participating in nonviolent, direct action because we can't accept these atrocities in our communities.
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This is @mollycrabapple in the NYPD commandeered MTA jail bus with 35 other #JewsAgainstICE who refused to leave Amazon flagship store demanding they stop profiteering off ICE child separation #CloseTheCamps #TishaBAv
We need jail support volunteers for the arrested.
Thanks all we r covered
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A beautiful and very large occupation of the midtown Amazon taking place to protest the company’s collaboration with ICE. #closethecamps
Today is Tisha B’Av, the Jewish day of mourning, and the banners say Never Again.
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Today, on Tisha B’Av, #JewsAgainstICE are taking action to say #NeverAgainIsNOW. Tisha B’Av is a Jewish day of mourning, and today we mourn for the people rounded up, torn from their families, thrown in cages, and deported by ICE.
We are turning our grief into action and taking to the streets to demand that tech companies stop enabling the deportation machine terrorizing immigrant communities, separating families, and putting children in cages.

#JewsAgainstICE #NoTech4ICE #NeverAgainIsNow #ClosetheCamps
We are at @amazon's store because @AWSCloud is vital to ICE’s cruelty.

Without Amazon, ICE cannot round immigrants up to imprison them in concentration camps or deport them. #JewsAgainstICE will not stay silent while tech companies profit off of cruelty.

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So what's with the depressing pictures?
Welcome, yeah, it's a thing. I'm painting a new quote from a person detained at the border each day until this nightmare ends. Come join me. What can you do if you agree this sucks? (From easiest to hardest):
1. Follow me and share them. None of this matters if it doesn't help people get informed and stay focused. The more places this shows up on the internet the better. They're counting on us losing focus. Don't lose focus.
2. Call the white house, your reps, write to them, drive them crazy so it's clear that we have not forgotten, and they won't be excused for their inaction. People are literally dying because this administration refuses to accept legal asylum seekers and release them to family
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Tisha B’Av, the day of mourning marking the destruction of the Temple—as well as other massacres, pogroms, expulsions, devastations—begins this Saturday night.

It’s a time to grieve into the horror of what has happened. The horror of what is.

1/x Thread.
The night of Tisha B’Av we read the Book of Lamentations; it’s devastating. It forces you to face the atrocities wreaked upon a people—starvation and murder and desperation and assault—and, achingly, in ch 3, this suffering through a first person lens.
It is a time to weep and mourn, to stick your finger in the proverbial socket of suffering—the suffering that has been, the suffering that is now. The suffering we try so hard to avoid, to intellectualize, to compartmentalize, to scroll past.
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HAPPENING NOW in Seattle: My daughter has joined other Jewish activists in civil disobedience #JewsAgainstICE. ICE office now in lockdown. 700 people arrested by ICE yesterday. This has to stop #NeverAgainIsNow #AbolishICE
Northwest detention center in Tacoma medically tortures undocumented people. Denying pain medication, medical care. Conditions are terrible.
.@amazon supplies ICE with technology and @Boeing supplies planes. This must stop. #JewsAgainstICE
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BREAKING: Jews and allies are blocking the door of the ICE Facility in Seattle, Washington.

We are putting our bodies on the line to shut down this inhumane system. #CloseTheCamps #NeverAgainIsNow #AbolishICE
Here's the view from outside. We are gathering to protest the treatment of immigrants across the country.

We have seen this pattern of dehumanization, demonization, and targeted terror before.

We know where it leads.

This sign says another world is possible in three language (English, Spanish, and Hebrew).

It's not enough to push back against the intolerable. We are advancing @CosechaMovement's #DignityPlan, a vision for a just and human immigration system.

#CloseTheCamps #AbolishICE
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Today, I marched w/ hundreds to @Thrivent.


Movement to kidnap children, separate families, cage human beings and dehumanize our immigrant neighbors isn’t just about a racist president.

It’s about financial institutions making millions off investments in these practices
Two of the largest companies running private detention centers inprisoning families on border are CoreCivic & GEO Group.

They are profiting from detentions, separations, deaths & camps.

@Thrivent, according to recent FEC filings have almost 4 million invest in those companies
While hatred and bigotry readied the soil for the inhumane treatment at these concentration camps the water and sunlight providing nourishment for these camps to flourish is the cowardess and profit first mentality of multimillion dollar companies like @Thrivent
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Perhaps less short than I intended. In my defense, a lot of it really was waiting for paint to dry. My last few days have been quotes about deliberate cruelty from adults. Today's follows the same theme, but the narrator is 7. Before we go on, think of a 7 year old you know.
Got one? Take a few deep breaths, because you're about to be mad as hell. This one takes a few tweets to get even the shortened relevant quote. It's shortened for 7 year old narrating lack of brevity and word economy :)
Day 18: “Yesterday after lunch the nurse brought a lice comb and hairbrush. A while later the guard came back and asked for (them)”
“We did not know where they were. We looked at each other to see who had the combs”
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Right now 100+ #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants and allies (including @RepGwenMoore!) are marching on the ICE Field Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We’re out on the streets with a simple message: Never Again means #CloseTheCamps & #AbolishICE!
@RepGwenMoore BREAKING: Both groups of marchers have now reached ICE’s Milwaukee office, and more than 20 #JewsAgainstICE are risking arrest to shut down the office to directly disrupt business as usual!

@RepGwenMoore We are working with a large coalition of community groups in Milwaukee, part of a movement of people learning about each other as we build solidarity between people of all ages, races, and backgrounds.

Olam Chesed Yibaneh - we will build this world with love!

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This is Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez.

Just 16 years old when he entered the US alone, on May 13, 2019.

He was a healthy child.

An optimistic child.

He was alone when he died 7 days later in a Border Patrol Station in Texas.

Carlos is the most recent of the #TrumpSeven.
2/ Carlos had 8 younger siblings who called him Goyito.

He loved playing soccer and music, especially piano and bass.

Carlos came to US to help support his brother Edgar who has special needs.

When he arrived in Rio Grande Valley (RGV), he was healthy.

3/ Children like Carlos are supposed to be in Border Patrol custody for 3 days or less.

Carlos spent SIX DAYS in McAllen BPS — without reason — instead of transferring to ORR custody.

Carlos (from Guatemala) was caged with people from Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil, Nicaragua…
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@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU .@ACLU has filed a motion asking Judge Sabraw for clarification on WHEN EXACTLY CBP is allowed to separate children from their parents, cuz right now, they're doing it for crazy stuff.

911 children separated since June 2018.

185 of them under 5yrs old.…
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU In this update on the Ms L vs ICE case, the govt is CONTINUING to separate children from their parents for spurious, nonsensical reasons. Decades old DUIs, traffic tickets, misdemeanor shoplifting offenses, minor drug and fraud charges.
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo Of the 185 children under age 5 that were separated from their parents by CBP, 13 were UNDER ONE YEAR OLD.

Infants. Tiny babies.

They were likewise separated for ridiculous reasons that would never be tolerated in American courts, for American children.

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LIVE in Williston, VT: hundreds of #JewsAgainstIce, immigrant leaders, and allies are gathering to march on the ICE Data Center.

#NeverAgainIsNow #ShutDownICE
"Vermont will fight for immigrant rights!"
We are heading toward the ICE Data Center in Williston because it has been quietly operating in VT for years and is the national nerve center for much of ICE's work. We know now is the time to #ShutDownIce.
Hundreds of #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants, and allies are showing up now in Vermont despite torrential downpour and thunderstorms. They know there is a mass atrocity going on, and that #NeverAgainIsNow.
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🚨Tomorrow (WEDNESDAY, JULY 24)

🚨Subcommittee Hearing

🚨Oversight of the Unaccompanied Children Program:

🚨Ensuring the Safety of Children in HHS Care

☀️9AM EST in Washington, DC.


@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO New information I've gleaned so far from this hearing on ORR comes from Chair of the Subcommittee, @Rosa_DeLauro, who's visited Homestead several times. She says they have only FIVE certified teachers. FOUR physicians. ZERO psychiatrists.

For now 1300--was 2300--children.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO .@rosadelauro asks the extremely important question: there were children in Homestead for 45, 50, 60 days who had family in the States, but were languishing, and then, suddenly, in a two week period, 1000+ children were released. Why not before?…
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Used to be 2 weeks, caught w/in 100 miles of border, but now you'll have to prove you were here for 2 YEARS--& they can snag you anywhere--or else you can be deported WITHOUT seeing a judge.

Takes effect immediately, but comments ARE allowed.
This pdf is the "change in regulation," as sent out by DHS this morning, which will allow them, potentially, to deport many, many more people without judicial oversight or review. People who've lived here for years.…
And this is where, starting tomorrow (TUESDAY) you'll be able to start leaving comments on the Federal Register. I suggest you do. DHS needs to know what you think about their gestapo tactics.

Hm. I may have betrayed my hand there...

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Not surprising that #China‘s lying about its demographic data. We can’t trust the #CCP’s numbers. Ex.: Communist authorities say #Uyghurs’ population numbers ~10M, yet #Uighurs routinely insist to me that #EastTurkistan’s (“#Xinjiang’s”) overall Turkic pop. is 2x to 3x that (!)…
… if that’s any truth to that, then the actual numbers of detained persons in #EastTurkistan could be even *higher* than estimated (as estimates that “1 out of every X number of people are detained” would be skewed if we‘re starting by underestimating the base population)…
… those types of estimates tend to come about by looking at the number of people “missing” from everyday places, like markets. The other types of estimates come from looking at the theoretical holding capacities of detention facilities, but these estimates are problematic, too…
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This week Jews read the part of the Torah with the story of Balaam and Balak (Numbers 22 etc)

Here are some thoughts about what this text can teach us about the immigrants and refugees seeking safety here, now, today.

Thread. 1/x
The Moabite king Balak saw the Israelites fleeing persecution, saw them in the midbar--the wilderness--the limnal place between danger and safety-- and he said, "they will lick us clean."
He used dehumanizing language--they are so numerous, he said, that they "hide the earth from view"-- in order to justify what he was going to do next.
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